11 thoughts on “Women’s Day 2009, Thrissur”

  1. Are these upper caste women or Dalits? For if they are upper they must by definition be anti-reservations, and hence we should not support their right to venture out in the dark alone.

    Only if they are Dalit, we must wholeheartedly support them.

    Upper caste women’s rights to be sexually free, safe, independent? Anyone who defends that believes in the Brahminical order.

    You get that?


  2. I think Ranjit needs a tight slap. Nothing else. Whether he’s Dalit or not.


  3. Dear Ranjit ( which i am sure is not ur name),

    Just by making cheap pun you will not be able to wish away the questions raised by ranjuradha in other threads.

    Whether you agree with his/her views or not is a different matter but such gimmicks do display your prejudiced nature.

    @ Debarshi
    u slap him or whatever, but pls see what his intentions are..


  4. Dear Anoop Kumar,
    How do you know that Ranju Radha is a “real” name? Or for that matter, how do I know Anoop Kumar is your real name? What is the point of this kind of taunt? If you have a substantive point to make, do so.

    My substantive point is this: I am not making any pun, cheap or otherwise. I was just paraphrasing the one argument Ranju Radha makes ad nauseam on every post that has to do with feminist initiatives. I’m glad you got the point.

    @ Debarshi
    Shall I offer you the other cheek?


  5. Certain upper caste activists like to have a patronising attitude towards Dalit activists. As is the case in almost all such ‘progressive’ and ‘subversive’ forums, these activits are usualy former leftist or naxalites. These forums are non-party and typically claim to represnt the voice of the minorities like women, workers, peasents, and gay-lesbian. 99 per cent leadership and memebership of these forums are upper caste men and women. Because not because dalits are kept out deliberatly, but because they don’t identify with them and stay out voluntarily. The dalit groups are now challenging such political groups and intellectuals. These dalits groups are not funded Dalit NGOs, who allow the upper caste intellectuals and activist to patronise them. This Dalit politics is represnted by BSP and Paswans who have completly turned upside down common upper caste patronising and arrogant arguments of these intellectuals. Pink chaddis groups, left womens groups, gay groups, peseants groups, trade unions, writers etc are infested by upper caste people and they will never understand the arguments being raised by ranjuradha and kureela and intellectuals like chandraban prasad. These upper caste groups glorify struggles like narmada and nandigram and condem SEZs because once people leave villages and come to cities, who will these intellectuals patronise. To put it bluntly, they want to maintain feudal order which allows them their hegemony……


  6. since the discussion is abt ranju radha, let ranju radha respond…

    the points i made “ad nauseam” in this forum will remain ad nauseam till all these ad nauseams continue as the NORM here.
    my argument in the context of pink chaddi has only strenghtened now. Ranjit has got it wrong or got it at the right spot. That s why he makes such pun for the sake of feminist initiatives. he only echoed what many in this forum wanted. I respect and appreciate it. But the points will remain. Protests be registered ad nauseam!

    and what do u think, i dont have a take on this post…
    we have been witnessing this symbolic act of ‘owning night’ by fellow women activists for the last few years. they will continue to celebrate it ritually year after year. All the best.

    But those who are out there in the night may like to “own” differnt things also. my humble request is to consider those struggles of women (which never gets reportd in media and discussed in spaces like kafila) also as aunthetic feminist initiatives.

    NB: Advani could see the losing of vote bank in pink chaddi campaign. politicians can see what great academicians cant see. That’s why polemics/rhetoric always win over academic jargons


  7. Once again, feminist politics successfully deflected elsewhere – by all means, let us talk of anything but the politics of gender, because THAT my friends, trickles insidiously into every kitchen and bedroom, shimmers above every choola and charpai, implicates every single human being in this patriarchal society.
    Well played, all.


  8. Ranju Radha has been critical of elite feminists since long in this forum, sometimes for the right and sometimes for the wrong reasons. But in recent times, s/he has been doing it for all the wrong reasons. For me, the right reasons are political reasons (both in the subjective and objective sense), while the wrong reasons are overtly moral ones, where Ranju Radha takes on the mantle of an angst ridden priest, dictating everyone what’s wrong and what’s right. Where right and wrong is MORALLY divided across caste lines ONLY. The big problem that Ranju Radha fails to understand is that s/he is spoiling his/her own cause by denying certain legitimate subjectivity and agency to the cause of feminists who aren’t Dalits. Because if gender doesn’t overlap caste discourse, then caste discourse will remain devoid of the feminist one. And feminists along caste lines aren’t facing a universal and monolithic (male) structure of power and nor are they necessarily ALWAYS divided on caste lines even though Ranju Radha will disagree. Even if, for Ranju Radha’s sake, one accepts for a moment that non-Dalits might be generally lesser (moral/mortal?!) critics of power structures, it still doesn’t solve the problem for these non-Dalits – because they have to LIVE their own lives within a multi-layered structure of violence. And if you tell me my life’s not worth a shit just because am a non-Dalit then your arguments are not worth a shit too. Period.


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