Balmiki, Bawaria, Garg, Chauhan: Proclaimed offenders all

The Haryana Police website has a list of proclaimed offenders. Great. E-governance and all. But how does it help them to record the caste of every ‘proclaimed offender’? Perhaps because caste is such a valuable marker of identity that it helps nabbing them – after all, where would a Chauhan hide if not in the house?

Or perhaps there is more to it.Is it merely incidental that most proclaimed offenders seem to be Balmiki Dalits in a state known for atrocities against Dalits, in which the upper castes act with impunity in collusion with the Haryana police?

Browse through and you will see, fortunately or unfortunately, that they haven’t been able to find the caste of many, and for very few Muslims have they any caste detail.

5 thoughts on “Balmiki, Bawaria, Garg, Chauhan: Proclaimed offenders all”

  1. 175 million dalits are slaves in India who are oppressed and suppressed by caste hindus and denied human rights by hindu led government in centre and states.Haryana is the worst state on dalit rights violation.How long hindus will oppressed the dalits with the help of hindu led government,day will come when dalits will have their own country and they will live in their own counrty away from barbaric people.


  2. A quote from Ambedkar’s writings from
    Essays on Untouchables and Untouchability: Social:-

    “..What does this civilisation offer to the 25 millions of Primitive Tribes who are living on its frontiers? What does it offer to the 5 millions of Criminal Tribes who are living in the midst of that civilisation? What does it offer to the 50 millions of Untouchables who are not only living in the midst of that civilisation but are required to sustain it? What would the Primitive Tribes say of a civilisation which has made no effort to adopt them in its fold ? What would the Criminal Tribes say of a civilisation which has driven them to take to criminal ways for earning their livelihood? Would it be unjust if they said that this is not Civilisation, this is infamy?

    As to the Untouchables, theirs has been a fate of degradation and destitution in the past and for whom under the Hindu Civilisation there seems to be no escape in the future. Even Indians do not seem to realise the extent of degradation and destitution that is involved in this system of Untouchability. The observations of the Committee appointed by the Government of Bombay to inquire into the grievances of the Depressed Classes and Aboriginal Tribes in 1928 are very pertinent. It said(quote)”There is nothing strange in the idea that an unclean person or thing causes repulsion which underlies the idea of pollution. But what is regrettable about it as applied to the (UNTOUCHABLES), is its irrationality. It stamps an individual as untouchable by the mere accident of his birth. A person born Untouchable, remains Untouchable however superior he may be in personal cleanliness to the so-called touchable, and there is no way open to him by which he can escape his fate. What is surprising in all this is that an Orthodox Hindu, notwithstanding the differences between his religious notions and mode of living and outlook in life and those of the Mahomedans, Parsis and Christians treat them as touchables. This has resulted in further aggravating the position of the (Untouchables). For this unjust discrimination on the part of the Orthodox Hindus, in some cases being influenced by the Orthodox Hindus especially in villages, even the Mahomedans, Parsis and Christians observe untouchability towards the (Untouchables) though their religions teach contrariwise. What we are concerned most to point out are the evils attributable to it in so far as Untouchability includes isolation and inferiority. But there are evils specifically attributable to untouchability as such. Pressed to its logical limit, in an Orthodox Hindu Society it would prevent the (Untouchables) from obtaining entry into a public school though it is maintained at the expense of the state, it would prevent them from entering the public services though they may be qualified for it, except for the services customarily allotted to them. It would also prevent them from taking water from the public watering places maintained out of public funds. Looked at from this point of view untouchability is not merely a social problem. It is a problem of the highest political importance and affects the fundamental question of the civic rights of the subjects of the state.” This states the hardships only of the Untouchables. But untouchables are not the only people who are subjected to this life of ignominy. There are classes who are placed in a worse position. Untouchables are those who cause pollution only by a physical touch. There are people who cause pollution if they come within a certain distance. They are known as unapproachable. Again there are people who are in a worse position than the unapproachable. They cause pollution if they come within sight. They are known as unseeable. It is said of the Nayadis[f5] —a people who fall into the category of the unapproachable, “that they are the lowest caste among the Hindus— the dogeaters. They are the most persistent in their clamour for charity, and will follow at a respectful distance, for miles together any person walking, driving or boating. If any thing is given to them, it must be laid down, and after the person offering it has proceeded a sufficient distance, the recipient comes timidly forward, and removes it.” Of the same people Mr. Thurston says “The subject (i.e. the Nayadis) whom I examined and measured at Shoranur, though living only about three miles off had, by reason of the pollution which they traditionally carry with them to avoid walking over the long bridge which spans the river, and follow a circuitous route of many miles”(unquote)..”.


  3. Madam/Sir//Both/Non-partisan Sexwise,

    It is the Jat/Shudras/anti-Brahmans/VPSites who hunt for Dalit heads and their dignity.

    Brahmans unleash mind war on Dalits, rarely violent.

    It is time to hit at the notion of the Mandal- that Shudras and Dalits are the same when it came to victimhood.



  4. Dear CBP,Both are hindus whether they are brahmins or shudhras so why not to blame hindus as large rather blame shudhras only.


  5. A very telling piece! Its heart wrenching to read through the plight of the wretched of the most wretched. Where is the political and social radical movement within the aggrieved caste? Whats preventing it in this age of info explosion and forums and channels? What is the solidarity inside the ‘Dalit’ omnibus for these communities? Can it be termed as a matter of absence of collective consciousness and identification of agents of oppression?
    Why aren’t we angry enough? reactionary enough? to counter the structures of oppression, and get into a do or die fight, finally?
    I am an ashamed Indian, till I do my personal bit, to inch the gap between this problem and the solution.

    Sheeba Aslam Fehmi.
    CPS,SSS,JNU, India.


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