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Release 24-year-old Dalit Worker Nodeep Kaur – Condemn Arrest and Custodial Sexual Violence by Haryana Police: WSS


Demand the immediate release of Nodeep Kaur and Shiv Kumar and cessation of targeting of workers and peasants by the Haryana Police!

On January 12th 2021, the Haryana Police began firing at a workers’ rally in the Kundli Industrial Area. Firing at workers demanding unpaid wages, the police claimed that their demand amounted to extortion. Following the gunfire, when the congregated workers dispersed in all directions, a 24-year-old dalit worker, Nodeep Kaur, was caught by the police and brutally beaten. She was beaten by male police officers who targeted her genitals and then dragged her to the Kundli Police Station. She was then arrested and had two FIRs filed against her, FIR 25/2021 and 26/2021; one under sections 148, 149, 186, 332, 352, 384, 379B and 307 of the Indian Penal Code and the other under sections 148, 149, 323, 452, 384 and 506 with a wide range of charges including inciting a riot, causing hurt to a public servant, assault and criminal force, extortion, trespass, criminal intimidation and attempt to murder. Most shockingly, even after being taken into custody, Nodeep Kaur was mercilessly beaten by the police. She has sustained severe injuries on her body including her genitals amounting to sexual violence and torture in custody. She has been lodged in Karnal Jail, without adequate medical care or support, barely able to speak to her sister, one of the only persons she is allowed to meet. She has spent over two weeks in judicial custody. On January 25th, she was produced in court via video conference. The court ordered a medical examination over two weeks after she was beaten in custody. The family has not been provided the medical examination report. Meanwhile, another worker and Majdoor Adhikar Sanghatan (MAS) activist Shiv Kumar has also been arrested by the Haryana Police. This comes alongside the arrest of Mandeep Punia, a freelance journalist who had been extensively covering the Kisan Andolan for over two months, who covered issues of worker-peasant unity in the Kundli area and, most recently, had exposed the BJP-police nexus during the attack against the peasants at the border on January 29th 2021.

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Haryana Police and Administration Repress Ongoing Maruti Workers’ Struggle: MSWU

Guest Post by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union, Provisional Working Committee

Third Day of our Fast Unto Death – Police and Administration Gearing up for Further Repression of Our Struggle!


Today is the third day of our fast unto death that began on 28th March. However it seems that the state is adamant on responding to our peaceful movement with increased violence and use of brute force. Today, when the local people of nearby villages and our family members came to lend their support to us at the site of the hunger strike, they were greeted by an increased number of policemen. When we tried to meet Haryana Industrial Minister Randeep Surjewala – we have been sitting outside whose residence for the last 6 days braving rains and the cold – he flatly refused to meet us. When the family members surrounded him demanding our rights then a large number of police men appeared at the site and the minister left the place using the police to disperse the people. Now there are 2 police vans stationed here and the small shopkeepers and tea stall owners in the area are being threatened by the administration to withdraw their support from our movement. When the administration realized that we are not going to abandon our struggle because of their threats then they put pressure on the owner of the plot where we are sitting and tried to use him force to us out.
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Balmiki, Bawaria, Garg, Chauhan: Proclaimed offenders all

The Haryana Police website has a list of proclaimed offenders. Great. E-governance and all. But how does it help them to record the caste of every ‘proclaimed offender’? Perhaps because caste is such a valuable marker of identity that it helps nabbing them – after all, where would a Chauhan hide if not in the house?

Or perhaps there is more to it.Is it merely incidental that most proclaimed offenders seem to be Balmiki Dalits in a state known for atrocities against Dalits, in which the upper castes act with impunity in collusion with the Haryana police?

Browse through and you will see, fortunately or unfortunately, that they haven’t been able to find the caste of many, and for very few Muslims have they any caste detail.