Resurgent Hindutva Terror: Will Goa Blast Investigations Go the Nanded Way?

PANAJI: Goa Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders like Manohar Parrikar have expressed support for the Sanatan Sanstha, the Hindu outfit blamed for the pre-Diwali blasts that killed two people  on Wednesday.
Virendra Marathe, managing trustee of the Sanstha, named BJP state president Shripad Naik, leader of opposition Parrikar and party legislator Dayanand Mandrekar as politicians who stood by them in the aftermath of the blasts in Margao, 35 km from here.
Police say the blasts were engineered and executed by members of the Sanstha.
“The BJP MLAs supported us. They advised us to sue the media for defamation, for slandering the Sansthan. Dayanand Mandrekar, Parrikar and Shripad Naik supported us,” Marathe said at a press conference in Panaji.
Goa BJP leaders support us: Sanatan Sanstha
IANS 28 October 2009, 02:35pm IST ( Times of India, 28 th October 2009)


How much time do the powers that be need to make any significant move when they unearth a conspiracy hatched by a self proclaimed ‘spiritual group’ to massacre dozens of innocent people supposedly to vindicate their weltanshauung and instigate a communal riot? Do they keep quibbling over minor details and let the real masterminds obfuscate their obvious links with the executioners? Do they keep talking in multiple voices and make themselves vulnerable over attacks by oppositional parties supposedly for their ‘dilly-dallying’?
It has been more than a fortnight that one witnessed a blast in Margao, where two people belonging to ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ carrying explosives in their scooter were killed and another bomb was detected – around twenty kilometres from the first spot – in a truck carrying 40 youth and a Narkasur for competition – which exposed a sinister conspiracy to instigate communal riots, but one is yet to see any concrete step on part of the government to nab the real terrorists and break their wider network.
The home minister of Goa, Mr Ravi Naik had also categorically stated ( Mail Today, 19 th Oct 2009) that ‘The Scooter on which the bombs were being carried belongs to Sanatan Sanstha. It seems to be a clear attempt to create communal discord in the state.” Many senior police officers of the state had also expressed similar opinions. There was also talk of questioning the wife of a cabinet minister herself because of her proximity to the extremist outfit including the proposal that the government is contemplating a ban on the controversial organisation.
The Herald, a prominent daily from Goa had rather voiced concerns of a the vast majority of Goans ( not to say  the majority of people in the subcontinent) when it asked the powers that be to (Herald front-page editorial, 18 October 2009) to take urgent steps to curb this phenomenon and had also delineated the real objectives of the perpetrators :

The blast in Margao, as well as the one averted in Sancoale, have brought to the fore the ugly face of terrorism in Goa. Fortunately, the bomb exploded before it could be planted, killing Malgonda Patil and critically injuring Yogesh Naik, the terrorists who planned to massacre dozens of innocent people. The bomb in Sancoale was detected by an alert youth. Had it exploded where it was planted – in a truck carrying 40 youth and a Narkasur for a competition – it would have taken a large number of lives. Those who made and planted it are yet to be brought to justice.
This dastardly terrorist attack was, first, intended to target the Diwali Narkasur festival, which is unique to Goa and Goans, but which the Hindu fundamentalist Sanatan Sanstha denounces as a glorification of evil. The second objective, far more sinister, was to instigate religious riots in Margao, which has a history of communal tension. This cowardly attempt to hurt Goan traditions and destroy the State’s communal harmony must be put down swiftly and decisively.
This is the second terrorist act linked to the Sanatan Sanstha, which is active mainly in Maharashtra and Goa, and has its national headquarters at Ramnathi. ..

It is clear that if enough pressure is not put on the powers that be, it is possible that much on the lines of Kanpur blasts and Nanded blasts – which also witnessed deaths of Hindutva terrorists – this blast would also get erased from people’s memory.


For a layperson also it is easy to see how majoritarian terrorism has raised its ugly head after a brief lull in the aftermath of Malegaon bomb blast and the painstaking investigation undertaken by ATS Chief Hemant Karkare to nab the real culprits. It need not be underlined that this no nonsense officer was under tremendous pressure supposedly for going after top honchos of the Hindutva terrorism network. And looking back it is clear why he had asked for banning this organisation and its affiliated groups when he led the investigation in the Gadkari Rangayatan and similar other blasts which were engineered by activists associated with ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ and its affiliate ‘Hindu Janjagruti Samity’. Karkare had forwarded the proposal some time before he was gunned down by terrorists in 26/11 terror attacks.
In fact if Maharashtra government had acted on a proposal forwarded by the Anti-Terrorism Squad last year, then one could have saved lot of innocent blood spilling on the streets. As of now a proposal to ban the Sanstha is pending with the Maharashtra government since last year, a top ATS officer is reported to have told the media.
To proscribe an organisation, the state government has to forward its proposal to the centre, which takes a call after considering the recommendations. This had not been done, official sources said.
On June 4, 2008, there was a blast in the basement parking of Gadkari Rangayatan in Thane where Marathi play Amhi Pachpute was being staged. Probe revealed that members of the Sanstha had threatened the playwright not to stage the play, which was a satire on Mahabharat.
Around the same time there were two minor blasts in theatres at Panvel and Vashi in Navi Mumbai where Hindi film Jodha Akbar was being screened. Investigations linked these blasts to Sanstha members.
Apart from its involvement in these terrorist acts, it is also being revealed that members of Sanatan Sanstha were also involved in Miraj riots too. (Express, October 21, 2009). In fact Malgounda Patil, an active member of the Sanstha who was carrying explosives and died in the Goa blast, was in Miraj for two weeks when the construction of a controversial arch in the town sparked off communal riots.
The Superintendent of Police of Sangli Mr Krishna Prakash told Express reporter

“We had information that Sanatan Sanstha members were distributing weapons to Hindus during the riots. We had also seized a four-wheeler of the Sanatan Sanstha carrying swords and chains. Three Sanatan Sanstha members were arrested in the case.” According to him they had earlier arrested a female member of Sanstha identified as Bhakti Joglekar, for distributing pamphlets with communal content and there are so far five offences against Sanatan Sanstha in Sangli…”.
In an extensive coverage of the ‘Whiff of Hindutva Terror in Goa’ Mail today ( 20 th October 2009) tells us how ‘Sanatan Sanstha is no stranger to communal conspiracies. From riots to bombing theatres, this organisation was allegedly involved in many acts of violence in Maharashtra before the bomb blasts in Goa ripped apart its spiritual facade.” (Outfit No Stranger to Communal Conspiracies, Krishna Kumar) Of course, it does not forget to mention the BJP links of the fanatic group. ” Like the Malegaon blasts, this case too has a BJP link. One of the Sanstha’s top leaders in Miraj, Madhusudan Kulkarni, has been seen at political rallies of the party.In a thinly veiled argument on its website the Sanstha exhorts Hindus to attack Muslims and be better prepared during riots.”


“violence towards evildoers is non-violence itself” and “it is a sin not to slay an evildoer”!
– Jayant Athavale

Sanatan Sanstha which talks of spreading spirituality as a science and was founded in 1990 by a a clinical hypnotherapist Jayant Balaji Athavale from Mumbai, conducts discourses and workshops on spirituality and religion at its ashrams and also known to impart ‘self defence training to its members.It is really difficult to believe how an organisation which supposedly ‘aims to present religious mysticism in a scientific language for the curious and to guide seekers’ and which ‘conducts weekly spiritual meetings, discourses, child guidance classes, workshops on spirituality, training in self-defense and campaigns to create awareness of righteousness’ to further these aims can double up as an organisation which can invite prosecution under ‘laws meant for unlawful and terrorist organisations’.
The other part of the story is that here ‘destruction of evildoers’ is an integral part of ‘spiritual practice’. And this ‘destruction’ is to be done at ‘physical and psychological level’. Interestingly to facilitate this ‘Dharm Kranti’ (religious revolution) the seekers are also provided with training in arms – rifles, trishuls, lathis and other weapons. (
It need be told that apart from the ‘magnum opus’ of the founder of SS and HJS, Jayant Athavale which is called “Science of Spirituality’ – which is book of 21 volumes – and other texts about ‘Divine Kingdom’, ‘Arts for God Realisation’ and ‘Spiritual Experiences of Seekers’ etc. a very important text in the training of the seekers is Texts on Defence where seekers of divine kingdom are also imparted training with air rifles ( Vol 3 H – Self Defence Training, Chapter 6, Page 108-109)
It would be opportune to discuss a portion from this text which trains the seeker in ‘Firing’ . In 7 a. it trains the seeker in standing stance (kada pavitra) [shooting in the standing posture] in section 7 b. it discusses Sitting Stance (baitha pavitra) [shooting in the sitting stance]. It also shows the photograph of Vinay Panvalkar wearing a hat showing the different positions.
7 B. Sitting Stance (baitha pavitra) [shooting in the sitting stance]
1. Load the rifle according to steps ‘A to F’ of point 6. Loading the rifle.’ Then proceed as given below.
2. Ready to fire – one ( fire ke liye sajja -ek) :
Once this command is given touch the right knee to the ground. Bending the toes of the right foot support the foot on its ball. At that time the left knee should be bent and kept in front of the right one. ….
Another writeup in Goan Observer also displays seven photographs of Vinay Panvalkar which have appeared in another of Sanatan Sanstha’s publication  [‘Swasaunrakshan Prashikshan’ (Self Defence Training)] While four photographs show training by rifle, two photographs show how to attack someone with a long Trishul and the last one is the usual fight with hands. The same writeup makes an interesting point vis-a-vis HJS/SS and RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal.
According to the writeup
..It would appear that these hardline organisations have come up because of the disillusion meant amongst hardcore fanatic Hindus that the BJP and the RSS have compromised their core values for political gains. In fact  though the Sansthan boasted of over two lakh members when it started in 1999, many members were expelled because they were proved to be ‘corrupt’. Unlike the RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists the activists of the Sanstha maintain a very low profile which makes it difficult to combat their mischief .
The same page carries a photograph of Jayant Athavale, founder of HJS, and SS, in military fatigue exhorting people to ‘Become Hindu Naxalites to combat the Naxalites who are the biggest enemies of Dharamrajya’.
Jayant Athavale’s magnum opus ‘Science of Spirituality’ in its chapter ‘Spiritual Practice of Protecting Seekers and Destroying Evildoers’ ( Vol I, E, Page 64-65) underlines the importance of Guru to undertake spiritual practice’. It clearly absolves the seeker from any act of destroying evildoers.
It says
B 2. One chanting continuously : The action of destroying evildoers becomes a non-action only if done along with chanting the Lord’s name, as then it becomes a mere act (Kriya). Then the Law of Karma (Action) does not apply.
B 3. One who is permitted by saints or Gurus to undertake this spiritual practice: Destroy evildoers if you have been advised by saints or Gurus to do so. Then these acts are not registered in your name.
According to the book
Timetable of the spiritual practice
a. Year 1997-1999 A.D. ( 3 Years) : Impressing upon the mind that ‘destruction of evildoers’ is a part of the spiritual nature.
b. Year 2000-2006 A.D. ( 7 years) : Actual destruction of evildoers at physical, psychological and spiritual levels.
c. Year 2007-2022 A.D. ( 16 Years ) : Generating the potential to run the kingdom of the Absolute truth
d. Year 2023 – 2025 A.D. ( 3 Years) : Commencement of the regime of Absolute Truth ( divine kingdom)
In Vol 4 of the book ‘Texts about the Divine Kingdom’ which focusses itself on Social Upliftment, National Security it measures someone’s ‘spiritual progress’ when he is compelled to ‘kill someone.’ (Page 48-49)
6 C 4. Test of Spiritual Progress : One will perceive how much spiritual progress one has made only when he is compelled to kill someon. It is easy to make statements like ‘everything is Brahman’ (God)’ When actually performing the act of killing, if the mind remains steady and does not waver at all like Arjun’s did, only then can one say that one has realised Brahman.
It also presents its ideas about who would ‘bring about a revolution’
6 D. Only warrior seekers (Kshatravir) can bring about a revolution.
6 D 1. Warrior seekers who have an unparalleled combination of a selfless attitude, unity, intense motivation to undertake the mission and faith in it The Lord. It is not an easy task to oust evil politicians. To achieve this, one will have to combat their ruffian party workers, the police force and the army under their command. Therefore, this is certainly not the work of selfish politicians. The people have experienced in the last 54 years after independence that despite granting opportunity to various parties to assume power, replacement of one politician by another does not bring about any change in society.


For an organisation which is so ultra-sensitive about the slightest imagined insult to Hinduism — imagined or real — the literature of the Sanatan Sanstha is rife with attacks on other religions. Apart from valorising violence through its literature and actions, the organisations have achieved notoriety for abusing other religions and their prophets. e.g In one of its issues of Sanatan Prabhat ( 9 th Dec 2005) – a newspaper brought out by it from many districts in Maharashtra and Goa, it ‘exposes the real nature of Bible’ by calling it a ‘manual for teaching immorality’ which discusses in detail ‘ the rape of a sister by a brother’.  There are frequent references to the Bible, alleging that it promotes incest and other immoral practices. It is part of its usual practice to show a Pastor with horns whose sole agenda is proselytisation. In September 2004, Sanatan Prabhat carried a statement saying that the body of St. Francis Xavier should be destroyed. It has also carried other scurrilous articles about Goa’s patron saint. Its humiliation of Islam and Prophet Muhammad nearly created  a riot like situation in Miraj ( first week of November 2005) and the imprisonment of the editor of Sanatan Prabhat.
Interestingly all talk of Hindu Unity in the worldview of HJS falls at the altar caste and other regressive practices in our society. Believers are exhorted to guide offenders away from the path of incorrect practice. The volumes in the series support the regressive and obscurantist practices of the past, including the caste system, talking repeatedly about the proper role of various castes in society. (Herald Panjim, 22 June 2008)
Herald (Panjim, 22 June 2008) concludes with the observation

After having created an ideological framework which creates a fundamentalist mindset and makes it the ‘duty’ of the true seeker to defend the faith against all those who are projected as attacking it, it is disingenuous of the HJS and the SS to disclaim responsibility for the acts engaged in by their members. Ex-members of these organisations talk about the cult-like atmosphere that is created, with unquestioning obedience being stressed. Members are then brainwashed into believing that Hinduism is under siege. Against this background, and with all the talk about ‘defence’ and ‘elimination of evildoers’, it is hardly surprising that adherents begin to explore ways of taking direct action to defend the faith. In this regard, the philosophy of the HJS and the SS is not all that different from the philosophy of terrorists, whom they claim to oppose.

In a detailed writeup in Goan Observer ( Protecting Hinduism : Sanatan Style, Pradnya Gaonkar, 28 June 2008) the ‘covert activities of self-professed protectors of Hinduism, the Sanatan Sanstha and the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,’ have been looked into. The author writes that “The Chief Minister, Digamber Kamat, and the Leader of the Opposition, Manohar Parrikar, not to mention the IGP Kishen Kumar should be more concerned over the terrorist activities of the Sanatan Sanstha and the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti than chasing imaginary naxalites.” Apart from their strong presence in Goa at rural levels the author also brings to the fore the political patronage received by them at the highest levels.
The investigations done by Goan Observer “..[r]evealed that Jyoti Sudin Dhavlikar, wife of the MGP leader and Transport Minister in the Digamber Kamat government Sudin Dhavlikar, is in charge of the Goa Unit of the Sanatan Sanstha. Goan Observer also understands that the IGP, Kishen Kumar, despite being directed to investigate the activities of the Sanatan Sanstha in Goa, did not follow it up seriously because of political pressure…The Marcaim MGP MLA, Sudin Dhavlikar, and his brother are crucial to the continued survival of the Digamber Kamat government which explains why the Chief Minister is not enthusiastic about investigating the credentials of the Sanatan Sanstha.”
The Self Defence manual of the Sanatan Sanstha “.[w]hich is mandatory reading for its activists, reveals the insidious nature of the communal propaganda being carried out by the ‘charitable organisation’. Surely, there can be nothing charitable about images showing young men in military uniform shooting dead a man typically dressed like a Muslim. The defence of course would be that the young men were shooting the ‘Muslim’, who is also shown armed, in self defence. The Sanatan Sanstha’s Swasaunrakshan Prashikshan contains explicit instructions on what parts of the anatomy should be targeted for causing maximum damage, shows how the trishul can be used as an offensive weapon and has entire chapter on how to use air rifles. Except that the training imparted for using air rifles can be used for handling AK-47s also. The images of the activists wielding the gun shows them wearing t-shirts identifying them as soldiers of the Sanatan Sanstha and exhorts activists to kill ‘evil’ and uphold Hindu values.”
The study also throws light on the process of indoctrination which follows a policy of targeting young minds and systematically brainwashing them. It is much on the lines of “.. …[o]ther Hindu fundamentalist organisations like the RSS, the Bajrang Dal and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad,”
“The fact that the moving spirit, if not the founder of the Sansthan, Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale, was a clinical hypnotherapist has been reflected in the methodology adopted by the Sanatan Sanstha for indoctrinating and brainwashing young minds. Young people who attended the satsangs (weekly meets of the members of the SS) of the Sanstha narrate that they are required to fill pages with the name of the Kuldevta and obtain mental peace. The satsangs were cleverly packaged to convert young open minds into fanatical defenders of the Sanatan Sanstha version of dharma. The publication of the Sanstha revealed that it is committed to militant defence of Hinduism, which it claims is under threat not only from the minorities but from members of the Hindu community themselves who are either not conscious of the threat to Hinduism or not committed enough to Hinduism to aggressively protect it from real or imaginary threats.”


As we go to the press there are reports that joint teams set up to probe blasts across the country which still remain unresolved despite the initial clamour that they were handiwork of SIMI, recently interrogated at least three people on Monday (Hindustan Times, 20 th Oct 2009) allegedly linked to Hindu right wing groups, in connection with the Samjhauta Express blasts.  (Fwb 18, 2007). “Police sources said officers were trying to figure out whether Ramji Kalsangra (main accused in the Sept 2008 Malegaon blast, who is still absconding) and Sunil Joshi, an RSS functionary who was shot dead in the neighbouring town of Dewas on December 23 2007, were also behind the Samjhauta Express blast.”
It may also be recalled that ATS chief Hemant Karkare was also looking into the links of the main accused in the Malegaon Bomb blast case Lieutenant Colonel Srikant Prasad Purohit with the perpetrators of the Gadkari Rangayatan and Panvel blasts before he was killed in the melee that followed the terrorist attack in Bombay.
There is no doubt that if he would have remained alive he would have moved ahead to unearth the hidden links between the different Hindutva groups who were engaged in terrorism.
It was not for nothing that Sangh Parivar, Shiv Sena and other fanatic Hindutva organisations continued to vilify him, continued to paint the accused in the Malegaon blast case as victims and tried every means to stymie investigations.
One just wishes that the investigations in the Goa blast do not follow a similar path and do not face a fate similar to many other mysterious blasts which made lot of noise at the time of occurence but were quickly buried in the selective amnesia of the people and the government.

13 thoughts on “Resurgent Hindutva Terror: Will Goa Blast Investigations Go the Nanded Way?”

  1. We are seeing the increasing Islamization of Hinduism. The so-called defenders of the Hindu faith are leading the movement of turning this most-democratic of religions into a caricature of the institutionalized religions they want hate. The irony.


  2. who are VHP<BAJRANG DAL<RSS<DURGA VAHINI<ABVP.they are hindu terrorist organisation who are being protected by hindus print and electronic medias.


  3. Our worthy friend Mr. Kumarpushp said rightly ,” who are VHP<BAJRANG DAL<RSS<DURGA VAHINI<ABVP.they are hindu terrorist organisation who are being protected by hindus print and electronic medias. "
    Shahid-e-azam Sahib Kanshi Ram in an interview published in the Illustrated weekly of India , Mumbai , March 8 , 1987 said as below :

    KANSHI RAM: I am propagating strength. To curb violence, I must have strength .Other than me, for instance nobody can crush the Shiv Sena. Any time I come to Maharashtra, I will finish them .The violence of Shiv Sena will end.

    QUESTION: – How will you do that?

    KANSHI RAM: – Who are the members of the Shiv Sena who burn and destroy? They are four castes: 1. Agari 2. Bhandari 3. Koli 4. Chamar. They are Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and most backward communities. As soon as I touch the Maharashtra, these people will instantly come with me. " ( Courtesy :
    I am to say that the leadership of VHP<BAJRANG DAL<RSS<DURGA VAHINI<ABVP are Brahmins mainly and the workers belong to SCs , STs and OBCs .


  4. Chumberji
    Kanshiramji’s idea of caste division has already happened in Maharashtra much before the BSP can come into play. Even RPI and dalit panthers were swallowed by Shiva sena. Kanshi ram and mayavathi are and will remain non entities in maharashtra.


  5. RPI had forgotten Dr Ambedkar and their 22 vows,how Buddhist can be friend of Shiv sena and BJp .Dr Ambedkar had said hindus will sacrifiece the goats only and no body sacrifieces the Lions.time has come RPI , Dalit panther, and BSP should join together to finish the our born enemy means hinduism.


  6. Dear chumber ji,Why SC/ST/lower OBC are supporting the shiv sena and BJP because they donot know their power.Dr Ambedkar Had said Look at the big elephant who is controlled by mahawat with small iron stick becausr elephant does not know his power .Dada Kanshi Ram had told the dalit population about power of dalits .We require at least one chumberji in each state then within 20 year time dalits will throw the hinduism from the earth.


  7. Dear Saptham ji ,
    The Shiv Sena is the status quo force . Its hiro Shiva ji paid in crores to a brahmin Gagh Bhatt for his coronation with his foot’s thumb on Shiva ji’s fore head . Shiv Sena is not a democratic party .
    The Bamcef groups also made a henious crime by adopting Shiva ji as their hiro . Shiva ji is not a symbol of dignity for us . He was the stooge of the manuwadi forces . The Bamcef groups also followed the Shiv Sena by aopting him as their hiro . The Bamcef groups should not self centred to maharshtra .


  8. Dear Kumarpushp ,
    You wrote ,” Dear chumber ji,Why SC/ST/lower OBC are supporting the shiv sena and BJP because they donot know their power. ” I can dare to annyalize that the non- Brahmins are also Brahmins mentally . They and their present leadertship never differentiated from the manuwadis in actions . The so-called Bamcef intelligentia never raised a voice in favour of Shaid-e-azam Kanshi Ram when he was struggling for life .
    Sahib Kanshi Ram struggled hard to nullified the Poona Pact . We still not understand the relevancy of the Communal Award announced on 18th August , 1932 . Our some flickering minded people celebrate the Poona Pact but never the Communal Award . Why ? Mr. M.K. Gandhi won by the Poona Pact which Dr. Dr. Ambedkar and Rao Bahadur Srinivasin gained by the Communal Award ! Every aboriginal Indian must read and understand daily Dr. Ambedkar’s book ‘ What Congress and Gandhi have done to the untouchables .’
    The political parties of the aboriginal Indians – Akali Dal , Shiv Sena , BSP , JD ( U ) , Samajwadi Party , Telgu Desham , DMK , AIADMK , CPI , CPM etc must join hands to form a non-congress and non-BJP government at centre to liberate the aboriginal Indians from the slavery of the Indo Aryans .
    Br. Baba Sahib Ambedkar declared two enemies of the aboriginal Indians – capitalism and the brahminism . Sahib Kanshi Ram built a big movement to counter these both but they joined hands at the global level . The manuwadis invited the foreigner capitalists / MNCs and denatinalised the govt. institutions to nullified the reservation in jobs for aboriginal Indians . The global capitalists deputed their agent Manmohan Singh as the finance minister under a brahmin PM Mr. Narsimha Rao of India . Mr. Manmohan Singh was never elected even a panch or sarpanch .Mr. PV Narsimha Rao was denied a congress ticket for Lok Sabha election by his congress party . But the same Mr. Rao was the PM of India after Mr. Rajiv’s death ! How ? Why ? Who made him the PM of India ?
    Mr. Manmohan Singh upgraded as PM of India in 2004 AD who lost the lok sabha election . What a democratic tragedy in the biggist ever so called democratic country India . A rootless person politically is the PM of India !
    In 2008 AD , Mr. Barrack Hussain Obama elected as the president of US . The Indo-Aryans joined in his cabinet . Is this not a certified global proof that the capitalists and the manuwadis joined hands globally .
    In 2009 AD , the global capitalists and the manuwadis joined hands to finish the third front during the Lok Sabha general election . The RSS sabotaged BJP to stabilize the congress .
    The aboriginal Indians must touch the socio-economic issues . Thanks .


  9. Dear Chumber ji ,2/3 rd of Indian state is being run by OBC chief minister who are showing thicker red thread on their fore arm then their counter part brahmins.scientific based education will help dalits where they will know their roots and their fore fathers.we are studying cock and bull strory in school and at university level so without seprate electorate and seprate sttlement we can not teach our children about their history.we have to moblize the masses against Dalit holocaust in India.


  10. kumarpushp, you have rightly suggested education as a must for dalits. But I, as an educated dalit, consider RSS as truly non discriminatory towards dalits. Why should I not join them? To you the biggest threat is Hinduism, to me, the biggest threat is islamic terrorism. RSS might be biased (RSS has RMM – Rashtriya Muslim Manch) against some religions but why should it bother me? During muslim or christian tyrannical rule, did these oppressors try to distinguish between dalit and non dalit when killing innocent women, children and men or did dalits enjoy some different treatment than others, i don’t think so.


  11. Dear Bkumar ,RSSis biggest enemy then other HINDU ORGANISATION,I would give you example of riots in Kanpur where Khatik community was used against the Muslims so what happened these RSS fellow live away from muslims communities and instigate dalits to fight against the muslims so one side you kill your own blood brothers and otherside side dalits are being killed by muslims and they lost life and can not get education.Dalits should not fight for our born enemy.time has come all dalits and minorities should join together to fight the real enemy of man kind and that is RSS.British gave us school ,transport,post and telegraph.for muslims ruled in India .Muslims came to India but they did not get any thing from india and they died here but hindu ruling class are keeping mony in switzerland.dalits should learn about Dr Ambedkar and get oath that they will saVE THEIR DALIT BROTHERS FROM FOOT SOLDIERS AND TEACH OUR CHILDREN FOR MEN EATER TIGER WITH SHEEP SKIN THAT IS RSS.


  12. Golwalkar, succesor of Hedgewar, wrote the book “A Bunch of Thought” in which he openly supported the Nazis’ “race pride”. The book is out of print and the RSS has not re-printed it.


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