Murder, not accident

“At the airport and blah =_= Only thing to look forward to is the rain.” That was Harshi’s last tweet. She was travelling to Mangalore to attend a wedding. She might have been able to enjoy the rain had it not been for the negligence of the negligence of the guardians of civil aviation in India. The crash, then, must be called murder, not accident.

This was no accident, but the direct result of deliberate failure of officials at the highest level in the Director General of Civil Aviation, Airports Authority of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Government of Karnataka for allowing this 2nd runway to be built in criminal negligence of applicable norms and standards. Such a strong charge is being made as the likelihood of this kind of a crash (the worst case scenario) was predicted. A series of Public Interest Litigations were fought by the undersigned to stop the construction of this 2nd runway in Mangalore airport on grounds that the design simply did not conform to the most basic national and international standards of airport design. The PILs also highlighted that the airport does not conform with the most minimum safeguards for emergency situations – particularly during landings and takeoffs, and could not have emergency approach roads within a kilometre on all sides of the airport as required. [Environment Support Group]

2 thoughts on “Murder, not accident”

  1. Mangalore like orrissa and nandigram is victim of SEZ projects in the name of development. People are forcefully evicted. Environmental norms are concocted to suit MNC,s. This tragedy was due. Similar tragedy avaits mangalore and nearby districts due to the thermal power station scheduled to function shortly.

    God save our country from this greedy and hungry capitalists


  2. To blame without waiting to verify the actual facts about this particular crash..nothing wrong there?
    It must be must be real convenient to use a victim’s unassuming words to pedal some preconceived agenda.


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