India and Pakistan: A Matter of Taste

Imported from Karachi, Shan masalas are a hit in Delhi. They make sure anyone can make good Biryani or Korma. Photo taken at a grocery store in south Delhi by Shivam Vij
Dabur Chawanprash at a grocery store in Lahore. The Devnagiri script on the pack would be a rarity in Pakistan! Photo credit: Shiraz Hassan

15 thoughts on “India and Pakistan: A Matter of Taste”

  1. Well done Mr.Vij

    Trade Relations are the No 1 stress buster between nations. Hope indo-pak trade grows…


  2. This is exactly what i kept noticing whenevr I went to store. Shaan masala rock. an absolute must for my kitchen


  3. Shaan has been in our kitchen for the last 5-6 months and yes, it makes just fantastic Kormas and Biryanis!

    But what is more important that relishing the Korma masala is what other also have said. We need to have more and more of trade exchange between our countries to make a better future for the younger generation of these two culturally and traditionally rich countries. I sincerely believe that if India has to progress economically, Pakistan too has to grow and vice versa is true too!

    Alongwith trade we also need to look into exchanging art and culture and ensure frequent and easy exchange of ideas and people. Govts should look into easing out the VISA procedures for the above to happen.

    I am sure we will have a better tomorrow!


  4. What is really interesting about Shan masalas is that they offer vegetarian options on their packets (for presumably, the vegetarian sector of the Indian market who eat paneer instead)).
    As for me, I sometimes dont admit I have used Shan, and pretend that I just turn out brilliant niharis and biryanis from scratch…


      1. dear mr vij – i am from ludhiana , and searching long for shan masala, if you can advise me the store name and location in south delhi from where i can get shan masala. would be a great help. thanx.


  5. Noorie Masaale for me any time. Noorie masale packed by Noorie masale wala of Churiwalan Delhi 6. One of the oldest shop selling masalas in the retail in the walled city.
    in any case I am a little partial to the Delhi Quorma and Briyaani, prefering it over its Hyderabadi and Awadhi cousins, the Lahori versions are a little too overwhelming for my taste.
    It may not be a bad idea to send noorie masalas to Lahore in exchange for the Punjabi Palate Pleasing Shaan Masale. This might lead to greater Indo Pak integration than the innumerable people to people exchanges have been able to achieve,

    The Noorie Masale are not unknown in Pakistan my cousins in Karachi, progeny of old Delhi wallahs are constantly clamouring for them, In fact the export of Noorie masale to Karachi and their wide spread sale in Sindh might perform miracles in Pakistan. It might lead to the Muhajirs, the Pathans and the Sindhis burying the hatchet and sitting together to a meal in Karachi and all of them together getting down to breaking the tandoori paratha with their punjabi counter parts in Lahore and Pindi.

    I am sure that noorie masale can swing this deal, can Shaan do the same here?


  6. I agree with Sohail Bhai.

    Once when I was newly married and in Karachi, a relative of ours called us for a dinner. She had made some curry with boneless beef and asked me to identify what it was. I couldn’t. They all, including my husband stared at me in shock.

    Revealed later it was Dilli ki maghaz Nihari. But it was nowhere near to the Jama Masjid degh ki nalli nihari that I know.

    In an attempt to justify, my husband took me to nth places in Karachi but I never found that nihari that even my Matia Mahal gali wala makes.


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