‘This is like a editorial kind of things no, I can’t mention on the paper you know’

Goa-based journalist MAYABHUSHAN NAGVENKAR posed as a politician planning to contest the Goa assembly elections 2012, and called up a marketing executive of the Goa newspaper, Herald, asking for an interview to be published in the newspaper, for a price, as editorial content rather than advertisement. He has posted online four conversations he had with the executive, one of which you can hear below.

See the full story: Goa’s Paid Piper – Paid political interview in Goa’s Herald newspaper for Rs 86,400

And the newspaper’s response.

2 thoughts on “‘This is like a editorial kind of things no, I can’t mention on the paper you know’”

  1. “The Election Commission disqualifies an MLA, DP Yadav’s wife, on grounds of not including amounts spent on paid news in her accounts of election expenditure. Only the Indian Express named the two Hindi newspapers which carried the ‘news items’. TOI and HT did not, Mail Today skipped the news. The Hindu claimed it was a historic verdict and put it on page one. Did it name the papers? No. For the record, they were Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala.” [The Hoot]


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