Mining Poisons South Goa Waters: Devidas Gaonkar

A Video Volunteers story on mining in Goa:

Salaulim reservoir, situated in the Sanguem taluka, is the largest dam in Goa. It supplies water to almost entire South Goa, comprising 55% of the state’s population. Although Devidas’s video mentions that there are 8 mines that operate near Salaulim, other sources suggest that there are as many as 15 mining leases within the catchment of the reservoir. This proves to be a grave danger to the dam, the water that flows through it, as well as the people who consume this water.

[Video Volunters]

One thought on “Mining Poisons South Goa Waters: Devidas Gaonkar”

  1. It is sad that our Government has allowed such rapacious activities to go unabated, destruction of ecology, resouces for livelyhood including detrimental to the health of local people living in these area.
    Sometimes we are forced to side with the Maosists and other activists like Arunadhati Roy who are fighting this growing menace of theiving of our natural resources and shipping them off to countries who have no humanitarian concerns. Our Government has continued proved to be a vacuous and unimaginative organizations. They will never be capable of any form of Democracy, their beleif is only to enrich those who are already wealthy and control the Judiciary, army and police and are forcefully occupying every bit of land through some pretext or other. We need changes and need to throw Congress, BJP out without delay, change election laws to have local people who have worked in their legislaturesdiligently.


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