20 thoughts on “Stay Thirsty Stay Stupid”

  1. Coca cola had a similar campaign last year too or maybe it was the year before last, but it wasn’t launched in India. I was not surprised when I saw this one, but I was just as disgusted. But what else can one expect from a company which manufactures a completely worthless, useless product, which is sold purely on the strength of its advertising! Its a textbook case of an induced need and hence such “reasons” need to be created in order to make people spend money on something as avoidable as a bottle of Coke.

  2. Posting a Coca-Cola ad without any commentary benefits Coca-Cola, something I don’t thing the original poster intended.

  3. This is almost as objectionable as the Vedanta commercial, lately airing on every TV channel.

  4. It’s a sweet commercial about staying positive. Honestly, I’m seeing nothing wrong with it.

  5. There was a post about left-liberals on this forum earlier, this is the phenomenon of LL integrated in corporate PR strategies. There used to be a similar Shell ad way back. The image clean-up act by states and corporations is quite natural really – to appease a late capitalist do-gooder frame of citizenship. I dont know why everyone finds it so objectionable.

  6. The problem with it is that it glosses over actual issues with completely unverifiable and pointless statistics. It’s trying to manipulate you into feeling warm and fuzzy inside when you think about Coke (and of course Coke is placed alongside all the other “good” things in the world, like welcome mats and literacy.)

    The comparisons don’t make sense. The fact that a zillion toys are made compared to one tank is totally irrelevant and says nothing about the state of the world or its potential to improve. In fact those toys are part of a problematic capitalist system and most were probably made by underpaid laborers in China is actually more troublesome than the tank, when you think about it.

    There’s a difference between positivity and optimism, and just being oblivious/willfully ignorant. Coke assumes the majority of their audience won’t question the “facts” or their complete lack of relevance and are just happy to be made to feel good. It probably works.

  7. For every bottle of coke consumed, liters of water depleted, harmful pesticides deposited in bodies and markets monopolized.
    Too bad that’s not going to be in the ad though.
    This ad is so emotionally manipulative with the images of literacy and small kids singing. Pathetic.

    1. ‘Before and during World War II, Coca-Cola adopted an apparent policy of ignoring the practice of eugenics and anti-Semitism by Nazi Germany, according to a 2000 book by Mark Pendergrast. Several of Coke’s top executives in Germany were public members of the Nazi Party.’

      ‘As a result of Coke’s economic support of white South Africa and its apartheid system, in the 1980s it became a major target of organizers across the country against U.S. and corporate economic support for apartheid in the U.S. In the early 1980s, students at the Michigan State University Southern Africa Liberation Committee called for a “National Coke Boycott” until the corporation agreed to disinvest from South Africa to end their support of the apartheid system. It also was a major theme of the Washington Mobilization March for Peace and Justice in 1987 where posters and buttons proclaimed “Coke sweetens apartheid,” while demonstrations continued at the company’s Atlanta headquarters.

      ‘In the 1970s, a Coca-Cola franchised bottling plant in Guatemala suffered a spate of mysterious murders of union-affiliated employees leading to the non-renewal of the bottling plant’s license in 1981.On February 25, 2010, a new lawsuit was launched on behalf of 8 plaintiffs against The Coca-Cola Co. and Coke processing and bottling plants in Guatemala, with charges of murder, rape, and torture of union leaders and their families’

      ‘Panamerican Beverages (Panamco), Coca-Cola’s main bottler in Latin America, has been criticized for its relationship with unions. In Colombia, it has been alleged that the bottling company hired paramilitary mercenaries to assassinate union leaders.In January 2004, a New York City-based fact-finding delegation, a self-initiated group that included some city officials in a personal capacity, confirmed the workers’ allegations. They found:

      To date, there have been a total of 179 major human rights violations of Coca-Cola’s workers, including 9 murders. Family members of union activists have been abducted and tortured. Union members have been fired for attending union meetings. The company has pressured workers to resign their union membership and contractual rights, and fired workers who refused to do so.

      Most troubling to the delegation were the persistent allegations that paramilitary violence against workers was done with the knowledge of and likely under the direction of company managers. The physical access that paramilitaries have had to Coca-Cola bottling plants is impossible without company knowledge and/or tacit approval…. ‘

      This is just a partial atrocities list. separate lists are needed for environmental wreckage and health hazards.

      still enjoying the tune?

      1. The best thing about a Communist is that the veracity of their data is always almost indubitable. The problem ,however, is that of its utility.
        I shall put these facts on the most prominent hoardings I the most prominent cities for a month. Will it have a dampening effect on consumption of cola? NO.
        Worse. I quit on all types of colas the day I saw gutkha pouches in the sealed bottles. People expressed their disgust but how many stopped consuming it? Hardly any (At least none I know of).
        Neither the meticulously researched facts by left wingers nor the coca-cola-matlab-toilet-cleaner chhaap hilarious one liners from the right wingers have the capacity to contain the monster of consumerism which is the result of extremely clever and manipulative understanding of “individual” psychology.
        Herbert Marcuse describes this brilliantly in his concept of one-dimensional man. Capitalism knows too well how to keep people engaged by creating new needs…new insatiable needs. And they are doing it so brillantly that none is there to listen to your chilling facts. All are qued up outside a mall for “sabse saste paanch din” to buy things at least half of which would perish unused.
        Yes it disgusted me earlier. Not now. I know that the only level that this monster can be fought out is the individual level. I insist on neembu paani from a roadside hawker and scold him for selling it for just Rs. 5. I don’t buy two pairs of denims just because a third will be free. I laugh my lungs out on a friend who would spend Rs. 2500 on a plain white cotton shirt just because it has “Raymond” printed on it.
        The force is overwhelming and is here to stay. To resist it is difficult but I must manage. What I dislike is repetitive sense and expression of disgust at this monster force that goes mostly unheeded.
        So I have learnt how to detach the brand from a sweet tune and keep humming it all the day. The sale of cola went up? I knew it would. But “I” didn’t drink!
        Laal Salaam!

    2. Reminded of the tribals in plachimada of kerala, who fought the cadmium poisoning of cola
      of an entire village . The tribals fought and some became even martyrs of exploitation.

  8. Here is a really good ad with a really good tune and really good lyrics for a really good cause, to alleviate of watching the pain of watching the trash from Coca Cola.

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