Kerala Police arrest one more for hurting some feelings: Sajan Venniyoor

This just in from our Thiruvananthapuram correspondent SAJAN VENNIYOOR

Trivandrum, 21 Nov: An unnamed youth from Thiruvananthapuram was arrested by the Kerala Police cyber-crime squad for allegedly ‘liking’ a Facebook post written by a complete stranger. The Facebook account in the name of ‘Indian Patroit Who Fuking Hates Everybody’ – believed to be an alias – carried a comment that was allegedly critical of something reportedly concerning a recently deceased non-Malayali. The Facebook comment was also withdrawn soon after the arrest of the Thiruvananthapuram native under sections 505 of IPC (“promoting ill-will among groups with different imaginary friends”) and 66A of the IT Act (“causing annoyance while belonging to a minority group”).

It is not known what the offensive post said, but police sources confirm that while the comment “did not actually hurt religious sentiments in the proper sense of the word”, it jolly well hurt the feelings of people who knew someone who had some kind of  sentiments that may well have been hurt had he been alive.

In his defence, the unnamed youth submitted before the Judicial Magistrate First Class, Vanchiyoor, that he had clicked on the Facebook button only because he violently disagreed with the post, thinking it said “Yikes”.

His lawyer confirmed later that the youth, who was let off on bail, was either dyslexic or from Ulloor.

(Clarification: Some Of Us Are Actually Dyslexic and/or From Ulloor. Any offence caused is therefore to us.)

11 thoughts on “Kerala Police arrest one more for hurting some feelings: Sajan Venniyoor”

  1. What?/? Are you making this up? Can i have the source for the statement of the lawyer “that the youth, who was let off on bail, was either dyslexic or from Ulloor.



  2. :) Good to know we are still able to laugh out loud! Felt good to be able to do that. Thanks for this post.


  3. Also, you should probably have a warning out there ‘this post contains parody and irony, may have dangerous side effects on those who are low on sense of humour.’


  4. Is Thiruvananthapuram inherently funny? I’m from those parts myself. A somewhat dour place, with much to be dour about.

    By the way, here’s a list of charges levelled by the Palghar police against those who vandalized Dr. Dhada’s hospital in response to his niece Shaheen’s supposedly offensive FB comment:

    IPC 143: Unlawful assembly – imprisonment up to six months, or fine, or both.
    IPC 147: Rioting – imprisonment up to two years, or fine, or both.
    IPC 336: Act endangering life or personal safety of others – imprisonment up to three months, or fine up to Rs 250, or both.
    IPC 427: Mischief causing damage to the amount of Rs 50 – imprisonment up to two years, or fine, or both.
    IPC 451: House-trespass to commit any offence punishable with imprisonment – imprisonment for 2 years and fine.

    66A of the IT Act (“causing annoyance”), however, could get you jailed up to three years, with fine. The next time you feel the urge to protest, please don’t tweet, blog or vent on FB. Instead, assemble unlawfully, riot, break into people’s homes and endanger the life and personal safety of others. It is so much safer.


  5. What a pity! ..Poor people and poor police who often have to keep in mind what does the law talk about hurting sentiments and causing enmity..Isn’t it a safer,simpler and better idea (for the police as well as the fb users and the folks ) to keep all people exclusively listed under two categories ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ?.


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