Justice for Soni Sori. Gathering at Jantar Mantar, 02/01/13

Protests against Sexual Violence continue in Delhi. Earlier this morning, there was a gathering to protest against the gruesome sexual violence committed on Soni Sori while in custody in Chhattisgarh under the supervision of Ankit Garg, Superintendent of Police, Dantewada. Ankit Garg was awarded with a presidential police medal on Republic Day (January 26) in 2012.

Soni Sori’s petition at the Supreme Court is due to be heard tomorrow.

While politicians from many parties in parliament have demanded fast track courts to deal with the Delhi Gang Rape case, there has been no clear response so far to the demand made by several women’s organisations for fast-track proceedings with regard to the 100,000 cases of sexual assault pending within the judicial system. Amongst these are numerous cases of sexual assault conducted by members of the Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and other Police Forces, especially, but not only in states governed by the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. Soni Sori’s case, where, armed policemen use sexual torture and humiliation on a woman in custody has been repeatedly invoked in demonstrations and gatherings in Delhi to protest against the gang-rape of the 23 year old paramedical student which resulted in her death.

Justice for the unknown citizen can only be done when Soni Sori and many others like her also get justice.

Here are some more images from the morning’s gathering.





9 thoughts on “Justice for Soni Sori. Gathering at Jantar Mantar, 02/01/13”





  2. Sexual torture of women in police custody for any alleged crime is a routine.The protests against the gang-rape and brutal death of the brave girl were very much responded to. Such protests are still needed to arouse the conscience of all those who are not even conscious of it that there is such thing as conscience.All those who are participating and are determined to get justice for the vulnerable,unsafe,insecure weak and helpless deserve full support from all quarters.They are making history.The case of Soni Sori is the most shameful.Her story is hair-raising. It is sad that it has gone un-heeded .Let every body remember that Judiciary has to take blame upon itself for the increase of crimes in the country.Here anybody can get away with any crime with impunity.Criminal justice has totally collapsed.


    1. sir, i respect your point but as far as i think it would be improper to say blatantly that the criminal justice system of the country has completely collapsed. If that had been the case then the country would have turned into a state of anarchy, which is certainly not the case. A state of anarchy cannot function in a democratic manner and as far as i think our country is still functioning in a democratic manner. I am not supporting the government or judiciary completely but the fact is every system has some flaws and our country is not different in any way. We have to cover a long way to build up a nation we all dream of but we need to be optimistic.


  3. No news channel is airing Soni Sori story. Soni Sori and Ishrat Jehan are too far removed from our biased media. Is the fourth estate being fettered or is it blind, or worse still a dancing bear to smarter PR agencies ?


  4. Real hard work begins now to raise the resistance against individual violation of rights to violation by the state. Patriarchy will be significantly dismantled only when thousands of adivasis, peasants, domestic workers, and the like, assemble at India gate and march shoulder to shoulder with the elite youth. In fact, women like the gang-rape victim (I hate the phrase) do not have much of a chance unless Raisina Hills is surrounded by people as a whole. Laws work only for the organised. The march for Soni Sori is a small but welcome step forward.


  5. Until the police and both houses of Parliament are cleaned out of all criminals, there is no hope for women and poor people of India.
    Sikh victims of 1984 riots are still waiting for justice,
    People of India have to raise their voices every time there is an act of crime committed by police officer or any politician and also the people have to fight to dismiss all the ‘gunda’ police officers as well as the MPs.


  6. since i came through the news i was very angry with the mainstream media which ignored Somi Sori totally, its been a long time passed Nobody done anything to save her expect “tahalka” Kafila” and same kind of formations, i am really proud and appreciate the protest to save her. and appeal to all people specially young (students) not always follow the stream made of media, but there are so many of such incidents are happening continuously in India specially in Tribal zone, North east and states where the is special arm act lies.


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