7 thoughts on “Afzal Guru’s family demands his body”

  1. I sympathize with the family members of Afzal Guru and understand that this is their right and the govt.’s duty.

  2. Well the killing itself is shocking and wose still there have been fireworks and the hanging of an effigy of Guru’s in Vadodara and on the local tv channel. This is terrible the way the people in India scream for other people’s blood and that too on communal lines and undemocratically.

    There is little hope for any democracy in India leave alone Gujarat. One can have little support for the congress as they are using these killings to say that they are as communal as the BJP. Will it win them an election?

  3. It is most unfortunate that they forget that a countryman done an act of treason. He has sided with the terrorist to bring down the Parliament. How a Government can allow such terrorist body to be buried within Indian soil & then convert it into MAZAR. There are 100 of Indian solders perished in the frontier fighting battle & terrorist. Their body could not brought back to their home since it was not possible. Even other day one solder’s head was cut off & others body was mutilated by the terrorist/Pakistani solders. Where all the demand gone of the present protester who now cry wolf for a man who conducted an act of treason?

  4. I was just 6 when the Babri Masjid was demolished and I was scared back then. After twenty years of growing up in a supposedly “secular”, “democratic” country, today I feel scared of being myself. Shame on the blood-thirsty people of this country! Sickening to say the least!

  5. It is disgrace that the worlds largest democracy treat its people so undemocratically that people are convicted and hanged on flimsy evidence for a sake of few votes. To make things worst political parties higher some monkeys to dance in the streets. SHAME.

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