Mayhem in March: Sameer Bhat

Guest post by SAMEER BHAT: The completeness of night’s silence is absolute in Kashmir. Earlier today another boy was put six feet under. Killed in cold blood in Baramulla by the Indian army. Apparently a small crowd was protesting against the hanging of Afzal Guru and driven by pure emotion, pelted a passing army truck with stones. Since Kashmiri blood costs next to nothing, the armymen quickly got down, cocked their machine guns and sprayed the protesting kids with bullets, instantly killing a kid – Tahir — in his 20s. Nothing much. His friends, too shocked to react, smeared his blood on their faces. Grown-ups wept. The army later issued a statement that they didn’t shoot the boy. Period.

The fact is that the army had no need to issue the statement. No one can touch them with a bargepole – statement or no statement — since every military-walla enjoys total immunity in Kashmir and hence feels free to pull the trigger without caring two hoots about who is in the line of fire. Hundreds of thousands have perished in Kashmir over the years and no one was ever punished. There are probes ordered and then there are commissions which sit. Nothing much happens. A prompt little denial completes the travesty.

There are banana republics and anarchic countries in the world where shit happens. Those godforsaken lands make no claims, at least, to call themselves the longest or largest democracy in the world. They don’t have 70 jingoistic channels to dismiss their ugly deeds. I don’t understand, for the life of me, how India — a constitutional democracy – can get away with this charade in Kashmir. Who on earth kills kids for being impulsive or spontaneous? Does a democracy plunge a poisoned bayonet in your face because you show your fist to it? Pray how can sentiments be ever policed?

And they dug a grave quickly. And everyone cried bitterly. And furious sloganeering happened. And the poor mother and sister were inconsolable. And the father was delirious and his friends won’t sleep tonight. Innocent little details. And there might be restrictions from tomorrow till further orders. And the security grid will think that it is over but it isn’t. It is never really over. Memories are like warehouses. The injustices accumulate. And scream solders onto another scream bringing about a clarity that is both beautiful and bold.

There was a flinty, ferrety frown on the CM’s face in the assembly today. All media faithfully reported the ‘broke down’ speech, as if he were a run-down car. History, however, is a great judge. It will mention the gouts of blood on the streets of Baramulla even if the TV channels chose not to.

11 thoughts on “Mayhem in March: Sameer Bhat”

  1. killing a kid – Tahir — in his 20s……………………in which part of the world is a young man in his 20s called a kid? Even 15 year olds are not considered kids in some countries.

    7 Saudis sentenced to death by crucifixion, firing squad appeal for help to stop executions


  2. Please…dont blame India so bluntly. If there is repression, there must be a reason for it. Is it not intersting to see that the repression started only after 1990. Why was it not there (or if it was, it was on a very low scale ) before 1990. Is not the exodus of Kashmiri Pundits somewhere responsible for pervoking it? We will have to see both the sides of the Kashmir coin.
    I have tried to explore some of the possible reasons on my blog ” ARYAN SPEAKS”. You can visit if you feel to.


    1. Seriously? Are you really advocating an eye-for-an-eye policy in a constitutional democracy where nothing except the rule of justice ought to be (IDEALLY) the basis of every government sourced action?


      1. I am not justifying the eye for an eye policy, for it will only make the whole world blind, as said by Mahatma Gandhi. But Gandhi to believed that it is hard to control human tendencies. Remember how he had to call off the Non cooperation movement due to the violent act of his supporters.

        No one can justify a murder. But the best way to stop a murder is to seek the cause which provokes the murderer, and to eliminate it. Thus, we need to see what it is which provokes the fine Military Academy Gentlemen to turn into animals and eliminate that cause.
        And for this, we will have to see both sides of the coin.


  3. You need to solve kashmir conflict as per UN resolution as already promised by Jawahar lal nehru… As a kashmiri i feel very bad when some tries to play with words to justify loss of innocent lives, who can’t defend themselves. This what is happening in kashmir today, has happened at the time of British in India, I don’t know then, what made indian so empty hearted towards kashmiri’s who has been turned into a colony, same as what british had did. Where are the decendants of Gandhi hiding, perhaps they don’t want to say or accept the truth about kashmir. Wake up! Remember you also Got freedom from British and the same do we seek 4rom thee!!


    1. As soon as Kashmiries realize that violence of any sort will be met with equal or more force by the Indian state whose solemn duty is to maintain integrity of India at all costs. Those who don’t wish to stay with India, are welcome to go to Pakistan.


  4. There is no question of “Eye for an Eye” in Kashmir, as there is a fatal bullet to every little pebble. And no question of getting blind, It’s always a cold blooded murder here!


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