Can Narendra Modi Apologize to Four Hundred and Five Million Rural Women in India?

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Rural Indian Women (Courtesy India Post) and An Urban Indian Man (Narendra Modi)

I watched the television broadcast of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s speech at the Japanese Park in Rohini in Delhi on Sunday morning with breathless anticipation and some trepidation. With the restless anxiety that he would spin at least half a new idea, that could induce some naive fence-sitters in Delhi, my city, to sign up behind his juggernaut along with the rest of his zombie horde.

Would his spin doctors have worked hard and tirelessly overnight to give their client a new teflon coating? Would his savvy advisers have given him a sharp new statistic to play with, an incontrovertible fact, a compelling argument that would persuade my fellow citizens?

I could have done something more useful on a Sunday morning, like clean and order my bookshelves, air out winter clothes and woolens, or read an anthology of Sanskrit poetry than listening to a manicured middle aged man purvey his cheap ethnic jokes (about ‘asardar sardar’s’ ) to his testosterone hungry adoring audience of (overwhelmingly) masculine clones of his own mediocrity. But I thought,  albeit reluctantly, given that the ‘lion’s roar’ in Delhi was being projected as the clarion call for what is probably going to be one of the most important elections in the world in my life-time, I should pay attention, and see if Narendra Modi has anything to offer.

He did not fail to disappoint me. His spin doctors are clearly on holiday, or maybe, they are actually working for the Congress party. I was wasting my time. If even the most naively apolitical person in Delhi is persuaded by the flatulence that Modi purveys as oratory, then I will need to have my head examined.

Speaking of head, I sort of woke up from his drone when Modi (following Sushma-behn’s bloodthirsty lead on several occasions) began talking about decapitated heads. He wanted Manmohan Singh to bring back the heads of Indian soldiers from Pakistan, without in the same breath offering to give back some of the heads of Pakistani soldiers purloined by the Indian armed forces. But then, that is his second nature, not just the insistence on the savage imagery, but also the sneaky subterfuge of an unfair bargain (‘Give us our heads back, but we won’t give you yours).

He could not resist invoking the ethnic identity of his adversary (Manmohan Singh) because he cannot think beyond the mental age of a twelve year old schoolboy whose wisdom consists of sardarji jokes. He fawned on himself, expressing the kind of narcissistic obsession with his own rise to power that only a second rate fascist can deploy as a rhetorical device. He could not resist attacking the dynasty without mentioning that he himself is a tool of a secretive khaki directorate that needs its heads, (and its shorts) examined.

And then he played his trump card. His ‘concern’ for the dignity of the servile apparatchik who is Manmohan Singh was a mirror of the ‘concern’ that cynical congressmen have for the BJP dinosaur known as L.K.Advani. Modi expressed his indignation at the Chinese Whisper report of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s apparent off the record slighting of Manmohan Singh at a New York breakfast as a ‘Dehati Aurat’ with all the strength that distilled Indian middle aged misogyny can muster. So, according to Narendra Modi, the greatest insult to this country is to call its head of government a ‘rural woman’.

What is wrong with rural Indian women ?

India has approximately 16 % of the world’s population, this amounts to (roughly) around 1.20 Billion people.  68.84 % of that population (making up 833.1 million people)  lives in rural areas. Rural women constitute a little less than half that population. There are 405.1 million women in rural India according to the 2011 census.

In rural areas, out of 310 million workers, 111 million workers are women.  42.95 % of the rural female working population is involved as agricultural labour (not in cultivation). Women constitute 90% of the total marginal workers in the country. 11.10 % of rural households (16.67 million) are headed by women.

Last heard, I knew that in India they walked miles to draw water, farmed fields, raised children, tended gardens, protected forests, sent their girls and boys to school, fought feudal prejudices, capitalist displacement and state terror while some rural men slept, lay around, got drunk, raped other rural women, got into brawls (unlike most rural men, who, it has to be said, worked shoulder to shoulder with rural womenfolk to make a decent living in an increasingly harsh world.)

The Report on Women and Men in India, 2011 (13th Issue) of the Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India states –

“Women work longer hours than men, and carry the major share of household and community work that is unpaid and invisible. According to the pilot Time Use Survey conducted in 18,620 households spread over six selected States, namely, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya during the period June 1998 to July 1999, women spent about 2.1 hours per day on cooking food and about 1.1 hours on cleaning the households and utensils. Men’s participation in these activities was nominal. Taking care of Children was one of the major responsibilities of women, as they spent about 3.16 hours per week on these activities as compared to only 0.32 hours by males. Women’s Contribution to Agriculture – Whether it is subsistence farming commercial agriculture, when measured in terms of the number of tasks performed and time spent is greater than men. Most of the work that women do, such as collecting fuel, fodder and water, or growing vegetables and keeping poultry for domestic consumption, goes unrecorded in the census counts. “

If anyone said that the prime minister of a country was like a rural woman from India, I would read that as a (largely undeserved) compliment, because despite the insults, injury, structural violence and inequality that rural women in this country have to put up with, the fact that they survive, work hard (and keep the economy going) sing, laugh, make love and children, produce objects of incomparable beauty makes them super-heros in my estimation.

Clearly, Narendra Modi is not a ‘ dehati aurat’. He is a ‘shahri mard’ – an urban man. His followers are all urban men. Given the tropes that urban men in India have recently become known for – rape, assault and mindless violence, I think the tag of ‘shahri mard’ sits better on Narendra Modi than ‘dehati aurat’ does on Manmohan Singh. And who has heard of ‘dehati auratein’ committing acts of gross violence ? It can’t be an insult. It can even be an honorific. But under the present circumstances, ‘Shahri Mard’ can easily be seen to be one. And it fits NaMo well.

After I shared the above paragraph as a Facebook status update, I was not surprised to see a few carping comments that suggested that I was saying this because of my partisan status as a congress groupie. Modi supporters assume that if you are not with them, you must be with Rahul Baba, their limited intelligence  does not permit them to conceive of a more capacious imagination than theirs, which is populated only by ‘pappu’ (Rahul Gandhi) and ‘feku’ (their own caudillo).

I want to make something absolutely clear, especially to the Modi Brigade and the NaMo army, especially those who will want to leave their stink here. I (and many others like me who oppose Narendra Modi) think that the Congress led UPA government at the centre is an absolute disaster, it is corrupt and incompetent, and that Manmohan Singh is a complete failure as a prime minister. I think Narendra Modi and the BJP led NDA are not an alternative. Modi’s model of crony-capitalism, his kowtowing to the Adani-Ambani apparatus, is as corrupt as that of the Congress. His governance in Gujarat is absysmal and this is empirically demonstrable, (and has been done so on this blog in several other posts), and he is a fascist, and has not a single bright idea.

I refuse to be blackmailed into choosing one evil above the other. There is NO lesser evil. What the society we live in needs, and needs with a certain degree of urgency is the intelligence and the political imagination to go beyond the Congress-BJP binary. And yes, the old Left is bankrupt. We need a robust new left that is not wedded to nationalism, that is global in its imagination and that offers pragmatic and imaginative ways forward.

That is my preference. The fact that nothing on the Indian mainstream political spectrum answers to this precise description at the present moment does not mean we sit back, it makes the work of thinking new political alternatives all the more urgent and necessary.

And yes, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Narendra Modi and L.K. Advani ideally belong to the same block in Tihar prison, for the rest of their lives, and I think Rajiv Gandhi belonged there too, until history intervened, because, he like Modi, presided over a massacre. I hope that answers everyone.

Meanwhile, I think Narendra Modi owes the more than four hundred and five million women of rural India an apology. And then he could start thinking about Gujarat 2002, Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin and the bad odour he leaves behind him, wherever he goes.

148 thoughts on “Can Narendra Modi Apologize to Four Hundred and Five Million Rural Women in India?”

  1. Let me use your binary-busting logic and argue the following position:

    1. I feel proud if someone calls me dehati. My roots still lie in one of the countless Indian villages.
    2. I have immense respect for the kind of life an average rural Indian woman leads. I know that as a male, I don’t come anywhere close for comparison.
    3. I am a proud Hindu and feel a sense of uncontrollable rage when I think of Jihadi atrocities against Hindus which are recorded in history (and which still continue).
    4. I feel Narendra Modi is our best bet for PM.

    Have I gone beyond the binary and made a legitimate independent argument?

    Do I deserve an acknowledgement by the leftist-commie groupies here?


    1. No, you haven’t. If you really respected the dehati women you said you do, you wouldn’t be arguing in defence of a man who insulted all of them two days ago. You would have the guts to say, that even if you preferred this man as your prime minister, you still think that he owes all Indian rural women, and by extension, all Indians, an apology. It does not necessarily require you to give up your alleigance to your leader to admit that he too, can be grossly in error.

      1. What are you talking about? NaMo can never be wrong goddammit!!! This website is a Congress conspiracy!

          1. प्यारे मोदी जी,

            अगर कोई मनमोहन सिंह को आपकी अम्मा जी या मेरी माताजी
            जैसा बोल दे तो यह भारत देश और उसके प्रधानमंत्री का ऐसा अपमान
            होगा की जिससे बड़ा कोई अपमान हो ही नहीं सकता ?

            क्या आप ये कहना चाहते हैं? कृपया थोड़ा समझाइये हुज़ूर ?

          2. I personally don’t feel sorry for them. They don’t deserve to be here. Slum people are bad for the country all round. There are murderers, dacoits, rapists, prostitutes, thieves and many more. Since Slums are usually community based like Muslims, Dalits, Tamils… it is too hard for us to educate or mingle with them. Since they stay in midst of our cities, they form a bad culture and very harmful for decency in the society. They bring economic instability since most of them claim to be below poverty but have a tons of black money hidden. As a software engineer, I have to pay for their welfare as 17% of development tax which is highly ridiculous. No other country will show sympathy towards beggars, slum dwellers or illegal immigrants in society, and I also don’t see the point in it. Are we moving towards development or fooling ourselves???

        1. Congress Conspiracy????? Unbelievable. This shows the level of your mind. You can’t think beyond this point, whosoever speaks against Modi is a congress agent…i feel like laughing…

      2. You should have taken a moment to think a little bit beyond Modi (you are clearly biased and are trying to manipulate people into believing you were open minded and unbiased) and the origin of this comment (Dehati Aurat) – The Pakistani PM passed the comment – do you think it was an insult to Indian Village woman or respect? If it was an insult, do you not want to say anything against the person who said it first? Do you not want to comment on PM himself and the entire congress heads who have not reacted to such a statement from their Pakistani counterpart? You are overreacting. More than respect for the same 400-500M Village women, it is disrespect and hatred towards Modi that is driving you and your article. Learn to be objective first before you talk for others. No one says Modi is a clean honest Politician – he at least has clarity in his thinking and has proved to be a leader. He won Gujarat with Majority for 3 successive terms. He put Gujarat on a path to development. Dig into Gujarat’s progress and check if he has insulted Gujarati Village women in anyway and compare that with what happens in the rest of the country – if you are really interested in protesting for the “village women” – you have no idea what they go through (neither do I) – Let us not talk for them from our cosy and comfortable homes. Laslty – do not forget the battle is between Modi and pappu who cannot answer a single question from his audience properly. RG thinks he can get the PM position without any efforts – an he actually might, if people like you spend (waste) time bashing someone who has at least done something and competing on the grounds of development

        1. Going by your logic, you should apologize to the 800M people who vote – because you are directly insulting each one of those by saying there is no solution to our country’s problems. You are also insulting Democracy. There are problems everywhere. We vote every 5 years hoping for a change. You need to come out of your idealistic and imaginary world and acknowledge the fact that one of them IS going to rule the country for 5 years! – cribbing is never an option. Finding a 0.01% workable solution is infinite times forward. Grow up or go back to school!

          1. Dear Natarajan,

            I fail to see how I have insulted the 800 million Indian electorate. I am not saying that there is no solution to their country’s problems. I am saying that no mainstream political party has a programme that is adequate to addressing what the electorate’s real conditions are. If that is an insult, then it is an insult offered up by mainstream political parties, the Congress, BJP and the others tagging around them, not by me. If anyone thinks that the congress of the bjp is capable of dealing with the complexity of the issues that confront us, then it is they, not I who is living in an idealized and imaginary world.

            I remain however, always willing and ready to go back to school if I can learn something new.



            1. LOL! You don;t understand that I exaggerated just like you did. Anyway, kiddo – I understand You are not saying there is no solution but do you understand you are also absolutely clueless about how to solve the problems? Whatever the outcome of an election is – you got to respect it. End of the day – people of this country (you have no idea how they think) have made a choice! It is reflection of what majority wants. By not respecting majority’s choice (BJP/ Congress) – You ARE insulting the 800M people who voted.

              BTW, Sorry I did not know I was talking to a kid. You are actually both funny and childish. You seem to respond to comments for the sake of it – No, I don’t think you are open to learning which is why I suggested “School” where kids are forced to learn. All you are doing is cribbing, complaining and pointing issues in whatever people say. No one is saying BJP or congress is capable of solving the “complex” issues. But what kids like you don’t realize/ acknowledge is – BJP or Congress, like it or not, will be the ruling party at the center. You have no choice for a long time to come. Now, start from there. We still have to take a step, right? hoping it’ll be in the forward direction. It IS Modi vs Rahul, like it or not. Stop talking and choose one! It is fine if you choose Rahul but make the damn decision and move on. That will be your first step towards growing up.

              Your apology is not worth a rupee. But Modi’s apology is worth a PM post – you both are not equals. LOL! You lose nothing by apologizing. It is acceptance of charges against him if Modi apologizes – why would he do that? Even if he is a culprit, he will still not apologize – no one will. Will Sonia Gandhi or RG or MMS apologize for any of their mistakes? I am 100% sure even you won’t apologize to all your mistakes in life even if the stake is really small – we are all human beings, end of the day.

              PS: Please do not respond to this comment. My last response and I’m unfollowing this thread. I did not know this was some random blog on a random site. FB has made it very easy for anyone and everyone (deserving or not) to grab attention and page views. Neither the site nor you seem to have any credibility (Never heard of this site before and you ruined whatever chances it had :-) You are not qualified enough to write about National or Political issues. You have no sense of ground reality.

        2. Natarajan, i am from gujarat. do you really feel there is DEVELOPMENT AND MUCH PROGRESS in gujarat? if so, i just ask you what do you really call DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESS ? and don’t just jump in to give the answer. if you are really concerned, give yourself some time to let the answer itself to come up to you.

        3. The battle is for the soul of the country ! Just see the travesty of a Lokayukta in Gujarat, the fake encounters, the pollution of air and water,and the liquor that flows while prohibition is the norm. If we are against Modi, we also are against congress !

      3. Had hoti hai! From what I understand, it was Sharif who allegedly used the word (and as an insult). Wasn’t Modi merely pointing out that our PM should not take barbs lightly from the PM of a country that we don’t have the best of relations with? How did he insult rural women here?

      4. Dude if you happened to study in Ivy League worked for World Bank etc, and supposedly even head a start up, if the panwallah or sweeper actually termed you “dehati” as a matter to pull you down, it is definitely “insulting”!!

        Dehati itself when translated is just villager and certainly not insulting in itself, just like “kutte ke baccha” when translated just means puppy and certainly should not be insult..right?

        It is all about context, and if you are so stupid not to fathom the contextual usage and learn the reality, someone else will do, that does not mean that someone is insulting dehati or puppy..he is insulting you..and you are worth it!!
        Hope it clears dada?

      5. “insulted all of them two days ago”? I can understand you need to massage your ego writing this self-indulgent tripe. Perhaps there are some teeny bopper minds that will gleefully clap at your self congratulatory admonishing of Modi, but “insult”?

        Did you not hear? Do you not understand the obvious? It’s as clear as Barkha’s bias – Sharif was being pejorative towards Manmohan. He was calling him ignorant and weak – like a dehati aurat. That’s what Modi objected to.

        But you! Grand Pompadour of Village Women’s Honour, you blurted out this vapid drivel with the sole intention of spinning “dehati aurat” into a swing at Modi!

        By the short hairs of Karl Marx’s left one, you are the epitome of that famous 3 Idiots chemical – Chootium Sulphate.

        1. “ignorant and weak – like a dehati aurat. ” This is the whole point of the article, which you haven’t yet got! You too need to apologise to the rural indian woman. What makes you say they’re ignorant and weak? Bigot.

      6. I can’t believe the author wrote ten pages on this issue…. I am sure u have raised a lot of awareness and Modi has replied…. Congrats and I read 2 paras… Advent of internet, you need one laptop, internet connection… Haha!! I can be clearing my desk now…

    2. So u think Modi will destroy Jihadis….never because he is one of them…..U r only watching TV…that is paid & face book….come to Gujarat & check how he make us gujarati panic…in last 10 years of Modi 34968 people done suicides..( this is official which is register with police record) out of that 58% is young people….all Gujarat is sold to Business houses even our civil hospitals is with private sectors. Now what you c on tv all marketing is done by big business houses, who think if modi will become PM & they will eaten India and modi will polarize people other side and country will be in hoch poch ….like Pakistan…U must knoe in Gujarat from last 15 years no LOKPAL….I notice one thing you make fool more easily on educated person than on uneducated person…….

  2. Yes indeed, rural folk cannot be denigrated by any one, be it men or women. Many, or should I say most of us have rural roots and connections. However, the context is being missed. Without getting into the politics of it, or the politrical views across the divide, I think Nawaz had no business calling our esteemed PM a Dehati Woman. If he has or has not said it, is now irrelevant because the damage has been done. Next time around he may call MS a Dhobi or a Safaiwala, we will again get into the debate that millions of Indians are washermen or safaiwalas or rehriwalas so we assume taht there is nothing wrong in what Nawaz says??? Yes, every profession in my view is respectable and cannot be put down. Each one earns his bread through some profession and that is where the respect is. However, this does not give anyone the right to show our PM in poor light by implication. You will never find our PM talking about anyone in this manner, whatever the provocation. So we expect the same from other Heads of Govt/State.

    Regarding Modi, I think he was not wrong in bringing this matter to the notice of the attendees in particular and the nation at large. However, he had no reason to labour on and on about it or gaining political mileage from this. After all, MS is his PM also and represents him as also all the BJP or any other Indian.

    I have one suggestion to Kafila, please play a balanced role in giving the plusses and minuses of our leaders, be they SC/ST, muslims, hindus, or any other minority group. Lets leave religion at home and lets all talk and support the “nation first” theory. Only then will Kafila come out as a great opinion maker and game changer. Presently, many of us already know what your views are likely to be and hence you only reinforce what we expect in your posts. Please accept this in a positive spirit and not as a riposte. Thank you.

    Commodore Ranbir Talwar (Retd)

  3. I’m one of your fence sitters that can read through your anti-modi bias and still agree with you that
    1. Congress is a disaster
    2. Modi may not be the best 2nd option
    3. There has got to be someone that’s better instead of having to choose from the lesser of two evils.

    What you failed to do is to identify who exactly is better, who can attract the intellectuals much like Obama was able to draw the best to his advisory boards? Who has a shot at cleaning the decay in the government? Who won’t give in to Big Business on one side and rural politicians that steal but can deliver votes on the other?

    You point out the Adani/Reliance relationship, I’ve heard this repeatedly and frankly if you can nurture a relationship where the state, people and businessmen are benefiting that actually is ideal. We rightly have a negative connotation in India about businesses working hand in hand with politicians because they loot the people. BUT when it benefits us, that’s ok in my book. But I may be wrong, is there real evidence that he’s been making the rich richer by making the poor poorer or the government weaker?

    Lastly, as you may be able to note from my name, I don’t fall into the demographic that would typically be pro-Modi but it sure seems to me that that he is the best option. I just hope that my fellow people don’t fall into the trap of voting for the Congress because we can all agree that they have been an utter waste.

    1. hi ali,

      this is tinaz here and I am so proud that sensible people like u exist.. yes i am pro-modi and anti congress and that’s only cause i feel that Modi will be a decisive, forward-looking leader. From your name I can understand that you are a muslim and I am so happy to know that you don’t take this ‘secular’ jargon at face value.. it’s ironic, but today in our country this word is used to divide people..

    2. I am a Hindu but never believes that every Hindus should support Modi. If one is closely watching the so called Modi, he can understand well that who is Modi and what he contributed to our country. I would like to say that he is the utter fraud politician which I had ever seen in my life ( of course I watched such a character in many films and always stands with the hero who fought against the evils like most of the audience). Why I made such an opinion?

      At first I would like to mention his developmental claims. Whatever he said are proved to be wrong. As a researcher in economics I could easily catch what rubbish arguments he has been making on his achievements. If anyone is still believes that he is a superman please read the article of R Nagaraj Sir of IGDR published in a most reputed journal in India, EPW.


      How he build such a personality and political career. If we trace back to his early political life, we can see that he misused the ‘Hinduthwa’ as a weapon for his political mileage. He exploited the sentiments and emotions Hindu brothers against Muslims in 2002. I am still believes that (But I agree that I have no evidence for it, and it may not be true) the Godra incidence was the conspiracy of this Man and his gang. You might not agree with me but if we look at the Musafar Nagar riots we are forced to believe so. Modi has given the charge of UP to Amith Shah, (the same man behind the Prajapati fake encounter) and within few months an organised big riot has happened in UP. They better known that UP have 80 seats in Lok Sabah and BJP’s performance in the last assembly election was very pathetic. So Modi need the UP people to be polarised on the basis of religion. But you may argue that there were many small communal riots during Akilesh’s ruling. I do agree with you and also wants to say that it is the true reason why Amit Shah has given the charge of UP.

      How can we believe this Man? He is always speaking against corruption, but he hasn’t appointed a lokayutha in his state, after the tenure of the last lokayukta appointed by his predecessor K Pattelji. But when the governor appointed a Lokayukta in Gujarat he went against the lokayukta up to Supreme Court and failed flatly.

      Secondly he offered to rebuild the Kedarnath temple complex, destroyed in the deluge just for political mileage and boosted to have escaped 15000 Gujarati’s within few hours. The same man went against the ruling of Gujrat High court to give assistance to the destroyed worshiping places during Gujarat riots (especially Mosques) in Supreme Court. But as election momentum started in India he takes a U-Turn and promises to give assistance to the destroyed Mosques.

      There were a number of fake encounter cases during his regime all are just for his political fame and also for the promotion of some police officers of his gang. In all these encounters, not only the Muslims but also Hindu brothers were also victimised. There is large number of incidences showing his fraud activities like Sadbhavan Mission, this insulting issue etc… etc…

      We also cannot forget the true reason behind the raising of Muslim extremism in India. One was of the collapses of Babari masjid and second was the Gujarat riots. India is a big country with so many diversities. So we needed unity among them and also a peaceful and stable India can only bring more development and prosperity than a violent and divided India (division in the minds of people). I believe that the proclamations of this man as prime ministerial candidate will surely going to be a big mistake of NDA

      1. @Deepak Nair……I suppose going for the UPA would be the right thing to do isnt it????Please stop going in circles about who is wrong and for heavens sake tell us whats right and if none of you think that there is a single right answer then its better to go for the best wrong one…..

  4. Read the article, was good in the beginning but somehow it comes back to the same old platform of modi bashing, whatsover he says, whatsoever he does is an anathema….. I may or may not a fan of Modi, but I must say history is full of leftist propaganda and false dreams of creating equality, by hook or by crook. But how can one create an equality, without destroying the system completely and claiming the new system as the pure and perfect. Thats in short, the leftist ideology. Well, you may say that these sentences does not make any sense here. Of course, you are right.

    Do you know the meaning of dehati and when we use it? Can you apologise to 800 million Indians too? Why leaving the rest, who are dehati. You forget one thing, dehati does not only mean an illiterate and the deprived ones, but it is also based on the duality of the fact the one is advanced and one is not. How can one differentiate between the dehati women and dehati men, when dehati itself is derogatory? Since, one pakistani journalist first said, the the Pak-PM called Ind-PM as dehati woman, it was imperative that the government should take cognizance of the insult. But later (only after Modi spoke of it in front of the masses), the NDTV journalist and the Pak Journalist clarified their postion and the context. Why not before, when Pak journalist said so? Well, if you dont consider dehati woman as an insult to our PM, who represents the entire India and dehati as such as derogatory, then……ur article does not make any sense.

    1. I simply do not see any reason to accept your division of the population between ‘advanced’ and ‘less advanced’ people. That is the ‘developmentalist’ rhetoric that happily seeks to displace millions of people, by making it impossible for them to live where they are, if they choose to do so.

    2. @harsh: For your information, Modi-bashing is a sound and rational response to Modi-worship. It is a necessary corrective. I think we don’t have enough of modi-bashing going on to match the quantum of puke-inducing modi-fawning happening right now. Whats all this rubbish about ‘Namo’, for instance? But you barely ever hear of Mona — even though it is equally applicable.

  5. “India has 16 % of the world’s population. India has 16 % of the world’s population, this amounts to around 120 Billion people.”

    In some parts of the world people are shot for poor mathematics. I’m sure you will try to justify this crime against humanity by claiming you intended to put a decimal point in there but forgot. What if you were an engineer and missed a decimal point? This is the single most dangerous error I have come across in a long time. I’m sure
    you did it deliberately. This is part of a much larger conspiracy to destroy and shame mathematics. You’re against the decimal system, aren’t you? Shame on you for your decimal system bigotry!
    See what I did here? I exaggerated what could have been a simple error on your part. This is how the media operates. Were you in Gujrat during the riots? Have you actually attended a Modi rally? Or are you just another useless armchair philosopher with too much time to regurgitate media propaganda but not enough to place a decimal point. If you can’t see the political bias in the media you’re guilty of stupidity that reaches far beyond an inability to correctly place a decimal point. Might I recommend an excellent book by Noam Chompsky called Manufacturing Constent? It won’t help you with the decimal points though.

    Consider this:
    India follows a legal system and we have a Supreme Court that frequently goes after the legislature and the executive when it deems it necessary. The Supreme Court has reviewed evidence against Modi and found it lacking. Until Narendra Modi is proved guilty in a court of law he is innocent. Just as everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Please call the Supreme Court and supply them with the new information you have that they did not review and tell them how you would improve the legal system if you were made a justice. Clearly you have some information that they do not or a legal processing capacity that exceeds that of the highest court of the land. Until proven guilty Modi owes no one an apology. I’m not saying he had nothing to do with the deaths you speak of, I’m merely pointing out that the Supreme Court of India is a more competent authority to judge his guilt or innocence than a mediocre writer who blindly gulps down information from the media without examining bias. Or maybe you don’t believe in the rule of law or in the sacrosanct legal principle that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. Or maybe you don’t have faith in the Supreme Court of India.

    The voting masses get the government they deserve. Now if only the reading public could get the writers they deserve. I find it exceedingly difficult to take you seriously when you lack the ability to review your anti-modi spiel before posting it. Seriously, 120 billion?Were you dropped on your head at birth or just born stupid?
    P.s Even if you just missed a decimal point your math is still wrong.

    1. Dear Decimal Warrior,

      thank you for pointing out the truly unforgivable typographical error about the placement of a decimal point. I apologize for the error. I have no hesitation in admitting to my mistakes. it has now been corrected. I hope you can urge Mr. Modi to correct his error as well, if he is as reasonable man as people around him claim him to be, I am sure he will have no hesitation in apologizing for the mistakes he has made. People have been trying for a while to make him do that on a number of issues. But perhaps he needs someone as persuasive as you to see reason.

      1. hi shuddhabrata,

        if modi apologizes today for wht happened in 2002, people like you will falsely implicate him of a crime he may or may not have committed. as of now, there is no proof.. n our constitution states tht innocent until proven guilty.. modi is just once of us so pls give him his constitutional right… also 2002 was 11 years ago, pls stop living in the past & move on..muslim gujaratis are one of the happiest muslims in india.. they are economically & socially better placed in gujarat than anywhere else in the country..

        appreciate the man for his good work n be fair..

    2. The people who WERE there at the riots, the actual rioters themselves have acknowledged and thanked Modi for his help. BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders have shared that he explicitly gave them three days to punish the Muslims, neutralized the police, congratulated the rioters, provided safe houses for self-confessed murderers and subverted the justice system to ensure the criminals got away scot free.

      I trust the people who know best what happened were the actual people who did the murders and we can at least credit them with knowing how they did it.

    3. Using Chomsky to defend Modi? Now i’ve seen everything. Clearly you have understood nothing from reading Manufacturing Consent. Right now, the only consent that is being manufactured by the corporate media is the view that neo-liberalism and reforms are good and socialism is bad. Individual journalists may be biased towards a political party, however, the media as an institution is neither pro Congress or pro BJP; they are pro corporate.

      PS: An argument can be made that the media is anything but anti Modi. Which other leader gets every speech that he or she makes broadcast live on all news channels? Is it because a certain Ambani owns most of the television media?

      PPS: Why would anyone want to attend a Modi rally? If i wanted to watch a circus show, i would watch a circus show,

  6. Dear Shuddhabrata,
    As much as I am completely in sync about your position on rural women, your article has a complete disconnect with the ground realities. Its riddled with argumentative flaws – i’ll just cite a couple
    1. A dehat aurat in common lingo, typically refers to an ignorant or a douchebag. You and I would not want to accept such a reference however, this is the derogatory perception pervading universally when we speak of such a phrase/ slang (if only you had been aware of it before making it the basis of your article).. So IF a national leader makes such a comment at our PM, I see no reason why one must not take offence to it [ I am NOT saying that Nawaz Sharif must have definitely said it – its just that that’s how its been thrown around in the media]
    2. Even if Nawaz Sharif did not say it and as per you its an perfectly ok comment in itself – why did he immediately communicate to our PM that there was no such remark was made form his side? Obviously he knew that such a phrase was derogatory in its popular usage, else there was no need for a clarification.


    1. Dear Siddharth,

      Thank you for your comments and for your efforts at lexicographic expertise.

      I use two highly regarded Hindi/Hindustani-English Dictionaries regularly. Fallon’s and Platt’s

      The definition of Dihati/Dehati on Page 538 of John.T.Platt’s Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English is as follows –
      dihātī, děhātī (fr. dihāt), adj. & s.m. Of or belonging to a village, for or relating to the country, rural, rustic;—a villager, a rustic.

      The definition of Dihati/Dehati on Page 651 of S.W. Fallon’s Hindustani English Dictionary – dehāt’ī, dihāt’ī, adj. 1. Relating to a village. 2. Rural; rustic

      Do you see ‘ignorant’ or ‘douchebag’ here, because I don’t. The meanings given are fairly neutral. You can speak of the ‘rural-urban divide, or ‘rustic charm’ or ‘country music’, or simply ‘a villager’. In and of themselves, they neither lend themselves to a speculation on a person’s ignorance (or lack of it) or to their obnoxious demeanour.

      There are other words that carry the pejorative sense you are eager to exhibit – they are ‘ganwar'(ignoramus, provincial, in Hindi/Urdu) or ‘pendu'(which sometimes glosses from the Punjabi as Bumpkin or Yokel). ‘Dehati’ however is not one of them. Anyone who ascribes an insulting meaning to the word ‘Dehati’ – be it you, Narendra Modi or maybe even Nawaz Sharif is giving vent to their own misogyny and prejudice.

      I find your choice of synonyms interesting, and inventive.

      A douchebag, incidentally, is a device for administering a douce, which is a procedure for the irrigation of the vagina or of any other body cavity. In American English slang, it has a highly pejorative function, often indicating an obnoxious person.

      The fact that you feel compelled to translate ‘dehati’ as ‘douchebag’ actually says a lot more about you than it does about the meaning of a word like ‘dehati’. Perhaps it indicates that you are the kind of person who simply cannot avoid an extremely sexist term of abuse when you think of four hundred and five million rural women in India.

      If that is so, then, a) get yourself a good Hindi/Hindustani-English dictionary and then, b) see a therapist for your pathological misogyny. It may help. And while you are at it, you could recommend to Narendra Modi that he take a few lessons in Hindustani as well.

      1. I am afraid your reply does not warrant an intelligent rebut.
        There was no need to get personal here and perhaps you could do with understanding some ground realities and spoken language. Cheers,

      2. Sorry, but your reply to the earlier comment by Siddharth, descended to a personal attack which was totally unwarranted.

        As a South Indian, my position in regards to Hindi/ Hindustani is one of academic familiarity–as in, I studied Hindi into my high school years. But admittedly, my first hand knowledge of the spoken language/ idiom would not be as good as a person whose mother tongue is Hindi.

        That being the case, I can only comment on the term ‘dehati’ in terms of how I have heard my North Indian friends use it. Let me tell you, I have several times, heard this being used in phrases like

        ‘XYZ speaks with a total dehati accent’

        Or ‘ABC dresses like such a dehati’.

        I assure you, the term was not meant as a compliment by the person using it. Before you jump down my throat and accuse me of bias against rural regions, I can swear with absolute certitude, that I have never personally used this term. Nor do I feel that there is anything superior about an ‘urban’ person as opposed to a ‘rustic’ one–my own family lived in a village till two generations ago and we still frequently visit our village home. I love our place there.

        You could refer to Fallon’s and Platt’s and tell us that the literal meaning of dehati is ‘rustic’ or ‘rural’ and no pejorative meaning is imputed; but the fact remains, that it is sometimes used to describe someone in a condescending manner. You should recognize, that in spoken language, sometimes idioms and phrases get used in a manner different from their dictionary/ literal meanings. It is all about context, and the meaning imputed to the words by the speaker.

        Let me ask you a hypothetical question. Had Sharif said, that MMS was ‘running to Obama to complain like a small kid’. And Modi had subsequently made a jibe at this comment. Would you have then claimed Modi was insulting children?

        Of course, the fact that Mir/ Sharif also brought in ‘aurat’ to this whole analogy imbroglio, is sexist–no doubts there. But you should be asking them, why they made this sexist remark and what they meant by it?

        1. This definitely needs a comment from the writer – I’d love to see if you can respond intelligently to this (I see you have responded to everything else!).

          1. I mirrored all of the writer’s opinions and sort of developed a respect for his intellect but that collapsed in a jiffy after reading his response to Siddharth. That was too personal and showed a peremptory smugness in his demeanor. Too uncalled for. I hope he comes forward and apologizes, like he says he has no qualms in doing so. Be it your intelligence, your rhetorical expertise or your smartness, nothing gives you a right to demean and disrespect another individual. That speaks of character.

          2. I completely mirrored all of the writer’s opinions and had developed a sort of a respect for his intellect but that collapsed in a jiffy after i read his response to Siddharth. It showed a peremptory smugness in his demeanor. That was too personal and uncalled for. I hope he apologizes, like he says he has no qualms in doing so. Be it your intelligence, your rhetorical expertise, or your smartness, nothing gives you a right to demean and disrespect another individual. That speaks of character.
            PS- (to the writer) I still agree, more or less, to what you’ve said in the article. My comment was specifically for that rude response of yours.

  7. Amazing use of words and a brilliant vocabulary. That is all there is to this article. Though I will say you are true to yourself in everything you have said. But I guess you have lost the point of debate somewhere mid way or maybe even from the start. This speech as it seems from your article was not about degrading our ‘dehati aurat’. That was just a phrase like I guess even you would have used with your peers example, ‘don’t act as if you are blind’. Now if someone says you are degrading all the blind population of the world, then that person is equally ignorant as you are.

    Modi is definitely not the best choice maybe, but today he seems more suitable than any bachelor around to get married to the throne. Though I compliment you on your writing skills, lets not become too narrow minded getting stuck to just one idiom when anyone voicing has a a whole body of context woven in the fabric of the idea….

  8. Does kafila have anything else to discuss other than what Modi says or does , come on we know that politician says one thing in rally and do other when in power .
    It has became a headache watching or reading highly opinionated media , both pro and anti(leftist) Modi

    If mainstream media is full of irrational “NaMo’ wave and on the other hand we have leftist oriented intelligentsia who has to criticize just for the sake of proving their leftist credential .

    1. @Madhur:
      1. Why do you think someone will go to such great lengths just to prove their “leftist credentials”? Do they get monetary compensation for it? Or sexual gratification? Or are they delusional and imagine that they might get either of the above, or something else more desirable and not of this world?
      2. On what basis do you equate the “irrational Namo wave’ with “leftist oriented intelligentsia” critical of him? Is your argument basically that “leftist orientation” is a logical flaw that negates everything and anything a person of that orientation might say?
      3. Even assuming kafila has NOTHING else to discuss apart from Modi’s bowel movements, why do you think you kafila or any other media platform should not discuss Modi’s bowel movements beyond a certain limit – ad infinitum and till the end of time if they want to?
      4. You seem very deeply disappointed by “opinionated media”. Here’s a cure for your headache. If you can, try this experiment. Write five sentences about Hitler’s political achievements that are: A: not anti-Hitler; B. Not opinionated; and C: Not a lie or a joke..

      1. They do get monetary compnsation, if their anti-modi credentials are proved. More than that they are accepted into the south delhi cocktail circuit.
        You have the right to discuss modi’s bowel movemnts all you want just as you have the right to keep playing that broken taperecorder till eternity.Just dont bother us with that crap.
        I know the leftist media’s love for Hitler, Fascism blah blah blah which a normal indian/politician would never bother knowing let alone follow, I have to say the devil is in your Head , not elsewhere.
        There is a certain bias in the mainstream, at all points of history, which makes them believe that their beliefs are superior, without which the world cant exist. like the church of Medieval ages in europe, more recently the USSR”s commie propaganda. but like everything else, they fall. And we realize that the bias that pervaded us till now. I sincerely wish you come out of your cocoon and get some help before your bubble bursts.

        1. Akshay, I would be interested to know if you can prove the charge that people who write on Kafila get ‘monetary compensation, if their anti-modi credentials are proved’. If you can’t you should take whatever steps are necessary to take in the event of a notice for defamation.



          1. Mr. Writer,
            I assume that you, having commented on this comment, must have already gone through Jai’s comment just above this one. I was hoping that you provide a reply to that. All I have seen is that you are commenting every where throwing big words around without even trying to fathom the thought that you might be wrong here, even though you are asking others for that. Since you have taken a side in the debate you are just trying to prove your point by using irrational, non contextual nonsense.

      2. Siddharth,

        1. I appreciate Kafila for making people aware of Right Wing Capitalist dangers
        2. But at the same time Left Wing Extremism should also be exterminated
        3. If Hitler is poster boy of fascism then Left wing has Stalin, ‘gang of four’ ,pol pot etc. who were responsible for killings of millions and millions
        4 Please don’t be under impression that Leftist ideology is better than right wing ideology ,it is as toxic and divisive as religious fundamentalism.
        5. Red,Saffron & Green are the three extremist ideologies which are dangerous to India


        1. You speak like a person that understands neither ‘leftwing’ ideology or ‘rightwing’ ideology.

          1. @Shourav – Yes , i may not understand right or left ideology, but I know for sure that for our country ‘ right or left of center’ ideologically band is ideal and politics should oscillates within this band . Anything beyond this band is extremist ideology – rightwing religious zealots or leftist crackpots

  9. U r not getting what he means to say…
    that’s why congress is rulling this country for 60 years

    1. @Akash: what’s wrong if the Congress rulls this country for another 60 years? What’s important is that Modi doesn’t rull it for even 60 seconds. Don’t you agree?

  10. The unspoken agreement that it is an insult is now being justified by saying Sharif meant it as one. Fact is, it’s only insulting if we see it as such. A fitting and shaming reply to Sharif would be that anyone should be proud to be compared to a village woman in India. If Modi had just said that the honorific is more than the PM deserves, he could have run down both Singh and Sharif in one fell swoop. His imagination is just too limited to see things that way.

  11. Dear Shuddha I think you are gay and like to gossip like women with a cynical sarcastic view of everything..please do have the courtesy to post this..there is a point in is not an insult to the gay community..but an insult directed at really need to see the context of it and not the CONTENT..the comment was clearly made as a reference to what one expects in general from a ‘dehati woman’ NOT from India but from PAKISTAN as I am pretty sure Nawaz Sharif has not had the privilege of being a ‘Dehati woman’ in India, something he might rather enjoy…what with all the gangrapes and all..Also, I am certain you had no privilege of being a Dehati woman yourself, in India or how come you decided to comment on their behalf?
    I am not a NaMo fan or a congress hater, I am an Indian who loves his country and the RULING party and it’s allies have clearly failed. Can you kindly provide an alternative? We need change, quite frankly for the sake of is high time that the arrogance of the ruling coalition and the high handedness is made accountable.
    The corruption lies within all of us and all the politicians are merely a manifestation of our own conscience. We all deserve the governments we get.
    What is incredible is that the so called pseudo intellects, like you and myself included, indulge in armchair politics and do nothing but talk of a Utopian society where all society’s ills have a logical solution.
    Could you please tell me who is REALLY responsible for leading the Indian cricket team to its heights as it sees today? By the articles you so passionately post it almost seems that the credit of the Indian Cricket team should go to the post match analysts and commentators and of course to the spectators who have a suggestion for every ball played, and not the cricketers and the captain. Their hard work is obviously not important.
    See things from a larger perspective’s fine to criticise Mr.Modi for his misgivings but to chastise home for addressing the CONTEXT and not the CONTENT, I feel you are doing a disservice to your blog followers.
    Stand proud, stand tall, be INDIAN.

  12. Predicated as it is on your hysteria around the phrase “dehati aurat” (one, that as many have pointed out above, Modi did not even coin with reference to Manmohan Singh) your article sorely lacks focus. It’s an ad hominem tirade that was frankly tiresome and unedifying to read.
    I’m not actually a Modi supporter, but pieces like these remind me of how dogmatic and unconvincing the anti-Modi faction can be as well. The whole “apologise to rural women” line makes you seem like you’re clutching for straws in mustering arguments against Modi. If you really want to call his suitability as a prime ministerial candidate into question, there’s a LOT more viable material you could work with, rather than embarrassing yourself with an article like this.

  13. Dear author (of the post),

    Narendra Modi’s puppy-under-wheel comment attracted vicious criticism on this very site besides many others, as also from politicians. Did anyone go and beg forgiveness from animals? Did you demand any such thing?

    After all, it can be argued that while Modi meant no offence in his analogy, the biased, anti-Modi media grabbed the chance and interpreted the term puppy as an insult.

    Do I make sense?

    Please do not assume that I am a Modi supporter. It would be against your binary theory.


  14. Dear author (of the post),

    Narendra Modi’s puppy-under-wheel comment attracted vicious criticism on this very site besides many others, as also from politicians. Did anyone go and beg forgiveness from animals? Did you demand any such thing? It would not have made you a Modi supporter. Perish the thought!

    After all, it can be argued that while Modi meant no offence in his analogy, the biased, anti-Modi media grabbed the chance and interpreted the term puppy as an insult.

    Do I make sense?

    Please do not assume that I am a Modi supporter. It would be against your binary theory.


  15. Again an article, that just shows that just for the sake of writing on Modi, people like you can connect any and every dot and make a propaganda or issue out it. Looks like now really guys have run out of topic to bash Modi.

    I really don’t see any reason of him apologizing for using the term ‘dehati aurat’. If you really want, then first go ask for an apology from PM of Pakistan who used that term to insult our PM. Modi supporting PM on this, but looks like it doesn’t go well down your throat and you want him to apologize.

    Seriously a genuine request, fight for issues that will make a difference to the nation and dont pick issues just for the sake of, Complete rubbish article.

  16. Dear Sengupta,
    You just have to write against Modi (so you made this argument by just using a word from Modi’s hour long speech) and you always pick up your argument from Congress spokespersons Television Bites. Mostly its Digvijay Singh (your favorite and who knows whatever he says against BJP will get posted on Kafila and global traveler kafilites will feel happy in their own world of dis-connect from the real India). This time you are broadcasting Jai-Ram Ramesh’s statement to Brakha. You have never write en about the insult of urban aurat from the hands of all Congress, SP leaders etc etc. or DigVijay using words like kanchha Maal which is actually derogatory.

    You have stopped talking about Kashmir politics since the time this Congress Government has won the war of taking away freedom of speech from all of you by slapping or threatening with police cases. (more than 100 cases in UPA 2) So, you are just allowed to write against BJP, Modi and everything which people like Digvijay indirectly permits you.

    I don’t like Sonia Gandhi like speeches written and vetted by various people and with nice words and no content apart from praising their own misgovernance.

  17. terribly written, no sense of objectivity at all..the one thing which gets clearly demonstrated from this article is that the writer is a pseudo intellectual and will pretend to be one till eternity!!

  18. “If anyone said that the prime minister of a country was like a rural woman from India, I would read that as a (largely undeserved) compliment, because despite the insults, injury, structural violence and inequality that rural women in this country have to put up with, the fact that they survive, work hard (and keep the economy going) sing, laugh, make love and children, produce objects of incomparable beauty makes them super-heros in my estimation.”

    talk about messing with ppl’s heads just to turn them against modi. This guy is a hater. . with his logic next time pak pm should call the pm a dog(does kinda suit him given his loyalty to his masters) and that would be a compliment – dogs are such wonderful creatures after all. And now if someone tells me that my saying “dog” I in turn called the rural women dog you gotta get your head checked.

    Then next paragraph he declares all urban men rapists.

    This sucker missed how modi rightly said “we will fight the PM here on home but outside he is india’s PM and no body can talk to him like this.”

    Then in the end he has motherly advice to go create a new dynamic global new left and go beyond congress-bjp.

    Clear signs of brain damage which leaves him in no position to perceive reality.

  19. Actually, it would be a fascinating spectacle in international relations if NaMo became India’s PM. He and Nawaz Sharif are made for each other. Imagine the words flying around in their bilateral meetings “Kutte ka baccha!” “Dehati aurat!” If the prospect of such awesome entertainment didn’t also involve visions of missiles flying around and of jihadi-dharam yuddhi retaliatory bombfests, I would say,”Please elect Modi.”

  20. Sorry Sanjeev you don’t. Please stop calling those who don’t like Namo or RG leftie commies. People with common sense do exist contrary to what your logic says. Further you “deep respect” is appreciated, but doesn’t link to Point 3 which appears random. What have you done to punish the perpetrators of the numerous terrorist attacks where Indians are killed ? ” Deeply condone” in your a/c room ? Atrocities against Hindus ! And your statement 4 is just a banner. Spare us please

    1. @ Anurag

      That is precisely the point I am making. Even if I am a firm supporter of Narendra Modi (for argument’s sake), it does not mean I am an anti-rural-woman misogynist. Neither does it mean I am an Amdavadi rioter with a sword. I clubbed together some of my views merely to prove that the binary system implied by the writer of this post is only to facilitate somebody’s moral superiority. Also read the comment by Chalat Musafir above.

      Taking this logic further, I may also argue that my anger at historic Islamic atrocities against Hindus and at the blood-soaked Jihad against non-Muslims does not make me anti-Muslim! Does it? Surely not! :)

      1. Wish you had done the same about 3 days ago and spared us the horrible pain of having to come up with some suitable answers for someone like you(very smart and having the best political acuity that I have ever seen)

        P.S don’t take take the brackets very seriously because considering your article and your comments your age seems to be higher than your IQ and therefore you might.

  21. All these armchair butt clinch warrior can you get out of your commie caves. Who will counter these pseudo secularist for them it’s all about Muslim vote bank. A secularist state is just a state of mind which can’t exist we just need to have a arrangement where we all exist with our differences but in harmony. Btw you can’t generalise all urban men as rapist and criminals, that shows your narrowness.

  22. read ur artcle….liked it….and like the fact that u mentioned that supporters of Modi think that if you don’t like Modi,then you are definitely supporting Rahul Gandhi…same allegations are put on me also….. You mentioned “We need a robust new left that is not wedded to nationalism, that is global in its imagination and that offers pragmatic and imaginative ways forward”.What do u mean by global imagination here?…is it actually going to serve all the rural household you are talking about?? I dont think so

  23. This one here goes not just to Mr. Modi/Mr.Manmohan Singh/Mr.Dick, it is to everyone who has been or creating phrases that uses women to describe something poor, unintelligent, dependent, sexual or as an object. And when I am saying this I am not arguing for using such phrases for men either, there is not either-or here. These should not be used; simple as that. I am not a politician, anti-Modi or a congress candidate. Just someone who feels that it is such loosly made remarks that is the beginning of all problems against a particular sex or race. When I accept this as normal is when I am become the perpetrator of a bigger problem in society. That is what our cinema has been doing for ages now that it all seems quite normal to have “Item Numbers” in them. Who are these Items; women who are objectified in the songs or the men whoare objectifying her? Also who is a Dehati Woman and why are you comparing her to an incompetent man. Aam Aadmi is used to refer a commonn man. Why was this man not compared to a Aam Aadmi which makes more sense since he is in no better position then a common man despitie the power vested in him by the people of the largest democracy. Then it would make him more powerful then a Dehati Woman right? These are questions we must really be asking ourselves. Comparisons are made unreasonably, he is like Lord Ram is a nice remark whereas she is like Suparnaka is a bad one. How is Lord Ram better then Suparnaka? I was not able to understand this as a child and still am not clear on.

    I am very clear that for me these remarks go beyond religion, politics, race, culture and sex.

  24. Okey!! this article was disappointing. I’m not a NaMo supporter first of all it means I am not allowing any AntiNaMo person to use abusive word for me. I think the disappointing thing about Narendra Modi’s speech was his failure in allowing people to remember his achievement in Gujarat, because that is his root “A Developer”, He focused only in imprecating the Congress gov (which actually deserves that, “Par jyada ho gya ;)”)….This was the only problem in his entire speech.

    As for the issue of rural woman, i don’t think Narendra Modi had insulted any rural women community of India. Think practically, we the people living in urban areas can only sit in our homes and evince that how proud we feel for rural women, but we know nothing about them and Honestly Narendra Modi had worked so much for these rural women with his various schemes. So stop saying that you care so much for those rural women. For me this whole article diverting to some topic like rural woman was “nonsense” ( “nonsense” Inspired by Rahul Gandhi). I wish this article was about Nawab Sharif and how seriously he takes security and terrorist issues. By the way, everyone has right to express and so do the writer, so people should not write this is congress paid site and other crap things.

    By the way if i say “Our PM is like a kid who ran to Obama even for small issues” then am I not trying to insult my PM? Am i not trying to say that he is incapable?? Yess!! that all i was trying to say, And that was all what PM of Pakistan was trying to say and thank god kids are too small to understand this else they will come and protest against it as i used the word kid…..

  25. If “Dihati Aurat” comment from Nawaz Sharif is so respectful then we al Indians should thanks Nawaz Sharif for praising our P.M. and from now on we should all give respect to our P.M. by refering him as “Dihati Aurat”.

    1. Really!! I’m surprised how people are supporting PM of Pakistan just because Narendra Modi raised this topic. If Manmohan Singh had given a strong reply to this response of Nawaz Sharif, people might have supported him without even noticing this “dehati aurat” stuff….Someone said so correct about Narendra Modi “you can love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him”.

  26. Now here’s the deal…
    1. The original insult is attributed to Nawaz Sharif… Modi was criticizing that alleged utterance… this article should have targeted him instead…
    2. Barkha first denied and then told some unconvincing story about that meet… there is no smoke without fire… why Hamid Mir would cook up something like that and retract in the first place?

    But all of this doesn’t matter to you… all you want is to write some verbose article bashing Modi no matter who the real culprit is… and you wonder why so many people have come to detest the left liberal section?

    Most of the so called internet hindus are not even religious… they are just tired of this obvious and glaring bias and pseudo secularism… after reading this I have also made up my mind to vote for Modi…

  27. Dear Sengupta,
    you are an idiot, what modi said has nothing to do with rural women, but i think its just waste of time to make u understand that so go on with your fake propaganda , days are gone when used to have good articles now its all rubish

  28. My worry is. Modi is such a dud, and is going to alienate so many people with his idiocy, that he is going to compel a lot of people to vote for the Congress. And then we will be saddled with a UPA 3, which will be worse than UPA 1 or UPA 2, because the Parvenu Prince of falling expectations, Rahul Baba who generally cannot open his mouth without offering some inanity may be closer to the helm. No wonder the Congress Party is smirking away, their secret weapon, and greatest asset may well actually be Narendra Modi. Dear Khaki Chaddi wale Kamal Kakdis, dear testosterone decimal warriors, consider this possibility, and squirm a little more than you are already squirming with the supreme embarrassment that you have gifted yourselves. Remember how pleased the Machivellian Digvijay Singh looked the day you anointed Narendra Modi. This thought – and the possibility that Narendra Modi may actually deliver a UPA victory when it deserves to be defeated is profoundly saddening.

    1. Dear Shudhhabrata,

      Going by the comments section of this post, and indeed, the comments section of any online post on Narendra Modi, it seems that an overwhelming majority of the Indian netizens are die-hard Modi fans. Given that all these people belong to the urban middle/upper-middle class, one might be tempted to infer that the Right-wing ideology enjoys a groundswell of support within this demographic. Do you agree with this inference?

      Personally speaking, I consider myself to be a left liberal, which these days is not a trendy thing to proclaim, at least in the cyberspace.

      Would love to know your take on this point.


      1. Dear Sayan,

        Going by wordpress statistics, more than 6,000 people have read this post, between yesterday and today (this is not unusual for Kafila postings by any author) and it is circulating, with a lot of enthusiasm on facebook and on twitter. Yes, the majority of the adverse and ad hominem comments on the post are by Right Wing trolls. But, remember, at least five thousand and forty five readers have not said the things that these trolls are saying, and the number of appreciative forwards on social media (as happens on many Kafila postings by many authors, this post is no exception) far outnumbers these trolls.

        So, what is the explaination. Yes, Internet Right Wingers have a great deal of enthusiasm, and they act like a herd. But that is only a part of the explaination. The Modi machine has dedicated, full time, trolls who follow every lead they can. Some are volunteers, doing their little bit for fascism from New Jersey or Noida or Nagpur or Neyveli. Others are paid, by the PR machinery that is working for Moditva.

        Whst explains the vitriol, bad taste, misogyny and bad grammar (in any language) of right wing trollers – I guess these are the ‘sanskar’ that the sangh parivar so assiduously cultivates within the shakha.

        It may take a generation, and the social turbulence of a revolutionary upheaval, (which India has never experienced) to teach these men how to think, write and exhibit common courtesies. They have their enthusiasm, I have my patience.



        1. Shuddha

          I have no clue if you have concrete evidence for your comment above–that “”The Modi machine has dedicated, full time, trolls who follow every lead they can. Some are volunteers, doing their little bit for fascism from New Jersey or Noida or Nagpur or Neyveli. Others are paid, by the PR machinery that is working for Moditva.”” If this is indeed so, it is ethically questionable, no doubt. I would only point out, that the employing such PR machinery is something all parties have been accused of. What do you make of the series of TV ads the UPA govt recently released? What about the ‘pappu–feku’ wars? You think only Modi’s PR machinery was involved?

          You also seem to conveniently gloss over the fact, that at least one personal and ad hominem attack in this thread, was launched unnecessarily by you, against a post which was civil in tone. And frankly, while you are at pains to attack Modi for allegedly insulting rural women, you have in your remark above, made a remark about some people whose grammar you find bad. Can I now accuse you of being educationally elitist? What of the fact that have twice in your remark, spelled explanation as ‘explaination’? Do you not see how ridiculous this discussion is becoming?

          There are many posts here, which are merely questioning the inaccuracies and misleading inferences in your article. They do not seem to be from people ‘jumping on the modi bandwagon’!!

          My experience from your thread? There are several centrists like myself, who are able and willing to have a healthy debate on the achievements, strengths and weaknesses of different parties. I for one, would have had no issues with you criticizing Modi based on actual, relevant facts and issues. We want a rational discussion; it is just so tiring to see critiques which are clutching at straws, and based on a personal aversion alone.

        2. Lets congratulate you on getting 5000 views out of a potential 120 billion people..oops sorry 1.2 billion..I think if you are very pleased with that number, let me say I am just tickled silly for you. I actually read the article on the first day, don’t ask me why, I suppose for the same reason you decided to hear Modi’s speech. I did not bother to reply it though, as I am sure so many who thought it was well written but predictably biased did not .Actually your views are pretty stale! I just want to clarify a few things 1.I am not a troll, the only troll I know lies slain in the dungeons at Hogwarts. 2. I also take offence on behalf of the real trolls whose identity you have stolen and foisted on these Internet trolls, are you going to apologize to them? What is wrong with trolls aren’t they a community that deserves respect too? 3. I intend to organize this marginalized sect of individuals and lead a Troll Pride March to protest against this slander you have meted out to them.
          Finally I just want to say I am a liberal pro gay rights, pro choice agnostic guy who supports right wing ideology and thereby Modi..That’s an oxymoron but hey it validates your Binary theory

          1. And so many people did not bother posting either because they do not 1. have the time. 2. think it’s not worth commenting 3. Are simply lazy, or not inclined to express. Does it mean they support your views?

    2. oh gawd do you even watch news other than NDTV? if anyone is dud as of now that is the prince charming…

      did you even bothered to check out the results of exit polls? (not saying they are accurate but they do give a sense what is coming)…

      may be thats what “liberals” are secretly hoping for… but get this… UPA3 is an idea that is stillborn…

  29. What’s the big hysterical deal here. The majority of males simply don’t like being equated with women, period. We are not yet at that ultra enlightened stage, where such equations no longer possess an insulting ring to them. Maybe we’ll get there one day, but for now, even in the more supposedly advanced societies, males view comparisons with females as generally derogatory. The exception might be in the scientific field. Possibly. So equating a male prime minister with a village woman, particularly in this part of the world, is insulting, and is positively not meant to be a compliment. We can leave the anti-Modi harangues out of it.

  30. “when Modi (following Sushma-behn’s bloodthirsty lead on several occasions) began talking about decapitated heads. He wanted Manmohan Singh to bring back the heads of Indian soldiers from Pakistan, without in the same breath offering to give back some of the heads of Pakistani soldiers purloined by the Indian armed forces.”

    And this line is in very poor taste. First of all, India just experienced another awful terrorist attack last week where 12 soldiers and policemen were killed in Samba and elsewhere, that too practically on the eve of Manmohan Singh’s visit to Washington.

    Secondly, it is not even clear that Indian army personnel also indulged in beheading. It is purely a rumour, and in any case, nothing suggests that the Indian army was the first to start this kind of behaviour. Whereas the jihadis are known for the practice, in several incidents. So really, claiming that both sides did it, is equating the Indian army with terrorist jihadis.

  31. Shuddhabrata Sengupta .. wow .. looking at the amount of effort and hardwork you have put in to establish your view point .. Don’t know about the PM but you surely deserve the title of “Dehati Aurat”. Be proud!

  32. 1) Modi didn’t make the dehati aurat argument. I have no idea what’s wrong with leftist intellectuals. You should be going after Nawaz Shariff.

    2) Dehati Aurat can be used in a derogatory sense. A bit extreme analogy is the word “Ni**er” – which is another term for African American just as dehati aurat is for gaan mein rehne waali mahila.

    3) I don’t need new ideas from Modi – he is simply better than the every other option at my disposal like – That half with Rahul Gandhi, another UPA with two centre of powers that or a third front headed by likes of Behen Mayawati or Mulayam SIngh Yadav. Get me a better option and I won’t vote for Modi and I will be really really grateful to you

  33. The big issue with these kind of debates is, that everything gets painted into extremes. You have mentioned how Modi supporters brand you a Congress groupie when you write/ speak something critical about him.

    The reverse is also true, I’m afraid. One could find certain critiques against Modi irrelevant, while at the same time agreeing with other grounds of criticism. But our present vitiated discourse allows no space for such nuance–that person is immediately labeled a member of the ‘NaMo army’ or the ‘Modi brigade’!!

    Allow me to raise a point on your article above. You seem to have missed the fact, that this analogy was raised by Hamid Mir, who said explicitly at the time, that it was told to him by Nawaz Sharif himself. Therefore it was these two gentlemen who came up with this sexist comment, not something Modi made up.

    I hope you are not pretending Mir/ Sharif meant the remark as a compliment to our PM? I completely agree with you, that the analogy is baseless–there is no shame in being a rural woman. But we need to have the intellectual honesty to admit, that it was meant as a slur by these two persons against our PM.

    Modi of course, sought to take political mileage from the fact that MMS had been ‘snubbed’ by his Pakistani counterpart. Was it a statesman like thing to do? Of course not. I hold no brief for the partisan squabbling that our political discourse has descended to–which is the fault of all political parties. But when you say in your article “””So, according to Narendra Modi, the greatest insult to this country is to call its head of government a ‘rural woman’.””” this is frankly misleading, as it was not Modi who gave the analogy in the first place.

    With all due respect, one gets the feeling that you were motivated more by your admitted distaste for Modi, than by any real grounds that he ‘belittled’ rural women. I agree there may be many valid grounds to criticize Modi, and surely, a healthy debate as to who is best suited to lead India is required. But when the slightest, wafer thin pretext is grabbed to take potshots at him, it makes for a very unedifying sight.

  34. Though Being a modi supporter, I will present my view independently.
    1. These are the same people who find Puppy and veil remarks offensive, spoken in same breath

    2. This article has poor choice of words “Blood thirsty”, I do not think Firing Missile in Sea across Syria, Move by Dilma rousself to cancel US visit etc are bloodthirsty but they are diplomatic maneuvers. These people do not understand the word diplomacy

    3. I doubt, calling someone dehati aurat and referring it with respect to “Cry Baby” at an international arena is respectful . It was the words only but purpose and citing in which it was used which matters. Even a word like “You” is disrespectful when used with a pointed finger and high pitch.

    4. Accusation on Indian Military of Beheading and that also in counter to we asking for head back. Amazing. I know at border, situation has been tense and issues has been out of hand at places, but this particular “Beheading” of pak soldiers is always raised whenever we ask or counter cross fire. Awful timing as per me

    5. Language of article is surely not of a balance minded person. It was not written in momentarily raze but a cold blooded usage of word looking for worst possible adjective via thesaurus. I doubt EQ of the author is substantial enough to be believed.

    I chose not to read the article. Just skimmed for few words and realized the stench of a blind hater. These are the same people, who once were complaining of Gujarat development but when i reverted with economic facts and statistic analysis they chose to delete and not publish my comment . Awfully lot of their article are focused on gujarat and modi.

    Yeah, the way in which he wrote is simply close to “Give me a word” and i will try my best to make it the only “issue” of my life.

  35. Dear Author,
    Clearly apparent that this article is written just for the heck of opposing. You have crafted an issue quite diligently. Sorry for being critical but I clearly suspect the empathies for Dehati women from your side. Whole of India knows what dehati women have been doing from ages. People are capable enough to decipher the so-called statement by Nawaz Sharif or may be by Modi himself, which you claim.

    And as regards the development in Gujarat, Please visit the state, its hinterland and villages and then comment anything. It is offensive in a way to the inhabitants of the state. Stay and spend some time in Gujarat and you mouth will be shut as far as development criticism is concerned..

  36. I guess the modern leftists have chosen Pakistan over China as their Godfather..Please dont interpret Modi’s comment in your own elitist leftist way.You people have nothing to do but spread hatred.Look what your brothers have done to Bengal in their 40 years of misrule.Your politics concerns only a certain section of so called intellectual elitist while on the other hand people from all sections of society are supporting Modi!!!

    1. Dear BJP paid trolls, please refrain from using phrases like ‘ people from all sections of society are supporting Modi’ like they are facts. As the election is far away and as Mr. Modi has not proven that he has electoral support outside of Gujarat, such statements smack of desperation. Personally speaking, the only thing that the puppet masters of hate residing in Nagpur and Jhandewalan have done by appointing Modi as a PM candidate is ensure a UPA 3 victory. A thoroughly depressing state of affairs. The only saving grace is that we may have a weakened Congress as well.

      PS: A khaki chaddi accusing people of the Left of spreading hatred?! Amazing!

  37. Nice try of twisting someone’s words… Yeah agreed rural women are very hard working and they deserve our salute and nothing less. But when people address your PM with such adjective they are definitely not trying to praise him… they are simply trying to insult him.And please dont support your argument with some nonsense stats… it is just making it even weaker…

  38. All this article taught me was how to hide 0 logic behind a good combination of words. Making a stupid article for the sake of it.

  39. Chalo Suddhabrata.. One of the most politically correct blogs i’ve read :) (Y) .. A diff take but a great one the less.. Chotto kore left keo diye diycho.. Osadharon

  40. I am sure you would like to raise your daughter as a “dehati woman”, or marry your son to a “dehati woman”, and you yourself are married to one.
    and no insult to Dehati women or Dehati men.
    It is just that they are haven’t read Marx or Sanskrit poems.

  41. one of the stupidiest article I have ever read ………..has no corelation with reality……………right doesnt cease to be right just because few people (like writer of this article) dont like it……………

  42. Good attempt. Your sympathies to anyone left of centre including the congress are pretty apparent to anyone with a decent IQ. Let me give you a good reason to hope and wish for a Modi and BJP victory – defeat for a morally and intellectually bankrupt congress coalition. Sometimes a change even for change’s sake is a good thing. No pretence on BJP being a force of good, just a hope that the electorate can give the congress a resounding slap on the face for the years of ineptitude they’ve inflicted on this country.

  43. I happened to read this comment and It happened to be such a waste of a time. Sengupta I am worried the only source of education u ever had was those 2 dictionaries. I would have respected you had you managed to gracefully justified your position rather than being a defensive douche. I find so many Rahul Gandhi traits in you. People like you are a waste in India’s economy who cant read between the lines and write such stupid bullshit to prove your righteousness. One thing to note I don’t mind you bashing modi like a headless chicken because you have no base or no knowledge about what you are saying but I mind you being an ass to all these people’s comments.

  44. this interpretation of a speech is so ridiculous … go find something constructive to do instead of writing hate interpretations of an ordinary speech. people like these are responsible for the state of our country and they arn’t even ashamed.

  45. I think I wasted my precious time reading this article but I am going to waste some more to comment just to let the author know that he is making absolutely no sense. Even a teenager can tell you the importance of tone, connotations and context in verbal communication. It is not about the literal meaning but by whom, for whom, in what way and in what context are the words said that constitute their overall meaning. Calling a country’s PM who happens to be an oxford graduate male “dehai aurat” is cheap on part of Nawaz Sharif. Modi felt insulted by such an utterance for our PM and we all should be as well. This has nothing to do anything with disrespect to village PM. For that matter my grandmother is a village woman and even she would not like to be called “dehati aurat” because in rural hindi heartlands “dehati” is someone who is ill-mannered and stupid. But anyway from intellectuals like you who have no idea about the dialects and their contexts nothing much can be expected. You would like to make a mountain out of a mole just to criticize Mr. Modi.

    1. “Dehati” is derived from “Dehat” and it means “RURAL.”
      The literal meaning of the word “Dehati” is just “A villager.”
      Anybody from North India will not be pleased but extremely offended if you call him a “DEHATI” because this word is invariably used for the persons of lower socio-economic class as “Abuse” not as a simple reference to their rural connection- urban dictionary…prejudice on class, gender, location.
      Ironically, urban understanding of Modi also stems from these constructs , The aam aadmi and aurat are a river apart from privileged reality unless bridges are built and imagery reconstructed. what disturbs is that these are stereotypes alive in the passive vocabulary of the suave as well and informs personal action as we jostle through our relationships at home and elsewhere.
      rhetoric does not always reflect reality.

  46. I think all of us should rise above these things, till the time a person is bringing in prosperity and development it shouldn’t matter to anyone what his comments are. Once, we as India have crossed the stage of utter chaos and backward moving economy then we should consider these offences.

  47. well written propaganda. i wonder how much the author was paid by the anti Modi camp for this.
    to the writer- write something on the flaws of the congress and others also. lets see those and their quality :) or do you think the others are flawless?

  48. Zee News New York Dateline: “He [Nawaz Sharif] never uttered any such word,” said Absar Alam, anchorperson Aaj TV of Pakistan.
    He said Sharif made his displeasure known by citing an anecdotal story. “The story goes like this – after a party all people sleep in a hall. One of them wakes up next morning and starts praying. In his prayers he says Allah! Look I am praying to you while all these others are sleeping. Some other person woke up and heard him. He told him why do not you concentrate on your prayers instead of complaining against us,” he said.

    I would not put it past Nawaz Sharief to have compared MMS to dehati aurat. That is so cheap that the most dignified response would be to ignore it. But this story above is actually quite sophisticated. If Nawaz Sharif actually narrated that anecdote, then it is a rebuke that should be responded to. Since Modi the aspirant to the PM office is already taking an interest in international affairs may be some of his supporters here can provide examples of some intelligent responses on his behalf.

  49. What a funny point of view Mr. Sengupta. When someone compares Indian PM to “village lady” or “Dehati aurat” it is not a matter of joke. And interestingly when someone objects to this matter you find it deragatory and belittling toward the village lady ?
    Have some respect for the position of Prime Minister too. Can you please explain why those remarks were passed by the PAK PM ? And please make it clear, do you support those remark before bashing someone else for objecting to this.

    Please do not make some absurd comparisons. This country is not full of idiots who can get convinced with your awkward notions.

  50. Dear Shuddhbruta Sengupta,

    Let me first start out by *proudly* admitting to the fact that I am a part of the ModiBrigade.
    I will not comment on who is better, who is not. That’s your choice.
    I just wanted to point out that you decide to make an entire issue of the phrase “dehati aurat” and you end up missing the main point.

    We all know a “village women” is far more hard-working than any of us living in the urban areas. The question is did Hamid Mir or Nawaz Shariff call MMS in that context? The answer would be NO. In urban areas, dehati means illiterate and that is the what Nawaz Shariff/Hamid Mir wanted to say about our PM. The main issue here is shouldn’t Barkha Dutt, who was present at the meeting, stood up for our PM and clarified that MMS is clearly not an illiterate person. How is Congress ok with MMS being called an illiterate person?
    So, “Ms Sengupta” your Modi-is-stupid tirade didn’t make sense. While you made your article sound like Modi had committed a huge crime, the issue was how Congress and our beloved Barkha Dutt had a nonchalant attitude about Nawaz Shariff/Hamid Mir insulting MMS by calling him illiterate. Cuz dehati (in urban areas) = illiterate!

    And just an advise from a woman to another: calm down on your feminist views. We live in the 21st Century, leave the male vs female argument behind, and focus on far more important and better things.

  51. In the normal context that we talk , phrases like “dehati aurat”, “rayees-zaade”, “black indian” etc are derogatory and racist.
    Modi attacked that particular usage of the word by the failed prime minister of a failed state against the supremo of the biggest democracy in the world.
    If we analyze his statement in the grand context of humanity, of course he is wrong. But I guess , many didn’t object because everybody picked the same context (automatically)

    Both the stances : to deflect and to retort in a verbal joust, make sense. You are more comfortable with the “constructive and humorous” repartee of “i am proud to be called a dehati woman”. I am so too. But I can understand if another person or leader doesn’t deal it with that way.

    It should not offend you so much that you have to issue a diatribe against Modi and his cronyism. There are many other more powerful reasons that you can come up with.

    Good post. Cheers!

  52. What !! Does context have no importance ? To take your argument further – imagine a hypothetical meeting two senior/ well educated and respected economists ( say A Sen and J Bhagwati) and A sen is quoted as saying Bhagwati is an “anpad” .. in your world view that will be construed as an insult to all “anpads” and not to J Bhagwati ? Anybody supporting Mr. B and raising voice against Mr. Sen should apologise to all the ” anpads”..
    Last heard, I knew that in India they walked miles to draw water, farmed fields, raised children, tended gardens, protected forests, sent their girls and boys to school, fought feudal prejudices, capitalist displacement and state terror while some educated ( rural in your post above) men slept, lay around, got drunk, got into brawls ?
    Just because you quote some statistics ( completely out of context here !) does not make your article well researched !

  53. If you seriously look at the issue and the politics, Modi is the Indian version of Hafeez Sayeed. They both speak the same kind of language of hatred only on opposite sides of the fence !

  54. Sudhha u may r8.. DON’T WORRY PEOPLE U MAY RIGHT ABOUT MODI WILL DEVLOP THE NATION. STILL WE ARE NOT CLEAR THAT WHAT HE WILL DO FOR “DEHATI AURAT”. but suddha is is more worry then modi. So keep on eyes is ON STRIKE.. or it not nescessory modi have to do everything get also a normal human being as we naRayan u may also r8. But still u suddha and narayan u need some more thinking.. just u both come over to coffe..we will have nice class..

  55. I am not a supporter of Modi. He has good oratory skills and all. Even hitler had them too!!! He reminds me me of Hitler mind you. I think it is never good when one person just grows larger than all others in a party. I pray that he does not become a dud and he is good as he portrays himself to be. Its a good job writing this article !!!

    1. Mr. Alan, What do Rahul or Mayavati or other leaders remind you ? Except BJP most of the other parties are one man army.

      Rahul Gandhi’s recent behaviour on the Ordinance onn convicted politicians clearly shows he is the boss of the Government of India, forget his party. Do you pray the same for him too ?? Waiting for your answer. ;)

  56. One more opportunistic author who jibes on Modi to get views :) Universal strategy across media these days :) Quite a pointless article otherwise.

  57. Now, you’re taking the ‘dehati aurat’ literally. The reason that that phrase can offend, is because it portrays the leader as our nation, as an illiterate/backward woman. That’s what ‘dehati’ means…when used as a derogatory word. You don’t go trying to reason out abuses, do you?

  58. Good point about the “Dehati aurat” being hardworking and yes she does deserve more respect than what has been given by not just NaMo but also by society at large. Complaining about Namo apologizing to these women is not really going to be doing much, what you need to think of is how you can actually do something for them to improve their day to day lives or help them with the difficulties they face.

    With regards to political parties, I understand we don’t have the best alternatives to chose from (probably the worst) but then again, what is the solution, if you feel so strongly that the people leading these parties (any one of the political parties) are not good alternatives then why not take up the challenge. Start your own party and do some work. If you do well people will recognize your efforts and at the time of elections you will be voted into power. Or the other option is to do whats happening in Egypt, stop everything, come out on the street and wait it out till someone tries to fix a 60+ year old problem in a few months.

    The final alternative is to vote for someone who you feel is the best person for the job, right now I would want NaMo to become PM because at least we will have someone who is not corrupt, someone who will take responsibility unlike the current system and someone who has some (whatever little that it is you claim) record of growth and development in his state.

  59. First of all I would like to know how would you feel if somebody calls your wife “Dehati Aurat”….Modi is the same person who talked about employing and empowering women from Villages in his speech….He did not attacked the so called “Dehati Aurat.”..infact his attack was on the intention of Pakistan’s PM behind misquoting our PM….Country is dying of corruption..there are much more important developmental issues to discuss right now…..these negetive articles can increase your TRP but cannot improve countries economy…

  60. This article is somehow trying very hard to pluck arguments out of thin air, not considering their impact or logical strength. The author assumes that Modi supporters are primarily men, which is absolutely untrue. There are many right-thinking (pun intended) women I personally know who support all that Modi stands for.

    He goes on to ridicule the usage of “ethnic jokes” by Modi in his speeches. Seems that the author is either not a native Hindi speaker or he is deliberately trying to score brownie points. He needs to understand the Hindi vernacular, and how it makes a dialogue rich in its impact and reach. And at no point Modi has been abusive, as claimed by various sections. If anything, it has been the “other side” which has been outright abusive and hostile to him. He has been called a frog (Khurshid), snake (Mani Shankar Aiyar), scorpion (Aiyar again), etc. by Ministers of the current government. These are, by the way, the exact words of these ministers – no changes have been made.

    The spin given by the author to the term “dehati aurat” is extremely amusing. He has simply made a fool of himself. Anybody who has any knowledge of Hindi (vernacular) would know what the term was meant to imply. Saying that this is an insult to rural women is actually an insult to the intelligence of the readers of the article. The fundamental point to note here is that these are two heads of state involved in the dialogue. The PM of a country cannot – I stress on this – call another PM a “dehati aurat”. Period. It is a different matter that our beloved PM deserves only this much respect. But a Pakistani doing this is simply not done. This is what Modi highlighted in his speech.

  61. Very well written but m sorry to say its all about an individual’s mentality…and thr ws nothin to insult rural women but yes he wntd to show wot all our dr m m singh did and deserved to b called so…he is a PM of our country not a farmer or any illetrate person

  62. I used to be slightly leftist too. How come I never got any money? This is the problem with the left movement in India. No one shares anything. Plus I never got invited to any cocktail parties. It’s a travesty, is what it is. I suspect Brinda Karat, the revolutionary socialite. I think she hogged everything. That Sitaram Yechury also looks highly suspicious. I’m told he wears imported underwear. That’s anti-people.

  63. my apologies for leaving my “stink” here as you put it, but you seem to have learnt a lesson from namo on how to take one comment and blow it out of proportion. unfortunately unlike him your point has nothing to do with the original context of the statement. the fact that you put jagdish tytler, sajjan kumar and rajiv gandhi in the same list is commendable; possibly a first. Your lack of alternatives to the bjp – congress scenario identifies you as a fencesitter who possibly wont vote in 2014.

  64. “If anyone said that the prime minister of a country was like a rural woman from India, I would read that as a (largely undeserved) compliment”

    Kudos to your IQ !!

    I think everything has to be read in context, and you are failing to do so.

  65. It is funny to see that you welcome comments but contradict with strong words as Narrow mind etc.
    If you are really not a mindless critic. Just observe the tone in the speech. Modi is not defaming Ladies from village but taking a terms as it is taken by majority.
    About development in Gujrat. I agree that it may not have reached all to core. But go figure how the GDP rose from what it did to current state?
    For people who wrote they have lived in fear, as people who got burned in the train. Gujrat is the only place where bloodshed has not happened in so many years. No state as in Delhi, Mumbai etc can say that.
    It was a treat to see Mr. Natrajan standing up for who he believes in rather than falling for a blog where people are calling names to people who dont follow. Is it not on the same path you mentioned you dont like?

    And who do you propose we vote for?? Parties like congress who claim to be non bias and take all decisions based on Religion? You just need to be a minority to have there attention.

    These are all vote politics and yes, I think the site is as confused as it could be to guide Or share thoughts. It is being run with stone mind people who think they know everything.

  66. Do u think that Nawaz sharif called our Prime Minister a “Dehati aurat” with due respect ? it was a slang directed towards our Prime Minister who according to him was whining there at UN just like a village you the article writer whosoever he is writes a bashing article on Modi who defended the Prime Minister and stated that this was clear insult of our PM…without thinking what Nawaz sharif’s word meant…I won’t call you a congress paid agent or some others because you are not…but this article of yours is a trash

  67. This is by far the most intelligent, well balanced and morally superior article that I have had a good fortune to read. I hope this country learns to deserve many more people of your caliber. May you live long and flourish handsomely. May all families have people like you. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity!

  68. Dear Shuddhabrata,

    By your logic, if I call you ‘kutta’ or ‘kutte ka bachcha’, their is absolutely no reason for you to get offended. Look at the dictionary meanings and these words refer to an animal who is the best friend of man and superior in many senses as well. They definitely work harder than men. And if you do take offense, I am sorry but you are insulting whatever number of dogs or puppies there are in the world!! Had you been a dog, I would have been absolutely correct in calling you one – but since you are not (atleast as far as I know), I must have meant it as an insult and you have all the right to take offense, unless you are willing to ignore me or forgive me for my ignorance.

    The point being – its not just the word but how its perceived and how its meant. Dehati has a specific perception, though the dictionary meaning will be quite inoffensive. MMS certainly doesn’t confirm to the dictionary meaning of the word dehati aurat – he is neither ‘dehati’ not ‘aurat’ (again as far as I know!). Hence, he has all the right to take offense. And when PM of Pakistan uses this as an insult for PM of India, he, in my opinion, should not either just ignore it or forgive Nawaj Sharif’s ignorance.

  69. Outside of Europe and America India is the only country where a dictator cannot ascend that easily either through a military coup or even through an election. Briefly Indira Gandhi did rule dictatorially but the provision in the constitution, which she used to promulgate internal emergency, has now been amended making it very difficult to suspend fundamental rights and curtail all other kinds of freedom for any government. Moreover the constitution of the Indian body politic precludes the establishment of absolute majority by any one single party therefore the attempt to springboard Modi to become, as some in his entourage say, a “benevolent” dictator by event managing his public meetings and hiring agencies to manage the social media, plant Gujarat stories in leading newspapers and make TV news channels display in bold letters the otherwise pedestrian statements made by him and even debate on them in an attempt to create a Modi wave will come a cropper because this entire methodology is a poor parody of what they do in America. The truth is a vast majority of the Indian voters are those people who do not exist for the consumerist west aping and west looking Indians and they simply do not relate with Modi nor does he exist for them.

  70. Hahaha !!!!! What a stupid article . This article shows the typical attitude of the so called liberals and leftist who consider themselves as the beacon of hope , equality and justice .They would like to hear the only music which suites their ears .
    The author is big fool if he considers himself as a great intellectual !! Nawaz SHarif mocked the PRIME MINISTER OF UNION OF INDIA and told reporters that PM went to Obama , ” weaning and crying ” as village ladies do to complain about something .

    He not only mocked the PM of our country in a shameless manner but also derogated the status of a ” Dehati Women “. Do Dehati Ladies only wean and cry ?? Is this what he meant to say . IS our PM only capable of weaning and crying and complaining . ?? This comparison was something analogous to calling an Afro-American as Black . Afro Americans are BLACK in color but u do not call anyone of them as BLACK or NIGER ?? Using the word black is derogatory , or is it not ?? In the same manner using of the terminology ” Dehati Women ” was derogatory in nature . This was the message Nawaz Sharif was trying to convey to his reporter.

  71. Let us assume that all the commenters writing slavishly in support of NaMo and trashing the ideas that the author puts forward are not part of a coordinated PR exercise. I shall cherish the hope that each commenter is writing in their individual capacity and with an independent spirit. What is disconcerting is the uniform lack of the commenters to engage with anything that the author writes about. Apart from the coinage in the title and the belief that the author is a Modi basher, nothing else is commented on. The author talks about the tired and often offensive rhetoric in Modi’s Delhi performance and is pretty disappointed that Modi’s spin doctors have not come up with even half a new idea to convert the fence sitters. Left with nothing to dissect or react to, the author takes on the snide remarks in the speech.
    Dear fellow commenters on this page, do you even read the article that you home in on like dizzy bees? Lets hear some defence of the demand for the heads of our indian soldiers. Or of the sad sardar jokes that one had left behind before we entered high school. Something to make this discussion thread interesting.
    There are ofcourse two exceptions , the person who caught the author for his bad math and missing decimal point, and the sub-editor who gleaned out the spelling mistakes made by the author. Three cheers for actually going through the article.

  72. plz share this video 
    because you have  the huge,people can know that modi is CANCER for india & AIDS for gujarat…

    -Manal Dholakia

  73. Another horribly one sided article on Narendra Modi, probably by a socialist living in some kind of idealist utopia, who does not have any practical and workable ideas to support. People have to understand that good word play does not make for good journalism!

    I fail to understand why people cannot write balanced articles on a political person, they either praise him like God or denounce him like Hitler reincarnated. This is clearly not objective and showing personal dislike as if you get even with hard core Modi supporters, who might have abused him in other forums. Blanket statements made without any facts or figures and I have very less respect for such views, at par with the ones of the thin skinned, blind supporters of Modi.

  74. So being referred to as a ‘dehati aurat’ is actually a compliment?! Apologies, but I’m afraid I can’t find much logic or honesty either in the title, content or purported anger of this blog-post. Ironically, it’s rather like Narendra Modi’s synthetic bile at the use of this epithet to describe Manmohan Singh. Is it about India’s dehati aurats (one assumes the epithet is unlikely to have the same ethnic meaning on both sides of the LoC, whatever the dictionaries so dutifully referred to), or about Narendra Modi, severed heads, testosterone or odoriferous gases, etc.? Frankly, the boring dedicated focus on Modi, probably only gives the chap even more advertisement, with Modi-unimpressed folks like me pausing to wonder whether the fascism emanates from Modi or the many who attack him and his bodily functions.

  75. Dear Shuddhabrata,

    It’s a shame that some people have gotten personal and abusive in their replies. However I do agree with a lot of them that your article seems to have a personal bias. If someone on the street were to call your good friend a dog, I’m sure you wouldn’t take it to mean anything but an insult, however big an animal lover!

    However my point of writing here is this,

    The Congress has put up woeful performance. We Indians are generally used to corruption in our lives and in government, but this time it has crossed even the highly generous threshold that it enjoys! RTI was one of the good acts they got in, which also got them into a lot of trouble ironically!

    The BJP has had its secular credentials questioned for a long time now and Modi’s riot image still seems to stick. In issues pertaining to corruption – he seems to be a clean, no- nonsense politician! I’ve heard from my friends that in Gujarat, while corruption still exist, it’s been minimized!

    There’s a third front option with probably Mulayam, Mayawati with the hefty UP chunk, and other regional leaders, each of whom want to be a prime minister! I hardly think that is a stable option and will be a worse coalition than UPA or NDA. Seemingly clean politicians like Naveen Patnaik, Nitish Kumar might be involved though which is a plus!

    So my question then is which party is a best party. Everyone seems tainted one way or the other! I think the answer will come from the 70% rural population during the elections!

    I’ve personally made a choice and that is for change! It is my understanding that bureaucracy is a slow moving process and from the rot is under-going now, any prime minister will take most of the 5 years to do just the cleansing process, that if he/she is in a favourable coalition. But keep the present coalition in power, and I fear our country might not recover!

    Also it’s obvious that we don’t have a Gandhiji, Nelson Mandela type person to vote for, so lets not get idealistic about the person/party that we want for the PM chair! We have to choose based on what we have, and who will take the country forward/ cause less damage in the next 5 years, however one wants to look at it!


  76. Reading the comments here, I despair for this country and for every fool who votes for Modi.

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