Statement Condemning Rape on EFLU Campus: EFLU Alumni and Other Concerned Individuals

Guest Post by EFLU Alumni and Other Concerned Individuals

[ This is a statement prepared by some alumni of EFLU, in the aftermath of the rape of a woman student on campus last week. The statement was then shared on the social media for endorsement. Those who had drafter the statement say that they “…were overwhelmed by the support shown by a cross section of people including alumni, not just practicing academics and students of other universities, but also techies and bankers, journalists and professionals.” The statement is intended to be seen as an expression of solidarity with the complainant, in appreciation of her bravery and as a means of extending support to the EFLU community who are trying to fight for gender justice in innovative and inclusive ways. ]

This is a public statement condemning the rape of a girl student in the hostels of The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. We express our solidarity with the complainant and demand that the guilty be punished. Happening within the university space, this action by the student’s peers shocks and saddens us, but also points at the deep entrenchment of patriarchy even within the most radical of spaces.

It has come to our notice, both through newspaper reports and via accounts of students in the social media that instances of gender violence has been escalating in the university in the recent past. While no academic space is free from gender discrimination and/ or violence, erstwhile CIEFL and the formative years of EFLU were known for the relatively free ways in which men and women could access common space, move about the campus in relative safety. The community also nurtured various publics that repeatedly foreground concerns of gender, sexuality, caste and religion.

However, in the recent years, and especially in the aftermath of the rape, instead of attempting to sensitise the campus to enable students to cope better with the university space, the administration has chosen the path of gender segregation and closing down most of the public spaces of the university. The administration has repeatedly voiced gender discriminatory statements, questioning women’s movements and viewing all male students as potential rapists. At the same time, UGC directed Gender Sensitisation Committee against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) has not been constituted in EFLU-Hyd since January 2012, student members having already finished their courses and moved on.  It has to be kept in mind that gender justice cannot be ensured only by looking at it through a the lens of punishment and redressal- even though GSCASH is not the answer, it is still the first step towards attempting to sensitise the campus and to take gender justice seriously.

The EFLU community has spoken out against this violence- but both the media and right wing forces have been active in shaming the complainant, in questioning her state of inebriation, her presence in the hostel and mourning the “lack of Indian culture” in EFLU.  In these troubled times, we once again voice our support to the brave complainant who must not be shamed or blamed for her choices and action. We also express our solidarity with the EFLU community who have taken it upon themselves to build a more inclusive campus by not hiding this act of violence under the carpet (as the administration has tried to do) but by making their presence felt, their voices heard, and dialogues being initiated. It is time to put an end to gender violence in our universities.

In solidarity.

EFLU Alumni and other concerned individuals

If you would like to endorse this statement, follow the link to the facebook note hosting it, and add your name in the messages section below the text of the statement

Also, kindly share and circulate the statement widely, with the hashtags #EfluCommunityForGenderJustice, #EfluChutzpah.




4 thoughts on “Statement Condemning Rape on EFLU Campus: EFLU Alumni and Other Concerned Individuals”

  1. I am rightwing but not of the kind that endorses and permits the culture of objectification that we see on a daily basis. People talk, segregate and make half-hearted attempts at education. But it needs to go farther. Abuse is the only real trickle down quanta. Where are the programs that solve why potential abusers are not given skills to deal and where they are. The punitive side alone is a recipe for disaster.

    Alienated they live a life of serial victimizers while legislation only seems to focus only again, segregation. If you are some kind of predator, then it is off to the land of nowhere. System of a Down got it right in their song, “They’re trying to build prison”, as criminality becomes hardcore and sometimes for the thinnest of reasons.

    As far as rape and abuse such as you alluded to, Hollywood has a big debt. Case 1: Porky’s. Teens going after an older woman as their first conquest. That was acceptable then. Then we have ‘Dazed and Confused’, where the one player was hanging around Junior High and Senior High girls and commenting that, “He gets older and they don’t.” Again what?

    Then we have any horror flick. Teen girls, with skin tight clothes and large plastic boobs who are slashed and burned and mutilated. So our boys see objectification and gratuitous violence as a right of passage. Conan The Barbarian was given a woman from the finest stock as the woman was no more regarded than a piece of Beef Jerky.

    Then the same Hollywood has commercials saying, ‘Enough is enough’ and other remedies that take no real effort and makes them feel, it is all of us, when The Actor with Tiger Blood and Prostitutes symbolizes the aggressive conqueror and the love em and leave em alone Vampires. Sucking said Tiger Blood through a straw man.

    The answer needs be addressed that gets to the child when they are very young. Teaching women that their beauty is their greatest asset and they were asking for it. The sex offenders have laws that address the crimes but not how to address those proclivities, often separating families in the off chance that this can be solved. Almost everyone enjoys sex but our country needs some moral Viagra and working with families and finding solutions that last and avoiding slogans and campaigns. Funding for programs to treat the whole family.

    Not demonizing femininity and stop overemphasizing male machismo to the detriment of woman. If we cannot teach and instruct on the proper behaviors in our homes, then we will continue to write about missing college teenagers and high school shootings.


  2. The recent rape on EFLU campus is one of the most shocking incidents that happened in educational institutions in recent times. I am deeply intrigued by the anonymous status of the statement. How can an anonymous statement give solidarity to victim or to those who are fighting against right-wing forces on the campus? Why can not they come open and express solidarity to the victim of rape?


    1. Rajasekharam, the statement was not meant to be anonymous, the list of signatures attached to the statement was duly sent to kafila. However, the site administrators found that the inclusion of a long list of signatures would not be conducive to easy reading. hence the link to the petition has been attached below and anyone with a facebook account or with a friend with a facebook account can view them.


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