This is What Frightens Them….

And the struggle continues, image courtesy Manorama online
And the struggle continues…Kochi, image courtesy Manorama online
“If conservative elements can capture our public spaces and impose their diktat on us, we will do the same in retaliation. Our university spaces, parks and roads are not free any more. We are reclaiming them now. We live in an age where a Dalit man is hacked to 40 pieces because he fell in love with a woman from a higher caste. This Kiss of Love campaign is a defiance of moral policing and a struggle to uphold the spirit of love in all its forms and for everyone,” said Zareen, a campaigner.
Kiss of love Delhi, image courtesy, DNA
Kiss of love Delhi, image courtesy, DNA

4 thoughts on “This is What Frightens Them….”

  1. Love is very cheap and unprofitable for the hindu capitalists; so love police recruitments are on the rise to harvest on love affairs and manage lovers. Its not just about control of women’s reproductive disposition, but also about her paid labour status, ownership rights and her access to higher education which pose new threats for the conservative right.


  2. while endogamy is the major nightmare/source of chintan/fikr, sometimes a conservative state does see the possibility and existence of alternatives and different sexualities (and would like to indulge in legislation that appears magnanimous, having an ‘international’ acceptability, but conserved (hopefully) to a ‘gentle’ saffron); but is really fearful and suspicious of whatever this might unleash


  3. Losing one’s temper is accepting defeat. I feel a good slogan to counter the Sanghis and their friends in this context would be “Radhe Krishna, Radhe-Radhe”


  4. Vigilante action, moral policing is not simply amusing, but a continued source of outrage and indignance (for its proprietary pretensions)!!


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