Delhi Police Blames AAP for Gajendra Suicide – Remember Constable Tomar’s Death?

Reports have it that Delhi Police has blamed the AAP for the death of Gajendra Singh at its rally recently – not surprisingly, as we had noted in our previous post on the suicide. We had suggested in that post there seemed to have been prior instructions to the Police from the Central government, under which it functions, not to act. And the reports today about Delhi Police reporting to their higher ups only confirm our suspicions.

Here is what one of the reports has to say:

In a letter to the Home Ministry, the Delhi Police has claimed that the mob including Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers incited Gajendra Singh to commit suicide at a party rally in Delhi. The letter also claims that untrained volunteers climbed the tree which led to Gajendra falling off.

The report states that AAP volunteers and leaders were clapping and raising slogans which incited him to engage in more dangerous acts. It also adds on to say that though police requested AAP volunteers to stop provoking him through clapping and solganeering, neither the volunteers nor the leaders present on the state acceded to the request info.

Another report in a channel known for its BJP connections, says:

As per the Delhi Police report, AAP leaders were making provocative speeches, and the crowd present at the rally venue instigated and provoked Gajendra to commit suicide. The report also alleged that AAP did not heed to the police’s request to change the rally’s venue to Ram Lila Maidan.

Just in case, we have forgotten, let us remember the unfortunate death of constable Subhash Tomar during the anti-gang-rape protests in December 2012. Then too, against all evidence, Delhi Police had framed eight of the protesters – some of whom actually tried to help Tomar as he collapsed – of killing hi. They had maintained against the report of the doctors that his death was due to internal bleeding after being beaten by the protesters. Here is a link to a television report from that time:

In March 2013, however, the High Court pulled up the police for falsely framing the protesters for murder after Delhi Police failed to come up with any evidence to substantiate their claim. Says a report from Firstpost:

An admission by the Delhi Police on Tuesday before the High Court that it has found no evidence against the eight people that it had previously charged with the murder of a police constable has raised serious questions regarding its handling and investigation of the case, say lawyers.

The High Court is hearing a petition by advocate Somnath Bharti that has sought the quashing of the FIR against the eight accused on the grounds that they have been falsely implicated by the Delhi Police for offences during the public protests that erupted after the Delhi gangrape.

The High Court in fact, pulled up Delhi Police and went on to observe:

Reacting to the Delhi Police’s latest admission, Bansal said, “The Delhi police seems to be playing politics with their own personnel. This is morally and legally unacceptable. The important question now is how then did Tomar die. The earlier theory was he died after he was attacked by protestors. But what is the Delhi Police’s theory now? This is serious and must be answered.”

We can only wait and see the results of their investigation this time. If our surmise is correct, this too is an attempt to frame the protesters while screening out the police itself from the ambit of any responsibility.

3 thoughts on “Delhi Police Blames AAP for Gajendra Suicide – Remember Constable Tomar’s Death?”

  1. Amazing that we trust the police on things that conform to our “instincts” – as in this case, constable Tomar’s case, the Batla House shootout, Afzal Guru, and the Talwars case in Noida…while crying foul over the police’s utter incompetence, corruption, neoptism, brutality, disregard for due process, blah blah blah in other cases. Amazing that countless well-meaning people hold that regardless of the invariably shoddy investigation and equally lazy, shortcut reportage of any issue by the media, that their instincts tell them that X,Y,Z is guilty.

    Thanks for pointing out the contradictions, Aditya.


  2. In my opinion, Tomar’s case is hugely different than Gajendra, the only similarity being death of both the individuals. Gajendra was out there to demonstrate and threatening to die/suicide and everybody (including AAP leaders/volunteers) watched. I think everyone present there is equally accountable if not responsible for Gajendra’s death including Gajendra himself.


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