Remove ban on food items like beef and meat

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I am a Jain vegetarian person, but moreover I am a supporter of free will! It started with the ban of beef in Maharashtra, but now it’s spreading, I know the government means respect for the Jain community, but if they are banning meat during our festival, should’t it also force us to eat meat during the celebration of Id, all I am asking for is for everyone to choose what they want to eat and whenever they want it! I call for support for this petition as I do not want the people of a DEMOCRATIC country to be forced into doing something they don’t believe in! Thank You to all the Governments for the respect you have given this small community of ours, but please don’t force the people with different beliefs to do the same!


One thought on “Remove ban on food items like beef and meat”

  1. Remove ban on any edible nutritional food and make public the nutritional values of all products including beef, pork, meat, and all non-vegetarian food. Explain to the people about the contents of proteins found in non-vegetarian food which is higher than in vegetarian food. BAN all junk foods, packed foods, etc., which are harmful for health. They only help in filling coffers of the businessmen, industrialists, capitalists, ‘bootlickers’ of the US imperialists,… They trample the lives of ordinary citizens by causing ill-health including cancer. So, uphold all edible food -meat, beef, vegetables, fish, eggs, … Impose ban on junk and fast food, cholesterol-filled chocolates, fatty foods,… Let scientific food policy prevail!

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