Delhi Police Tells Lies about Attacks on Protesting Students – #OccupyUGC

[ Video Footage, courtesy Akhil Kumar, taken from his Facebook Page ]

The ongoing movement to #OccupyUGC by students from all the universities in Delhi has so far seen two instances of vicious attack by the Delhi Police. Students were manhandled, abused and badly beaten with sticks and batons. Several had to be hospitalized and some are severely injured. However, police officers have been lying about their actions.

The Indian Express reported the lathi charge and also quoted a senior police officer – DCP (Central), Paramaditya as saying, “Around 45-50 protesters were detained. No one was lathicharged. Policemen did not have lathis… the protesters attacked and injured policewomen.”


Post on Akhil Kumar's Facebook Wall
Post on Akhil Kumar’s Facebook Wall

Here is a series of videos shot by Akhil Kumar, a young independent photo-journalist (who was himself severely beaten after this). This footage clearly shows up DCP (Central) Paramaditya as a liar.

Meanwhile, #OccupyUGC continues.

6 thoughts on “Delhi Police Tells Lies about Attacks on Protesting Students – #OccupyUGC”

  1. It is necessary that this video footage, as well as statements by witnesses, be presented before a court of law.

    1. Good suggestion. Right of education, right of protest and right to occupy, whether limited only to students or for all citizens, must be presented in a court of law, and settled for ever. Those who break laws should be punished, including police.

  2. Police deal on hard evidence. They may say that the videos are ‘doctored’ and further complicate the matters. So, let all the witness be made public! Let every one affected in the brutality raise their voice in unison!!

  3. This is a footage of 1968 Paris student protests.

    and this is how Occupy wall street came to an end

    I would be glad if someone could explain why 2015 new delhi footage and occupy footage at new york doesn’t appear as a nostalgia of 1968.

    There is nothing wrong in living in nostalgia per se. It would be really nice if people could at least acknowledge that the only way left can negotiate with a neo-liberal reality is via a fordist protest nostalgia. That the left doesn’t really have grasped the nature of contemporary capitalism and therefore it doesn’t have any answers. And it is expressing its resentment in the only sad, boring language of protest it knows!

    My best wishes for protests for an egalitarian society. But cynicism apart I wonder whether just as the right used anti-corruption platform as a trojan horse to build a decisive public opinion against the liberals, so too these protests are trojans which left-liberals are using to channelise, give a platform to and give a decisive shape to popular anger against the right-wing. If that is the case then it is a pretty interesting turn of events leading to 2019. Very interesting indeed!

    1. Hierarchy is not only a social condition but a state of consciousness , involving cultural, traditional, and psychological systems of obedience and command. State is not merely a constellation of bureaucratic and coercive institutions but also a state of mind- an instilled mentality for ordering reality. State emerged through gradual politicization of certain social functions and it has become meshed with society to such an extent that it is difficult to distinguish the two- It not only manages the economy but politicizes it, it not only colonizes social life, but absorbs it. (The Ecology of Freedom-Murray Bookchin)

  4. Very bad on parpart of Dcp parmaditya central delhi seen the video he has slapped wrong charges on student ..said there is no lathi..framed incorrect goverment record to cause injury to student action should be filed by student imm . With vigilance and Writ in High court

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