Evening out the Odds, Learning from the BRT Fiasco

The Chief Minister of Delhi has come out with a very practical idea, an Idea, whose time has come as the American would say. Anyone who says that Delhi’s air is a killer is only putting it mildly. The number of those dying of respiratory ailments on a daily basis stands today at 23, this translates to 161 per week, 644 per month and 7728 per year. The figures were half this 4 years ago.

Even if pollution levels do not worsen in future the cumulative effects of exposure to these high levels of pollution will keep pushing up the death rate and increasingly it will be the kids born today who will grow into wheezing asthmatics, inhaling this deadly cocktail of pollutants increasingly becoming unfit, as they grow, for doing anything that calls for even mild exertions. The resultant costs on medical expenses incurred by their families, in the face of the rapid withdrawal of government spend on public health will assume the shape of a horror movie gone real and it can only get worse unless something is done and done fast. Read the full article, published in Catch News, here

One thought on “Evening out the Odds, Learning from the BRT Fiasco”

  1. Delhi CM has come up with an idea –practical or impractical– to reduce pollution in the capital. His initiative must be appreciated though some detractors might say that he is doing all this to escape the criticism of Prashant-Yongendra combine on the passage of Lok Pal (Joke Pal) bill. The tirade against him might further subside with the Delhi Cricket Association imbroglio.
    But to implement his policy, he should have prepared alternative methods of transport by increasing public transportation system. The government-run busses should have been increased. Moreover, wealthy persons might have more than one cars with ‘odd and even number plates’! They will not face much of a problem. Next his ministers and MLAs might conviniently flaunt the rules by driving to ‘cricket grounds’ on the pretext of emergency! (As reported in a section of media). To counter his proposal, automobile industry might be up in arms for fear of sales of vehicles might decrease. If supportive measures and proper checks and balances are prepared, the idea may work to a great extent. Nevertheless, this would go down as a novel step in India for climate change.
    Kudos Kejriwal for giving people some food for thought ! !
    Some would take help of IITians to solve this by applying permutations and combinations theory…!


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