In solidarity with Rohith Vemula: Concerned students and faculty at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Open letter to the President of India from Concerned students and faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.


The President of India

Subject: An urgent appeal to address discrimination and political interference in academic institutions in the wake of the death of RohithVemula.

We, a group of students and faculty of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta,expressour grief over the loss of the precious life of RohithVemula, a Dalit research scholar, at the University of Hyderabad.The events that transpired in the particular case were indeed tragic, with allegedinfringement of freedom of expression, caste discrimination and partisan interference by the higher State apparatus. This event is symptomatic of the larger malaise of failure of our institutions to provide a climate where students, irrespective of their social backgrounds, could find a way to excel. To create such a climate would require synchronised efforts in the parts of the State, the educational institutions and the society at large.

We express solidarity with students, teachers and others who are actively involved to stop the recurrence of such incidents in future. We urgently appeal for the adoption of measures to end discrimination of any kind in academic institutions and elsewhere. We also hope that institutional mechanism will be developed to prevent partisan political interference in academic institutions.

With regard to the specific case, we strongly appeal that the individuals found guilty by the judicial enquiry be exposed and punished and adequate compensation be provided to the deceased’s family, although their loss is immeasurable.

Thanks and Regards,

Concerned students and faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Copy to:

  1. The Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad
  2. Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India

List of Signatories

  1. Abhishek Debbarman
  2. Akash Krishnan
  3. AmbujAnand
  4. AmitDhiman
  5. Anirban Banerjee
  6. Ankita
  7. Anup K Sinha
  8. ApoorvKhare
  9. Aravind A N
  10. Arnab Roy Chowdhury
  11. ArpitSrivastava
  12. AshutoshJha
  13. Asim Kumar Pal
  14. BhaskarChakrabarty
  15. Biju Paul Abraham
  16. Bunny Babjee
  17. DebaratiBasu
  18. Devi Vijay
  19. DiptimanBanerji
  20. KeertiPendyal
  21. KranthiNanduri
  22. KrishanuRakshit
  23. Manish Thakur
  24. Meghna Singh
  25. MritiunjoyMohanty
  26. Nishant Kashyap
  27. Nithin Mannil
  28. Nivedita Bhanja
  29. Paribhasha Sharma
  30. Partha Ray
  31. Pavni Kaushiva
  32. Pradeep Kavangal
  33. Pratik Tarafdar
  34. Priyanshu Gupta
  35. PulkitTaluja
  36. R Chattopadhyay
  37. R Rajesh Babu
  38. Radhika Ijjurotu
  39. Rajesh Bhattacharya
  40. Ritwik Banerjee
  41. RohitPatidar
  42. RohitVarman
  43. RunaSarkar
  44. Sarath Chandra
  45. SaikatMondal
  46. Shalini
  47. Shalini Pasupuleti
  48. Sharzeelzafaryab
  49. SmitaChaudhry
  50. Srujana
  51. SudipChaudhuri
  52. SushilKhanna
  53. Swathysree S S
  54. Usman Ahmad
  55. V Sravani
  56. Vamshikrisna
  57. Vandana
  58. VarunKapoor
  59. Venkat
  60. Vidyanand Jha

3 thoughts on “In solidarity with Rohith Vemula: Concerned students and faculty at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta”

  1. When does the rights to live safely and securely trump our obligation to up hold basic human rights? In our attitude toward extreme remedies, we must come out pragmatic solutions. Because, deprived one people are living 1/3 rd of population and we must represents all aspect of life to cherish our democracy.


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