A Solidarity Poem for JNU from the Incarcerated Community of Philadelphia

A solidarity poem for Kanhaiya and the JNU protestors from the Center for Carceral Communities (a collective of current and previously incarcerated people and advocates in Philadelphia, housed at the University of Pennsylvania, USA).


we are with you kanhaiya

reaching out from our barred windows

all 2.5 million of US

we cross borders and seas

to smuggle in

wirecutters and metalfiles

and circuitbreakers

hidden deep

in these words and

outraged tears

we are with you

as you dance on this

multiheaded serpent

this global picture-in-picture-in-picture

of progress-in-democracy-in-prison-in-silence-in-fear

with you

shoulder to shoulder

as you scream over and over


hand-in-hand with you

dear kanhaiya

as you christen

this revolution

with blood and urine

spilt in these corridors

of power

slick with the froth

of hindutva

with you always

as you stare down

this justice


slippery and slick

and cold

until it is just / ice




Alison Neff (Director, CCC)

Toorjo Ghose (Associate Professor, SP2, UPenn)

35 members of the CCC collective (who need to remain anonymous)

on behalf of

2.5 million who are currently incarcerated in the U.S. (who are forced to remain anonymous)



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