Students Testify to Police Brutality on the HCU Campus in Hyderabad : Guest Post from HCU Students

Guest Post by HCU students (Taken from Youtube Uploads and Facebook Status Updates)

[Since there is a virtual media blackout of the situation in Hyderabad Central University we have decided to share video testimonies by students of the violence unleashed by CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and the RAF (Rapid Action Force) which were called in at the behest of the Vice Chancellor Appa Rao – who is already under a cloud for having created the circumstances that led to Rohith Vemula’s suicide, which many students consider to be an ‘institutional murder’. When Appa Rao returned to the University, students were enraged, and they started a ‘sit-in’ outside the Vice Chancellor’s lodge. It was then that the central forces were called in. Later, electricity, water and internet facilities were cut off. The debit card used by the students, linked to the State Bank of India branch on the campus, were blocked. The non teaching staff was persuaded not to give food in university hostel canteens to students. Some students who started a community kitchen were taken away by the police. One of them, a research scholar called Uday Bhanu was so badly beaten up that he has been admitted to intensive care at a local hospital. His condition remains critical.

Courtest, 'University Community' & '#DalitLivesMatter'
Courtest, ‘University Community’ & ‘#DalitLivesMatter’

Hyderabad Central University, is now a virtual prison camp.


According to reports, 36 students are still missing. Several are hospitalized and are being treated for injuries. At least one of the students is in a critical condition.12671963_1656941941246803_5210071450630800436_o

Please share this post widely, and make sure the mainstream media wakes up to a totally abnormal situation. – Kafila]

The media is being deliberately kept out of the campus. Here is a copy of a letter from the University Registrar to the local police station requesting it to ensure that media personnel, political activists, and members of student organizations be prevented from entering the campus.


And here are a set of videos which tell you what happened.









Thanks to Ajay Kumar Koli (for the first video of the police attack) and to the ‘Justice for Rohith‘ Youtube Channel, for sharing these video testimonies on Youtube.

For an excellent update on the situation, visit the report “Reports from a Prisoncamp Called Hyderabad Central University

10 thoughts on “Students Testify to Police Brutality on the HCU Campus in Hyderabad : Guest Post from HCU Students”

  1. If my daughter even turns out to be half as brave as these girls, I would think my life has been useful. What about the sons? I think I shed tears for them as well, they are all children of a brave new world. I cannot stop the horror from running in my mind over and over again.

    Somewhere in the distance, I hear the Grand Hyena cackling about MNREGA, “Mujhe rajnaitik soojh-boojh to hai–nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” and I ask that creature, has it abandoned you completely now? Ok, to make sense of that, you must know that the youth vote in this country will be forever alienated with this act. Alas, how can we even expect that to be true? And then I am told I am cynical. When half the youth walk around with half their brains, what is to be expected?
    But these are good times too, however horrible they are. These are the nails that are being collected now. Their coffins are as good as prepared and decked… The Grand Hyena and his mitron can rest assured that one day there shall be a day of reckoning for them… and it will be worse than they imagine (or cannot imagine at the moment).

    I am sorry I utter these words out of sheer anger and I do not wish the students to take to violence in any form, but I was just wondering, if these khaki lackeys even had to face just a third or a fourth of the strength of the students, would they be even left alive? Power and brutality and enforcing of law, I can understand their constraints. But this? Is it now time to call for total non-cooperation and while we do not have a JP to tell us that, I wish someone would stand up and say this very thing. It brings tears to my eyes to see these youngsters standing up for what is right. It is high time our dozing public woke up too from its comfortable slumber and be counted..

    But, there is my political mind too. It says to me, let this be. This too shall pass, not peacefully, but as oil on the burning embers and this shall engulf the entire set of goons and their power and in the end there will be nothing left but the ashes of their fascist dreams.. Bring it on!! Our sons and daughters are not meat for your consumption. Beware, Grand Hyena and the cohorts of this regime..


  2. It us shameful that Telengana government has connived with the Centre to suppress Democratic right of students to expression and association. TRS, which has a history of movement organisation to liberate telengana from Andhra capitalists, has failed miserably in protecting justice and autonomy of the university. Kanahaiya Kumar was unable to speak due to police and military brutality. The atrocities of the State must be exposed by uploading the incidents and media blackout must be countered by alternate ways of communication by audio and videos.

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  3. Why doesn’t the govt send all students to study in some remote places, may be in China?shame that a country will not allow its own students to have free thoughts.




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