Reading Foucault in Mahendragarh


In March this year in a rural hamlet 3 hours by train from New Delhi, the local edition of Hari Bhoomi carried an unusual piece of news: Central University of Haryana (CUH) at Mahendragarh, had filed a police complaint against a Facebook page.

The story was short on specifics, but an email to the university registrar, Ram Dutt, elicited a reply:

“Yes, University has filed a complaint against the CUH Media page (anonymously administered unlawfully using acronym of the University) to trace the identity of the page. As the University is Autonomous Body and has the right to continuous vigil to maintain the reputation of the University on the Internet World …”

What was this page, “anonymously administered”, that had the administration so upset? Who were these students “unlawfully using the acronym of the university” to besmirch the university’s reputation “on the Internet World”?

At first glance, the CUH Media page was just like the millions of pages on Facebook visited by a small band of followers – at last count it had just 174 “Likes” – who trolled each other. But a closer look at the posts, the comments they attracted, and their ripples offline, since the page was started in September 2015, suggested the gradual emergence of a spiky student politics in one of India’s newest central universities. Read More


3 thoughts on “Reading Foucault in Mahendragarh”

  1. “If Arjuna had not opted for CBCS”?????? There you go….. Yes, of course, and Krishna was his M.Phil guide… and since there were so many internal marks, Arjuna passed… I mean, really.. does this even sound vaguely serious to the people who listen to this nonsense??? And truth to tell, it is uttered in all seriousness. Never mind the JNU people laughing at this hysterically, they are just braying anti-nationals… but what about the rest of this country? Can it take this nonsense at all?

    Nice to read about “jaadu ka Dhappi” too. Seriously, is there something called as the CUH? Or is it just DUH!!!! in Indian terms? Like, Cuh!! Cuh keh rihya tu, chorey???? Unvaarcity??? Math maari gayi ke??? Re, chorey, unvarsity koni na…Thees eej awhar home… awhar home abhay fdom home…

    (PS: ‘Focault in Mahendragarh’ is like those teaser headline formats… nothing to do with the article or content)….

  2. What is the article about..? It meanders from rightist imposition of their ideas on University to the significance of education in the rural Haryana. The better heading would be ‘A University in making in rural hinterland of Haryana “

  3. After some time, the word ‘ nationalism’ will be used as an uncouth form of ‘ Zionist patriotism’ just as ‘ politics’ is being used to denote ‘ unfair leadership of unwanted persons with questionable credentials..’ !

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