Appeal to Join “JNU Chalo” on 15 Nov Marking One Month of Najeeb’s Disappearance: JNUSU

Guest Post by JNUSU (Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union)


Friends, on 14th October night, Najeeb Ahmed, a student of M.Sc. Biotechnology, JNU was brutally assaulted and violently threatened by a group of ABVP students. From 15th October morning, Najeeb went missing from the campus. The disappearance of a student from a central university in the national capital after assault and intimidation of right wing lumpens is no doubt an ominous reflection of the dark times we are living in. For past four weeks, students, teachers, staff members of JNU, and citizens of Delhi have been coming out on the streets demanding institutional accountability to bring back Najeeb.

Abdication of Institutional Responsibility and Partisan Role of JNU VC

What is absolutely shocking and shameful, is the partisan role of the University administration in the whole affair. Why has the twitter-savvy JNU VC never issued an appeal to Najeeb assuring him safety and justice. Why has the JNU administration has not taken action on its own nor filed any complaint with the police regarding the assault on Najeeb? Why does none of the University press releases mention the vicious attack and intimidation against Najeeb?

On the contrary, the JNU administration is stooping to the lowest levels by repeatedly issuing show-cause notices and threat letters to students involved in the movement for Najeeb.

Grave Acts of Omissions and Commissions by the Delhi Police

The Delhi police did not allow Najeeb’s mother to mention the incident of assault on Najeeb in her FIR (which now stands as a simple FIR of kidnapping, against unknown persons).

Further, the Delhi Police did not undertake immediate and mandatory steps like -tracking vehicle entry records particularly all auto rickshaws that plied into JNU, tracking CCTV footages in Metro stations and of course, ignored immediate search in the forest areas of JNU with sniffer dogs. Search in forest areas was done only weeks later and that too after students’ protest.

The JNUSU and other eyewitnesses also filed a police complaint naming the persons who assaulted and threatened Najeeb. But it is utterly appalling that the assaulters named in the complaint have still not seriously interrogated nor have their call records been investigated so far. All these omissions and commissions by Delhi Police gravely compromised vital clues and damaged the search and investigation process.

On the contrary, Delhi Police marshalled all its forces to unleash repression Najeeb’s mother, family members and student protestors demanding accountability from the Delhi Police. 

And now, following massive protests during last week, the Delhi Police is churning out misleading media feeds, simply to divert attention from its own omissions and commissions.

A student from a minority community goes missing from the university, his assaulters roam scot free and the university administration – police – ruling government remain mute spectators. Yesterday it was Rohith Vemula pushed to suicide, then it was JNU students charged with ‘sedition’ and jailed, today it is Najeeb, tomorrow it may be any of us. From HCU, BHU, DU to JNU, everywhere the same pattern is emerging- the RSS-ABVP goons under full patronage of university administrations and the BJP government get away with each and every vicious attack across campuses, and Dalits, minorities and dissenting voices are intimidated, harassed and even institutionally murdered. The government of the day has waged a war on campuses and on all marginalized sections and dissenting voices across the country.

This is the time to fight back! We must unitedly resist Modi government’s war on the dignity and security of the oppressed people, on student-youth, on universities. JNUSU and national level Students’ Organisations- AISA, AISF, AIDSO, AISB, AIRSO, CYSS, Chhatra JD (U),  NSUI, SFI, Socialist Yuvjan Sabha, SIO- have come together to organise Country-wide Protests for Justice for Najeeb. On 15th November marking One Month of Najeeb’s Disappearance, we appeal to you participate in the united call of “Chalo JNU” March and Solidarity meeting at JNU.

Demanding Justice for Najeeb!

Against JNU VC’s Total Abdication of Institutional Responsibility Towards Najeeb!

Against Continuing Political Protection to the Assaulters of Najeeb!

Against Delhi Police’s Grave Lapses and Misleading Media Feeds in the Search for Najeeb!

15 Nov: Marking One Month of Najeeb’s Disappearance

Join ‘Chalo JNU’

United March Culminating in a Solidarity Protest Meeting

15 Nov- Assemble at Ganga Dhaba-at 3.00pm

Mohit, President, JNUSU  Amal, VP, JNUSU  Satarupa, Gen. Secy, JNUSU  Tabrez, Jt.Secy, JNUSU

3 thoughts on “Appeal to Join “JNU Chalo” on 15 Nov Marking One Month of Najeeb’s Disappearance: JNUSU”

  1. At the top we read “Najee’s Disappearance”. Surely you can get the young man’s name right.


  2. Could you please spell Najeeb’s name responsibly. In addition to giving a celebratory tune to it.



  3. Like many of the central independent institutes the JNU has surrendered lock, stock and barrel tone obscurantist authority if the government . That itself is alarming and shameful that a premier institute has become a tutelage of anti-intellectual ethos, but it augury ill for the thinking traditions of the community.


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