JNUTA Statement on JNU VC’s ‘Tank’ Talk

Following the bizarre idea, earlier mooted by retired army officials, now taken up by the Vice Chancellor of JNU, to install a tank on university campus, ostensibly to instill nationalism in the university community, the JNUTA has issued the following statement:

The JNUTA is amused by the JNU VC’s earnest desire that a tank be rolled onto JNU campus. It is surprising that Prof. Jagadesh Kumar can only be inspired to patriotism upon beholding instruments of war. This seems to be only a personal affliction, since the rest of the JNU community does not need these visual aids to feel love and concern for this land, its environment and all its peoples, whether in the armed services or elsewhere.

The JNUTA also hopes that the JNU VC will understand that developing what he believes is the correct affective attachment towards the Indian Army is not part of his job description. JNU cannot be made into a theatre of war. His statutory role is one of “maintaining and promoting the efficiency and good order of the University” and of upholding the JNU Act and Statutes. The full statement can be read here.

3 thoughts on “JNUTA Statement on JNU VC’s ‘Tank’ Talk”

  1. Height of absurdity. Please don’t let this happen. So totally unnecessary. Why not display beautiful works of art?


  2. How old is Prof. Jagadesh Kumar? I mean – errrrr – he is supposed to be an educated adult! Or?


  3. VC’s statement is promoting fascist tendencies of the rulers. His opinion implies that universities are ‘ war zones rather than learning centres. Instead of encouraging ‘ debate and discussion war’ of ideology, he is advocating ‘ tank war’ of trampling expression


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