5 thoughts on “Alvida, Girish Karnad, we promise to keep up the fight for India”

  1. The death of a good person is a reason to be sad: but death is a natural phenomenon which must be accepted. In the India of today, good people who die are unlikely to be succeeded by younger people who share the same ideals. The present political dispensation has shown itself incapable of producing people who can be called “good”.


  2. Very very sad to read about Girish Karnad’s passing away-an irreparable loss to the cultural and literary world. A man of great courage, who was willing to speak up for what he believed in.


  3. Janaki Nair and I represented his many admirers in JNU. Truly what they call a Renaissance man: a mathematician, a historian, a polyglot of languages,a story teller, a playwright and also an actor and film director. Above all a public intellectual who was prepared to attend rallies and dharnas. His last public appearance was at a memorial seminar for Gauri Lankesh, which he attended with his oxygen tank, bearing a placard on his neck that said “Urban Naxal”.


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