Another International Statement Condemning State Violence Against Students of JMI and AMU

Support for the students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University is continuously pouring in from different of the world as people watch the horrors perpetrated by the Indian police on unarmed, peacefully protesting students. The following is yet another of an international statements of support.

We, the undersigned, condemn the recent spate of state violence unleashed against students of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) by the ruling BJP government. We are students studying in various universities and educational institutions outside of India, and are extremely appalled to see the brazen attack on the democratic rights of students across universities in India. Students of JMI and AMU have been protesting against the discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA), which enforces a highly selective citizenship criteria based on faith that excludes Muslims and effectively reduces the status of millions of Muslims in India to ‘illegal migrants’. The police have shown zero restraint in their attempt to suppress the agitations and it is clear that the students are violently targeted because of their Muslim identity.

On Sunday, the Delhi police forcibly entered the JMI campus and started arbitrarily attacking students and the staff. Students were dragged out of their hostels and mosques, where they had taken shelter to escape being hit by tear gas, and mercilessly beaten up by the police. There are videos where the police are seen to be committing acts of vandalism such as torching buses in an attempt to pin the blame on the students for the ensuing violence. Around 31 students have been grievously injured in the clashes and 11 students are hospitalized. The police have also unlawfully detained more than 50 students. The entire incident of police brutality was unequivocally condemned by the Vice Chancellor of JMI, Najma Akhtar who has expressed solidarity with the students.

Aligarh Muslim University has been under siege by paramilitary forces. More than 200 students have been detained by the police on the dubious grounds of being ‘anti-social’ elements. Around 60 students have been injured in the brutal police crackdown. Internet services have been blocked in Aligarh and hostels are being evacuated by the university administration. Videos shared on social media websites show the paramilitary beating the students with batons and using rubber bullets and tear gas to suppress their protests. There are also reports of the cops thrashing motor bikes and student residences being set on fire. To discredit the student agitations right wing groups have resorted to spreading malicious lies and misinformation. Amit Malviya, head of the BJP National Information and Technology operations, tweeted doctored videos stating that AMU students raised ‘a clarion call’ for ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Hindus— a baseless rumour spread with the deliberate intent of inciting communal tensions.

The on-going student agitations reveal the stubborn refusal of the Modi government to abide by principles of social justice enshrined in the Constitution of India. The JNU protests against fee hikes have also exposed the attempts by the government to deny students coming from deprived backgrounds access to higher education. The CAA, along with the National Register of Citizens, is an unprecedented move by the Modi government to marginalize millions of Muslims by rendering them stateless. It is an instrument to create a Hindu majoritarian state and has caused communal polarization and unrest across the country, particularly in the North-Eastern region of India. Police moved into Guwahati and Bishop Cotton universities and were holding the students hostage by beating up those who were attempting to step out. With indiscriminate use of violence and militarization of campuses, the Modi government has turned universities from spaces of learning into deadly war zones.

We, therefore, demand immediate and unconditional release of all the students detained by the police. We, further, demand removal of police personnel and the paramilitary from the university spaces and urge the government to constitute an independent inquiry into the incidents of police excess against the students. Students across the country are standing up in solidarity with JMI and AMU–these include students from IIT-Madras, IIT-Bombay, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Delhi University and many others. We add our voice in support and stand in solidarity with all those students who are speaking up against police brutality and state repression.


Name Affiliation Remarks in solidarity (optional)
KomalMohite McGill University
Adhitya Dhanapal Princeton University
Somak Biswas University of Warwick, UK
Jessica Rose PhD Candidate, History and Classical Studies, McGill University, Canada
Dr.Myka Tucker-Abramson University of Warwick
Sohini Chattopadhyay Columbia University
Guido van Meersbergen University of Warwick
Esther Guillen McGill University
Julia Grummitt Princeton University
Neel Thakkar Princeton University
Brian Rogers Princeton University
Michael McGovern Princeton University The targeting of Muslim students is an affront to human rights and academic values; this must end, and the police responsible should be investigated.
Elena Telles Ryan Princeton University
ShivaniShedde Princeton University
Courtney Barter-Colcord Princeton University
Brian Wright Princeton University
Max Grear Columbia University Department of Anthropology
Gaurav C Garg New York University
Meher Ali Princeton University
J. Daniel Luther London School of Economics
Martin Giraldo McGill University
Kiersten van Vliet McGill University
Aquib Jahangir McGill University Immediate reslease of the students, Unethical of the government to do that
Harsh Columbia University
Aparna Priyadarshi SIPA Thanks for putting this together and fighting Modi and his fascist regime. Azaadi.
Hannah Ayres University of Warwick
Karim Malak Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies, Columbia University
Riri McGill university
Sirisha Naidu Univ of Missouri – Kansas City
Jiya Pandya Princeton University
Pranjali Singh Phd student at University of Warwick Totally condemn such suppression live acts endangering civilian life and democratic dissent
Skyler Gordon Princeton University In Peace, Love, and Solidarity
AnkushBhuyan Columbia University
Anne Gerritsen Professor, University of Warwick
Rob Konkel Princeton University
Jane Manners Columbia Law School
Nisha Kapoor University of Warwick
Vanessa Chishti O.P. Jindal Global University
Rahul Bhatnagar IIT Guwahati, 2013 We need to take a stand now. Before the govt tries to sell us more “Hindu-Muslim snakeoil” through additional political masterstrokes. Or else, they’ll keep coming – the CAA, NRC, UCC, Population Control Bill – and distracting us from jobs, women safety and hunger. #basModijiBas
Matthew Allen University of Warwick (UK)
AshwiniSachindran NA
Tara Suri Princeton
Loren Balhorn Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
Martín Mosquera DemocraciaSocialista (Argentina)
Rishma Johal PhD Student
Ismael Medkouri Princeton University
Blake Grindon Princeton University, Graduate Student
ShamaAbbasi O. P. Jindal Global University The nation as we knew it is crumbling, if we don’t act now, bigoted power hungry men will change it beyond recognition. We may then have no option but to flew our homeland! So let’s act now!
Fannie Dionne McGill
Pradyumna Anil Purohit O.P.JGU
Srinjoy Sarkar OP JIndal Global University Down with discriminatory CAA.
Wing So University of Oxford
Anup Gampa NYU Shanghai
Maxhar None Secularism
Aditya Verma Jindal Global Law School
Mahima Sharma law student
Ritwik Ranjan NYU
Hemanth Nikhil Karnati Student
Goldie Osuri University of Warwick
Anurag Mittal Ba Economics UGC
Pranav Jindal Global Law School
Parth Parikh Jindal Global Law School
LavanyaGautam A responsible citizen of India
Saher Husain Jindal Global Law School
Nehaol Sri L V Jindal global University
Iditri Mahajan Student
Milind Sharma OP Jindal University the government and the prime minister are trying to send a message of maintaining peace but they are the ones who are responsible for the systemic state violence. we must protest and do whatever we can in our individual capacity to resist this propoganda
Urvi Desai McGill University
Jason Lewis Portland State University
HarshitaYalamarty York University, Tkaronto (Canada)
Ankit Sharma University of California, Santa Cruz Always and Forever in Solidarity!
SahilSaksena RN PODAR SCHOOL Are we seriously playing Hindus vs Muslims again ? Grow up. Your god’s don’t care what tag their creations have.
Ayushi Saxena Working professional
Reuben Rouse Student
Ibrahim Karaaslan Istanbul University
RittyLukose New York University
Jayshree Borah Shanghai International Studies University
ShrikantBotre University of Warwick
GitanjaliSurendran Jindal Global Law School
Saika Sabir OP Jindal Global University
Owais Hussain Affiliated because I’m an Indian
Ashwin Mishra Jindal Global Law School
Samantha Agarwal Johns Hopkins University
NandiniDey Johns Hopkins University
AineeFarooqui University of Delhi
Shourjendra Mukherjee University of Michigan
Saumyashree Ghosh Princeton University
Matthijs King LSE Student
fiona berg freieuniversität berlin
Laura Schwartz Associate Professor of Modern British History, University of Warwick, UK
Andrea Negrete University of Virginia Solidarity from Charlottesville
Martin Schauss University of Warwick
Sanoussi Malam Saidou Partners Nous sommessolidaire avec le mouvement
Anushka Ravishankar None State violence is the worst kind of violence.
Sweta Dutta Delhi University
Khushman Patel Working Professional
Sayoni Basu Unaffiliated
Tom van Amstel The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Andrew RN University of Warwick
Erum Dahar SOAS
Mekhola Gomes University of Toronto Mississauga
Shruti Mukherjee SUNY Stony Brook In solidarity with students protesting CAA
Deepthi Murali University of Illinois at Chicago
Shruti  Kalyanaraman York University, Toronto
Bianca Kapur Student Down with BJP, Down with Fascists
Amith Gupta Individual
Shloka Kamath Wellesley College
Arya Mehta Utrecht University The Modi regime has proved to be fascist and unconstitutional, and I would like to show my solidarity to the students of Jamia and AMU, the people of Kashmir and Assam. The actions sanctioned by Modi have gone against everything the constitution stands for.
Archisman Chaudhuri McGill University
Matteo Mazzamurro University of Warwick
ShehrbanoNiazi Student in Faculty of Arts (McGill University)
Warren Montag Occidental College, USA
Hannah Stamler Graduate Student, Princeton University
Tuhin Bhattacharjee New York University
Pooja Ramamurthi Princeton University
Aleza Waheed McGill University I stand in solidarity with the students who have faced brutality and state repression for refusing to allow the continued neglect of India’s constitutional values
Aliya Ram Princeton University
Sarandha Jain Columbia University
Paulina Pineda Graduate Student Princeton University
SwanilChoksi University of Warwick
Eden Davita Shankar Indian student, studying abroad
Marie Sanazaro Princeton University
Dimitry Ricard Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany
Ananya Anupam University of Waterloo
Aradhana McGill University, Department of History Thank you.
Julian Chehirian Princeton University
Debjanee Ganguly Assistant Prof Rammohan college CU
Mayurakshi Sen The City University of New York
Niharika Yadav Princeton University
Anushri Student
Dr KatjaLaug University of Warwick
SreerekhaSathi ISS, The Hague, Netherlands Fight Brahmanical Rule and save India!
Silpa Mukherjee University of Pittsburgh
Trishit Banerjee Tohoku University, Japan
Iqra Nowshari Amsterdam University College Stop police brutality and free my family in Kashmir!
Vikas Gampa Harvard TH Chan School



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