Statement Against Police Action from Students, Alumni and Faculty of IIM Calcutta

As members of the academic community in India, we the undersigned, stand in solidarity with students across the country protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens of India (NRC). Fundamentally discriminatory and unjust, CAA-NRC contradict the founding principles of the Indian Constitution and undermine international human rights conventions such as the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Act institutionalizes discrimination based on religion, besides threatening the interests of indigenous people of the North-Eastern states.

We strongly condemn the violent repression of student protests in educational institutions across India. Targeted police action against Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University and the killing of youth in Assam, contributes to deepening divisive forces in the country. The intrusion of state machinery into educational institutions destroys safe spaces for debate and discussion. Students, like any Indian citizen, have the fundamental right to peacefully protest. Such suppression of dissent undermines the very ethos of an educational institution and the secular functioning of our democracy.

We are shocked by the continued detention of peaceful protesters across the country and the imposition of Section 144. We demand that the police forces be held accountable for their brutalities and excesses. We express our solidarity with student protests across campuses and stand with all those fighting to end the injustice of the CAA and NRC.

A group of Faculty, Ex-faculty, Students and Alumni

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

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S No Name Designation
1 Sahars Kumar Student
2 Aravinth Ganesh G M Student
3 Vaibhav Gupta Student
4 Akshay K M Student
5 Devi Vijay Faculty
6 Shibin S Student
7 Anita Siyak Student
8 Paras Gala Student
9 Kaushik Singh Student
10 Kirit Ghosh Student
11 Rajasekhar Student
12 Yuva Ganesh M V Student
13 Ashwath kumar K Student
14 Bhavye Gupta Student
15 Ketan Mittal Student
16 Payal Maloo Student
17 Akash Krishnan Student
18 Rajesh Bhattacharya Faculty
19 Koduru Anusha Student
20 Priyanjit Biswas Student
21 Shruti Student
22 Kunal Student
23 Rocky Dongre Student
24 Vipin Sreekumar Student
25 Naveen Kumar Baraik Student
26 Mayank Advani Student
27 Julian Student
28 Sai Kalyan VVP Student
29 Manisha Chakrabarty Faculty
30 vikas Kumar Student
31 P Navanth kumar Student
32 Medha Gupta Student
33 Varun Krishna R Student
34 Naveen Kumar Singh Student
35 Anindya Ganguly Student
36 Anshul Yadav Student
37 Rituraj Student
38 Twinkle Bhagaria Student
39 Lakshmi S Student
40 Chanchal Verma Student
41 Allen Student
42 Ashrit Tandon Student
43 Rahul Gupta Student
44 Divya Student
45 Aradhana Gogoi Student
46 Ujjwal Kango Student
47 Mansan Kharumnuid Student
48 Ronit Nadar Student
49 Sweta Birdika Student
50 Saiteja Chinta Student
51 Ria Mishra Student
52 Siddharth Goel Student
53 Anupam Lama Student
54 Saurabh Shinde Student
55 Ozaswita Saikia Student
56 Neha Kancharla Student
57 Aditya Rajan Tigga Student
58 Vijay Usurumarthi Student
59 Shaik Abdul Gaffoor Student
60 Asha Sasikumar Alumni
61 Vijit Sonawane Alumni
62 Arjun P Student
63 Karthik Ramesh Alumni
64 Sevya Sethuraman Student
65 Ruchir Gupta Alumni
66 Shubham Priyadarshi Student
67 Steve Thomas Alumni
68 Manjari Sharma Alumni
69 ANUP SINHA Former Professor
70 Pallavi singh Student
71 Prasanth Alumni
72 Danish Afroz Alumni
73 Ankit Garg Alumni
74 Bharat Lodha Alumni
75 Aavpreet Kaur Alumni
76 Harsh Verma Alumni
77 Arijeet Kumar Nag Student
78 Ashish Kumar Student
79 Shahrukh Moin Khan Alumni
80 Shashant Shekhar Alumni
81 Saikat Mondal Alumni
82 Neharika Nawapet Alumni
83 Suneeth S Alumni
84 Aravind A N Alumni
85 Swathi Krishna Student
86 Fahad Moideen Alumni
87 Shamal S. Manzoor Alumni
88 Kashmiri Deury Alumni
89 Anam Zubair Alumni
90 Saad Ahmad Alumni
91 G Shiva Shankar Alumni
92 Bharat Jain Alumni
93 Shravan Mundra Student
94 Ajay Bhargavan Alumni
95 Neil Dmello Student
96 Vineet N.R. Alumni
97 Neenu Sunder Alumni
98 Rajesh kumar Alumni
99 Preeti Student
100 Surya Bichala Alumni
101 Ambuj Agrawal Student
102 Prasoon Chaturvedi Student
103 Vikas Pratihar Student
104 Suneet Kumbhat Alumni
105 Tanvi Pednekar Alumni
106 Vamsi Krishna Alumni
107 Siddhant Singh Alumni
108 Biju Paul Abraham Faculty
109 Partha Ray Faculty
110 Harsh Ranjan Student
111 Pushapjeet Singh Student
112 Salman Faizi Alumni
113 Harikrishnan Alumni
114 Amit Hooda Alumni
115 Vandana Student
116 Ihab Mohammed Alumni
117 Ankita Ola Alumni
118 Ganga Ramachandran Alumni
119 Sourav Bhattacharya Faculty
120 Swathysree S S Student
121 Titir Bhattacharya Student
122 Vidyanand Jha Faculty
123 Priyanshu Student
124 Sushma K Alumni
125 Aman Mehta Student
126 Anand Nayak Student
127 Akanksha Sethi Alumni
128 Kumar Saurabh Alumni
129 Sumanth Donthi Alumni
130 Jaskirat Singh Alumni
131 p.vidya sagar reddy Alumni
132 Delcy James Alumni
133 Soumyadipta Dhal Alumni
134 Shalini Gupta Student
135 Dhruv Bhandula Alumni
136 Ashish Takpere Alumni
137 Tanjul Raniwala Alumni
138 Kranthi Nanduri Student
139 Adityabarna Pal Alumni
140 Aayush Goel Alumni
141 Bharat Bheesetti Alumni
142 Ankita Singh Alumni
143 Akram Ali Mohammad Alumni
144 Amit Saurabh Former Student
145 Arnav Grover Alumni
146 Charmi Alumni
147 Vijay Kumar Dhurway Student
148 Ankita Kumari Student
149 Jay Agrawal Alumni
150 Maaz Khan Alumni
151 Athar nawaz khan Student
152 Arpit Srivastava Alumni
153 Karthikeyan B Student
154 Varun Lohia Alumni
155 Sarath Sontam Alumni
156 Bhavana Surapaneni Alumni
157 Srishti Mishra Alumni
158 Kartik Balasubramaniam Alumni
159 Vipin Alumni
160 aayush agarwal Alumni
161 Hrishikesh Kulkarni Alumni
162 Keerthi Alumni
163 Nikhil Alphonse Alumni
164 Neeraj Patidar Alumni
165 Harshit Agrawal Alumni
166 Ankhi Roy Alumni
167 Ganesh Kokkula Alumni
168 Prathmesh Gothankar Alumni
169 Pooja Modh Student
170 Mritiunjoy Mohanty Faculty
171 Abhijith Remanan Alumni
172 Manish Thakur Faculty
173 Gursimran Singh Madan Alumni
174 Runa Sarkar Faculty
175 Sireesha Nambigari Alumni
176 Kshitij Onkar Alumni
177 Sebastian Schwecke Faculty
178 Tanika Chakraborty Faculty
178 Abhishek Student
179 Debashish Bhattacherjee Faculty
180 Vivek Thirunethiran Alumni
181 Parthapratim Pal Faculty
182 anuj goyal Student
183 Annapurna Shaw Ex-Faculty
184 Arpit Agrawal Student
185 V.Sesharathna Krishna Student
186 Saloni Priya Student
187 Pranay Sharma Student
188 Sherin V S Alumni
189 Priya Rachel DAVID Student
190 Anushka Student
191 Sarang Babu Alumni
192 Haritha Unnikrishnan Student
194 Rushil Sablania Alumni
195 P Pratham Student
196 Anjali Rajan Student
197 Preetam Basu Faculty
198 Shalini Student
199 Vishal Dahiya Alumni
200 Tarun Dasaraj Centhamil Alumni
201 Prabal Tirkey Alumni
202 Ankita Guptaroy Student
203 Priyanka Vijayakumar Alumni
204 Shivangi Gupta Student
205 Shashikanta K Student
206 Shahbaz Akbani Alumni
207 Surya Nischal Gonnabhaktula Alumni
208 Vrishank Pal Alumni
209 Priya Seetharaman Alumni
210 Pratham Mani Student
211 Rupesh Ranjan Majhi Alumni
212 Deepak Bhutapati Alumni
213 Jayaditya Sirasani Alumni
214 Deepesh Punetha Alumni
215 Pravin Kumar Alumni
217 Sushil Khanna Ex-Faculty
218 Siddharth Arya Student
219 Upendra Upinerthi Alumni
220 Saransh Saxena Alumni
221 Somya Gupta Student
222 Vibhav Tungar Alumni
223 Raghabendra Chattopadhyay Ex-Faculty
224 Palash Deb Faculty
225 Soumyen Sikdar Faculty
226 Meet Alumni
227 Oishee Dutta Student
228 Ramit Gupta Alumni
229 Abhishek Sundar Alumni
230 Sudeep J Teli Alumni
231 Pradeep Kavangal Alumni
232 Aman Besara Student
233 Yoganand P Alumni
234 Ifrah Shaikh Alumni
235 Joy Kispotta Student
236 Stuti Verma Alumni
237 Anup Thoolkar Alumni
238 Madhur Makkar Student
239 Sarthak Goswami Student
240 Soumyakanti Chakraborty Faculty
241 Abhishek Alumni
242 Bodhyraj P Alumni
243 Soumyadeep Mazumder Student
244 Silky Mittal Alumni
245 Aman Narang Alumni
246 Saleha Khan Alumni
247 Nirdesh Kumar Student
248 Vivek Shivashankar Alumni
249 Himanshu Geed Alumni
250 Amar Sesma Alumni
251 Bhaskar Chakrabarti Faculty
252 Rahul Roy Faculty
253 Aastha Munjal Alumni



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