MIGRANT WORKERS’ RESISTANCE MAP: Migrant Workers Solidarity Network

The Migrant Workers Solidarity Network has documented migrant workers’ resistance across India in an interactive map. Below is a screen-shot of the map.

For the interactive map, visit the MWSN site.

From the MWSN site:

The COVID-19 crisis in India has made the migrant workers visible in public discourse. But the dominant narratives have made them visible as subjects of compassion, as perpetual victims seeking help of others and not as active makers of our society, not as rightful citizens, not as resisting political subjects who can challenge the oppressive conditions surrounding them.

The ‘Migrant Workers’ Resistance Map’ is an attempt to document acts of resistance by migrant workers since the beginning of the lockdown. Within our limited human and technical capacity, we have collated information and designed this map. While we launch the map, we acknowledge that it is far from giving a fully representative picture of the nature and spread of migrant workers protests both geographically and temporally and the possibility of bias in collecting information and understanding what qualifies as ‘resistance’. Let us collaborate.

Add new information of resistance to the map: Fill this form.

Also, for any comments, suggestions, technical or otherwise, send us an email at migrantresistance.mwsn@gmail.com or contact +91 9445419894

5 thoughts on “MIGRANT WORKERS’ RESISTANCE MAP: Migrant Workers Solidarity Network”

  1. Before the lockdown announcement PM should be allowed and support the trave for all labours. But I was not happened. Very depressing and disturbing situation large number of death fr accidents. Croroes labour going by walk many hundred of kilometers. This govt its failure to protects the poor, farmers,labour and small business.


  2. We have been unemployed for the last three months of lockdown, have not received any salary! can’t even go home,no work!
    If any kind parson help us, We will be grateful.
    #Our current address: o.khalid memorial English school, east palloor,po: chokli,
    District: Mahe, Puducherry state 670672
    #our home address: is all in west bengal.
    My contact number:+917551826035


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