Are Central Universities Modern-Day Agraharams?

A caste-based society will overcome legal codes that make equality the norm unless people actively bring change.

Are Central Universities

Will we ever know the category-wise distribution of vice chancellors of the forty central universities located across the country? Thanks to the rules governing these universities, and those of the University Grants Commission, there is no such record.

This form of “castelessness” at the top is coupled with marginal representation of teachers from socially and physically marginalised sections. Be it the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes the Other Backward Classes or persons with disabilities, they are hardly ever appointed to teaching posts in central universities. A marker of the invisibilisation of these social groups is the fact that up to 96.65% of the posts of professor meant for candidates from these categories were unfilled on 1 January 2020.

This was discovered by a Delhi University teacher, who sought the information from the UGC under the Right to Information Act. More than 82% posts of professors meant for Scheduled Caste candidates, 93.98% posts meant for Scheduled Tribes and 96.65% posts meant for OBCs still remain vacant. The situation for associate professors is equally dismal, though there are fewer vacant posts of assistant professors for OBCs.

Any news can go viral these days but this explosive disclosure, which raises questions about recruitment procedures and their inherent biases was barely noticed. An explanation is that such news has lost its novelty. Perhaps everybody is aware of the metamorphosis of central universities into a new kind of Agraharam or abode of elite castes.

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3 thoughts on “Are Central Universities Modern-Day Agraharams?”

  1. Well that you have raised the topic of caste reservation system, also admit as to how many people are faking their income and caste certificates? How many are showing lesser income, just to fit into the reservation cut-off?
    Why don’t you talk about all that?

    Considering your modern approach to problem, why don’t you yourself come up with reservation free societies?


  2. Well, this pen pusher has been writing about caste and its attendant discriminations and the manner in which the so called upper/dominant castes have engaged in sabotaging the fruits of reservation reaching the real needy for more than two decades. You can as well browse the net to find out my take on it.

    My problem is with your contention of ‘reservation free societies’ – it is very loaded term. Ideally we should be able to live in a society where everybody is equal and there is no need for affirmative action of any sort but reality is different and we have to deal with discriminations based on race, caste, gender etc at various levels.

    We should strive towards such society/societies where there won’t be any need to provide special opportunities to anyone but as of now plan for the present


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