Yogi Adityanath Must Immediately Resign for his Govt. has failed to protect SC/ST women in UP: Joint Statement

The following joint statement was issues 11 organizations including the Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch and the NAPM, in Delhi today.

In the past few years the number of new cases of rape of young women have increased fourfold in Uttar Pradesh. The Yogi Adityanath’s government should take the accountability of deteriorating law and order in Uttar Pradesh which has failed to protect young girls and has not been able to provide any security to them in Uttar Pradesh. Many media houses have been questioned for mentioning the caste of the girl but one cannot not mention that it is a result of a very brutal caste based violence. Dalit women are often subjected to the most brutal violence in this country so much so that the mainstream media also does not cover it because it is not relevant for them to cover these issues. When it comes to caste based violence in India Dalit women are the most vulnerable because the violence against them are culturally and politically motivated. It is a revenge against the entire spectrum of why a woman has raised her voice, these therefore are tools to suppress her voice all together. The upper caste men often wants to teach the Dalit woman a lesson which is deterrent in nature so that other Dalit women do not challenge their authority. This is why according to reports 4 Dalit women are raped every day. In Uttar Pradesh itself that data shows that the Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribe (Prevention of atrocities), Act, 1989 has become a tool to appease the vote banks and it so far is remembered during the time of caste baste conflicts that is why the SC/ST Commission in Uttar Pradesh has been without any head for more than 8 moths while the pending application of atrocities have been piling up at the centre of a state which is home to 22 per cent of Dalits in India. In the wake of this case suddenly the Yogi government is now concerned for the SC/ST entrepreneurs, churning out new policies for them from their bag over last week. We demand that Yogi Adityanath, the CM of Uttar Pradesh should immediately resign as his government has failed to take strict actions to protect SC/ST women in his state severely.

On behalf of :  Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch (DASAM); National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM-Delhi); Institute for Democracy and Sustainability Delhi; Delhi Solidarity Group (DSG); People’s Resource Centre (PRC); Shaheri Mahila kamgaar Union; National Domestic Workers Union; Rehabilitation Research Initiative (RRI); Lok Theatre India (LTI); Community for Social Change & Development (CSCD); Sewerage or Sambandh Karmchari Manch (SSKM)

Contact: 7065721374; 9958797409; 7503189053


One thought on “Yogi Adityanath Must Immediately Resign for his Govt. has failed to protect SC/ST women in UP: Joint Statement”

  1. Sh. Narendra Modi
    Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.
    Henious crime against Kisan-Mazdoor Parivar in India.

    It is a matter of deep concerns for the Nation that heinous crime such as open suppression and oppression of Kisan Parivar; molestation, rape and killing of young daughters and lady folk of Mazdoor Parivar has become dominating in India.
    Dalit young women are being subjected to the most brutal violence in this country under your Prime Ministership. The cases of rape and thereafter killing of the victims is spiralling right under your thumb.
    Atrocities on Kisan, OBC, Dalit and Religious Minorities are swelling ever days without a comma. The gang rape of Valmiki Manisha and eventual her death is a glaring example of the freedom being granted to the perpetrators by the lax attitude of the Executive.
    The Kisan, OBC, Dalit and Religious Minorities are feeling loss of credibility in the political governing class and their governance. This class of co-sufferers is questioning – “where is justice”? An impression is being generated that justice is not being imparted by the Judiciary too.
    As you yourself hail from an OBC family, you will certainly realize the agony of this class of co-sufferers. How can you tolerate the increasing discrimination against even deceased Dalits?
    Sir, you are requested to immediately institute radical measures and steps for stopping the extremely wicked and cruel acts by the political ruling class on the humble co-sufferers.
    Jai Kisan, Jai Samvidhan, Jai Bhooshakti, Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat.

    Dalip Nim
    Social Activist


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