An open letter demanding action on the online targeting of Muslim women

A statement signed by 900 individuals and groups

We, the undersigned women’s rights groups and concerned individuals are outraged by the reprehensible targeting of Muslim women on GitHub, a free web platform, where Twitter handles, and photographs of Muslim women were uploaded with the explicit aim of directing sexualised hate and harm at these women. More than 80 women were profiled, their images were sought to be “auctioned” by soliciting users to take their pick on the “deal of the day”, on the basis of their identity and for their views. This is a conspiracy to target women by creating a database of those Muslim women journalists, professionals and students who were actively raising a voice on social media against right wing Hindutva majoritarianism. The intention is to silence their political participation.

This attempt to de-humanise and sexualise Muslim women is a systemic act of intimidation and harm. This is not the first time this has happened. Before Eid, similar cyber violence against Muslim women was organized by stealing pictures of Pakistani women from their social media handles.

This is a targeted hate campaign against Muslim women in India and abroad amounts to sexual harassment, criminal intimidation, and cyber stalking. It violates their right to privacy, which is a travelling right, and it is an act of censorship. It puts their life and liberty at risk.

This is a targeted campaign to regulate their political speech and political participation in democracy as full and equal citizens of this country. It is part of the project to push Muslim women out of public spaces, offline and online, by causing them harm and censoring their speech. Having witnessed the leadership and power of Muslim women in the anti-citizenship amendment act (CAA) movement, right wing Hindutva men have used social media as a political tool to deny Muslim women their right to lead our collective fight for secularism, peace and citizenship.

We are deeply concerned that everyday new forms of intimidation and hatred are being allowed to invent, this time through GitHub Inc., a provider of Internet hosting for software development, to normalise violence against Muslim communities.  Such use of public platforms is making the impunity for such attacks more entrenched. Twitter handles, You Tube channels and Facebook pages are routinely used to de-humanize and sexualize Muslim women. The men on these handles, channels and posts call upon majoritarian Hindutva nationalist men and mobs to abduct and rape Muslim women. These handles routinely spew pornographic abuse for both Muslim men and women and build online communities through chat boxes and posts to create violent online communities. This criminal use of social media uses openly misogynistic hate speech against minority communities and celebrates a rape culture against Muslim women targeted for their religious identity, and therefore, impacts the dignity of all women.

The use of sexualized political campaigns against women who speak against the ruling dispensation is fast becoming mainstream political culture. Such mass targeting of Muslim women in public spaces, whether online or offline, that treats them as objects in the political discourse of Hindutva is simply unacceptable. As the large number of such online hate violence surfaces, it is not abstract, this is real life for women- a violation of their human rights, an attack on the dignity, autonomy, and bodily integrity.

The undersigned express our grief and outrage to all the Muslim women harmed by this misogynistic hate campaign. We stand in solidarity with each one of these women. We pledge our support to them.

  • We condemn the political campaign of hate against them, and we demand immediate action against the culprits.
  • We demand that the internet be a safe space for women to express dissent and difference.
  • We demand that commercial portals develop policies to prevent their users from treating women as objects and de-humanizing them.
  • We demand that the cyber cell, social media platforms such as GitHUb, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and the National Commissions for Women and National Human Rights Commission must at once take prompt action against the individuals who are responsible for such acts of terror and intimidation.
  • We demand equal citizenship and political participation in offline and online spaces for Muslim women.


  1. Ghazala Jamil, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  2. Pratiksha Baxi, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  3. Navsharan Singh, independent researcher and activist
  4. Ayesha Kidwai, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  5. Kavita Krishnan, AIPWA, CPI ML Politburo member
  6. Uma Chakravarti, filmmaker and independent researcher
  7. A C Mohapatra, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.
  8. J. Jawad, advocate.
  9. Suneetha, Women and Transgender Organizations Joint Action, Hyderabad.
  10. Sivanandh, JSA.
  11. Aasha Ramesh, women’s rights researcher and activist.
  12. Abdul Rahman.
  13. Achla Sawhney.
  15. Saleem Yusuf Shaikh, Viva College of Law.
  16. Advocate Mohamed Yusuff, Nchro.
  17. Afiullah Saiyed, student.
  18. Afreen Ali, social worker.
  19. Afroz Lateef, IMRC
  20. Aftab Ahmad.
  21. Ahmed, AMP.
  22. Ahmed Hussain.
  23. Aiman Khan, Innocence Network India.
  24. Aisha Intesar, student.
  25. Aisha Mahmood Farooqui, Hyderabad Muslim Women’s Forum.
  26. Ajitha G S, editor.
  27. Ajmal, freelance journalist.
  28. AL ZUTSI, JVP.
  29. Alaka Basu, Cornell University.
  30. Alamu R, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  31. Alayka Aftab, student.
  33. Alishah, Delhi Institute of Heritage Management and Research
  34. Alok Sheel.
  35. Amar Kumar, App based driver.
  36. Amir Khan.
  37. Amita Joseph, advocate.
  38. Ammu Abraham, Forum Against Oppression of Women.
  39. Amna Singh, Pratham Books.
  40. Amreen Deshmukh, IIMSR Badnapur Jalna.
  41. Amrin Syed.
  42. Amrita, Harpercollins.
  46. Amrita Shodhan, SOAS, University of London.
  47. Amrota, publishing.
  48. Ana Maldonado, Ascirne
  49. Anagha Pradeep, JNUSU Representative, GSCASH.
  50. Anamika Mishra, CSO Support Cell
  51. Anand Kumar, Society for Communal Harmony
  52. Ananya Iyer.
  53. Angbin Yasmin, Assistant Prof. Jamia Hamdard.
  54. ANINDITA DATTA, University of Delhi.
  55. Anita Mazumdar.
  56. Anja Kovacs.
  57. Anjal Lele, travel consultant.
  58. Anjali Bhardwaj, SNS
  59. Anjali Mehta, Justice Seekers Group
  60. Anjali Monteiro, retired filmmaker and academic.
  61. Anjum Afroz.
  62. Ankal Bhardwaj, SNS.
  63. Ankur Tyagi, Cpi
  64. Ankush Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  65. Anna C. P.
  66. Anna Philipose.
  67. Anna Tharyan.
  68. Annie Mathai.
  69. Annie Raja, NFIW.
  70. Antara Dev Sen, journalist.
  71. Anuradha Banerji, Saheli
  72. Anuradha Kalhan, independent researcher
  73. Anuradha Kapoor, feminist activist
  74. Anuradha Marwah, Zhdc, University of Delhi
  75. Anurag Chaturvedi, freelance journalist.
  76. Anushree Jairath, feminist researcher
  77. Anuvinda Varkey.
  78. Anwar Ali, Reclaim Our Republic
  79. Aparna Br,
  80. Apeksha Vora.
  81. Apoorva Yarabahally, student.
  82. Aquila Khan.
  83. Archana, Makaam
  84. Archana Kaul, Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha.
  85. Archana Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  86. Archana Sharma, Gauhati University.
  87. Archanaa Seker, Vettiver Collective, Chennai.
  88. Areet Kaur.
  89. Arif Mohammad, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  90. Arman Alnasar, engineer.
  91. Arpita Das, Yoda Press.
  92. Arshie, Mehram.
  93. Arshiya Sethi, independent scholar.
  94. Arun Kumar Sutaria.
  95. Aruna Burte.
  96. Arundhati Dhuru,
  97. Asha Achuthan,
  98. Asha Balachandran.
  99. Asha Sharma, AIDWA Delhi.
  100. Ashfia Usmani,
  101. Ashima Roy Chowdhury, Saheli Women’s Resource Center, New Delhi.
  102. Ashish Maharishi, journalist.
  103. Ashok Lal.
  104. Ashok Maridas, Listening Post.
  105. Ashraf Khan, University of Massachusetts Medical School.
  106. Ashwani Bakshi, Indian Association of Lawyers.
  107. Ashwitha Jayakumar, writer & editor.
  108. Asim Khan.
  109. Asjad Khan, Aaadfw.
  110. Askari Zaidi, journalist.
  111. Aslam Isak Bagwan, Incredible Social Worker Group.
  112. Asma, academic, Hyderabad.
  113. Asma Mirza, social worker.
  114. Asma Pasha, advocate.
  115. Atia Rabbi, AN Noor Lucifer Public School.
  116. Atif Hussain, IIT Kanpur.
  117. Atif Jung, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  118. Atika Gupta, brand communication consultant.
  119. Atul Sahasrabuddhe.
  120. Atul Sood, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  121. Avinash Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  122. Avinash Sharma, advocate.
  123. Ayesha Samah, student.
  124. Azam, International Transport Workers’ Federation.
  125. Azra Siddiqui.
  126. B S Ajeetha, advocate.
  127. Bader Sayeed, lawyer. and Founder President, Roshni NGO.
  128. Balbir Singh Butola, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  129. Bandla Srinivas.
  130. Basanta, Tulika Books.
  131. Bharti Ali, Haq: Centre for Child Rights.
  132. Bhaswati Chakravorty, independent researcher.
  133. Bhavna Ramrakhiani, Sarkhej Roza Crafts & Women’s Collective.
  134. Bijal Vachharajani, author.
  135. Bindhulakshmi, TISS Mumbai.
  136. Binu Horn, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  137. Bipin Kumar, NGO MP.
  138. Bittu Kr, WSS.
  139. Brinda, student, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  140. Brinda Adige.
  141. Brinelle D’souza, TISS, JSA-Mumbai.
  142. Bushra Karim, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  143. C Chandran, IAS (retd.).
  144. C Saratchand, Satyawati College, University of Delhi.
  145. Carole Paul.
  146. Prameela, AIMSS.
  147. Chaman Lal, Retd Professor Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  148. Chanda Asani, political socials activist.
  149. Chandan Mukherjee, Ambedkar University Delhi (retd.)
  150. Chandrasekhar Tibrewal.
  151. Charu Gargi, Ex. TISS.
  152. Chayanika Shah, Forum Against Oppression of Women, Mumbai .
  153. Chetan Anand, TISS, Mumbai.
  154. Chhabi Mohanty, General Secretary AIMSS.
  155. Chhaya Datar, TISS.
  156. Chirashree Das Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  157. Clifton D’ Rozario, All India Lawyers Association for Justice.
  158. Darshana Mitra, advocate.
  159. Daud Arif, communication specialist.
  160. Daya Ram, civil rights activist.
  161. Deepa Vasudevan, Managing Trustee, Sahayatrika.
  162. Deepak, Young Farmer’s Movement.
  163. Deepak Sanan, retired civil servant.
  164. Deepika Bhardwaj, Alternative Justice.
  165. Deepika Joshi, JSA.
  166. Deepthi Talwar.
  167. Deepti, NFIW Delhi State.
  168. Deshdeep Dhankhar, Anhad.
  169. Devanik Saha, Institute of Development Studies.
  170. Dhananjay,
  171. Dharam Singh, Haryana Gyan Vigyan Samiti Haryana.
  172. Dheeraj Singh.
  173. Dhwani, Blue Orb Foundation.
  174. Dimple Oberoi Vahali, independent activist.
  175. Dipa Sinha, Ambedkar University Delhi.
  176. Dipta Bhog, independent researcher.
  177. Divya, University of Allahabad.
  178. Divya Balagopal, advocate.
  179. Divya Sharma, AIRF.
  180. Dolphy Dsouza, Police Reforms Watch
  181. Done K L Sharma, Rajasthan University faculty (retd.).
  182. Dr Ajita Rao, WSS
  183. Dr Anjum, Hang The Culprit
  184. Dr Haris, Covid Hospital, Delhi.
  185. Dr Kishwar Ahmed Shirali, Associate Professor HPU (retd.)
  186. Jagori Sidhbari, HP
  187. Dr Maherunnisa Desai.
  188. Dr Mira Shiva, public health physician.
  189. Dr Mohd Arshad, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  190. Dr Mohd Yusoof, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  191. Dr Nirmalya Mohapatra, Abvims and doctor RML Hospital.
  192. Dr Nuzhat Husain, RMLIMS, Lucknow.
  193. Dr Raj Kumar, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Hospital, Delhi
  194. Dr Sana Ghazi, independent scholar.
  195. Dr Shaista Yusuf, NGO Mahfilenisa Bangalore.
  196. Dr Shobha Shinde, KBC North Maharashtra University.
  197. Dr Subhan Khan, Mewat Development Society.
  198. Dr Sujata Jha, Fatima Degree College.
  199. CBS Venkataramana, doctor.
  200. Gulrukh Khan, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  201. Nidhi Trehan, Friends of India, Texas.
  202. Shahnawaz Alam, Ganpat Sahay PG College Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh.
  203. Sumera Ahmed, Apollo Hospitals.
  204. Suraiya Tabassum, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  205. Sylvia Karpagam, public health doctor.
  206. Vincent Ekka, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.
  207. Suhas Kolhekar, NAPM.
  208. Drishti Goyal.
  209. Dyuti A, University of Sussex.
  210. Elizabeth Alexander.
  211. Elizabeth Seshadri, lawyer.
  212. Ena Zafar, Dasam.
  213. Eram, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  214. Eram Agha, CNN News 18
  215. Eshaan Sharma, Cambridge School.
  216. Faiza Rehman.
  217. Faizah Akmal.
  218. Farah Afraz.
  219. Farah Batool.
  220. Farah Farooqi, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  221. Farah Salman Husain.
  222. Faraz Hasan.
  223. Farheen Naaz, Wethechange.
  224. Faria Ansari.
  225. Farid, AISF
  226. Fariha Tariq.
  227. Farrah Naseem Ahmad.
  228. Fauzia Hasan, School in UAE
  229. Feroze Mithiborwala, Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy
  230. Firdous Azmat Siddiqui, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  231. Firoza Khan, filmmaker.
  232. Fouziah Haroon, Jamia Millia Islamia.
  233. Fuzail A Rizvi.
  234. Gabriele Dietrich, Pennurimai Iyakkam.
  235. Garima Syal.
  236. Gauri Thampi, lawyer.
  237. Gazaal Cazi.
  238. Geeta K.
  239. Geeta Ramaseshan, advocate.
  240. Ghazala Afshan.
  241. Ghazala Imam, Secretary Umeed Academy
  242. Gita, University of Delhi.
  243. Githa Hariharan, Indian Cultural Forum.
  244. Gopika Solanki, Carleton University.
  245. Govind Kelkar.
  246. Greeshma Gireesh.
  247. Gurjot Singh, advocate.
  248. Gurpreet Kaur, researcher.
  249. Gyan Prakash, Princeton University.
  250. Habeeb Alwi, AMCO.
  251. Hanan Alshekar.
  252. Harendra Singh, Retiree
  253. Harinder Pal Singh Ishar, advocate.
  254. Harish Chandra.
  255. Harjit Singh, Retired Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  256. Harsh Mander, rights worker and writer.
  257. Hasina Khan, Bebaak Collective
  258. Hate Speech Beda, Campaign Against Hate Speech
  259. Himanjali Sankar, publisher.
  260. Hiren Gandhi, Darshan.
  261. Homa Kausar, National Vice President Campus Front of India.
  262. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh, San Diego State University.
  263. Huma Khan.
  264. Humayin Rashid, Indian American Muslim Council.
  265. Humra, Kalka Public School.
  266. Ibtesam Fatma, Ledby
  267. Iftikhar Ahmed.
  268. Imran Siddiqui, IT professional
  269. Inamdar SM.
  270. Indira C.
  271. Indu Chandrasekhar, Tulika Books.
  272. Indu Prakash Singh, Citymakers Mission International.
  273. Iqbal Khan, Canada Against Oppression and Persecution.
  274. Ishita Mukherjee, AIDWA.
  275. Jacquiline Singh, independent
  276. Jagdeep Chhokar, Professor ().
  277. Jagmohan Singh, Association for Democratic Rights (Punjab).
  278. Jahnavee Barkakati, School Teacher/
  279. Jahnvi Andharia, Institute of Social Studies Trust.
  280. Janaki Abraham.
  281. Jaskiran Kaur Mathur, St. Francis College
  282. Javed Khan, advocate, Saket Court, Delhi
  283. Jay, MSU, Baroda
  284. Jaya Singh.
  285. Jayapriya Vasudevan, Books@Jacaranda.
  286. Jayasree Subramanian,
  287. Jayati Ghosh, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Usa
  288. Jayesh Chakravarthi.
  289. Jeevika Shiv, lawyer.
  290. Jinat Rehena Islam, Femimism Dot Comm
  291. Jinee Lokaneeta, Professor, Drew University
  292. Jitender, Nazariya Qfrg
  293. Jo Krishnakumar, Soas, University of London
  294. Joby Joseph, University of Hyderabad
  295. Johanna Lokhande.
  296. Joti Sekhon.
  297. Junaid Imtiaz, Canada Againt Oppression and Prosecution
  298. Juveria Ahmed.
  299. Jyoti Francis, AIDWA
  300. Jyoti Iyer, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  301. Jyoti Kumari, Iaws
  302. Jyotirmayee Mishra.
  303. Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya.
  304. Jyotsna Jha, Cbps
  305. K Menon, Ambedkar University Delhi
  306. Padma, Committee for Release of Political Prisoners
  307. P. Jayasankar, Retired Filmmaker and academic
  308. Santhakumari P, Tamilnadu Federation of Women Lawyers
  309. Kahkashan, social activist
  310. Kalpana Karunakaran, Iit Madras, Chennai
  311. Kalpana Viswanath, activist
  312. Kalyani Menon Sen, independent researcher
  313. Kamal, social worker
  314. Kamayani Bali Mahabal, Punjab Women Collective
  315. of India
  316. Kanika, student.
  317. Karan Sawhny, Peace Initaves
  318. Karen Carvalho, Friend
  319. Karthika Vk.
  320. Kasim Sait, Texim
  321. Kausumi Saha, Gender at Work
  322. Kavya Aggarwal.
  323. Keya Dey, AIMSS.
  324. Khalida Parveen, Amoomat Society
  325. Khan Hasan, Csia
  326. Khursheed Yusuf.
  327. Khurshid Alam, Progression through Education, Training and Social Enterprise Foundation
  328. Khushi Jaffar, National Law University, Delhi
  329. Kiran Banga Chhokar.
  330. Kiran Moghe, Pune Zilha Gharkamgar Sanghatana
  331. Kirti Jain, Theatre
  332. Kishwar Saleem, Retired Professor
  333. Km Chandrasekhar, Retired Civil Servant
  334. Koel Chatterji, Feminists in Resistance
  335. Kohkan Shamsi, Radmd
  336. Komal Mohite, Mcgill University
  337. Krishna Roy, Alokdhara Inclusive Montessori School
  338. Kulpreet Singh, Anhad
  339. Lalitha Gujjula, AIMSS. All Ondia Mahila Samskrithika Sangham
  340. Lalitha Suhasini, independent journalist.
  341. Lara Jesani, People’s Union for Civil Liberties
  342. Lata Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  343. Laxmi Murthy, journalist.
  344. Leena Dabiru, social activist
  345. Leena Pujari, Kc College
  346. M Umar Vahora, Islami Relief Committee Gujarat
  347. M Zubair Quraishi, Vwa Mumbai
  348. Azharul Islam.
  349. Maqbool A. Mateen, United Citizens Forum
  350. Ma Haque, Kuwait
  351. Madhu Bhushan, Gamana Mahila Samuha
  352. Madhu Sahni, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  353. Madhumeeta Sinha, Teacher
  354. Madhur Bharatiya, researcher
  355. Madhurima
  356. Madhusree Dutta.
  357. Mahroof M, Cept
  358. Maimoona Mollah, AIDWA Delhi
  359. Maitreyi Krishnan, advocate, Ailaj
  360. Malavika Rajkotia, advocate.
  361. Malika Virdi, Uttarakhand Mahila Manch
  362. Mallarika Sinha Roy, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  363. Mallika Taneja, Theatre Artist
  364. Mamata, Kalpana Chawla Grils College Sahawa
  365. Mamata, student.
  366. Mamta Singh, women’s rights activist
  367. Manavi Atri, independent researcher/lawyer.
  368. Mandakini, Hyderabad
  369. Maneka Khanna.
  370. Manidipa Sen, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  371. Manish Solanki, Sardar Patel University,
  372. Manisha Chaudhry, Manan Books
  373. Manisha Gupte.
  374. Manisha Jha.
  375. Manisha Shastri, social worker
  376. Maqbool Saleem.
  377. Mariam Dhawale, All India Democratic Women’s Association
  378. Mariam Henna, Magic Mongrel Publishers
  379. Martin Paul.
  380. Masooma Ranalvi, Wespeakout
  381. Mathew George, Retired
  382. Maxim Budweiser, Anti-Feminism Council, New Jersey
  383. Maya Sharma, Vikalp Womens Group
  384. Md Imran Sk.
  385. Md Manowar Elahi, Iqra Books
  386. Md Salman, Jamia Millia Islamia
  387. Tanweer Islam Khan, Govt. Service
  388. Meena Gopal, Mumbai
  389. Meena Saraswathi Seshu, Vidhrohi Mahila Manch
  390. Meenakshi Joshi, All India Mahila Sanskritik Sangthan
  391. Meenakshi Shedde.
  392. Meenal Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  393. Meera Menezes, Art Writer and Curator
  394. Meera Sanghamitra, NAPM (NAPM)
  395. Megha Sheth.
  396. Meha, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  397. Mehar Chand Premi, Republican Sena
  398. Meher Kabir, Social Reform Council for Women
  399. Mehnaz, Jamia Millia Islamia
  400. Mirza Yawar Baig, Organization for Establishment of Justice
  401. Mitali Mishra, Lsr College University of Delhi
  402. Mithilesh Kumar Singh, independent Enterpreneur
  403. Mohamed Salahuddin Quraishi, Team
  404. Mohammad Abid, Jamia Millia Islamia
  405. Mohammad Asif, Mechanical Engineer at Private Company
  406. Mohammad Aslam Ansari, Gbpuat Pantnagar
  407. Mohammad Ghazi.
  408. Mohammad Hussam Ul Islam, Students Islamic Organisation
  409. Mohammad Iqbal, Human Collective
  410. Mohammad J Ahsan, Private Service
  411. Mohammad Saulat Abbas, Kau, Jeddah
  412. Mohammad Tahir.
  413. Mohammed Burhanuddin, Space Vision Group
  414. Mohammed Iqbal.
  415. Mohammed Kagzi, James Cook University Hospital
  416. Mohammed Osama Ansari, Al Ansar Medical & Educational Socio Trust
  417. Mohammed Sameer, Human Collective
  418. Mohammed Tohid Alam.
  419. Mohd Adnan.
  420. Mohd Ataul Haque, Ham Bharti
  421. Mohd Owais, Ailu
  422. Mohini Nayak.
  423. Mojeeb Khan, Indian Citizen
  424. Monisha Behal, Nentrprise
  425. Mridu, Women’s Movement
  426. Mridula Mukherjee, Jawaharlal Nehru University. (Retired Professor)
  427. Mukta Shingte, Stree Mukti Sanghatana
  428. Mukund Parikh, Royal Park Society
  429. Mumtaz Shaikh, Mahila Mandal Fedration
  430. Muneeb Israr, Working in Dubai
  431. Muniza Khan, Gandhian Institute of Studies
  432. Murtaza Hussain, Humanity
  433. Musharraf Taj, Teacher
  434. D.Jayaprakash, Delhi Science Forum
  435. Nabeela Jamil, lawyer.
  436. Nadeem Ahmed Khan, Jamaat E Islami Hind
  437. Nadia Singh, Northumbria University, Uk
  438. Nadira Khan.
  439. Nagaragere Ramesh, Karnataka Janashakti
  440. Nagasaila, advocate.
  441. Naheed Shah, Help Hyderabad
  442. Nandini Rao, WSS
  443. Nandini Vempala, Undergraduate student, University of Delhi
  444. Nandita De Souza.
  445. Nandita Gandhi.
  446. Nandita Rao, advocate.
  447. Nanita Sharma.
  448. Nasir Ahmad.
  449. Nasmeem Farhin Akhtar, Centre for Women’s Studies, Dibrugarh University
  450. Nasreen Fazalbhoy, Retired.
  451. Navaid Alam, Human Collective
  452. Navaneetha Mokkil, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  453. Naveen Sirimoni, Design
  454. Navkiran Singh Advocate, Lawyers for Human Rights International
  455. Navpreet Kaur, Jdmc, University of Delhi
  456. Nawaz Aman, INC.
  457. Neela Deshmukh, Mahagai Vikas Pratishthan
  458. Neela Gangadharan.
  459. Neelam Narula, Roli Books
  460. Neelanjana Mukhia, South Feminist Futures
  461. Neena Vyas, freelance journalist.
  462. Neena Yadav, All India Railway Mens Federation
  463. Neeraj Agarwal.
  464. Neeraj Malik, University of Delhi
  465. Neha, All India Lawyers Union
  466. Neha Shah.
  467. Nida Rahman, freelance Jornalist
  468. Nigar Abdin.
  469. Nikita Agarwal, advocate, High Court of Delhi
  470. Nilika Mehrotra, Jawahar Lal Nehru University
  471. Nina Chandavarkar.
  472. Nina Rao, University of Delhi (retd.)
  473. Nirmala George, Retired
  474. Nirmala Sharma, Justice. Seekers
  475. Nisha Biswas, Feminists in Resistance
  476. Nisha Gulur, Samastha
  477. Nishi Kapahi, S.A.G.P.
  478. Nishita Jha, journalist.
  479. Niti Saxena, freelancer.
  480. Nitisha Lakra, student.
  481. Nivedita Menon, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  482. Nivi Menon.
  483. Noor, Hwf
  484. Om Singh, Bhupal Nobles University, Udaipur
  485. Omar Farook, Human Collective
  486. P Joy Oommen, Constitutional Conduct Group
  487. P M Mohammad Shiraz, advocate.
  488. P Maheshwari
  489. Padma Deosthali, independent researcher
  490. Pallavi, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  491. Pallavi Roy, Soas University of London
  492. Pamela Philipose, independent journalist.
  493. Pampa Biswas, freelance Costumes Designer
  494. Panchali Ray, independent researcher
  495. Pankaj Rai, Chegg
  496. Paramjeet Singh, Pudr
  497. Paresh Hate, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  498. Parnal Chirmuley, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  499. Paroma Ray, University of Delhi
  500. Partha Ghosh, Institute of Social Sciences
  501. Parvathy, researcher
  502. Persis Ginwalla, Ahmedabad
  503. Philip Pinto. of India
  504. Piyush Chhabra, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  505. Poarkodi N, Aipwa
  506. Polly Vauquline, Gauhati University
  507. Poonam Kaushik, Prgatisheel Mahila Sangathan Delhi
  508. Poorna Mazumdar.
  509. Poorna R, advocate.
  510. Poorvaja A. Ragupathy, Legal Associate
  511. Poushali Basak, Forum Against Oppression of Women and Feminists in Resistance
  512. Prabhakar Mundkur, Prabhakar & Co
  513. Prachi Hatiwlekar, All India Democratic Women’s Association
  514. Pradip Datta, Retired Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  515. Pragati Kulkarni, NGO, Madhya Pradesh
  516. Pramod Kumar, advocate, High Court of Delhi
  517. Prashanta Bhat.
  518. Prathap Tharyan.
  519. Preeti Mehra, independent journalist.
  520. Preeti P.Dash, lawyer.
  521. Prem Chandavarkar, Architect, Bengaluru
  522. Prema Govindan, India
  523. Priyadarshini, University of Madras
  524. Priyadarshini Chitrangada, social worker and LBT activist
  525. Priyadarshini Narendra.
  526. Priyaleen Singh, academic
  527. Priyanka Singh.
  528. Mohan Rao, former Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  529. Pushpamala N, Artist
  530. Pyoli Swatija, Samajwadi Janparishad
  531. Qaiser Shamim, independent researcher
  532. Qamar Ul Hadi, Retired.
  533. Qasim Farooqi, Responsible Citizen of India
  534. Queenie Fernandes,
  535. Qutub Kidwai, Islamic feminist
  536. Rachna Agrawal, All India Mahila Sanskritik Sangathan
  537. Radha Harish.
  538. Radha Holla, independent researcher
  539. Radhika Menon, Tulika Publishers
  540. Rafiq Kidwai.
  541. Raghavan Rangarajan, Professor Ahmedabad
  542. Ragini Kaushik.
  543. Ragini Vinaik, advocate.
  544. Rahul Kapoor, Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women Studies
  545. Rahul Rpy, Indian Statistical Institute
  546. Raina, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  547. Raja S.
  548. Rajan Barrett, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
  549. Rajaram, advocate.
  550. Rajashri Dasgupta, independent journalist.
  551. Rajeev Mehrotra, Amanaa
  552. Rajender Kumar, social Activiest
  553. Rajesh Kumar Choudhary, PUCL
  554. Rajesh Ranjan, Constitution Connect
  555. Rajiv Gupta, former Professor of Sociology, University of Rajasthan Jaipur
  556. Rakhi Sehgal, New Delhi
  557. Raksha Kumar, journalist.
  558. Ramesh Dixit, Samvidhan Bachao, Desh Bachao Andolan Uttar Pradesh
  559. Rashmi Doraiswamy, Jamia Millia Islamia
  560. Rashmi Menon, Publishing
  561. Ravinder Mohan, JN Medical College, AMU Aligarh
  562. Ravish, People’s Alliance
  563. Ravish Alam, People’s Alliance
  564. Reena Mohan.
  565. Reena Puri.
  566. Reeti, WIGH India
  567. Rekha Rajan, Retd. Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  568. Renu Kaul Verma, Vitasta Publishing
  569. Reymi Sekhhon, One Voice Canada Alberta
  570. Ria Yadav, student, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
  571. Richa Singh.
  572. Riddhi Dastidar, Khabar Lahariya
  573. Rini Dasgupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  574. Rita Manchanda, Author, Human Rights, Peace Advocate
  575. Ritambhara Mehta.
  576. Ritambhara Shastri, journalist. (Uni)
  577. Ritu Dewan, Retd Head of Department of Economics, University of Mumbai
  578. Ritu Kauahik, All India Mahila Sanskritik Sangathan,(AIMSS.)
  579. Ritu Sinha, Ambedkar University Delhi
  580. Rituparna Borah, Delhi
  581. Rituparna Sengupta, IIT Delhi
  582. Rituraj Pegu, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  583. Rizwan Falahi, Taisir
  584. Rizwana, Bebak
  585. Rochelle Pinto.
  586. Rochita Talukder.
  587. Rohini Hensman, Writer and independent scholar
  588. Rohit Tripathi, Young India, Inc
  589. Ronita Chattopadhyay, independent Consultant (Process Documentation)
  590. Roohi Rizvi.
  591. Roohina K, Makemytrip
  592. Rosaline Pereira, Asa
  593. Rubi A.
  594. Rukaiya Joshi, Academician
  595. Rukmini Rao, Gramya Resource Centre for Women
  596. Rumi Harish, Research Consultant ALF
  597. Rushda Naqvi.
  598. Rushda Siddiqui, National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)
  599. Rustam Kuraishi, advocate, Rohini Courts
  600. S Hussain.
  601. M. Faizan Ahmed, Sociologist
  602. Raghunandana, Kannada Poet, Playwright, and Stage-Director
  603. Q.Masood, social activist
  604. Saad, Personal
  605. Saadia S, Indian
  606. Saba Hasan, Artist
  607. Sabah Khan, Parcham Collective
  608. Sabah Omar, Banker
  609. Sabiha Hashmi, Ajjis Farm.
  610. Sabira Muhammed.
  611. Sadaf Jafar, Kalrav
  612. Sadhna Arya, University of Delhi
  613. Sadia Masroor, Campaign Against Hatespeech
  614. Safia Faruqi.
  615. Safoora Zargar, MPhil scholar, JMI
  616. Sagari R Ramdas, Food Sovereignty Alliance, India
  617. Sahba Syed.
  618. Saheli Women’s Resource Center, New Delhi
  619. Sajida Begam Advocate, All India Lawyers Council
  620. Saki Rezwana, Bangladesh Free Trade Union Congress (Member ITUC)
  621. Salam Sayeed.
  622. Salim Khan, Little India Foundation
  623. Salma Ansari, Parcham Collective
  624. Salomi Jacob.
  625. Saloni Verma, Shiv Nadar University
  626. Sam Thomas.
  627. Sameera Iyengar, Theatre person
  628. Sameera Khan, independent journalist, Writer, researcher
  629. Samina, Forward Trust
  630. Samina Yasmin.
  631. Samir S.
  632. Samiya Javed, Amu
  633. Samiya Khan, Jamia Millia Islamia
  634. Samta, Diet Special Officer Association Haryana
  635. Samyak, Jan Natya Manch, New Delhi
  636. Sana Farheen, Led By Foundation
  637. Sandhya Gokhale, Forum Against Oppression of Women
  638. Sandhya Phadke.
  639. Sandhya Shaily, All India Democratic Women’s Association
  640. Sangeeta Chatterji.
  641. Sangeetha Arunachalam, Madras Bar Association
  642. Sania Hashmi, Anhad Films
  643. Sania Mariam, Muslim Women’s Study Circle
  644. Sanjoy Sachdev, Love Commandos
  645. Sanya Khan.
  646. Sarah Hashmi, Actor
  647. Sareba Quasar, Private Employee
  648. Sarika Chaudhary, Democratic Students’ Federation, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  649. Sarika Sinha.
  650. Sarita Jaitly, Retired
  651. Sarojini N, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan
  652. Satyadeo Bareth, Oran Foundation
  653. Satyam Shrivastava, Writer
  654. Saumya Dadoo, Detention Solidarity
  655. Savad Rahman, journalist.
  656. Savita, AIDWA
  657. Savitri, AIDWA Haryana
  658. Sayoni Basu, Duckbill Books
  659. Seema Baquer, independent Consultant
  660. Seema Nair, Gfhr
  661. Sehba Farooqui, All India Democratic Women’s Association
  662. Sejal Dand, Gujarat
  663. Selvyn Jussy, University of Calcutta
  664. Shaan Katari Libby, advocate.
  665. Shabana Bano, Applyboard
  666. Shabnam Hashmi, Anhad
  667. Shabnam Parveen, Academics
  668. Shafi Ahmed.
  669. Shagufta Hakeem, Department of Public Safety
  670. Shagufta Musvee.
  671. Shaheen Khan, TISS Mumbai
  672. Shaheen Shasa.
  673. Shahid Mohammad, Mediator
  674. Shahida Kidwai Farooqui, social activist
  675. Shahla Rehana, Patna Women’s College
  676. Shahnawaz Akhtar, Enewsroom India
  677. Shahrukh, Teacher
  678. Shahwar Kibria Maqhfi, University of California, Los Angeles.
  679. Shaibani Azam, Professor, Jamia Millia University
  680. Shaik Salauddin, Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union
  681. Shailendra Chaudhary, RBS
  682. Shailja Patel, Five College Women’s Studies Research Center
  683. Shaista Siddiqui.
  684. Shakaib Azhar Chaudhry.
  685. Shakeel, Doctor
  686. Shalini Gera, lawyer, Chhattisgarh High Court
  687. Shalu Nigam, advocate.
  688. Shama Bano, Citizens for Justice and Peace
  689. Shambhu Ghatak, independent researcher
  690. Shamim Ahmad, Igate Global Solution
  691. Shamina Shafiq, former Member, National Commission for Women
  692. Shams Tabrez, Educational Administration
  693. Sharib Haroon, IAMC
  694. Sharique, CAOP
  695. Sharique Manazir, DIRF
  696. Sharmila, Iit Bombay
  697. Shazia Akbar, Girls Education and Welfare Fund
  698. Shazin Siddiqui, Human Collective
  699. Sheba George, activist
  700. Sheeba Sibal.
  701. Sheema Fatima, TISS, Mumbai
  702. Sheena Jain, Retd Jamia Millia Islamia
  703. Shefali Jha, Anveshi Hyderabad
  704. Shevanti Narayan.
  705. Shewli Kumar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  706. Shikha Kapur, academic
  707. Shikha Sen, Editor and Teacher
  708. Shinani Bhaumik, AIMSS, Tripura
  709. Shipra Narang, UN
  710. Shiraz, PUCL
  711. Shireen Maswood, Associate Prof of History (retd.), Calcutta University
  712. Shireen Sethna Baria, Human Rights
  713. Shirin Rai, University of Warwick
  714. Sho, Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan, Bihar
  715. Shohini Ghosh, Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia
  716. Shraddha Chickerur.
  717. Shravasti Roy
  718. Shreshtha Das, activist and researcher
  719. Shriram Dubey Azad, Azad Foundation
  720. Shruti Ravi, independent researcher
  721. Shubha Jindel, PUCL Rajasthan
  722. Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist and Writer
  723. Shukla Sawant, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  724. Shweta Azad, freelancer.
  725. Shweta Ghosh, University of Reading
  726. Shweta R, researcher
  727. Shweta Radhakrishnan, student.
  728. Shweta Tiwary, NIH
  729. Shyamala A.
  730. Shyla K John, AIMSS.
  731. Siddharth K J.
  732. Siddhi, student.
  733. Simar Puneet, NGMA
  734. Simeran Gell, Cambridge
  735. Simran Atwal.
  736. Simreen Khatoon, St.Anns College for Women
  737. Sindhuja Maurya, Teacher
  738. Sitaram Shelar, Center for Promoting Democracy
  739. Smita Chaudhari, Gs-Organisation Mumbai Mahila Congress.
  740. Smita Gupta, Economist
  741. Soma KP, independent researcher
  742. Sona Khan.
  743. Sonal Sharma, student AUD.
  744. Sonal Sharma, Sewa Delhi
  745. Sonam Chaturvedi, OP Jindal Global University
  746. Sonia Kidwai, Professional
  747. Sonya Gill, AIDWA Maharashtra
  748. Soofia Usmani, former Assistant Professor at Jubail University
  749. Srabani, JMS
  750. Sreerekha Sathi, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
  751. Sriram Varanasi.
  752. Subhashini Ali, AIDWA
  753. Subrath Mohanty.
  754. Sucharita Sen, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  755. Suchetana Chattopadhyay, Jadavpur University
  756. Sudha Kamath, AIMSS.
  757. Sudha N.
  758. Sudha Sundararaman, AIDWA
  759. Sudhir Kumar Suthar, CPS, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  760. Sujata Gothoskar, Forum Against Oppression of Women
  761. Sujatha, Dalit Women Collective
  762. Sukanya N, AIDWA
  763. Sunalini Kumar, Ambedkar University Delhi
  764. Suneeta Dhar, activist
  765. Sunita Pande, AIDWA Uttarakhand
  766. Sunita Zaidi, Rhodes Fellow, JMI
  767. Sunny Lyngdoh.
  768. Supriya, Pradan
  769. Suraj Sanap, independent lawyer.
  770. Surajit Mazumdar, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  771. Surbhi Karwa, lawyer.
  772. Surbhi Vatsa, Center for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  773. Suresh Kumar, lawyer.
  774. Susie Thatu, independent scholar
  775. Svati Shah, academic
  776. Swati Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy
  777. Swati Goswami.
  778. Swati Kamble, University of Geneva/Dalit Bahujan Adivasi Vimukta Women Collective
  779. Swati Narayan, National Institute of Advanced Studies
  780. Swatija, FAOW
  781. Swayamprava Nayak, AIMSS.
  782. Syed Inam Ur Rahman, journalist.
  783. Syed Mohammad Zafar.
  784. Syed Munibuddin.
  785. Syed Musanna.
  786. Syed Yasser Ali, IISc
  787. Syeda Saiyidain Hameed, Muslim Women’s Forum
  788. Toll, IIT Delhi
  789. Tahini, Delhi High Court
  790. Tahira Ghias.
  791. Talat, School
  792. Tanisha Nag, National Centre for Coastal Research, Chennai
  793. Tanvi Sharma, Volunteers Collective
  794. Tanya Singh, TISS, Mumbai
  795. Tanzil Khan.
  796. Tara Rai, Democracy Collective
  797. Tara Shanker, University of Delhi
  798. Tarana Sharfuddin, Women India Movement (Wim)
  799. Tarannum Siddiqui, Women’s Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia
  800. Tariq Hasan, IAMC
  801. Tarun Bhartiya, Raiot Collective
  802. Tasneem Farzana, forward Trust
  803. Teesta Guha Sarkar, Pan Macmillan India
  804. Tehsina Sarwar, BHA
  805. Teresa Barat.
  806. Thahira Iqbal, Writer and dai of Islam
  807. Thankachan Vpnf, Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishath
  808. TN Seema, AIDWA
  809. Trishna Sarkar, University of Delhi.
  810. Tuba Junaid, Led By Foundation
  811. Udaya Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  812. Uma Bhrugubanda, EFL University, Hyderabad
  813. Uma Chaudhury, AIMSS. Tripura
  814. Umaruddin Ansari.
  815. Umesh Chandola, Veterinarian
  816. Umme Salma, Teacher
  817. Urvashi Butalia.
  818. Urvashi Gandhi, Breakthrough
  819. Usman Jawed, independent researcher
  820. Utpala Mukherjer.
  821. Utsa Sarmin, independent journalist and researcher
  822. Uzma Naheed, All India,Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawrat
  823. Uzmaa Sayed, Morning Star Academy
  824. Vahida Nainar.
  825. Vaibhav Kumar, Civil Society worker
  826. Vaishnavi Jayakumar, Disability Rights Alliance
  827. Vandana Kulkarni, Women activist
  828. Vandana Misra, PUCL
  829. Vani Subramanian, independent Film Maker
  830. Varghese Thomas.
  831. Varna, POventures
  832. Varsha Bhargavi, Where Are The Women
  833. Vatsla Srivastava, Consultant, Women for Politics
  834. Vedika Gupta, Amazon India
  835. Veena Linda, AIDWA
  836. Veena Padmanabhan.
  837. Veena Shatrugna, Medical Scientist (retd.) NJP, Hyderabad
  838. Venkat Srinivasan.
  839. Vibhuti Patel, Retired Professor, TISS, Mumbai
  840. Vidya Dinker, Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF)
  841. Vijayalaxmi, Maharashtra Anis
  842. Vikas Mehta.
  843. Vikas Rawal, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  844. Vikrant Sidhu, Ambedkar Ekta Mission Punjab
  845. Vimala Ramachandran, Retired
  846. Vinata Nanda, The Daily Eye
  847. Vinati Kastia.
  848. Vinay Sreenivasa, advocate, Bengaluru
  849. Vincent Ambrose.
  850. Vineeta Bal, Scientist, Pune
  851. Vinita Balekundri, National Hawker Federation
  852. Vinutha Mallya, PARI
  853. Virginia Saldanha, Indian Christian Women’s Movement
  854. Vishal S, advocate.
  855. Wan Manan, Right To Food Malaysia
  856. Yamini Mishra, Amnesty International
  857. Yawer Yousuf.
  858. Yogamaya M G, advocate. Supreme Court of India
  859. Yogesh Govil.
  860. Younis Syed.
  861. Yousuf Syed, Canadians Against Oppression and Persecution(Caop)
  862. Zaitoon Zia, UP Basic Education
  863. Zaki Mohammedi.
  864. Zakia Soman, BMMA
  865. Zarin K.
  866. Zeenat Mehtab, Member of Muslim Personal Law Board
  867. Zeenat Shaukat Ali, Wisdom Foundation
  868. Zoha Rahman.
  869. Zoya Hasan, Professor Emerita, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  870. Zoya Khan, My Pride Org
  871. Zoya Khan.
  872. Jag Narayan Mahto, Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Delhi
  873. Sarla Kumari, PUCL

One thought on “An open letter demanding action on the online targeting of Muslim women”

  1. Nivi, This page does not load. Are you having the same problem? In solidarity,

    meena saraswathi seshu SANGRAM, Sangli

    On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 3:52 PM KAFILA – COLLECTIVE EXPLORATIONS SINCE 2006 wrote:

    > Nivedita Menon posted: “A statement signed by 900 individuals and groups > We, the undersigned women’s rights groups and concerned individuals are > outraged by the reprehensible targeting of Muslim women on GitHub, a free > web platform, where Twitter handles, and photographs of M” >


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