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Who is afraid of Tipu Sultan?

Ravi said the state government is not ready to name the university after Tipu Sultan. If they are going to set up a non-religious university then the name should be non-controversial…. Like British, Tipu is also a foreigner for us and we will not accept his name.

CT Ravi, higher education minister, Karnataka, Jan 25, 2013, 16:38 IST , DNA)

The fast changing political developments in Karnataka has rather overshadowed the manner in which Tipu Sultan- who died fighting the Britishers at Srirangapatna (4 th May 1799) – is being denigrated by people owing allegiance to Sangh Parivar. The latest in series happens to be the higher education minister of Karnataka Mr C T Ravi, who claimed that for them ‘Tipu is also a foreigner’ like the British.

The immediate context of this Tipu bashing is the decision by the central ministry of minority affairs to set up ‘Tipu Sultan University’ at Srirangapatna. Continue reading Who is afraid of Tipu Sultan?

The Hidden Arm – Criminals for Hindutva?


Anyone ever heard about Sudhakar Rao Maratha alias Sudhakar Rao Prabhune ? A hardcore rightwing criminal who was nabbed by the M.P. police few months back in Jhansi which seized a car, a revolver and five cartridges from him. In fact one of Sudhakar’s colleague Shivam Dhakad was already under the custody of Ujjain police when Sudhakar was apprehended. According to the senior police officers Sudhakar Rao was in touch with RSS Pracharak -Terrorist Sunil Joshi, who was shot dead in Dewas in 2007 under mysterious circumstances.

Hardcore right-wing criminal Sudhakar Prabhune alias Sudhakar Rao Maratha, who could throw light on the mysterious murder of RSS pracharak Sunil Joshi, has been arrested in Madhya Pradesh. The 26-year-old was wanted in connection with a string of murders of Muslims in Ratlam and Mandsaur. The state police claimed he was arrested on Tuesday from Bilkhiria when he was on way to Bhopal from Sagar. …

Rao took to crime when he was 19. His name cropped in the murder of Jafar Khan, who was shot dead in Chittorgarh. ’ (Right-wing criminal’ held, to be questioned in Joshi murder case, Indian Express, Posted: Thu Sep 30 2010, 02:50 hrs Bhopal)

Continue reading The Hidden Arm – Criminals for Hindutva?

Pink Panties – With Love to Muthalik

Today is Valentine’s day and it is only befitting of the changing times that the Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik and his cohorts should receive huge consignments of pink chaddies. Responding to the call of the ‘Consortium of Pub-Going, Loose and Forward Women’, pink chaddies, we are told, “kept pouring into the Sene office all through the day. The parcels came mainly from Punjab, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kerala”, according to reports.

V-day love pours in for Muthalik
V-day love pours in for Muthalik

Many of us who wanted to be part of the open and vigorous demonstration of love but couldn’t, would like to send many more panties to the members of this monkey gang (Ram’s sena was after all, Hanuman’s!). And wherever we are, we will drink in pubs and make merry. Muthalik, you will always remain in the hearts and minds of all the ahle-junoon-i-ishq. Har ghoont sharaab ke saath tujhe yaad karenge…Aakhir kaun hai is duniya mein tere siva, jise jalaane ke liye ek bosa-e-gul, ek chaddi ya ek ghoont sharaab bas kaafi hai? Hamaare halaq se utri har ghoont teri chita ki aag hogi goya…