Kaurnanidhi knows his Ramayana Well – MSS Pandian

MSS PANDIAN, well known scholar, writes on DMK, Ram and the BJP. 

For M Karunanidhi, DMK chief and Tamil Nadu chief minister, Lord Ram is not a historical persona but a figment of human imagination. He has not only invited BJP leader L K Advani for a public debate on Ram’s historical status but also – as if turning the knife into the wound – has advised him to read Valmiki’s Ramayana with all the care it deserves. It is common knowledge in Tamil Nadu that Karunanidhi knows his Ramayana well.

Karunanidhi’s remarks have provoked Advani and his cohorts to breathe brimstone and fire. But they have not succeeded one bit in turning the Hindus of Tamil Nadu against Karunanidhi. Their desperation is evident when Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP spokesperson, claimed during a press meet that Karunanidhi has lost his head. Perhaps, he meant Karunanidhi’s followers too.

But for a minuscule fraction of rationalists, the majority of the cadres and sympathisers of the DMK are practising non-Brahmin Hindus. They regularly visit temples, worship, and go on pilgrimages. If they stand by Karunanidhi despite his open disavowal of Ram, they have their own reasons. For one thing, there is nothing novel in Karunanidhi’s comments on Ramayana. From the days of the Self-respect Movement founded by Periyar E V Ramasamy in the 1920s, Ramayana and Ram have been subjects of vigorous public debate in Tamil Nadu.

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4 thoughts on “Kaurnanidhi knows his Ramayana Well – MSS Pandian”

  1. It is common knowledge is tamil nadu that M.S.S. Pandian is a known hindu baiter and not that Karunanidhi is an expert on Ramayana.

    It is not only Valmiki but also Kamban who has written on Ramayana. Why is Karunanidhi quoting only Valmiki and not Kamban? That way, he will be forced to acknowledge that Ramayana has been a living work even for tamilians for long days since. Like devil quoting the scripture, Karunanidhi quotes from Ramayana.

    Valmiki neither refers to Rama drinking nor eating meat. The sanskrit words purported to refer to the above have entire different meanings in the context given. Too much to expect from Karunanidhi to look into their meaning.

    Karunanidhi’s anti hindu bias does not need the Ramayana. He once made a statement that the word ‘hindu’ refers to ‘thief’ and then withdrew the statement.

    Mr.L.K. Advani will certainly look forward to meet Karunanidhi on Ramayana, but in order to meet Advani, Karunanidhi will first have to remove his yellow shawl and convince the audience that he is really a rationalist that he claims to be.

    Ganesh Kumar

  2. It is a scholarly article by MSS Pandian. Nevertheless it subtly endorses DMK’s stand. I would like to ask the following questions:-

    1) why does MK not ask rational questions about Kannagi?? How can a lady burn Madurai by plucking her breast and throwing at Madurai? Why does MK bother so much about Kannagi statue?

    2) Will he say that there is no Mariamman?? This may cost him politically and he will not get into this. This will also tally with MSS Pandian’s view point on non brahmin Hindus.

    3) Why is tamil language such an emotive point? For a true rationalist a language cannot mean so much – it is a stick which he uses to beat Brahmins.

    4) Why is his dynasty ruling TN?? MK and his cohorts are so much against “superiority by birth”– then how come Stalin, Azhagiri, Kanimozhi and all his sons and daughters are so fit to rule TN?? Is it not superiority by birth??

    5) What is his real stand on Prabakaran – LTTE supremo?? LTTE has killed several non LTTE tamil leaders and Rajiv Gandhi as well. Are you in favour of tamils in general or only LTTE tamils?? Or is MK afraid of LTTE?

    While scholars like MSS Pandian write learned articles, they subtly endorse the actions of DMK, DK etc.. Their articles are cleverly one sided and they do not get into contentious issues which can land their pet theories into jeopardy.

    R Raghavendra Ravi

  3. M.S.S has no doubt written a good article and knows what he is writes about. It is, however, very obvious that he is a biased writer. It is natural for a writer to have bias , but a good writer should never let it affect his writing. Pandian is a clear failure on this front.

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