Broken news

Got these from a friend. Enjoy.

Lost on 25 March, the Delhi police commissioner’s dog was soon found, giving star news an opportunity to ‘break news’ and do a special show replacing a news bulletin. Below: they continued flashing the news and calling it ‘breaking’ even when other news forced itself on to the screen.

Even when it’s advertisement time, the channel has to run breaking news flashes: this one, I don’t know which channel, says Amitabh Bachchan’s got a cold.

Below: this cat is not even the policfe commissioner’s, she’s just been sitting on a ledge, refusing to move for over six hours now. The anchor seems so happy doing this. Heavy news comes with so much responsibility and asking intelligent, or even intelligible questions requires so much effort. And then there’s Billo Rani the cat. Who then jumped down by herself after all, overcoming her fear of the Aaj tak camera.

Breaking news again: Rahul Gandhi just has dal, poori and a vegetable.

6 thoughts on “Broken news”

  1. Brilliantly funny! Maybe Shivam, you could provide a line of English translation of each headline for those who may not read Hindi.


  2. This is brilliant! I am taking coloured print outs and sticking them all across my office. And Shivam instead of wasting your time in CP bashing compile more of these.


  3. Amitabh Bacchan ‘has a cold’ must be the English copy. (Thats more like running nose than breaking news!)

    The Hindi copy writer of the channel translated that as Amitabh Bacchan is ‘feeling’ cold.

    Reminds me of the news flash on Sivarasan’s suicide. The English copy said Sivarasan shot himself in the ‘temple.’ This desecration of a place of worship incensed many readers of early editions of regional newspapers.


  4. Thanks for this, Gaurav. Far from being far behind, the US and the West in general has been the leader. Indian tv news programmers have all learnt such programming partly thanks to their foreign junkets :)


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