Bhaiyya Troubles in Mumbai

The Juhu Versova beach is divided into two sections, guarded by two stray dogs and the bare dirty arses of bhaiyyas who step off their kholis to shit straight into the sea. The other side of the invisible divide is reserved for the civil society which comes to walk, exercise and meditate in the morning. Including well off bhaiyyas like ourselves.

Returning from the beach when I accosted the panwalla by calling him bhaiyya, three bystanders gave me a sharp look. I figured they were marathi manoos. Leaving the shop I tried to inject some pathos by saying that it has become so dangerous to call anyone bhaiyya these days. They did smile, all of them. But I detected a gleam of satisfaction in their expression.

On three successive days three different autowallas drew me into their fantasies on how to fight back. The first one asked me whether Mayawati will not put them down (when she becomes prime minister next, I assume). Then he praised Lalu for ensuring Raj’s arrest and wondered what will happen to maharashtra if he stops all trains to the state. Finally, confident of his terrain, he said everyone is basically targetting only Muslims. I assured him that the indian army does not have enough bullets to put down 15 crore of us.

The second one insisted that until gentry like us speaks out the troubles will continue.

The third one, after figuring things out through the conversation between danish and me, said unless people like you speak up things are not going to change. And then he elaborated by saying that if only the muslims would join us bhaiyyas we can wipe out all the marathas from this city. I said that a lot of muslims are also bhaiyyas. He said yes, and the muslims and bhaiyyas should join hands to fight these other hindus. talwarein lekar sarak pe nikal aayenge hum log phir dekhte hain kaun larta hai

The office boys, marathis mostly, are not unhappy with the latest round of bhaiyya bashing. A banterish accost MUMBAI KONNYACHI, drew an immediate and strong answer that it belongs to the marathas.

The impression I have is that a fairly large number of marathi manoos react positively to Raj Thackeray.

I have lived for 37 years too many in India to submit easily to doomsday feelings. And if this is civil war then we have been there before, right after independence. But there is no point demonising Raj Thackeray when the whole political culture is characterised by the same lumpenism, across the subcontinent. This is after all, one manifestation of the struggle of the political society over the civil one. Or is it.

5 thoughts on “Bhaiyya Troubles in Mumbai”

  1. Yea you are right, it makes me a feeling of melancholy but wtf can one do,

    1 The entire media,
    2 Intelligentsia like yourself speaking out, writing editorials in the papers,
    3 The aam admi speaking out everywhere, on the streets, blogs and forums being filled with hate msgs
    4 Small politicians first and then political heavy weights from Bihar/UP and the belt giving it all they have and giving it together couldn’t thwart “VOTEBANK CONSIDERATIONS”

    A man like Raj Thackeray can get atrocities done, spew venom and get away, while the bigger badass-his uncle has been on lungis back first and then has been the cause of the loss of the lives of so many Muslim Indians and we are forced to f-ing call him a great man, even Amitabh Bachchan has to,, in public has to go excessive and say how larger than life Balasaheb is …. this is India man and we f-ing have to live with this…. a million F***S!!

    Dont dream of action against him go and watch Heroes to see our filmy heros saying patriotic things or see Golmaal returns and just forget it chill…


  2. Raj, while we share your sense of anger and despair, you do realize that it is not a good idea to scatter around freely your favourite all-purpose word (which we have weakly disguised with asterisks and dashes)? Frequent use of this and similar words would lead to kafila turning up in searches for porn, then, a whole lot of disappointed readers would leave more such words in their comments, and so on endlessly in a vicious unbreakable cycle! :)


  3. Raj Thakeray is a forward looking individual indeed. He can imagine 30 years into future and visualise whats gonna happen to Bombay (mumbay?some people still hate to call it) and see the city going out of the marathi manoos grip. And he gets a lot of support from the person on the street. This feeling has been among the locals of bombay since last 25 years (it all started by calling us bhayias to distinguish from them)and has been growing and has led to this hatred against the bhaiyas which had been slowly building up all these years. Raj has given it a vent and in the process captured the votes of a large section of the people of Bambai (as bhaiya log like to call it). It all started by this change of name to start getting local identity.


  4. But one thing i don’t understand , why does Raj Thackeray only targets the poor bhaiyyas. If he really wants to save Mumbai from outsiders , he should ask all of them and not a particular community , whom you call bhaiyas/Biharis or UP/Bihar , who have to come here in search of 2 meals a day due to poverty.
    And Now the Bihar government led by Nitish is actively working on economical upliftment of Bihar, soon Biharis will find employment in their own state and then wont come to Mumbai.

    Also , Mumbai was made the financial/business capital of India and not only of Maharastra in early post independence years. Now if some cheap people like Raj thackeray are talking undue advantage of it by discriminating against UP/Biharis , then it is quite shaneful.

    But being an educated Bihari (now) myself , i feel for my poor brothers who come to Mumbai and face discrimination here. I just wish that soon things will change for good in bihar , and none of my poor brothers have to come to Mumbai to earn just to feed himself and his family.


  5. This is really shamefull for India. On one side we favour those indians who are beatenup in other countries like Australia, UK for their being an Indian, and we provide them are extended support by taking out procession against the govt of say Aust or Uk. I also dont understand why then our political parties also start showing unnecessary response and leaders make a trip to that countries and talk to all bigwig and foulcry for the discrimination made against Indians.

    But on the contrary, when Indians hails from U.P, Bihar, Orissa or any other north or South Indian state comes to Mumbai in the search of small labour job so that he can eat food two time he gets beaten up, abuse in the public and no bloody politician comes to say that this is not fair.

    Cheap people like…… and …… well u all know who they are show their strainght against only poors and people appreciate their heanious crime against humanity.

    This all is happing because of our tipical Indian mentality. We Indian are such crap, i can proove that –

    We only stand up beside those people who are wealthy, like students studies in foreign, Film Stars and all other who have respectable place in society but no asshole will stand in a favour of poor taxi driver, vegitable vendor hails from UP/Bihar etc when they are assaulted in open.

    It means Indians can be beatenup in india by fellow Indians………..

    Shame to be an Indian.


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