Akhil Gogoi’s arrest smacks of vindictive attitude: NAPM


Akhil Gogoi’s arrest smacks of vindictive attitude of Assam Govt.


KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi was arrested by the city police from Guwahati Press Club for fomenting rioting on June 24, 2011. Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar / The Hindu

New Delhi / Guwahati, June 24th : As was expected, Akhil Gogoi, Genereal Secretary along with Mukut, Office Secretary, KMSS have been arrested by the Assam police from the Guwahati Press Club on the charges of arson, rioting and burning of government vehicles. It is ironical that there has been no action taken on Debasish Borah DSP, Dispur and other police officials responsible for day light murder of a nine year old child, Shiv Chauhan (40), and Viren Kolita (62) a rickshaw puller. Is this the rule of law? It is nothing but vindictiveness on part of the Congress Government in Assam against whom KMSS has been actively campaigning and exposing their corruption.

Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) has a history of non-violent agitations and exposing the corruption of the district officials and some of the key Ministers of Mr. Tarun Gogoi’s Cabinet. KMSS has been a victim of state terror in past as well and many of their cadres has been arrested on various charges for opposing anti-people development, mega dams in the North East and unearthing massive corruption in the PDS in Golaghat district. If in all these years KMSS has never indulged in violence or damaging government property then how can they do this ?

It is completely ironical that Akhil was addressing a press conference on the same issue and explaining that how some unruly elements in the crowd and members of Youth Congress were responsible for the burning of the vehicles. Given the complicity of the state and KMSS occupying the key oppositional democratic space in the State, it is very likely that violence was instigated to bring bad name to the movement.

We fear that Akhil Gogoi might be booked under the National Security Act which is completely undemocratic and against all the constitutional norms. NAPM strongly condemns any such devious endeavour on the Assam government part. We demand that the government immediately withdraws false charges and release Akhil and take action against the erring police officials responsible for the cold blooded murder of three people.

Any attempt at muzzling the democratic dissent and voices of the people will not be tolerated by the people’s movements. The onus for safety of Akhil Gogoi and Mukut lies completely on the Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi, who is constitutionally bound to defend the democratic rights of the social movements and activists.

Medha Patkar, Sandeep Pandey, Roma, Prafulla Samantara, Suniti S R, Rajendra Ravi, Bhupendera Singh Rawat, Madhuresh Kumar

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11 thoughts on “Akhil Gogoi’s arrest smacks of vindictive attitude: NAPM”

  1. Yes. May be KMSS doesnt have any attempt of violence in the past. But i have some questions. How come the tribes got such huge number of stones & bamboo sticks in industrial areas like Dispur? Or should i ask who armed them? Did they know before hand that the police will release tear-gas or fire openly at them? Why was normal people effected, why not those who lead them?


    1. Infact that is question which is the need of hours in present day context. But then the incident disclosed the inefficiency of Assam Police and administration. Coming to the point, In recent past Akhil Gogoi is the symbolic representation of a weaker section of people who always struggle to manage their basic need i.e. ROTI, KAPRA & MAKAN. He is the one and only fellow who could disclosed all the illegal activities being carried out by the Govt. and hence he became unexpected culprit for the rulling class from last few years. Not only yesterdays incidents, many a time he keeps on protesting unlawful activities such as construction of mega dams, Exploration of Oil and Petrochemicals minerals in the Brahmaputra river bed, Bias public distribution system etc. being lead by a group of SARDAR. So on calling by such a fellow who is always fighting for the weaker section’s right and sentiments, everybody will join irrespective of caste, religion and community. Diplomatically, Govt. is trying to suppress KMSS. If the Govt. can negotiate and sit with ULFA, NDFB and other such group, I dont find anything wrong while same discussion can be made with the democratically disgined this group of masses. Ok all people living in the hills (Ghy) are not belong to indigenous community and hence they should be evicted from the current location in the name of conserving biodiversity and ecological balance. Relating to the subject I have few confusions in my mind.
      1. Does the Assam Govt. has such dare to evict doubtful citizen living in and around Kaziranga National Park for conservation of critically endangered floras and faunas?
      2. After the eviction from the current location, will the Govt. rehabilate the homeless local Assamese people in and around Kaziranga National Park inplace of the illegal Bangladeshis?
      3. Can Govt. take any initiave to recover the lost wetland which has been occupied by multi national companies (For example, present location of Hotel Ginger, Ghy, was a wetland) and allocate the same to poor people of Assam? Can any body from the present rulling party play a vital role for the favour of farmer (like Mamta Banerjee in Singur) and those who are crying due to frequent river bank erosion places like Desang Mukh or Matmora?


  2. Akhil Gogoi or nisina baktik jodi aaponaloke arest kore tenehole develop kenekoi ahibo. jodi sarkaror birodhey step noloy. tenehole sarkare bhal ki kiman koril ami ki gom pam. anekua manuhok aaponaloke arest kora mane popular kora.


  3. Some part of the protest was planned by Govt to discredit Akhil GoGoi who alone represent the suffered people of assam. We does not have a strong opposition party so congress come to power with majority, but as the central Govt acting as dictator they are also trying to stop the strong voice against big Dam corruption charges etc. Congress were responsible for the burning of the vehicles firebrigade department coming so lately which was just few seconds away, three ASTC buses were standing on the site as if they were meant to burn. why nobody filed any FIR for killing that child by a police officer.. one news channel is working so shamelessly as a fourth piller of democracy owned by a corrupt minister. God save our country.


  4. Change in development of the country comes not only through thoughts but through proper implementation of thoughts.


  5. He is only opposition to cong govt in road that’s why he got arrested, rest of the so called patriotic organizations have finished their job by simply condemning the arrest. For tarun gogoi, local people hardly matters. Anyhow in future, he knows he or his govt will have to survive with votes of immigrants either pre 71 or post 71.
    Just imagine, suspected immigrants encroachers in kaziranga or orang are evicted, there will be strong protest from madani & ajmal, Mr tarun Gogoi will stop


  6. As we have seen in Palestine and in Kashimr, stone pelting by unarmed masses is ‘paasive resistance’. Stone pelting in Guwahati after three persons are killed is caused by an immediate graver violation of right to life before the eyes of thousands. It was a daylight murder in cold delight. Therefore, the law now should take a serious view of the situation that arose of murder of three people. An impartial judicial inquiry will only reveal the circumstances leading to the situation. Till such an inquiry is done, cases aginst Akhil gogoi as filed by Police and others only smack of a motivated vindictiveness.


  7. Arresting Akhil Gogoi govt. can not stop the people’s movement in Assam. Akhil is uttering for the masses,for the have-nots,for the sufferers.He is not the product of himself. He is the product of present socio-economic sysyem which is oppressing the masses in different ways.What time asks, he does that.I think, soon a revolution will take place in assam which may change the fate of the masses.Common people become so courageous today that they do not fear the arms of the police. The road blokade by the people at Garhchuk after the arrest of akhil gogoi and the movement of 25th june, 2011prove that.


  8. Asom sarkare, Akhil gogoi’or dore ajon RTI biyoktik arrest kora tu murkor kaam. He is for the people, of the people and by the people.


  9. now the time has changed.previously nobody was strongly able to protest against govt.they were just commenting upon the corruption and dishonurs in assam.people have got their hero in the form of akhil gogoi.if govt.of assam thinks by arresting him everythng has been so
    rted out thn they are wrong.now more people will come to support him he rise as an hero for the people of assam.in 2015 the govt.will get the result for all this things.money does’nt works every time becoz people of assam are getting educated.hope for the best but not relying on govt.people should be punished who were involved in all this thing.if it was akhil gogoi thn same is applicable for him also.


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