Condemn Police Repression on Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Protest Rally: MSWU

Guest post from Provisional Working Committee (MSWU)

We from the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU) and our families continue to face not only an exploitative company management but also continous state repression since we started our agitation demanding justice and legitimate rights of workers.

This morning, Imaan Khan, one of the members of the Provisional Working Committee, MSWU, was picked up by the Haryana police while a Press Conference was underway, from outside the union office of Sarva Karmachari Sangh in Civil Lines, Gurgaon near Puspanjali Hospital.

This press conference and other such programs are being organized as part of the week-long ‘JUSTICE RALLY’ through the villages and cities across Haryana from 21st January 2012 to culminate in a Dharna in Rohtak on 27th January.

Also today morning, one of the teams of the state-wide jattha which started from Rewari yesterday and were starting from Dharuhera today, was also harassed, intimidated and finally forcibly picked up by the police from Bilaspur- all 20 workers’ cycles were dumped into police vehicles and dropped off to a village in Jhajjhar. When the workers valiantly resisted these repressive tactics by laying on the ground and holding on to each each, the police used force to remove us and gave threat of arrests and torture if we enter Gurgaon.

Before this, on 22nd and 23rd January, police tried raiding our Union Office and threatened workers and their families of further arrests and torture if we dare to continue with our agitation. Besides our 149 fellow workers who continue to languish in jail for the last seven months, non-bailable arrest warrants against 66 more workers have been slapped on whom police repression is continuous. 546 permanent and 1800 contract workers have been terminated from our jobs.

We strongly condemn this continous use of brute police force on workers and our families and anti-worker stance of our elected representatives, which is showing how nakedly the state is working to maintain the injustice and exploitation by the management of Maruti Suzuki company. It is our democratic right to protest, and we demand the immediate release of Imaan Khan, MSWU Provisonal Working Committee member, and stop to further harrasment by the police on our justice rally for Rohtak 27th January.

Ramnivas, Omprakash, Mahavir, Yogesh, Katar Singh, Rajpal

on behalf of Provisional Working Committee

24 January, 2013

9 thoughts on “Condemn Police Repression on Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Protest Rally: MSWU”

  1. Whatever the merits of the case outlined, earlier violence resulting in the death, destruction and injuries, has caused loss of sympathy of the common man. The first step is to regain the confidence of the common man by peaceful and productivity oriented behaviour by the workers of Maruti. The days of militancy in labour movements are over. Come to lawful and peaceful ways. The world is not unkind, if you deserve kindness. Deserving before desiring is a good principle to follow. We must understand that there are a lot of fellow Indians who are much worse off than Maruti workers, either contractual or regular. We also have to take into account the Japanese culture where the workers wear black bands to show their displeasure with the management and produce more products than normal when on strike. They hurt the owner but not the country. An example is that in a shoe factory, workers on a strike produced only the left shoe which could not be sold. On resolution of their problems, they produced the right shoe. The owners are Japanese. They are not used to behaviour of the workers who not only damage the management’s interest, they also damage the country’s interest and even their own interests. Why not we adopt win-win policies rather than lose-lose policies ? I know on Kafila, my views may be considered to be anathema but I request everyone concerned to change their focus and not add to inflation in the country by disruptive practices.


  2. Learn to understand the market forces, gone are the days when workers could bully the factory owners, If you continue being arrogant, then Gujarat will take away Maruti from you. and there goes your jobs too with it.

    The whole of India knows our destructive mentality, you people are not angels from heaven. Just hold on to your jobs or else go back to do Kheti-baadi


    1. Thank you, Amit for naked exhibition of your class-hatred against working class people. Factory workers are not angels, nor do they claim to be. It is time though, that managements in Indian industry learnt to treat them as human beings.

      As for industries moving to Gujarat to curry favour with Narendra Modi, perhaps the representatives of the capitalist class and captains of industry are so enamoured of Modi’s fascism as to forget that Gujarat has a very high degree of industrial conflict.


      1. I can very well understand your communist mentality. Not surprised at the state of affairs in your West Bengal, after 20+ years of communist rule.


        1. Dear Amit and Ramesh Desai,

          West Bengal is not my personal possession. I was not born there, I do not live there, I do not see myself living there in the future. I am a bit surprised at Amit’s statement which says ‘your West Bengal’. Further, the CPI(M) during its tenure at the head of the Left Front Government in West Bengal, in my understanding, systematically destroyed the labour movement in that state, by using its trade union the CITU as the ‘pocket union’ of the management in many instances, although specific CITU affiliated unions in some instances, in some industries, continued to work in the interest of workers. You have spoken of the Maruti factory being compelled to move to Gujarat and the fate of West Bengal int the same breath. The Tata Nano factory did not have to move out of West Bengal to Gujarat because of labour militancy, but because of a popular agitation against arbitrary ‘crony capitalist’ land acquisition policies of the CPI(M) led West Bengal Government in favour of the Tata Group. If anything, Tate Nano left West Bengal for Gujarat, not because of agitating workers, but because it was not willing to play fair with the the people of West Bengal, and in this, it had the backing of the CPI(M) and its trade union wing, CITU, which in this instance supported, not Labour, not ordinary people, but Big Capital.


      2. Dear Shudhhabrata,
        Please curse Narendra Modi to your heart’s content. Will it bring back Nano back to Singur ? Maruti may put up two plants in Gujarat for which they have started preparations. Will blaming capitalists or their henchmen stop Maruti from closing down their plants in haryana if the attitude shown by the workers continues ? I may also turn round and accuse you of being Modi’s man for provoking the workers in to actions that lead to the closure of Maruti. Would that help ? Let us all be sensible. Capitalism or Communism is not the issue. The issue is production of more goods and services in the country, by whichever route it comes. All the stakeholders including labour, would benefit in such a situation. Supremacy of any stakeholder for any prolonged period is detrimental to the larger cause. At suitable time, every stakeholder has his day. LABOUR IS NOT IN SHORTAGE. CAPITAL IS. The stake that is in short supply, naturally, has an upper hand, so long as it continues to be in short supply. Poschim Bongo tried supremacy of the labour class for over 3 decades. They neglected wealth creation while concentrating on wealth distribution. This only resulted in poverty distribution. For the labour to gain supremacy, it should work on so much production and productivity, creating so much wealth in the process, that labour becomes comparatively, a scarce resource as compared to capital. The whole country will benefit that way. The labour will then, naturally have supremacy. Nobody will mind it either. There will be no need for any militancy. Would you like that situation or would you prefer to stick to your views even if they lead to poverty proliferating ? I know that as a Bengali by your birth, if you choose to contest my views, I would lose intellectually. Wisdom is however an entity different from intelligence. My humble request to you is to be wiser than intelligent. Hope you take it in the right spirit.


  3. One is simply distressed to learn about the continuous brutal repression and atrocities by the Haryana police since Hooda government took over.Why Hooda’s patrons are turning a blind eye to his maladministration n the state is beyond comprehension.As a matter of fact he is the worst chief minister the state ever had.He has absolutely no regards for any democratic norms whatsoever.He is a classical example of a feudal lord.His attitude towards workers and labourers is devoid of any democratic understanding of the issues.He is otherwise an example of a blockheaded politician.The way the workers and other depressed sections of the society are suffering under his rule is appalling.In the process he is digging his own grave.The workers deserve all support and sympathy.Any criticism of their stand is totally misplaced


  4. workers need to devise new methods tofight for their rights. managements will never treat workers as human being as maximising profit is their main motive


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