Afzal Guru’s story – in his own words


Guru wrote in a letter in 2004:

In the Parliament attack case I was entrapped by Special Task Force of Kashmir. Here in Delhi the designated court sentenced me to death on the basis of special police version which works in nexus with STF, and also came under the influence of mass media in which I was made to accept the crime under duress and threat by special police ACP. Rajbir Singh. That threat even get confirmed to designated court by T.V. interviewer (Shams Tahir Aaj-Tak).


Special police told me that if I will speak according to their wishes they will not harm my family members and also gave me false assurance that they will make my case weak so that after sometime I will get released.


One day Altaf took me to Dravinder Singh (D.S.P.). D.S. told me that I had to do a small job for him that has to took one man to delhi as I was well aware about Delhi and has to manage a rented house for him. Since I was not knowing the man but I suspected that this man is not Kashmiri as he did not speak in Kashmiri but I was helpless to do what Dravinder told me. I took him to Delhi. One day he told me that he want to purchase a car. Thus I went with him to Karol Bagh. He purchased the car. Then in Delhi he used to meet different persons and both of us he Mohammad and me used to get the different phone calls from Dravinder Singh. One day Mohammad told me that if he want to go back to Kashmir he can. He also gave me 35000 Rs. and told me that this gift is for you. 6 days or 8 days before I took a rented room at Indra Vihar for my family as I decided to live in Delhi with my family because I was not satisfied with my this life. I left the keys of rented house to my land lady and told her that I will be back after Eid festival on 14th Dec. after parliament attack about which there was a lot of tension. I contacted Tariq in Sgr. [Srinagar]. At evening he told me when I came back from Delhi. I replied just one hour before. Next morning when I was about to leave to Sopore from bus stand Sgr. police caught me and took me to Parampora police station . Tariq was there also with STF. They took 35000 Rs. from my pocket, beated me and directly took me STF Head Quarter. From there I was taken to Delhi. My eyes were blind folded. Here I found myself in special police torture cell. [Read the full account]

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14 thoughts on “Afzal Guru’s story – in his own words”

  1. If this indeed is the case, then not only is our police guilty, but also our justice delivery system is hopeless. This will only make the case for anti-capital punishment stronger.

  2. If this is true, why Supreme Court found Afzal Guru guilty ? Do you mean to say even the highest court of the land is biased ?

    1. RIP Afzal….it is grave mistake on the part of our society and judiciary system. I bow my head in grief and also in shame. Even today there are people who donot want to see the truth and they see and believe only what media and government wants them to see.

  3. Courts go by the papers, submissions, evidence, etc. Nothing else. Its the investigating Agency who frames the case according to paper produced or ‘manufactured’.In most of the cases Court cant go beyond that.

  4. Various articles claim different things about this case. Some say the SC set aside the forced confessions he made in police custody and independently established his guilt. It does certainly seem capital punishment is harsh and rejection of mercy plea doesn’t explain reasons. Things should change. We don’t have a complete story of Afzal Guru yet. A popular movement to abolish death penalty is the need of the hour.

  5. Why was Afzal Guru singled out by the State if he was innocent? If all this is just a conspiracy – who hatched it and why ?? Who would benefit from his hanging. If indeed the state was biased, he would not have been kept alive for 12 long years – he would have been executed much much faster like Kasab. Are we to believe that the real perpetrators of the Parliament attack are still at large, the local contacts still among us?
    If he was indeed tried in a kangaroo court, he would not have been given 12 years worth of chances. The argument of his lack access to lawyers rings hollow – the people who now come up and say that he was innocent should have spent effort on getting the right lawyers for him. Arguing his case on social media websites, seminars and over cups of coffee – look at where it landed him. Saying he was innocent is a stinging indictment to the sacrifices of people who gave up their lives on the fateful day. At the end of 12 years – are they to believe that they were shortchanged by their own Government?
    At the end of it all – he began as a pawn of the terrorist establishment, and died a political pawn of the Government.

  6. I’m surprised that Afzal Guru has been portrayed as an ‘innocent’ picked up by the police. Here’s Afzal admitting to his role in the attack, in very clear terms. (
    Whether or not he deserves the death penalty is a different issue. But I find it surprising that a person who knew a terror attack was about to happen (and innocent people — not just MPs — would die) would not care to warn people about it. What’s this left-liberal thing about painting Afzal pure as driven snow?

  7. I really dont understand why our Country People are so foolish to Read what a Terrorist has written. I have not read this and shall never read…How can we listen to some one who is a traitor. This is a diff in the attitude of Indians and Americans. Please dont show your crocodile Symapthy. If we was so good, why did he help the terrorists. for 25K..that what he got of all that..For 25 K he bought the lives of 5 Police officers who were killed that day. Huh…and we have so many people supporting him..Its a shame that you people heart dint sink for the 5 who died protecting the country that day but whose fingers dont have a pinch of shaming while typing support for him.
    Same on You!

  8. If there is a possibility for reforms and making something good out of a ideologically misguided person, death penalty should not be awarded in such cases as that diminishes the moral worth of our country. RIP, Afzal. Hope, you get a better life next time.

  9. Kafila thinks it is great if they publish some documents claiming he was innocent yet dismiss a video interview in which he himself appears and explains in length the Pakistani hand and funding.
    Go on Kafila. Censor this comment too like many of my previous comments. Idiots. Traitors of the motherland.

  10. hanging is not a single route to close terrirorism. if our country do this it means we are also a terrorist. the thing is not that who are terrorist but you people have no right to hanging any body. there are many people who doing crime and living free in india. this is not a time of party. our country’s good ranker officer are not god actually indian police are kutta kamina all faltu words. i think no one is interested in “who are criminal” actaually all peopole are interested to watch the story of hanging. so sad

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