PUCL statement on Hyderabad blasts

This statement was put out today in Delhi by the PEOPLE’S UNION FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES
PUCL strongly condemns the serial  blasts in Hyderabad on 21.02.2013 which has resulted in loss of life and grievous injuries to many. PUCL extends its sympathies to the families of all those who lost relatives and hopes that the injured recover speedily.
PUCL  re-iterates its stand that all organizations – whether State or non- state players – functioning for the people and in the public arena are accountable and answerable for their acts. PUCL appeals to all organizations to refrain from acts of mindless violence, especially when they endanger innocent persons.  Violence can never offer a solution to any issue however genuine it may be. 
In the past such blasts have invariably been followed by motivated targeting and illegal detention by the police of scores of educated and young members of the minority community, physical and mental torture, prosecution under as many draconian sections and laws as possible and repeated implication of the same persons in multiple cases thereby stigmatising a section of the population of the minority community who live for years with the shame of being a “terrorist”. The stigma is never erased even when prolonged trials end in acquittal the acquitted persons and their families forever live devastated lives, ostracized and feared by their own community. Such unlawful motivated police action has ended up in immense alienation and disaffection of an already traumatized community.
PUCL reiterates that the State and Central police and various intelligence agencies inquiring into the incidents should uphold the principles of fair, independent and unbiased investigation. This will strengthen rule of law and ensure investigations and interrogations in a civilized manner. Only such conduct of investigating agencies will reinforce established and accepted norms of fair and lawful investigation. We caution the police not to indulge in baselessly targeting of persons belonging to any particular community, especially those from the minority communities.
PUCL is apprehensive that the current events provide fodder for partisan politics and use of the tragedy to score political points. It is crucial that political parties respond with sensitivity and work to create a sense of confidence and amity amongst different social sections.
PUCL is concerned over some sections of the media indulging in speculative reporting and alluding to the alleged involvement of some groups, even when investigation is still underway. Such competitive posturing and motivated reporting fans communal hatred, creates mass paranoia and vitiates communal harmony.
In this time of tragedy and disturbance PUCL appeals to citizens, be they in media, political parties or state agencies, not to fall prey to rumours inciting reprisal by fanning enmity between communities.
Those guilty of this ghastly incident should be expeditiously brought to book. The situation demands that we, as a nation, should remain calm, restrained and peaceful.
(Dr. V. Suresh)
National General Secretary, PUCL

7 thoughts on “PUCL statement on Hyderabad blasts”

  1. What do you think the state should do? Had you also appealed to the state to “nip such acts of terrorism in the bud”, you would have helped uphold the liberties of many.


  2. The Hyderabad blasts happenned after two highly publicised hangings. Clearly, Death Penalty does not serve as a deterrent so thats one argument in its favour down the tube.


    1. rapes happen despite anti rape laws and convictions. So does that me we do not catch and try rapists?


      1. do u not read anything? u do know that catching rapists does not mean killing them, right? if u have read anything on the blog at all, u will know that most people contributing to it have also argued that death penalty is not a deterrent to rape and that rapists too should not be hanged.
        but i guess ppl like u are less interested in reading anything, lest it make u think, and merely troll the blogs to be what u think is ‘shocking’. well its not, it just makes for derisive laughter.


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