How to respond to a legal notice from The Times of India

Shamnad Basheer shows the way:

We strongly object to the vile language and the highly aggressive tone used in the notice. We can respond in kind, but we choose to be a bit more civil with you.

You choose to issue this highly malevolent letter, hoping to intimidate us into a meek apology. Unfortunately, while the meek may inherit the earth, they are bound to be shown no favour by corporate powerhouses such as your client.

So, let’s cut to the chase and explore your alleged grievances articulated rather flatulently in over seven pages of a highly intemperate legal notice.

Read the full story at Sans Serif.

Shamnad Basheer for PM!


4 thoughts on “How to respond to a legal notice from The Times of India”

  1. Some years ago, the TOI forced a blogger to shut down his blog by slapping a lawsuit on him for his criticism of the paper. It is good that somebody has taken them on, in the interest of free speech. The paper keeps harping on the media’s right to free speech but is unable to handle it, when at the receiving end!


  2. TOI is just plain dumb. After reading the bit on their legal dispute with FT, I thought they were doing the right thing. I mean, why should a british newspaper be the legal owner of “Financial Times” in India ? But TOI being TOI just reacts in a mindless raging fashion.


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