Beyond Reasonable Doubt? The Conviction of Shahzad Ahmad: JTSA

Guest Post by Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association ( JTSA ), Delhi.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt? The Conviction of Shahzad Ahmad is a detailed analysis and critique by the Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association of the judgment awarded on the 25th of July by the 2nd Additional Session Judge, Delhi-South East (Saket) Court in the ‘State vs. Shahzad Ahmad@Pappu’ case, also known as the ‘Batla House Encounter’ case. Yesterday, on the 30th of July, the judge confirmed his verdict of ‘guilty’ and awarded Shahzad Ahmad the punishment of imprisonment for life and a fine of Rs. 95,000/-. The JTSA, which has been following the Batla House Encounter since 2008 presents its findings on the trial in this booklet, and disputes the guilty verdict awarded to Shahzad Ahmad. Kafila is carrying this publication (as part of a series of posts on the Batla House Encounter) as a downloadable pdf format file.

26 thoughts on “Beyond Reasonable Doubt? The Conviction of Shahzad Ahmad: JTSA”

  1. To be honest, these 20+ pages of so called ‘report’ are full of naive and pedantic queries. I was expecting something more insightful; Silly me. One can shoot thousand holes in theories raised in this report (if one is even half as keen as JTSA seems to prove the convicted terrorist as innocent.

  2. Not able to open it on scribd … and here, the text is too small. If possible, upload a direct link. Thank you.

  3. Well I can’t understand why this so called ‘leftist intellectual brigade’ is hell bend to prove every terrorist innocent . If they are so confident about the loopholes in the probe then shezad innocence will be proved in high /supreme court and if they think that whole justice system is biased then please agitate to improve the quality and speed of whole justice system. In fact, I have not heard a single line about police and judicial reforms from leftist brigade

    1. “On the day when crime dons the apparel of innocence — through a curious transposition peculiar to our times — it is innocence that is called upon to justify itself.”-Albert Camus

      1. come up with a fancy quote to sound intellectual when u have no logical argument… typical commie rope trick…

        and why nobody talks about the IAS officer screwed by SP?… oh yes, because there is that thing about a wall in some mosque… commies are supposed to be atheists… why are Indian commies helping jihadis and talibans… and then you wonder why people hate you…

      2. Albert Camus quote is a laughable attempt by you to justify your stand supporting a killer and mass murderers. Such quotes are inconsequential to Justice and investigation. Yes, if we smoke the same stuff and consider these ‘innocent boys’ were playing with toy guns and MC Sharma found no better place to commit suicide than Batla house, and that it was Police’s attempt to ‘tar a whole community’ (instead, I feel your nonsense ramblings are taring the community beyond repair) and above all if we consider you have taken the responsibility of working as the ‘voice of that silent meek community’, one can go ahead and read your ‘reports’. No wonder despite so much of your online time you are only able to raise more hatred for yourself and your terrorists friends. I feel disgusted that your kind call themselves as leftists and maliciously quote great leftist intellectuals. In fact such attempt to challenge the investigation should be countered in court of law. If your theories are rejected and found to be malicious you should be put in jail with your terrorist brethern. Agreed? No? But then thats what investigations are, it often catches ‘muslim’ youth, sometimes ‘hindu’ youth as well. So I guess you should commit suicide in this unjust country before you plan to help bombers of public places. BTW have you heard of Santosh Koli? She fits all of the bills (read identities) you claim to represent- a woman, a poor, a dalit, a brave girl standing up against the system, threatened/attacked multiple times by mafia (mostly congress)! Since she opposed the ruling congress, hence her death is not important for you. Worse, we never see any ‘human right violation’ which will embarass congress is discussed in your column or in Kafila. We never see you asking for police or judiciary reforms but see your strenuous impossible attempts to support a terrorist-murderer (and you hope not be to called one!) based on ‘locals testimony’ who only speaks gospels of truth near batla house!

    2. @”In fact, I have not heard a single line about police and judicial reforms from leftist brigade” This entire report and the exposition of the way the judicial and criminal institutions work and are biased (though not necessarily deliberately) in their working is infact the first step to intiating any reform, because it tires to identify the problem, and if you don’t identify the problem at all how the hell do you initiate any reform? The report itself therefore is a big step towards “police and judicial reforms from the leftist brigade”.

  4. @Madhu, it is not the leftist intellectual brigade, it is the people of Batla house, Jamia Nagar, Seelampur, Azamgarh,…… who feel hunted. Have you ever felt that you are the one, next in line?

    1. Nobody is next in line… please get over this paranoia…
      A senior cop got killed while staging a fake encounter… only a fool can believe that…

      1. you help me get over the paranoia….try being friends and stop looking at me as the ‘other’. Only fools would not know of cases like Ishrat Jahan, where three young people were killed, no police man died in that, how do you categorise those encounters? If you go by numbers, then check how many muslims and how many police men have died in such encounters till now? And btw how many from your family / social circle have died like this?

        Try to speak a universal language, that of a civilized humanity and not of a religion, sweetie pie!

      2. Talking about fools, they’re usually as sure of everything as you seem to be. This report and other articles about the ‘encounter’ are simply questioning the many holes that are apparent in it to anyone who looks at it with an unprejudiced eye. Instead of indulging in rude rants, like here and above, why don’t you prove these ‘commies’ wrong with the wonderful logic you’ve been blessed with and with the indisputable facts of the case you’re privy to?

        There’s a reason why no one is talking about that IAS officer here…because this is about the Batla House case. But, hey, why don’t you write a piece about her and post it here? No? Too much work, eh? Far simpler to rant and call people fools, isn’t it?

    2. @sabina have you thought about ‘our’ fears who are scared of every plastic packet unattended in public places? Who are endlessly going through security checks for no fault of theirs? Who are loosing their loved ones in eateries, bus stops, train stops, parks? So to attend Jamia/azamgarh ‘fears’, you prescribe to not to hunt down the terrorists, and their neighbors should support them? Is not it shameful and disgraceful to be a community which supports mass murderers? Besides, please count how many people from your community are victims of Indian mujahidin attack (not the hindu right wing terror attacks) and their proportion among all victims? Or do you also think their deaths are ‘collateral damage’?! You will know how wrongly you have placed your ‘fears’. Call for a strong investigative system, police reform, not shoot down the system everytime you find few inconvenient truth. BTW, an NDTV reporter, resident of Jamia, wrote the next day of delhi blast that he saw people in jamia celebrating the blast (and we are supposed to take their story as gospel of truth)!! He belongs to your community, but is humane enough to feel pain for that. Do you?

  5. Where was this Jamia Teacher’s Association when Tarek Fatah’s Lecture was cancelled just because it would have riled a few Islamist students and the lame excuse that exams were on was given by the Jamia administration to cover its Islamist pleasing agenda?? The leftists here are as blinkered and blinded in their views like the religious extremists of all shades .In fact I would rather ask as to where has been the secularists of Kafila in general and Shivam Vij in particular when the lecture of the feminist Amina wadoud (name may have been spelt wrong) has been cancelled by Chennai University because of threats from Muslim fundamentalists.Not a word of condemnation has been heard from these secualr types.Religious extremism of all shades whether Saffron or Green has to be condemned unequivocally.The problem with the folks at Kafila is that Muslim fundamentalism is glossed over as fears of a minority or reaction to Hindu communalism.They are as illliberal in their views as any other extremist.

    1. Dear Secular Hindu, aka SaneIndian

      If you look carefully at the Kafila archives, I think you will realize that we are equal opportunity offenders as far as the sensibilities of religious gentlemen (and usually they are gentlemen) of the partisans of major faith based fundamentalisms are concerned. The posts on Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Akbaruddin Owaisi and against those who tried to ban Ahmediya gatherings, or deport a Christian pastor from Kashmir, for instance, are hardly music to the ears of Islamists.

      In fact, I take a particular pride in saying that Kafila gets abusive and heckling posts and a great deal of adverse online attention, on different occasions – from – a)Hindu Fundamentalists, b) Muslim Fundamentalists c) Secular Nationalists d) Constitutional Liberals e) Various Doctrinaire Left-Wing Groups ranging from the CPI(M) to the CPI(Maoist) e) Upper Caste Chauvinists f) Dalit Identity Politics Champions f) Free Market Fundamentalists g) Statists of all Varieties h) Anti-Corruption Campaigners i) Anti-Anti Corruption Campaigners and j) Partisans of Nuclear Energy.

      I can not think of a single significant constituency (barring feminists) in our social and political milieu that we have not offended at some point of time or the other.

      The reason for this is fairly simple. There is no single Kafila Line. There is no single Kafila Agenda. We have a broad consensus amongst ourselves about what we think a free, open, democratic and equitable world might look like, and lots of differences amongst ourselves, which we celebrate. Those differences include those who take a harder line against Majoritarian politics as opposed to those who might take a more critical view of Minoritarian politics, and enough people who take a stand against both. Perhaps that means that you cannot slot Kafila as easily as you would like to. I understand and deeply sympathise with the predicament of those who are profoundly disturbed and irritated by this, just as I am deeply sympathetic to those who believe that the earth is flat and hold that a creater god made the earth in seven days. While we can sympathise with your profound disappointment with the fact that Kafila does not pander to your particular prejudices, unfortunately,we can do nothing about it. Facts, as they say are facts. Or as they say “we are like that only”. So I would recommend that you take a deep breath, get on with life, and start a little blog on which you can rant and rave about whatever takes your fancy. Don’t expect Kafila to carry the burden of your pet peeves. If you write well, I and many others, will be regular readers.

      best wishes,


      1. Dear Shuddhabrata,
        Between my pet peeves/prejudices ,rants and raves and your pearls of wisdom and your sage advice of starting a blog ( given gratis at that!!) I am still waiting to know whether the Jamia Teachers Association ever issued a condemnation of the cancellation of Tarak Fateh’s lecture at the eleventh hour due to fears of protests by some Islamist students.Since Kafila seems to be acting like a mouthpiece for them I have raised the query with you.As someone who has stumbled upon Kafila recently my apologies for not knowing and reading the articles which you mentioned in your riposte.To an unbiased reader though Kafila seems to give an impression of being a Left leaning site taking a contrary view on everything (like the high priestess of that ilk ,Arundhati Roy )with their pet targets being the security apparatus,anything associated with the colour Saffrron ,corporates etc though not necessarily in that order.Those including the ones associated who shared their views earlier but digress from them later ( think Mayank Shrivastav and Ashish Khetan ) are subject to their self righteous indignation and feel the full force of their fury.However since you mentioned that Kafila has no particular agenda (hope that’s true ) I hope we should be expecting an article from you or anyone of your brethren here on the cancellation of the lecture of the Islamic Feminist ,Amina Wadoud by Chennai Universty based on an email/sms(??) from some Islamist group by the Chennai Police commissioner.(If wishes had wings…..)!!To even out things you could also carry an article on how a play at Baroda with a character called ‘NaMO’ was banned by the Gujarat Police.As for starting a blog,my talents lie elsewhere and I would be much happier posting comments on Kafila here ;)

      2. Kafila has definite leftist orientation and most of the columnist and contributors enforce that view only . Anybody having little bit divergent point of view from leftist discourse is branded as RSS or sangh pracharak without realizing that wide enough intellectual/ideological space exist between these two poles . In fact some aspect of leftist ideology is good at the same time everything related to Right is not bad .


        1. Dear Madhur,

          You say – “Anybody having little bit divergent point of view from leftist discourse is branded as RSS or sangh pracharak…” – do you have evidence for this, based on your careful reading of the entire Kafila archive? Can you give us at least five different instances where commentators have been as you say, ‘branded’ as RSS of sangh pracharaks, when they have offered a critical comment on Kafila, by those who have written the posts (we cannot take responsibility for those who are not Kafila writers who comment on the posts, just as we cannot take responsibility for your comments). I say five, because that would show us a definite pattern. I will be very grateful if you can do this.



          1. Dear Shuddha ,

            Its the comments and overall tone of the published articles which enforces a particular view point only.Choice of authors and topic of articles itself speak of the ideological leaning of the contributors .
            I don’t have problem with all the aspect of said ideology and strongly believe that it is good for democracy for having divergent views but don’t call Kafila a free media because it tries to analyze each and every issue through the prism of one ideology only.


        2. @madhu I strongly disagree that kafila bloggers are leftists. I consider leftist ideology as expansive and rational. Leftists would never play a dirty identity politics in tune with ruling class. Leftists would not fear-monger and spread victimhood around, this is basically a right wing culture. I suspect these people along with jamia teachers/countercurrents/sanhati/arundhati roy etc have malicious interests. Why else they will put their credibility at stake with phony stories in support of terrorists-mass murderers or a religion-based state called kashmir? Why would they try to attack praveen swami, ashish khetan who have been reporting on terror/riot cases for so long? Curiously they never attack congress party or their misdeeds-which exposes them partly.

          1. After I read a few pages, I realize that the majority in Kafila seems to be leftist, although the left is a dead ideology. Socialism was abandoned by Russia and China ! China is now making impressive growth after getting rid of socialist thinking.

            My suggestion to secular hindu, Madhu etc is that you should be aware that Kafila is a heavily left leaning site even though they will publish a few anti-left comments here and there ! But Kafila wants to appear to be carrying a neutral tone althought it may not be.

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