Dear Supreme Court: Inder Salim

Guest Post by INDER SALIM

Dear Supreme Court,

I am personally glad that your recent verdict on Article 377 has sparked a debate on the nature of “SEX “in India.

I believe, we all will end up as gainers, if various cycles of discussions boil down to the difference that define ‘Natural’ from ‘Unnatural’, and if so then you must issue further guidelines to this effect. Any hesitation would tantamount to bad-faith. ( Please  ignore at your own peril, but you know already that there is not a single student, intellectual, poet ,artist, or any social engineer, activist worth her/his salt that supports you on this issue, but yes, you have Sang Parivaar, Muslim fundamentalists and orthodox church with you, so dont worry. it is a huge mass of people) Like you, those who think that sex between Female and Male is ‘Natural’ must contribute in a positive way in order to shape the society for upholding our fundamental right to live a  ‘Happy’ life.  I hope you are happy in your personal sex life, hehhehehehe. (  i notice a grin on  your face ) sorry.

Dear Judges, if this “Sex” thing is not a social construction, but something ‘natural’ as you see, then an ordinance must be passed  that makes it mandatory for all of us to restore back our so called ‘natural’ drives, and we must strictly follow the examples of few animals , who look similar to us ‘Homo Sapiens’.  All animals, i hope, you believe come under the category ‘Natural’, but these animals, you know how they fight to win their female mates. A deadly game, you know, but if we all articulate this ‘natural ‘ in our idea of sex, then we have to do what animals do for procreation of their race.  Oh, i hope you had no such villain in your life before marriage, or after marriage even. Who knows, trust in matters of sex is very risky business, anybody can betray us males. I believe, while you were busy on the desk thinking how to re-insert Article 377; or this poor me,  while i am writing this letter to you, our spouses may be cheating on us.  How terrible. But, I hope with your sincere efforts we can bring back what we lost few million years back during our life in caves, that  glorious time when ‘sex’ indeed must have been very very Natural phenomenon. I really miss that era, every body naked, and all that free sex, no marriage and no illegitimate off springs.

Good that you have opened the cane of worms, and this must be an opportunity to debate each and every detail of our sexual practices in our beds or imaginations, even.  You may not share your  bed room experiences, but i am not ashamed of telling you that i found the use of condom very ‘unnatural ‘ while doing sex, but you know My Lord, it is very important, it helps me to avoid lot of mess which follows the sexual act later. What is your stand on the use of condoms, is it natural or unnatural? And is sex natural before marriage, if so then please issue orders accordingly. I know , as a gentle man you would not have dared to cross the Laxman Rekha, but this young Indian youth, has tasted it at a very young age. Wont it be better if individual choice to experience pre-marriage sex also comes under Article 377.?

There is too much of confusion around the so called normality in heterosexuality.  For example, if the Man after marriage suffers from ED ( erectile dysfunction ) then is the woman entitled to use some alternative means/tools ( carrots etc )  to achieve her fundamental right to be happy? Please issue orders on what she can do and what she can not, in case she does not want a divorce. And in case she wants a divorce, is she entitled to test another man before arriving at a conclusion. You know these days lot of Men are suffering from loss of confidence, more so, in absence of any proper  sexual education in our schools, both men and women are generally clueless abut the techniques of extracting maximum pleasure from their sexual acts. People generally confuse love with sex, which needs urgent attention. Do something, we need to talk sex only sex.

But you know men, usually, how silly they are in the bed, I know because i have slept with quite a few men before i tried my hand with girls during my school days. My first sex with a girl was very bizarre, she insisted on penetration into her vagina, but i was convinced that sex only happens through anus. Please do something and issue guidelines  to all teachers to educate the kids about what is natural and what is unnatural in sex. or leave us alone

Yes, i know you think of ‘unnatural’ in sex only when it comes to Gays, Lesbians and other patterns of sexual practices which are marked differently by those who believe Heterosexuality  as the only legitimate form , therefore,  norm. This looks fascistic to me, but My Lord, you may tell us what if  a heterosexual couple behaves  like a gay couple in their bed? How will you peep though the key hole of each and every bed room? But perhaps, you have a third eye, as the great Lord has.

Finally, what if there is a human being who is naturally born as gay, lesbian, or eunuch, or queer or anything else. How will you look into the eyes of that person who too has a fundamental right to be happy but because of this  archiac article 377 denies him or her to be so or so, this or that ? How will you make sex peacefully with your wife while you deprive others to do what they want to do?

“Bishop Berkeley (who, may I remind you, was a prophet of the greatness of America), I remember that he wrote that the taste of an apple is neither in the apple itself – the apple cannot taste itself – nor in the mouth of the eater. It requires a contact between them”. The same thing happens when two lovers meet. Try to experience something yourself, and then issue verdicts.

Yours humbly, a Heterosexual fellow citizen who has the fundamental right to be Homosexual etc or nothing even. I dont care, you too may not.

(Inder Salim is a performance artists based in Delhi. This text was first published on his facebook page)

5 thoughts on “Dear Supreme Court: Inder Salim”

  1. firstly, it is Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, and not Article 377. Secondly, it was very immature, the seriousness of the issue is lost. It reads as a mockery on homosexuality.


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