Petition from IITs against Section 377

This petition may be signed by alumnae, faculty and students of IITs at IITs Against 377

The Honourable Chief Justice of India,
The Honourable Prime Minister of India,
The Honourable Minister of Home Affairs, India,
The Honourable Minister of Law and Justice, India,
The Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development, India,
and The Directors of the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Dear Sirs,
We are a group of students, alumni, faculty and staff of the Indian Institutes of Technology, collectively expressing our shock and disappointment at the Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Section 377 is a British-era statute that outlaws “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and includes within its ambit intercourse among consenting adults of the same sex. We hold that this law violates the fundamental rights of privacy and autonomy accorded to all Indian citizens by its Constitution, and the rights to dignity, equality and due process of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) citizens. While we demand that the law be immediately modified to exclude all forms of sexual intercourse among consenting adults, we wish to reiterate that this is merely one step towards the goal of equal membership in Indian society for everyone, regardless of sexuality and gender identity.

In 2009, a landmark judgment issued, by the Delhi High Court, declared Section 377 unconstitutional insofar as it applies to consenting adults. Embarking on a well-researched and empirically informed analysis of the impact of the law on sexual minorities, the Court found the law to be arbitrary in its scope and intent, as well as in violation of the right to equality under the law, and the right to dignity and personal autonomy. The Delhi High Court elevated sexuality and gender identity to the status of a protected class under the Indian Constitution, thereby laying the foundation for future efforts to end discrimination in workplaces, educational institutions and domestic environments.

Where the Delhi High Court’s ruling was a bold effort to give life to the promise of Indian Constitutionalism, the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse it is a deceptive attempt to use judicial restraint as a cover for its refusal to critically interrogate the social effects of legal provisions. Ignoring the lived experiences of LGBTQ people in India altogether, it argues that Section 377 merely penalizes certain acts and does not stigmatize a class of Indian society based on sexuality and gender identity. By failing to recognize the fact that the law exposes LGBTQ people to illegal extortion, harassment and persecution, and by suggesting that the rights of LGBTQ individuals are less worthy of protection because of their “miniscule proportion”, the Supreme Court has failed to perform its constitutional responsibility and betrayed the trust of the Indian people. Suffering from contradictory arguments, dubious factual claims, and an absolute lack of empathy, the judgment is an affront to the values of fostering a scientific temperament as part of the commitment to the betterment of humanity, upon which our nation was founded, and which motivated the foundation of the Indian Institutes of Technology.

LGBTQ individuals, activists and supporters from all parts of India have risen up in shock, anger and outrage, determined to repeal 377 and to make their claims of citizenship heard in the public sphere. They have received the support of the legal community, a large section of the country’s political leadership, human rights monitors in the United Nations as well as supporters throughout the global diaspora, of which IITians constitute a substantial share. It is to this chorus of dismay and disapproval that we seek to join our voice. We write to express our commitment towards the rights of LGBTQ people, including members of the Hijra, Aravani, Kothi and like communities, to live their lives with dignity, freed from the burdens of fear, loathing, and pervasive discrimination.

We reiterate that our concern goes beyond the rights of adults to participate in private acts of consensual sex. It is focused on the public domain, where alternate sexuality and gender identity is often treated as a form of deviance in schools, colleges, workplaces, religious institutions, and governmental institutions. Patriarchy and hetero-normativity are pervasive facts of social life in all parts of the country, including the campuses of elite institutions like the IITs. Women and LGBT individuals among the undersigned have often experienced prejudice in their routine interactions with their classmates, colleagues, professors as well as members of the institute administration, and these experiences of prejudice at close quarters can sometimes be more debilitating than an archaic and distant law.

The institutionalization of prejudice, both in the legal and the social spheres, is often premised on claims about certain sexual practices being “unnatural”, imports from “western” cultures and symptoms of “mental illness”. These claims have been emphatically shown to be incorrect. Same-sex intercourse is found in about 1,500 species of animals, including the species closest to Homo sapiens in evolutionary terms. There are many instances of alternative sexualities being expressed in Indian mythology, as seen in the work of scholars like Ruth Vanita and Saleem Kidwai. Moreover, there is increasing evidence of a hidden sub-culture of queer people in medieval and early-modern India. The Hijra, Aravani and Kothi communities have oral traditions which prove that queer identities are as native to Indian civilization as any other. The medical community, including the American Psychiatric Association, Indian Psychiatric Society and the World Health Organization, have repeatedly argued that alternative sexualities and gender identities are not symptoms of mental illness. Given the preponderance of scientific, historical and anthropological evidence, it comes as somewhat of a surprise to us that patently incorrect claims are still circulating in society, and we call upon the scientific establishment and various educational institutions – including the IITs – to assist the LGBT community at large in dispelling these misconceptions.

While efforts to read down Section 377 and to dispel societal misconceptions must continue, we also re-commit ourselves to protecting the gains made in recent years within IITs to create a more welcoming atmosphere for women and LGBT individuals. While Section 377 has, in the past, relied heavily on social stigma to penalize sexual minorities, we assert that we will not allow ourselves to be used in this manner to discriminate against our own peers. Several support groups for queer students have been established and received official recognition in various IITs in the past two or three years. Their rights of free association are by no means affected by a law that merely criminalizes certain sexual acts. We therefore hope that they will continue to get the full support of their peers, their professors and the institute administrations. In short, while the latest Supreme Court judgment represents an unfortunate reversal in the development of India’s human rights law, we hope that this will not halt the realization of human rights for women and sexual minorities through concerted social change, with IITs leading the way.

Yours sincerely,

IIT Varanasi (BHU) (6 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Navin Singh Rajpoot    Faculty
Aakash Choudhary    Student
Manan Gupta    Student
Anubhab Roy    Alumnus/Alumna
Karamjit Kaur    Alumnus/Alumna
Raunak Kalra    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Bhubaneshwar (1 Signatory)
Full Name    Designation
Kartik Dhawal    Student

IIT Bombay (228 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Debjani Paul    Faculty
Kapil Joshi    Faculty
Nutan Limaye    Faculty
Om Damani    Faculty
S. Akshay    Faculty
Sharmila Sreekumar    Faculty
Siby K. George    Faculty
Siddhartha Ghosh    Faculty
Supratik Chakraborty    Faculty
Anand Chandrani    Other Members
Pulakesh Upadhyaya    Other Members
Dayle Fernandes    Other Members
Diptesh Kanojia    Research Assistant
Karthik C.S.    Research Assistant
Sasikanth Paturi    Research Assistant
Udit Agrawal    Research Assistant
Aaradhya Srivastava    Student
Abhinav Rajagopalan    Student
Aditya Shankar    Student
Aishwarya Chandrasheker    Student
Ajay Kumar    Student
Ajay Kumar Rai    Student
Amaldev    Student
Aman Berlia    Student
Ammar Jagirdar    Student
Aniket Kundu    Student
Aniket Narawad    Student
Anjani Kumar Maurya    Student
Anki Kumar    Student
Ankur Anil Aher    Student
Anshul Jain    Student
Arpan Saha    Student
Ashutosh Gupta    Student
Ashutosh Gupta    Student
Ashwini Kumar Janu    Student
Avinaash Anand K    Student
Bodhi Vani    Student
C.S.Prakhyat    Student
Charmi Dedhia    Student
Charmi Dedhia    Student
Devansh Shukla    Student
Dileesh Parayil    Student
Divya Sharma    Student
Fathima    Student
Gaganjeet Singh    Student
Gaurav Bharti    Student
Gowri Kurup    Student
Gururaj S    Student
Hardik Kalasua    Student
Harshit Sahay    Student
Hemant Bansal    Student
Jairaj Mathur    Student
Jay Mardia    Student
Jayanth    Student
Kailash Jakhar    Student
Kiran Karol    Student
Kireeti Kakarapu    Student
Krish Narang    Student
Krishna Priya    Student
Kunal Phalak    Student
Maria Aspvik    Student
Mehul    Student
Mihir Bhosale    Student
Mishtu Dey    Student
Mohor Bhattacharya    Student
Mukesh Naraniya    Student
Nikhil    Student
Niladri Chatterji    Student
Nilapratim Sengupta    Student
Ninad Patwardhan    Student
Paramita Haldar    Student
Parthajit Dutta    Student
Parul Maheshwari    Student
Peehu Pardeshi    Student
Prakhar Singh    Student
Pratibha Pathania    Student
Pravin Raur    Student
Rachana Mane    Student
Rahul Wankhede    Student
Raj Kumar Yadav    Student
Rajath Chandrahasa    Student
Rakshit C    Student
Rashmi Chaudhary    Student
Rishabh Bajaj    Student
Rucha Kulkarni    Student
Rushina Shah    Student
Sakshi Agarwal    Student
Sambit Palit    Student
Shardul Vaidya    Student
Shiv Prakash Patel    Student
Shraddha Rana    Student
Shreyans Gandhi    Student
Shrikant Chavare    Student
Shubham Singhal    Student
Shubham Singhal    Student
Shubham Yadav    Student
Sreekar    Student
Sudipto Biswas    Student
Sushrut Thorat    Student
Tushar Sharma    Student
Utkarsh Raut    Student
Vardhman Kumar    Student
Varun Manthapuri    Student
Varun Suprashanth    Student
Aashish Agrawal    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhay G A    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhinav Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhinav Maurya    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhishek Chandra    Alumnus/Alumna
Achin Bansal    Alumnus/Alumna
Aditya Gudipati    Alumnus/Alumna
Aditya Joshi    Alumnus/Alumna
Ajay Deshpande    Alumnus/Alumna
Akhil Prem Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Akhilesh Bakshi    Alumnus/Alumna
Alay Mehta    Alumnus/Alumna
Ameya Chaudhari    Alumnus/Alumna
Amit Chahalia    Alumnus/Alumna
Amol Patwardhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Anasuya Mandal    Alumnus/Alumna
Aniket Sule    Alumnus/Alumna
Anil Prabhakar    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankur Tulsian    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankur Tulsian    Alumnus/Alumna
Apoorv Kesharwani    Alumnus/Alumna
Aruna Nijasure    Alumnus/Alumna
Asgerali Masalawala    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashish Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashish Kumar Sippy    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashutosh    Alumnus/Alumna
Asok R    Alumnus/Alumna
Avinash Renuke    Alumnus/Alumna
Avradeep Bhowmik    Alumnus/Alumna
Bindhulakshmi    Alumnus/Alumna
Chayan Sarkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Chayanika Shah    Alumnus/Alumna
Chinmoy Chowdhury    Alumnus/Alumna
Chitranshu Mathur    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepen Garg    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepshikha Alha    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepti Pradhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Devang Baheti    Alumnus/Alumna
Devesh Radhakrishnan    Alumnus/Alumna
E Siva Subramaniam Iyer    Alumnus/Alumna
Gowtham Kumar Tangirala    Alumnus/Alumna
Gurbakshsingh Khalsa    Alumnus/Alumna
Harishchandra Ramadas    Alumnus/Alumna
Harshad Ghodke    Alumnus/Alumna
Hemant Noval    Alumnus/Alumna
Hemendra Kumar Srivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Hrishikesh Sathawane    Alumnus/Alumna
Kamal Roy    Alumnus/Alumna
Kanishk Dutt    Alumnus/Alumna
Karthik Ramesh    Alumnus/Alumna
Kriti Kapoor    Alumnus/Alumna
Kritin Joshi    Alumnus/Alumna
L. Feugère    Alumnus/Alumna
Manas Rajendra Joglekar    Alumnus/Alumna
Mehul Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Mihir Khadilkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Mihir Laghate    Alumnus/Alumna
Milind Gokhale    Alumnus/Alumna
Mishtu Dey    Alumnus/Alumna
Naveen Bagalkot    Alumnus/Alumna
Netra Shetty    Alumnus/Alumna
Nisarg Shah    Alumnus/Alumna
Nithya Subramanian    Alumnus/Alumna
Omkar Deshmukh    Alumnus/Alumna
Parag M    Alumnus/Alumna
Paras Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Pavan Bharadwaj    Alumnus/Alumna
Prabhav Kalaghatgi    Alumnus/Alumna
Pranay Bhatia    Alumnus/Alumna
Prarit Agarwal    Alumnus/Alumna
Prasanna Karthik    Alumnus/Alumna
Prashant Mishra    Alumnus/Alumna
Prashant Roat    Alumnus/Alumna
Preetish Kumar Mishra    Alumnus/Alumna
Prinaka De    Alumnus/Alumna
Priyam Tripathy    Alumnus/Alumna
Pushkar Gaikwad    Alumnus/Alumna
Raj Doshi    Alumnus/Alumna
Ralph F. Silva    Alumnus/Alumna
Ranjini Warrier    Alumnus/Alumna
Rekha Hatkanagalekar    Alumnus/Alumna
Rema T. K.    Alumnus/Alumna
Sahil Dhingra    Alumnus/Alumna
Sai Kulkarni    Alumnus/Alumna
Sai Priya Mahajan    Alumnus/Alumna
Sajan Sankaran    Alumnus/Alumna
Sameer Murthy    Alumnus/Alumna
Sampada Kulkarni    Alumnus/Alumna
Sandhya Gokhale    Alumnus/Alumna
Sanjiv Damodar Vaidya    Alumnus/Alumna
Sanjuka Guha Thakurta    Alumnus/Alumna
Sapan Shrivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Satwik Pradhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Sayali Ashok Bhoekar    Alumnus/Alumna
Shailendra Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Sham Thanekar    Alumnus/Alumna
Shitanshu Verma    Alumnus/Alumna
Shreyas Yogesh Shah    Alumnus/Alumna
Siddharth Shanbhag    Alumnus/Alumna
Snehansu Mallik    Alumnus/Alumna
Sreeta Gorripaty    Alumnus/Alumna
Sridhar Rangayan    Alumnus/Alumna
Srujan Meesala    Alumnus/Alumna
Subhabrata Mukherjee    Alumnus/Alumna
Sudarshan Wadkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Sudesh K Agrawal    Alumnus/Alumna
Suhail Abbasi    Alumnus/Alumna
Sumantra Sarkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Sumathi Rao    Alumnus/Alumna
Sunil Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Sushama Agashe    Alumnus/Alumna
Sushant Raut    Alumnus/Alumna
Svati Bhogle    Alumnus/Alumna
Tarun Mathur    Alumnus/Alumna
Vandana Rallabandi    Alumnus/Alumna
Vashist Avadhanula    Alumnus/Alumna
Ved    Alumnus/Alumna
Vedank    Alumnus/Alumna
Venkatesh    Alumnus/Alumna
Vijay Venu Vadlamudi    Alumnus/Alumna
Vipul Mehta    Alumnus/Alumna
Vishal Ranjan    Alumnus/Alumna
Yamini Krishnan    Alumnus/Alumna
Yash Deshpande    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Delhi (101 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Angelie Multani    Faculty
Arudra Burra    Faculty
Debasis Mondal    Faculty
Kiran Seth    Faculty
Kushal Shah    Faculty
Paroma Sanyal    Faculty
Ravinder Kaur    Faculty
Reetika Khera    Faculty
Sumeet Agarwal    Faculty
Pawan Gulani    Other Members
Upmanyu    Other Members
Aakash Mukhopadhyay    Student
Akshi    Student
Alexandre Bourlier    Student
Alokik Kumar    Student
Anand Poonia    Student
Anil Nunia    Student
Archana Kumari    Student
Atul Verma    Student
Davis Issac    Student
Ekta Jain    Student
Govind Saraswat    Student
Harsh Dayal    Student
Harvineet Singh    Student
Jai    Student
Manoj Kumar    Student
Mayank Jain    Student
Mohita Upadhyay    Student
Pawan Jeph    Student
Raghav Batra    Student
Rananaware Kapil Bhagwat    Student
Ravi Baloda    Student
Rsmcheez Meena    Student
Sandeep    Student
Sandesh Lokhande    Student
Siddarth Kamlesh Jain    Student
Swikar Lama    Student
Utsav Bansal    Student
Vaibhav    Student
Vishal Meena    Student
Aanchal Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhimanyu Sahai    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhinav Garg    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhishek Garg    Alumnus/Alumna
Akshdeep Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Amit Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Anamika Sarkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Anjul Patney    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankush Jindal    Alumnus/Alumna
Anshul Sharma    Alumnus/Alumna
Anupam Dev Goel    Alumnus/Alumna
Anupam Kumar Chakravarty    Alumnus/Alumna
Apurva Tiwari    Alumnus/Alumna
Arpeet Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Asha G    Alumnus/Alumna
Asheesh Meena    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashmit Kohli    Alumnus/Alumna
Avneesh Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Ayush Garg    Alumnus/Alumna
Babita Yadav    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepak Vasisht    Alumnus/Alumna
Dhananjay Beri    Alumnus/Alumna
Dikshant Sharma    Alumnus/Alumna
Dinesh Chahlia    Alumnus/Alumna
Himanshu Upadhaya    Alumnus/Alumna
Hitesh Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Hitesh Shrimali    Alumnus/Alumna
Jaskaran Singh Lamba    Alumnus/Alumna
Jatin Pasrija    Alumnus/Alumna
Kaustubh Khade    Alumnus/Alumna
Kshitij Kulshreshtha    Alumnus/Alumna
Madhur Bhaiya    Alumnus/Alumna
Mahender Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Manish Chauhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Mayank Chaudhary    Alumnus/Alumna
Monika Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Mukesh Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
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Pendyala Gautam Dev    Alumnus/Alumna
Prateek Singhal    Alumnus/Alumna
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Rahul Attri    Alumnus/Alumna
Rahul Tandon    Alumnus/Alumna
Rama Govindarajan    Alumnus/Alumna
Ravi Kant    Alumnus/Alumna
Ravikant Bhargava    Alumnus/Alumna
Ridhi Chaudhary    Alumnus/Alumna
Ridhima Tewary    Alumnus/Alumna
Rohan Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Rohit Dasari    Alumnus/Alumna
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Sanjeev Sharma    Alumnus/Alumna
Savin Goyal    Alumnus/Alumna
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Sumit Chauhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Suresh Chahar    Alumnus/Alumna
Suresh Chaudhary    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Gandhinagar (12 Signatories)

Full Name    Designation
Malavika  Subramanyam    Faculty
Amy Desantis    Faculty
Arup Lal Chakraborty    Faculty
Rita Kothari    Faculty
Shivakumar Jolad    Faculty
Srinivas Reddy    Faculty
Tannistha Samanta    Faculty
Himanshu Bikonia    Student
Rounak Mehta    Student
Shreyans Nahar    Student
Sneha N Ved    Student
Sunil Nair    Student

IIT Guwahati (105 Signatories)

Full Name    Designation
Deepanjan Kesh    Faculty
Indrani Kar    Faculty
Sagarmoy Dutta    Faculty
Sawmya Ray    Faculty
Diana R    Other Members
Abishek Ahluwaila    Student
Aditi Padhi    Student
Aditya Jain    Student
Akanksha Dokania    Student
Akanksha Sharma    Student
Aman Kesarwani    Student
Ameya Sawant    Student
Ankit Jain    Student
Ankita    Student
Anmol Kalia    Student
Anubhav Phukan    Student
Anupam    Student
Anurag Agarwal    Student
Ayush Raja    Student
Chandragiri Vinay    Student
Dinesh Kumar Meena    Student
Dipendra Namdeo    Student
Dishant Chechi    Student
Gagandeep Singh Randhawa    Student
Gaurav Abnesh Kulshrestha    Student
Giridhar Kulkarni    Student
Himanshu Gupta    Student
Jatin Mehta    Student
Kamal Madishetty    Student
Ketan Ganar    Student
Kishor Gajrani    Student
Lokesh Choudhary    Student
Maulishree Pandey    Student
Mayank Sardana    Student
Md Jasim Eqbal    Student
Meenal Mandil    Student
Mitun Chakraborty    Student
Moupiya Ukil    Student
Mridul Krishna    Student
Murtuza Shergadwala    Student
Nikhil Mohan Tilak    Student
Niladri Das    Student
Nitish Kumar    Student
Piyush Rai    Student
Pradeep Bansal    Student
Pranjal Shrivastava    Student
Raunak    Student
Romel Baral    Student
Sachin Tyagi    Student
Safinah Ali    Student
Sanket Garg    Student
Saurabh    Student
Saurabh Soni    Student
Shivanshu    Student
Shreya Raina    Student
Shubham Goyal    Student
Shubham Patel    Student
Simrat Singh Chhabra    Student
Sivapuram Raghavendra    Student
Soumya Wadhwa    Student
Sree Prasanna Rajagopal    Student
Suman Mandal    Student
Tanmay Shankar    Student
Tarun Jain    Student
Vaibhav Dwivedi    Student
Vaibhav Jain    Student
Vipin Agrawal    Student
Vishesh Kumar    Student
Vishnu R C    Student
Abhishek Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Adarsh Shankar Prasad    Alumnus/Alumna
Aditya    Alumnus/Alumna
Alok Kumar Jha    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankit Garg    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashish    Alumnus/Alumna
Barnali Das    Alumnus/Alumna
Bharath K Srikanth    Alumnus/Alumna
Dhruv Kapoor    Alumnus/Alumna
Eswar Prasanth    Alumnus/Alumna
Ganesh Jagtap    Alumnus/Alumna
Gurmeet Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Ishan Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Jashanjit Kaur    Alumnus/Alumna
Kopal Agarwal    Alumnus/Alumna
Kumar Gaurav    Alumnus/Alumna
Madhava    Alumnus/Alumna
Manas Modi    Alumnus/Alumna
Manish Goyal    Alumnus/Alumna
Paresh Joshi    Alumnus/Alumna
Pramod Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Pronoy Rai    Alumnus/Alumna
Rahul Ritesh    Alumnus/Alumna
Rajat Khanduja    Alumnus/Alumna
Rosy Talukdar    Alumnus/Alumna
S L V Kaushik    Alumnus/Alumna
Sadhwi Srinivas    Alumnus/Alumna
Sanmukh Kuppannagari    Alumnus/Alumna
Shashank    Alumnus/Alumna
Shivanku Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
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Srikanth Gunuru Harivijay    Alumnus/Alumna
Sumit Hablani    Alumnus/Alumna
Vikas Panwar    Alumnus/Alumna
Vivek Sahi    Alumnus/Alumna
Yogesh Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Hyderabad (2 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Harish N Dixit    Faculty
Srinivas    Student

IIT Indore (1 Signatory)
Full Name    Designation
Apoorv J    Student

IIT Kanpur (119 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
A. K. Sharma    Faculty
Achla M Raina    Faculty
Ajai Jain    Faculty
Amitabha Bandyopadhyay    Faculty
Anurag Gupta    Faculty
Deepak Gupta    Faculty
Devlina Chatterjee    Faculty
Harish Karnick    Faculty
Jonaki Sen    Faculty
Koumudi Patil    Faculty
Madhav Ranganathan    Faculty
Mohua Banerjee    Faculty
Nandini Gupta    Faculty
Nitin Kaistha    Faculty
Rahul Varman    Faculty
Rajat Mittal    Faculty
Saumyen Guha    Faculty
Shobha Madan    Faculty
Suchitra Mathur    Faculty
T V Prabhakar    Faculty
Biman Roy    Other Members
Barkha Jaiswal    Research Assistant
Amaresh Chaturbedi    Student
Amit Saraswat    Student
Anish Kumar    Student
Ankit Jain    Student
Anup Basak    Student
Anup Kumar Patel    Student
Arun Karthik B    Student
Ayan Ray    Student
Ayan Roychowdury    Student
Deepa Sahchari    Student
Deepak Ojha    Student
Digendranath Swain    Student
Indrani Banerjee    Student
Jayanta Madhab Borah    Student
Jayesh Kumar Gupta    Student
Krishanu Sen    Student
Manali Ghosh    Student
Mousumi Mukherjee    Student
Niruj Mohan Ramanujam    Student
Paritosh Mahata    Student
Pradeeep Kumar S    Student
Rahul Verma    Student
Rajat Arora    Student
Rajat Ubhaykar    Student
Ravindra    Student
Rohan Parakh    Student
Saikat Bala    Student
Samir Vaid    Student
Sandeep Gupta    Student
Sangeeta    Student
Sankalp Tiwari    Student
Shanu Sharma    Student
Shourya Umang    Student
Shweta Kukreja    Student
Sneh Harsh    Student
Somak Bhattacharyya    Student
Sreerup Banerjee    Student
Sucharita Mandal    Student
Sudarshana Mukhopadhyay    Student
Tathagata Biswas    Student
Thamarailingam A.    Student
Triparna Mondal    Student
Varsha Jha    Student
Vipul Tanwar    Student
Vivek Tewary    Student
Abhijit Majumder    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhinav Gaur    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhishek    Alumnus/Alumna
Akshay Srivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Amit Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Amrita Arya    Alumnus/Alumna
Anusha Mangala Krishnan    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashoke Sen    Alumnus/Alumna
Chaturbhuj Sambharia    Alumnus/Alumna
Dheeraj Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
E. Bhavani Shankar    Alumnus/Alumna
Harsh Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Himanshu Srivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Ipsita Pal    Alumnus/Alumna
Jayant Das    Alumnus/Alumna
Jayant Sharma    Alumnus/Alumna
Kanak Raina    Alumnus/Alumna
Loganayagam R    Alumnus/Alumna
Manish Kumar Gautam    Alumnus/Alumna
Manu Agrawal    Alumnus/Alumna
Mayank Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Mohit Jolly    Alumnus/Alumna
Moumita Majumder    Alumnus/Alumna
Mrinmaya Sachan    Alumnus/Alumna
Neha Inwate    Alumnus/Alumna
Prasenjit Sen    Alumnus/Alumna
Prashant Gautam    Alumnus/Alumna
Preyas    Alumnus/Alumna
Rajesh Gopakumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Rajesh Kasturirangan    Alumnus/Alumna
Reetu    Alumnus/Alumna
Rikhi Bose    Alumnus/Alumna
Ruchi Mishra    Alumnus/Alumna
Rukmini Dey    Alumnus/Alumna
Sampada Bodkhe    Alumnus/Alumna
Sandhitsu Das    Alumnus/Alumna
Saurabh Batwal    Alumnus/Alumna
Shantanu Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Sheeraz Ahmad    Alumnus/Alumna
Shinjini Basu    Alumnus/Alumna
Shubhayu Chatterjee    Alumnus/Alumna
Soumyadyuti Samai    Alumnus/Alumna
Sreangsu Acharyya    Alumnus/Alumna
Sreejita Das    Alumnus/Alumna
Srivani Narra    Alumnus/Alumna
Sushil Narsian    Alumnus/Alumna
Trishikhi Raychoudhury    Alumnus/Alumna
Vaibhav Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Vaibhav Vaish    Alumnus/Alumna
Vikas    Alumnus/Alumna
Vinit Agrawal    Alumnus/Alumna
Vivek Kumar Mehta    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Kharagpur (173 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Baidurya Bhattacharya    Faculty
P K Das    Faculty
Adyasha Maharana    Student
Aman Ashsh    Student
Amita Barik    Student
Ananya Roy    Student
Anjith George    Student
Ankurina Sharma    Student
Anshuman Pandey    Student
Anu Sharma    Student
Aprajeeta Shah    Student
Apurav Yash Bhatiya    Student
Arnab Debnath    Student
Arnab Kumar Mahanty    Student
Arun Thapa    Student
Ayushi    Student
Biswajoy Ghosh    Student
Chanakya Hridaya    Student
Dhanjit Das    Student
Dhruti    Student
Durgesh Kumar    Student
Gaurav Kumar Jha    Student
Gautam Pradeep    Student
Gobind Singh    Student
Gyan Prakash    Student
Harika Nelli    Student
Janjanam Bhargava Kumar    Student
Jeetesh Gulani    Student
Jya Saxena    Student
Jyoti Kumari Kulshreshtha    Student
K Probin Singha    Student
Kalpana Kumari    Student
Kanika Gupta    Student
Ketan Ingle    Student
Koulick Ghosh    Student
Lakshya Gupta    Student
Mahesh Joseph Karuveli    Student
Manish Singh    Student
Manjima Bhattacharya    Student
Mayank Choudhary    Student
Mohit Gupta    Student
Mudit Rustagi    Student
Naman Bhatia    Student
Nancy    Student
Nayansi Jain    Student
Nayrhit Bhattacharya    Student
Neerajita Sarkar    Student
Nikhil Desai    Student
Nishant Vats    Student
Nithin C    Student
Nithin C    Student
Potluri Karthik Venkat Chowdary    Student
Prabha Prasad    Student
Pragya Sahu    Student
Prakhar Srivastava    Student
Praneet Kaya    Student
Prasanth Kumar    Student
Pratik Patra    Student
Pritha Chaudhuri    Student
Priyanka Raj    Student
Rajat Srivastava    Student
Raunak Chitlangia    Student
Rishita Das    Student
S Roshan Kumar    Student
Santosh Kumar Thambe    Student
Saravaiya Kiritkumar    Student
Saurav Das    Student
Shiva Spurthi G    Student
Shivam    Student
Shreyas Mahajan    Student
Siddharth Pasumarthy    Student
Smita Priyadarshini Pilla    Student
Srujan Kondru    Student
Suma Jaini    Student
Surajit Nandi    Student
Sushil Rathi    Student
Swapnil Shekhar    Student
Tanay Bansal    Student
Tushar Warrier    Student
Ujjwal Raghuvanshi    Student
Ushnish Sengupta    Student
Vikram Voleti    Student
Aardra Lilie    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhimanyu Lahiri    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhirajika    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhishek Dewanji    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhishek Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhishek Negi    Alumnus/Alumna
Aditi Sarangi    Alumnus/Alumna
Ahmed    Alumnus/Alumna
Akanksha Shrivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Akash Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Akshay Kumar Lal    Alumnus/Alumna
Amit Bhojane    Alumnus/Alumna
Amiya Adwitiya    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankit Barik    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankur Ambastha    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankur Manchanda    Alumnus/Alumna
Anutosh Kanoria    Alumnus/Alumna
Aritra Chatterjee    Alumnus/Alumna
Arjun Mukerji    Alumnus/Alumna
Arkosnato Neogy    Alumnus/Alumna
Arupananda Sengupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Arvind Sowmyan    Alumnus/Alumna
Ayaskant Rath    Alumnus/Alumna
B.Manmohan Reddy    Alumnus/Alumna
Borna Ghosh    Alumnus/Alumna
Debangshu Mukherjee    Alumnus/Alumna
Debanjan Bhowmik    Alumnus/Alumna
Debmalya Sinha    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepanjan Saha    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepika    Alumnus/Alumna
Dilip Kumar Mekala    Alumnus/Alumna
Dyuti Majumdar    Alumnus/Alumna
Gagandeep Singh Gujral    Alumnus/Alumna
Hardika Dayalani    Alumnus/Alumna
Hardip Grewal    Alumnus/Alumna
Hari Cherupalli    Alumnus/Alumna
Jatin Sharma    Alumnus/Alumna
Joydeep Mitra    Alumnus/Alumna
Kapil Sharma    Alumnus/Alumna
Kaushik Venkat    Alumnus/Alumna
Kaustubh Khare    Alumnus/Alumna
Keshav Prawasi    Alumnus/Alumna
Kirit Parikh    Alumnus/Alumna
Kunal Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Manaal Faruqui    Alumnus/Alumna
Mayank Kedia    Alumnus/Alumna
Megha Chamaria    Alumnus/Alumna
Mikesh Udani    Alumnus/Alumna
Myna Vajha    Alumnus/Alumna
Nasheet Siddiqui    Alumnus/Alumna
Niharika B    Alumnus/Alumna
Nithin Kunneparambil    Alumnus/Alumna
Nitin Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Omkar Kulkarni    Alumnus/Alumna
Pakul Bansal    Alumnus/Alumna
Pallavi Wad    Alumnus/Alumna
Pradipta Banerjee    Alumnus/Alumna
Prashanth Joshua    Alumnus/Alumna
Pulkit Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Rahul Sarkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Ranjini Nair    Alumnus/Alumna
Rishabh Poddar    Alumnus/Alumna
Rishav Mishra    Alumnus/Alumna
Ritu Sahore    Alumnus/Alumna
Saahil Parekh    Alumnus/Alumna
Sagnik Ray Choudhury    Alumnus/Alumna
Sanjeev Chandra Vadde    Alumnus/Alumna
Sanjoy Das    Alumnus/Alumna
Saptarshi Mandal    Alumnus/Alumna
Sarmistha Talukdar    Alumnus/Alumna
Satyakam Dash    Alumnus/Alumna
Satyakam Dash    Alumnus/Alumna
Sharan Naribole    Alumnus/Alumna
Shaurya Verma    Alumnus/Alumna
Shilpa Sinha    Alumnus/Alumna
Shobana Santhanagopalan    Alumnus/Alumna
Shrey Goyal    Alumnus/Alumna
Siddharth Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Somnath Meher    Alumnus/Alumna
Sreeja Nag    Alumnus/Alumna
Sri Harsha    Alumnus/Alumna
Subhashree Ganesan    Alumnus/Alumna
Subhasis Chaudhuri    Alumnus/Alumna
Sujit Jangam    Alumnus/Alumna
Surajit Sengupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Tapas Shrivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Vaibhav Singhal    Alumnus/Alumna
Vasanth Kamath    Alumnus/Alumna
Vikash    Alumnus/Alumna
Vinay Somanath    Alumnus/Alumna
Vishnu Rajeev    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Madras (377 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Abhijit P. Deshpande    Faculty
Arul Lakshminarayan    Faculty
Dhiman Chatterjee    Faculty
Enakshi Bhattacharya    Faculty
G Venkatesh    Faculty
Hema Murthy    Faculty
K.Srilata    Faculty
Kalpana Karunakaran    Faculty
Nandita Dasgupta    Faculty
P. B. Sunil Kumar    Faculty
R.   Aravind    Faculty
Radha Krishna G    Faculty
Shanti Bhattacharya    Faculty
Sudhir Chella Rajan    Faculty
Amod Kumar    Other Community Members
A P Vijay Rengarajan    Student
Aaron Antony    Student
Aashish Dattani    Student
Abheek Dasgupta    Student
Abhijit Kande    Student
Abhishek Mitra    Student
Aditya Malpani    Student
Aditya Pratapa    Student
Aenugu Sneha Reddy    Student
Aju Basil James    Student
Amala Bonnie    Student
Amala Devi    Student
Amrita    Student
Amrithavarshini Venkatesh    Student
Ananth Saran Yalamarthy    Student
Anik Sengupta    Student
Ankita Pandey    Student
Anubhav Bagari    Student
Anwesh Pokkuluri    Student
Aparnna Suresh    Student
Aravind Govindarajan    Student
Aravind U    Student
Arjun Bhagoji    Student
Arvind Karunakaran    Student
Arya Prakash    Student
Aseem Pahuja    Student
Ashutosh Bihani    Student
Asmita Ghosh    Student
Aswathi Balagopal V    Student
Ayyappadas    Student
B Karthik Chandra Prakash    Student
Banoth Gouthami    Student
Bethanavel K    Student
Bharat Rangan    Student
Bharath Govindarajan    Student
Bhavya Balu    Student
Ch Suvindu    Student
Chaitanya Vijay    Student
Chandranshu Nanda    Student
D K Harish    Student
Darisa Rohith    Student
Darsana Vijay    Student
Debayudh Das    Student
Dheeraj Gosala    Student
Dhivya Jothi    Student
Diana Evangeline    Student
Dipali Anumol    Student
G Swaminath Bharadwaj    Student
Ganesh P Kumar    Student
Gayathri M    Student
Girish A    Student
Gopika Gurudas    Student
Govind K    Student
Gowtham Chakkravarthy N S    Student
Gowtham Ramani Kumar    Student
Green Rosh K S    Student
Hari Prasad S R    Student
Harish Manda    Student
Harsha Vardhan Gandham    Student
Isha Bhallamudi    Student
Jaideep Pathak    Student
Jayalakshmi.K    Student
Jayant Thatte    Student
Jithin Jith    Student
Jithu K Das    Student
John Abraham S    Student
Jyothis V    Student
Kalyan S Nadella    Student
Karuna Agarwal    Student
Kavya Srinivasan    Student
Krishna Dutt    Student
Krishnakumar S    Student
Krupa Maria Varghese    Student
Kunal Parwani    Student
Kusum Kumari    Student
Liza Tom    Student
Madhu Balaji R    Student
Madhura Niveditha Balasubramaniam    Student
Madhusmita Tripathy    Student
Mahesh Gupta    Student
Maitreyi Subramanian    Student
Manasa Venkatesh    Student
Manisha Singh    Student
Manvendra Singh Tomar    Student
Meera M Panicker    Student
Mrinal Iyer    Student
Mrinalini Badrinarayanan    Student
Mulagapati Dilip    Student
Naveen Gondhi    Student
Naveenraaj K P    Student
Nayanthara Salim    Student
Neeraja Abhyankar    Student
Niharjyoti Sarangi    Student
Niles Mondal    Student
Niranjana Prabhakar Bandaru    Student
Nirupama Jayaraman    Student
Nitin K Chidambaram    Student
Nitin Kumar Maharana    Student
Nivea V    Student
Oviya Govindan    Student
Padmapriya Govindarajan    Student
Pallavi Singh    Student
Pankaj Kumar    Student
Piyush Kumar    Student
Polash Mukerjee    Student
Poorna Kumar    Student
Pragathi Praveena    Student
Pragjnesh Reddy Chitimireddi    Student
Prakruti Catherine Gogia    Student
Pranav P Manangath    Student
Prasanna Rs    Student
Prasant Vajjalu Rekapalli    Student
Pratheesh Rani Prakash    Student
Praveen Venkatesh    Student
Pritam Majumdar    Student
Priya Prakash    Student
Pushkal Shivam    Student
Raj Kumar Manna    Student
Rajeev R    Student
Rajeev Ranjan Tripathi    Student
Rajesh Gandham    Student
Ram V.G.    Student
Ravali Rupaa Amba    Student
Ravali Rupaa Amba    Student
Ravikrishnan Rajeev    Student
Resmi P K    Student
Rohith M    Student
Roshima P B    Student
Rukma Prince    Student
Safeer Bawa    Student
Sahil Mathur    Student
Sai Jayaraman    Student
Sai Mali    Student
Sajad S Santhosh    Student
Sajna Hameed    Student
Samvita K    Student
Sandhya Balakrishnan    Student
Sarojkumar    Student
Saudamini Kalra    Student
Seena P H    Student
Selvakumar.N.C    Student
Senthil Kumar    Student
Shalini Jethandran    Student
Shantanu    Student
Sharmad Navelker    Student
Shilpa Menon    Student
Shiv Kumar Agarwal    Student
Shivani Patel    Student
Sindhu Sreedhara    Student
Sneha Abhyankar    Student
Sooryanarayanan G    Student
Soumitra Bhattacharya    Student
Soumya Mishra    Student
Sourabh Mehta    Student
Souradyuti Ghosh    Student
Sreenivsa Prasath S    Student
Sreesankar K    Student
Srihita Rudraraju    Student
Srikiran Chandrasekaran    Student
Srinija.A    Student
Srishtika Prakash    Student
Subramanya T A    Student
Sudip Chakraborty    Student
Sunil S D    Student
Suraj Shankar    Student
Swetha Sridhar    Student
T S K Sravanth    Student
T Sabarish Reddy    Student
Tabassum Fazel    Student
Tiyash Basu    Student
Tryphena Duddley    Student
Vaishali V    Student
Vanya Rachel G    Student
Varsha S    Student
Vasumathy Ravishankar    Student
Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi    Student
Vidhya Ramaswamy    Student
Vidya Muthukumar    Student
Vishali Sairam    Student
Vishnu Nair    Student
Vishnu R Unni    Student
Viswajith V    Student
Vivek Raghavapudi    Student
Yagnam Lokesh    Student
Zuha Moideen    Student
A L Sri Harsha Varma    Alumnus/Alumna
A T Vivek    Alumnus/Alumna
Aanveeksha Amilineni    Alumnus/Alumna
Aarthy Kannan Adityan    Alumnus/Alumna
Aashish Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Abhinav Narain    Alumnus/Alumna
Achaleshwar Sahai    Alumnus/Alumna
Adarsh Viji Elango    Alumnus/Alumna
Ajay Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Akanksha Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Akhilesh Rallabandi    Alumnus/Alumna
Akshay Rangamani    Alumnus/Alumna
Akshaya Madhavan    Alumnus/Alumna
Albin James    Alumnus/Alumna
Amit Padhy    Alumnus/Alumna
Amitkumar Sarkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Anand Kasturi    Alumnus/Alumna
Anand R    Alumnus/Alumna
Anand Rao    Alumnus/Alumna
Anant Shankar Kamath    Alumnus/Alumna
Ananth Virakthi    Alumnus/Alumna
Animashree Anandkumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Anirudh Jagannathan    Alumnus/Alumna
Anjali Bhide    Alumnus/Alumna
Ankit Kankaria    Alumnus/Alumna
Anoop Vargheese    Alumnus/Alumna
Anupam Prasad Vedurmudi    Alumnus/Alumna
Aparna    Alumnus/Alumna
Aravind    Alumnus/Alumna
Arjun Vijayaragavan    Alumnus/Alumna
Arvind Ajoy    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashish Kashyap    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashok Gurumurthy    Alumnus/Alumna
Ashok Veeraraghavan    Alumnus/Alumna
Atheendra Sreenivasan    Alumnus/Alumna
Athul K    Alumnus/Alumna
Aunindo Shankar Bhowmick    Alumnus/Alumna
Bharath Vijayaraghavan    Alumnus/Alumna
Debanjan Mukherjee    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepak J    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepak Khanchandani    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepan Palguna    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepthi Sen    Alumnus/Alumna
Dr Radhakrishna    Alumnus/Alumna
Elgar Kanhere    Alumnus/Alumna
Gyan Vardhan Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Harinarayan    Alumnus/Alumna
Harshit Vaishnav    Alumnus/Alumna
Hema Yoganarasimhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Irene Baby    Alumnus/Alumna
Ishan Srivastava    Alumnus/Alumna
Jagadeesh Kumar V    Alumnus/Alumna
Jagadish V    Alumnus/Alumna
Jagathi Gade    Alumnus/Alumna
Jayant Haritsa    Alumnus/Alumna
Joshua Soans    Alumnus/Alumna
Kapil Bhattad    Alumnus/Alumna
Karthik    Alumnus/Alumna
Karthik Rao Cavale    Alumnus/Alumna
Kartikeya Murari    Alumnus/Alumna
Kaushik Vaideeswaran    Alumnus/Alumna
Kaushik Viswanath    Alumnus/Alumna
Kavitha Narayabab    Alumnus/Alumna
Kkrishna Rajeev    Alumnus/Alumna
Krishnan Padmanabhan    Alumnus/Alumna
Krushna Ranaware    Alumnus/Alumna
Lavanya Marla    Alumnus/Alumna
Lavanya Ravi    Alumnus/Alumna
Loukya Reddy    Alumnus/Alumna
M Akhil    Alumnus/Alumna
M.Vasanthi    Alumnus/Alumna
Madhav G. Badami    Alumnus/Alumna
Manoj Meda    Alumnus/Alumna
Meghana Bande    Alumnus/Alumna
Milind    Alumnus/Alumna
Mohan Ravichandran    Alumnus/Alumna
N C Preethi Sai    Alumnus/Alumna
Naga Bharath Daka    Alumnus/Alumna
Nagesh B L    Alumnus/Alumna
Nandita Yeshala    Alumnus/Alumna
Naresh Satyan    Alumnus/Alumna
Neville Clemens    Alumnus/Alumna
Nikhil    Alumnus/Alumna
Nikhil Handigol    Alumnus/Alumna
Nithin Sivadas    Alumnus/Alumna
Nrupesh Ganji    Alumnus/Alumna
Pavithra Harsha    Alumnus/Alumna
Phani Kiran V    Alumnus/Alumna
Phani Kishan Addepalli    Alumnus/Alumna
Piyush Sao    Alumnus/Alumna
Piyush Shanker    Alumnus/Alumna
Prafful Mangal    Alumnus/Alumna
Prahladh Harsh    Alumnus/Alumna
Prahladh Harsha    Alumnus/Alumna
Prakruti Ramesh    Alumnus/Alumna
Prasad Reddy B    Alumnus/Alumna
Prashant Jain    Alumnus/Alumna
Prathyusha K R    Alumnus/Alumna
Pratyush Sahay    Alumnus/Alumna
Praveen Kachhawaha    Alumnus/Alumna
Pushkarini Agharkar    Alumnus/Alumna
Radha Muddu    Alumnus/Alumna
Raghu Narayanan    Alumnus/Alumna
Rahul Alex Panicker    Alumnus/Alumna
Rahul Ladhania    Alumnus/Alumna
Raja Keshav Jayakrishnan    Alumnus/Alumna
Rajagopal Cj    Alumnus/Alumna
Rajkumar G    Alumnus/Alumna
Rakesh Iyer    Alumnus/Alumna
Rakesh Malladi    Alumnus/Alumna
Ramesh Chandra    Alumnus/Alumna
Ramji V    Alumnus/Alumna
Ramya    Alumnus/Alumna
Rashmi M    Alumnus/Alumna
Ravi Mundoli    Alumnus/Alumna
Ravikanth Andhavarapu    Alumnus/Alumna
Rekha J    Alumnus/Alumna
Rihan Najib    Alumnus/Alumna
Rohit Naini    Alumnus/Alumna
Rohit Saboo    Alumnus/Alumna
Rohit Setia    Alumnus/Alumna
S. Ravichandran    Alumnus/Alumna
Sai Prem    Alumnus/Alumna
Sai Shalini Pasupuleti    Alumnus/Alumna
Samir Ghosh    Alumnus/Alumna
Sandeep Bhadra    Alumnus/Alumna
Sandeep Kanumuri    Alumnus/Alumna
Santosh Harish    Alumnus/Alumna
Santosh K Behera    Alumnus/Alumna
Santosh Raghavan    Alumnus/Alumna
Savitha Nanjangud    Alumnus/Alumna
Sharath Chandra K    Alumnus/Alumna
Shashank Reddy Kancherla    Alumnus/Alumna
Shishir K Rai    Alumnus/Alumna
Shweta    Alumnus/Alumna
Siddarth Hari    Alumnus/Alumna
Siddharth    Alumnus/Alumna
Siddharth Savadatti    Alumnus/Alumna
Sindhu Maiyya    Alumnus/Alumna
Sirish C    Alumnus/Alumna
Sreenath Paleri    Alumnus/Alumna
Sridhar Panchumarti    Alumnus/Alumna
Srinidhi Ramamurthy    Alumnus/Alumna
Srinivas M    Alumnus/Alumna
Srinivas Muktha    Alumnus/Alumna
Sruthi Chandrasekaran    Alumnus/Alumna
Subramanya Sadasiva    Alumnus/Alumna
Sudharsanan Srinivasan    Alumnus/Alumna
Sudheesh Ramapurath    Alumnus/Alumna
Sujatha Dube    Alumnus/Alumna
Sundeep Venkatraman    Alumnus/Alumna
Sunil Kumar Injeti    Alumnus/Alumna
Suresh A    Alumnus/Alumna
Suresh Bala    Alumnus/Alumna
Suresh Govindarajan    Alumnus/Alumna
Tahir Khan    Alumnus/Alumna
V.S. Sunder    Alumnus/Alumna
Vaishnavi Surendra    Alumnus/Alumna
Vamsidhar K    Alumnus/Alumna
Varun Pattabhiraman    Alumnus/Alumna
Varun Saravanan    Alumnus/Alumna
Vasant Sridhar    Alumnus/Alumna
Venkatesh Acharya    Alumnus/Alumna
Vibhu Tewary    Alumnus/Alumna
Vigyan    Alumnus/Alumna
Vijay Sundaram    Alumnus/Alumna
Vikas Menghwani    Alumnus/Alumna
Vikram Murukutla    Alumnus/Alumna
Vinay Ishwar Hegde    Alumnus/Alumna
Vinay Sridhar    Alumnus/Alumna
Vineeth Nair    Alumnus/Alumna
Vinit Unni    Alumnus/Alumna
Vipluv Aga    Alumnus/Alumna
Vishnu M J    Alumnus/Alumna
Vishwanath Joshi    Alumnus/Alumna
Vivek Yadav    Alumnus/Alumna
Yashwanth Tummala    Alumnus/Alumna

IIT Roorkee (32 Signatories)
Full Name    Designation
Gaurav    Faculty
Abhinav Aggarwal    Student
Abhishek Koduvayur Venkitaraman    Student
Aditya Singh Dharmashaktu    Student
Anirban Sengupta    Student
Ankita Sood    Student
Arpit Dua    Student
Deep Jain    Student
Gurjit Singh    Student
K.V.Abhishek    Student
Narenkeshav    Student
Piyush Madan    Student
Sumit Malik    Student
Vivek Kumar Chaurasiya    Student
Abhay Dang    Alumnus/Alumna
Akshay Kumar    Alumnus/Alumna
Ambrish Dantrey    Alumnus/Alumna
Deepak Parashar    Alumnus/Alumna
Kuldeep Singh    Alumnus/Alumna
Kunal Amrit Soni    Alumnus/Alumna
Milind M Salve    Alumnus/Alumna
Mohneet Ahuja    Alumnus/Alumna
Nilesh Ukey    Alumnus/Alumna
Nitiraj Singh Rathore    Alumnus/Alumna
Pankaj  Gupta    Alumnus/Alumna
Piyush Behre    Alumnus/Alumna
Pulkit Arya    Alumnus/Alumna
Rahul Bishnoi    Alumnus/Alumna
Shyam Sundar Rai    Alumnus/Alumna
Twarit Anand    Alumnus/Alumna
Utkarsh Dubey    Alumnus/Alumna
Vipin Verma    Alumnus/Alumna

6 thoughts on “Petition from IITs against Section 377”

  1. The issue involved here is the interpretation of the article 377. Since the courts only interpret and not legislate the laws, it would be advisable to send the petition to parliament also, which means Speaker of the Lower House, the Chairperson of the Upper House, and the leaders of major opposition parties. Unless the parliament modifies the Article 377, in accordance with the Delhi HC interpretation, the SC interpretation would be final.


  2. happy and profoundly elated that iitians,an elite section of civil society have expressed their concern about a social cause invovling the human rights of a large section of the society.


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