Why Modi will become PM of India: Uzair Belgami

Guest post by UZAIR BELGAMI

I have been reading around of late and was surprised to see that there are actually still some people who think there is still a chance that Narendra Modi will not become PM of this country in 2014. Hah! Must be those minorities, or those Secularists, or those Communists who are saying and thinking this – all are Pakistan-lovers, Leftists and anti-nationals. I felt it is necessary I deal with these people through this article, in order to deal the ‘final blow’ before the elections. Modi-ji shall bring an end to corruption in this land. He is the sole answer to those Congress thieves who have looted our motherland for 10 years! Scam after scam has been witnessed under this Congress led government, it is time they went out and Modi-ji came in, to be the strong lion that he is and stop corruption completely. I know some pesky people will now point out that Modi has ensured that the Lokayukta post in Gujarat was empty for 10 full years, since 2003; that he arrogantly disregarded three consecutive Supreme Court judgments to ensure Justice Mehta could not take up the post; the Modi government was indicted for undue favors to large corporates and as a result was blasted by a CAG report for causing losses of more than Rs. 5000 crore; that Gujarat leads India in the number of attacks and murders of RTI activists exposing state corruption or complicity in riots; and that there have been almost 6000 farmer suicides in the past 12 years. They will highlight the corruption and prejudice in the administration & police departments with strings of fake encounters leading to implication of top-brass police officials and even Modi’s right-hand man Amit Shah. They say that it cannot be possible that all these crimes could happen under Modi’s nose without his direct knowledge. They bring the statement of the implicated DIG Vanzara, who writes that the CBI must “arrest the policy formulators also, as we, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government, which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from very close quarters.” These people say that in terms of economic policies, the BJP and Congress are different sides of the same coin – and shall inevitably bring in ‘crony capitalism’ in our country. But we all know, these ill-informed people and all these claims are prejudiced and biased. Finally, I shall present the best argument in the words of our future PM himself here: Modi-ji is single, he doesn’t even have any family; hence he will never be corrupt! Simple logic. End of argument.

Bolo: corporates aur gundagiri ki raaj ke liye hum tayyar…

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

And just look at the development of Modi’s Gujarat! There is no State in the world that can match its progress and development. The roads of Ahmedabad are marvelled at by the people from China, and the factories here are adored by Americans. Of course, there are still those people who criticize even this! I don’t know how they can manage to do this! Modi-ji has built flyovers, roads, factories, buildings; he has got investments and given land to all the big MNC’s like Reliance, Adani and Essar so that they will function from Gujarat, and thus increase the prestige of the state, even in Western countries; he has even laid the foundations of the largest statue in the world – that of Sardar Vallabhai Patel (who actually should have been the first PM – he would have set the separatists and minorities straight). Yet the anti-nationals bring claims that Modi’s development is not sustainable as now Gujarat is the third most indebted state in the country, with its debt being ₹ 1,85,310 crore, having tripled under Modi-ji. They say that Gujarat was historically a fast-growing state much before Modi, and that he has simply carried it on; with states like Bihar and Maharashtra not having that ‘historical base’, yet still progressing faster than Gujarat. Our leader, Modi-ji has electrified almost every village in Gujarat – yet these people will point out that before Modi even took over as CM, all but 170 villages were already electrified. They show social indicators like Gujarat being 11th in terms of Human Development Index, Infant Mortality Rate (12th); Poverty (15th); Hunger Index: (13th); Under-5 Mortality Rate (12th); underweight children (19th); literacy (13th) and that two-thirds of rural people defecate in the open – to show that the legendary Gujarat model of government is just a PR stunt hyped by media and not desirable for our country. They bring up these biased reports like this one from ‘Open Magazine’ which claims to show how Modi systematically uses his US-based PR agency APCO, to deceive the gullible public. Anyway, who are these academics and intellectuals to define ‘development’? And even Congress uses PR, why can’t our Modi-ji? The youth of our country, the ‘pride’ of our country – they don’t care about all this stuff! We need more big companies to get land and resources, so that we can have more jobs for us of course! Then perhaps the farmers and villagers can come to cities and earn here. After all, ‘health’ and ‘education’ in rural areas, ‘life expectancy’, ‘HDI’ etc – are these indicators actually going to really impact my life personally, as an urban youth? They are not going to bring us status in the world stage, are they? Rather, these MNC’s, their Special Economic Zones and all the flyovers, buildings and cars which Modi-ji will bring – these are what we need so that we may be ‘developed’!

Bolo: Health, Education, Sustainability – sab ko light lo yaar…

Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar!

And finally, the infamous Gujarat riots of 2002! How can they still blame Modi-ji for this? These people are always wanting to live in the past. They keep saying that the past shall define our future, and until justice is provided our country shall never heal from polarization and violence. Nonsense! Just like Modi-ji’s true supporters mention, I too keep reminding people that even Congress-led riots occurred in 1984 against Sikhs. So why are people pointing at only Modi?

Of course, I am not trying to avoid questions over the incident by distracting with other incidents, neither am I trying to say one riot justifies another riot, really I am not! Those prejudiced people will say that after the 1984 riots the Congress members responsible like Tytler have never been given tickets again, and the leaders accused of complicity in the ‘84 riots are not prospective PM candidates of India, hence the spotlight is on Modi – but all this prejudice is irrelevant now. Why, I remember when our famous leader Yeddyurappa was convicted for corruption as CM, his famous ‘logical’ argument was the same – “all others CMs were indulging in corruption too, why are authorities catching only me?” I wish all these illogical and prejudiced people would use the same logic in case of our poor Modi-ji.

Even minorities are at peace in Gujarat, no more violence or problems for them. I saw many Gujarati Muslims are supporting Modi-ji on stage. Those traitorous activists of Gujarat, who say that these Muslims are just the business-class and traders who have been given favours by Modi’s government, are all prejudiced people! And those who comment that the Gujarati Muslims are not at peace due to their prosperity and development, but rather due to repression and fear, are surely all liars! All those people and so-called activists who are from Gujarat and claim to ‘support’ these minorities like ex-IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, Teesta Setalvad and others are all paid Congress agents, trust me. They claim that there can be no peace without justice! See the school textbooks of BJP-led states, where Hitler and Nazism have been praised, where these Christians and Muslims have been finally revealed as ‘outsiders’ as they are – they will teach these uneducated people about how to have ‘peace’ and what the position of minorities is.

Well the final word in all this is that the SC-appointed SIT has given Modi-ji a clean chit! What more evidence they want? Yet, they still claim that the Gujarat riots could not have raged for days on end without there being clear state sponsorship and involving Modi-ji’s compliance. They bring out material like “BJP Cabinet Minister, Haren Pandya who disclosed that Modi ordered police officials to refrain from stopping the Hindu backlash, was mysteriously murdered mere months after his disclosure. The SIT refused to take his statement into account post his death, despite one High Court judge (Justice Hosbet Suresh) and one Supreme Court judge (Justice PB Sawant) vouching for the veracity of his testimony. Sworn statements and leads offered by several senior police officers such as Sanjiv Bhatt and RB Sreekumar testifying against Modi were also ignored. Former DGP of Gujarat, Sreekumar has submitted recordings of Modi’s Principal Secretary and Advocate General instructing him to lie to the Nanavati Commission about the riots, and multiple  affidavits affirming Modi’s role in instructing police officers to allow the riots to take place. Sanjiv Bhatt was present at the meeting where Modi told senior officers to ‘allow the Hindus to vent their anger.’ They bring out the book “The Fiction of Fact Finding: Modi and Godhra” by the journalist, Manoj Mitta; the reports by Concerned People’s Tribunal; and the 2007 sting tapes in Tehelka which they say proves the guilt of Modi and his aides without a doubt!. They say the SC having given a ‘clean chit’ to Modi is just a “myth supported only by a gross distortion of facts. The truth is that it is only the (biased) SIT that has cleared him for lack of evidence.”

What a load of prejudice and lies! Anyway whatever it may be, riots have never again occurred in Gujarat, Modi-ji has brought peace right? These stupid people talk some nonsense, saying that it is damning on us a country that we have trivialised such violence and crimes in the face of GDP growth; and the fact that we may have a PM who is ‘supposedly’ clearly responsible for ethnic genocide is a shame on Indians and the ideals of our freedom fighters, regardless of how much ‘good governance’ skills he possesses. I can only say this: Stop dragging us in the past you silly prejudiced people with silly ideas like justice, morality, pluralism and secularism are at the heart of being Indian, and that these are more important than other things like development.

Bolo: Secularism, Morality, Justice – sab ki G***d maar,

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

This time Modi will become PM. Those anti-nationals who oppose him will lose. The urban youth of our country who want development and a development model which favours them, at any cost; the middle class who believe and have blind faith in our virtuous and truthful media; the frustrated majorities all over the country who are waiting for their chance to dominate and get revenge, as they rightly should; Indians with our age-old mentality of hero worship and idolization of personalities – these are the people who shall make this happen! I have faith in them all.

Tho Bolo: jo bhi sabooth pesh karo baar-baar…

Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

[Uzair Belgami is a medical doctor  interested in philosophy and politics]

65 thoughts on “Why Modi will become PM of India: Uzair Belgami”

  1. very well written article. now atleast i can tell my friends to cut the bullshit about development

  2. I cannot see how. I know this piece is a rant, a quirky look at the possible scenario. But even with the jokes (and fears), I do not see how.
    I might as well go out on a limb and say that they can truly give in their best performance this time, but still in the range of 180-192. As for Congress, between 136-145 seats, even now. I don’t really understand how our great psephologists come up with figures for Karnataka, for example. A month ago, they said the BJP would repeat its 2009 performance or better. How?? And UP? Unless they go past 50, their mission impossible will remain just that.
    (Time for a little rant… this cow belt truly lives up to its name. I am ashamed of my own state being the ‘gateway to the south’, but the ridiculous conditions in the north do not even compare).
    I might be wrong, I have been wrong in the past. But my gut feel is that this euphoria is being generated so that our bakra public is forced to back the “winner”.
    I might as well add, that my gut feel is that even the third place might be a little dicey to predict, not TMC, but might well be BSP.
    It might be wishful thinking, but I hope this country has enough sense to give these people a real shock at the end of it all. I am not a big fan of the Congress, but I would even prefer them coming back to power (woe is me, did I just say that?)

    1. Considering that the former CEO of Hansa Research (NDTV’s polling agency that gave 275 seats to the NDA) is the current head of APCO India, forcing our bakra public to back the winner is exactly the point of these so-called opinion polls. They tried the same thing in 2004 and failed. They are trying again banking on the fact that television’s reach has increased manifolds since 2004.

      I don’t think they’ll succeed. What the Modi PR firms do not understand is that projecting Modi as PM in the hope of a bandwagon effect has resulted in a reverse polarization of sorts…people who have never voted in their life, like me, came out to vote against Modi. Many of my friends and colleagues did the same…

      1. These are normal moves in PR agencies. Gautam Chikermane who wrote Kejriwal AAP book has joined Reliance RIL as PR head. Would you smell something fishy even in that?

  3. Modi is not just an individual but a metaphor which personalises all that is horrible in any society, the use of lies and half lies, deceive, bully, subversion of institutions, encourager of crony capitalism, ….

  4. If you analyse carefully then a very big factor other than the “wave” is the large numbers of minority community voting for Modi. That is exactly what prompted Sonia ji to meet Shahi Imam Bukhari and appeal directly to him. But even Shahi Imam’s brother is also not co-operating as reported in http://www.firstpost.com/politics/congress-cant-be-trusted-says-shahi-imams-brother-about-sonia-meeting-1462583.html

    Modi will become PM because minority community is not voting en-bloc like in olden days. Congress was late to note this factor I think.

  5. Love the rant. Learned so much! But any political party in this country is full of shit. We need to send a strong message that bullshit wont be tolerated. If this country truly wants an overhaul, it needs to step up and realize that WE the PEOPLE elect these idiots. “NOTA” should be changed to “anarchy” in my short-sighted opinion. All great civilizations reach a peak and then crumble to dust eventually.

  6. I mostly appreciate this sarcastic rant by Dr. Belgami. I am no NaMo bhakt either.
    However, in the interest of objectivity, I would like to point out that debt by itself is not an economic indicator. It is usually the debt to GDP ratio. According to a Sunday times article, this has fallen constantly from 37.1 % in 2004 to 26.1% in 2013. Further, Gujarat has passed a law stating that the debt should not exceed 27 percent of the GDP. Thus it is extremely misleading to say that the debt has tripled under Modi. I would request the author to set this part of the article straight as it takes away from the other analyses.

    1. Agree that Debt to GDP ratio is better indicator, so also per capita debt and revenue receipts. In both these, Guj is lagging behind.
      Even though Mr.Modi’s Gujarat has brought down the public debt to GSDP ratio by 14 percentage points in 10 years, some other states have done much better than Gujarat in reducing the public debt to GSDP ratio. For example, Orissa has cut down this ratio by a massive 51 percentage points while Bihar has achieved a commendable 36 percentage points reduction.
      As per RBI study of state finanaces, Gujarat’s public debt to GSDP ratio in 2013 (26.1%) is still worse than 10 other states and also worse than the national average (21.9%).
      For further reading : http://multiview2000.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/gujarat-development-model/#_Toc383852623

      1. You are such a party pooper! Why bring facts in the way of good propaganda? It’s all about perception, perception, perception!

        A thought: After 2002, the oil distribution companies should have serialized the gas cylinders, to enable tracking. As in tracking who got the cylinders when, in a few months from now, they will be used again. Nothing like a good LPG bomb to really get a house burning.

    2. It’s not about debt-ratio that should be invoked to analyse this aspect. It is more to bring about the truth, though there is industrialisation, progress and growth, resulting into Gujrat shining as a Model state and to be immolated across the country. But the multifold increase in debt, that too to rich corporates at almost Nil interest rate make every sensible mind raise a question – why do we need a welfare capitalism, something that was invoked during 2008 Credit Crisis. Is Gujrat market-economy facing the same situation ? Illogical Dole out of tax payers money in such frivolous manner has to be questioned ! Indeed the intention and commitment of the government is under scrutiny !

      1. Not sure what exacty TAnweer is trying to say but am tickled pink by the comment “Gujrat shining as a Model state and to be “IMMOLATED” (caps and quotes mine) across the country. A freudian slip, heavy sarcasm, or just a typo is anybody’s guess – but I would rather immolate than emulate this model across the country!!

  7. Bang on!!
    Superb article Uzair.
    Accurate and factually sound. Happier still that some sense previals.
    Development at the cost of compromising with basic fabrics of our constitution can only lead to disaster.
    Still wondering how come this article is left out of hate speeches, abuses of every possible cuss words hurled in the comment box by “The overzealous highly paid and maintained PR TEAM” , may be soon.

    1. The title would possibly mislead them. I think they are mostly trained to respond to criticism as a primary objective.

  8. Tell One lie and hundred truths and you will still be called a liar. Was Agreeing to you until you wrote”Those prejudiced people will say that after the 1984 riots the Congress members responsible like Tytler have never been given tickets again,” which is total lie..Tytler and Sajjan Kumar were ministers in Rajiv Gandhi govt and Tytler was even made minsiter in UPA-I for which BJP leaders protested too..Correct The Facts.

    1. The untold incident of 1984:
      * Lot of Sangh or so to say non-Congressmen were out to reap the benefits of anti-Sikh riots, opportunity exploited to loot and settle personal scores against their foes, not necessarily against Sikhs. The most shocking bit, a Muslim ad bang element, can’t really call him a goonda, carried petrol bombs and explosives to set another Muslim’s house on fire- I was witness to that at a very young age.
      * Congress didn’t really stop or stress the anti- Sikh riot, rather it was forced to do so – reason not cited in public domain: revolt in a section of Indian Army.
      * No doubt some of these guys have been actively participated and led the reneging mobs against Sikhs.
      As, SIT says about 2002 Gujrat Pogrom, in the absence of any direct evidence against Narendra Modi, or there is no prosecutable evidence against him; the same way 1984 riot victims have been fighting, but no avail.

  9. Minorities are voting for BJP? Another myth created by BJP to mislead secular Hindus and minorities. They are saying that they will get half of the seats in UP and Bihar on the basis of Muslims voting for them. Since there is no recognizable Muslim media in English or Hindi, the opinions of a few sellout elitist Muslims like MJ Akbar and some Gujarati Muslim industrialists (who are in Modi’s pocket) are being painted as the window on the Muslim community. It is Urdu newspapers in UP, Bihar, Hyderabad, Maharashtra that tell you what Muslims are thinking in this context. They tell us that Muslim community leaders are fervently telling their people that they must do tactical voting; they must not let their votes be divided between several secular secular party candidates at least in constituencies where their population is 20% or more and where their votes do matter. They should figure out which secular candidate (Hindu or Muslim) is the strongest and vote for him/her. Several Muslim community leaders (not political leadrs) are mobilizing the community in this direction. The reason is that most Muslims in India are scared of Modi and his brand of hard knuckle politics as different from Vajpayee style politics. In many past elections many BJP candidates have won because the Muslim and secular vote gets divided mong several secular party candidates.

    If tactical voting by the Muslim community works itcan impact about 90 constituencies in the country and make a difference in denying BJP more than 175 seats,that they are dreaming, just like they did in 2004.

    Several international media (Washington Post, Guardian, Economist) and some objective Indian magazines have quoted Muslim community leaders saying thatMuslims are scared of Modi and do not want BJP to win for that reason. Unfortunately minstream Indian media being in BJP’s pocket,is saying that Muslims are inclined to vote for BJP. Modi’s recent hardline statement that he will not apologize for Gujarat 2002, even though Rajnath Singh wanted that to happen, will further alienate Muslim voters from Modi/BJP.

    Incidently Shahi Imam Bukhari and his brother are nobodys in the Muslim community; they are the creations of the media. For Muslims other than BJPandCongress, there are other options at bleast in UP and Bihar; namely SP, BSP, JD (U) and now AAP. Although AAP has only few strong candidates.

    1. True, it’s just to mislead the liberal and broad minded Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis… to subdue and make them accept him as the PM, should them effect the least when Muslims themselves have reviewed their political positioning and alignment.

      As far as Muslim vote en bloc is considered, it never possible- not till the Mother Earth will not cease to exist !

      And if we talk about new emerging face of modern Muslims with BJP, e.g. Zafar Sareshwala(businessman from Gujrat), M.J. Akbar(lost his relevance in current Indian socio-politico scenario), or for that matter Salim Khan(Salman Khan’s father, to bail his son out of I don’t know how many murder cases due to drunken driving or under trial in blackbuck poaching cases, once proven wrong in the court of law, wouldn’t see an end of him behind the bars). To sum this up, the new Dalals are facing the question mark on their existence, either being in the form of being forgotten or spending their lifetime behind the bars.

      And last but not the least, Mr. Bukhari has to resort to shout and yell for being heard within the for walls of his mansion !

    2. I wrote a reply comment that seems to have been deleted. But here goes: I beg to differ with Kaleem Kawaja who underplayed Imam Bukhari’s influence within his community. Shahi Imam Bukhari, Imam of Juma Masjid is not a nobody but an important influence. Otherwise Sonia G would not bother to approach him with a very special request.

  10. For whatever it is worth, my wag about the results are: BJP- 170; Congress-150; AAP- 30; 20 seats rach for SP, BSP, TMC, JDU, BJD, TMC; CPI/CPM-15; NCP-10; Others – 48. Total-543. Margin of error- 25%.

    1. You will have to split the 20 you have given to JDU between RJD and BJP too. And while you are right about sp and BSP averaging out to 40 in sum, i think it might be a little more for BSP, for the tactical reason voting you have mentioned earlier. And, margin of error, 25%?? That is a little high…
      Anyways, yes, that is likely to be the ballpark figure.. as I see it too..

  11. The most basic and obvious question to Belgami’s well documented piece is why the secular parties did not mount an effective campaign to expose Modi/BJP lies about develoopment in Gujarat. At least Congress had lots of resources to conduct such a campaign. It was only afer KIejriwal visited Gujarat in early March and exposed Modi’s false claims that belatedly Congress picked up the baton. Only around end of March Rahul Gandhi started speaking about this issue. And now Sonia Gandhi is speaking about it. Why were these people complacent?

  12. Excellent piece of satire. Might as well laugh at this ridiculous state of affairs and hope that the worst does not come to pass.

  13. Its a desive illusion that Modi will change corrupt,evil system of country without understanding that he himself was born,matured in the system and if given a chance will make use of it for selfish desires,…

  14. I am really surprised that these half truths and tactics of putting people on the defensive can actually be used to cite support of a particular leader. His nomination papers reveal that he is married. Never Mind that little lie. What most people forget is that if something has happened in congress rule was also because it was partly because of turmoil in that stage of history. People even say that Indira Gandhi had lost control of the country after her loss to a lunatic like Raj Narain who fought an election to humiliate her and hence she reacted with emergency. Consider the Amm Admi Party who didn’t want to govern but wanted to ruin congress’s chances. How is that kind of logic used to support Modiji. His acceptability is amongst people like Paswan , who fear their scams will come out who has gone only for his dog morsels….read tickets.He has outlined no programs except shallow promises.This country has already seen disasters in their previous rule. They are a party without any difference ho traditionally just broken the Gandhi family were behind the killing of Rajiv Gandhi, through the lady called Jayalalitha, whose Srilankan drama has always cost the congress. Well if they think congress is corrupt and unfit to rulethen they mare mistaken they are the same people when onion prices rise took place in 1998 had said if you can’t buy onions then stop buying them and took light years before curbing exports. They are the party of Reliance, marwaadis and capitalists and they are always responsible for price rise.When you will see mismanagement after recession has faded away then you ppl will realise how good congress rule is despite corruption

  15. Interesting lies..exposes d facts..I m proud to be indian..want Modi as PM..Main bhee karoonga bhrastachar..aglee bar Modi sarkar..

  16. Kudos, goes to show that there is no shortage of material, if one wants to espouse a viewpoint.

    The whole system is corrupt and bankrupt of great ideas, and i sincerely hope the author of this column finds time to write similar articles about all the sides.

    after all, why mock one person when you can mock the entire tribe of them?

    and i hope the kafila mods will clear this comment for publication, even if it does not strictly toe the party line of this site.

    1. Why don’t you spend some time browsing Kafila before giving unwanted advice? You will find critiques of the Congress/ UPA, of CPI(M), of the Maoists, of the Anna movement and AAP and many others.

  17. hahaha! I love you man! Awesome article…brilliant sarcasm! Ab bolke dekhe koi abki baar modi sarkar! Hahaha! Luv it!

  18. There you listed out what is true about Modi.. he is an greedy politician just like many out there.. He likes hitler? why? , he uses the brains of westerns, IITians. the model he is proposing is exact same thing as America does. Look what happened in America, the same thing will be repeated in India. Sure everyone will have job, but would that be sufficient to survive? We only see brighter aspect of being in America, In US, there is a minimum wage concept, and is $6/hr is sufficient to run a household? health care is not FREE, gas price is too high here, cost of living is terrible.. and college education is expensive..poor stayed poor and rich became richest.. it is a hard battle here in US.. and that is exactly what is going to happen to India if Modi becomes PM.
    I am not saying congress is best, but they have done some things, for instance “one meal program in schools” and funds are allocated, so it comes to individual states if they are utilizing the funds. We have Ration for poor, there is no such thing in United states..Do you know why we pay less for petrol/gas? because it has been subsidized? Do you know only 3% of the population pays taxes??

    What did BJP do when they were in power? we speak about women empowerment? look what RSS does, which is a brain child of BJP?

    So, it probably does not matter much if Modi becomes PM or Rahul does.. all it matter’s when it comes down to respective localities, whom you choose as a counselor and what he does to your locality..?
    I am equally concerned if Modi wins, yes it is given there will be communal riots
    It would be interesting to see what India will be in next 10 years?

  19. If Modi becomes PM , no doubt there will be development . But do we need development without proper democratic system or in an autocratic system. Congress should have allowed MMS to work in full authority atleast between 2011 to 2013, they could have defused such high frustration of indian voters

  20. Pls watch India Matters on NDTV ,part I was on Mumbra muslims plight BUT Part 2 shows the real face of Gujerat.Chotta Udaipur District is so backward in education, water ,electricity that Dalit Hindus are ignored and their local MLA blames it on UPA at the centre ! Is this Modis claim of Gujerat Model. Chotta Udaipur District is a zero !

  21. A few days ago, I had mentioned about Modi the Metaphor. I found out to my discomfort that I was wrong, way wrong. And I have no hesitation in apologizing for this mistake of mine. I now realise, thanks to some strong and honest feedback from good friends, that for Feku bhakts, He is nothing less than God incarnate (Hari – as in Har Har Feku) and the founder of a religion called Fekusim. Fekusim has little in common to Hinduism. Hinduism permits plurality of beliefs. In Fekusim there is only one path of salvation – complete surrender to the almighty Feku. He or His disciples brook no argument, reason, fact, or logic which even slightly deviates from the canons of Fekunama. After all it is a question of faith. Fekusim is still a nascent religion, but all the main ingredients of religion have already been assembled and are present. A mythology called the Gujarat Model of Development, a bevy of High Priestess’ (Smriti Irani, Madhu Kishwar, Hema Malini, Kiron Kher), a villain called Kejriwal (a la Mahisasur), renunciation of family and family life (shades of Gautam Buddha), holy scriptures, sacrificial altars (everybody knows about them and where they are located, but are too gory for me mention here, and a path leading to a golden era for all the believers and believers only (vote for Modi Sarkar). For non-believers, like me, salvation can only come by way of death through being beaten up to pulp, or if a little milk of human mercy somehow comes into play, by being cut to pieces or by a bullet in the brain.

    Now since I value my limb and life a lot – I hereby offer my complete surrender. By way of proof, I am willing to shout from the roof tops, for all to hear – Heil Feku!!!

  22. BJP will, in all probability, become the single largest party, less because of any ‘Modi-wave’, but more because of the inept handling of the economy by the UPA, the brazen corruption, the holier-than-thou attitude towards religious tolerence and the sheer stupidity of continuing to bend over to the Nehru-Gandhis inspite of tgem possessing minimal competence. This Hindu-Muslim debate is bogus bullshit. At the end of the day, 4 square meals is all someone wants.

  23. India was destined to be a failed state, the day it chose to adopt a western style democracy blindly. If you look at the successful asian countries that have become industrialized first world nations (South Korea,Singapore,China is next), most of them achieved that under strong authoritarian central leadership. Indian leaders just to please their western masters chose democracy in a country full of religious xenophobia, illiteracy and bigotry. In a democratic state politics is reflection of society, in a authoritarian state polity enforces its principles on society. No wonder India still remains a backward, poverty stricken , over populated shit hole, whereas we (Chinese) march ahead.

    1. To some of you who have responded to “Xiao Li” as if this is an actual Chinese person, it is not. It is a pseudonym used by a US-based Hindu Indian. Just FYI, and so that you can respond accordingly!

      1. Yes, I know it was not. Which is why I was guarded in my reply. You should have let it be published. The reason I know it, because no chinese person would come across like that, there is no need to.
        Was not being foolish to think it was a Chinese person. I know that it has to be a hindu right winger who works under the impression that the Chinese-loving commie sympathizers like us will not attack China or if we do, we would look foolish in the end and play to the right wing agenda. Yes, yes, we know. My comment was made keeping that in mind.

  24. NAILED IT ON ITS HEAD WITH THE SATIRE… HE might be a good option but all this hype started pissing me off now….

  25. Thats a very good article backed by data. I agree that Modi might become a PM and he is one of the best candidates at the moment. But I feel BJP is marketing their party in their name of Modi. In that marketing campaign if you have been hearing his speeches very clearly, Modi never opened his mouth about the corrupt politicians in their own party. If you are about to say “He did not responded to almost every question posed by the other parties and media”, I would say you to go back to and hear all his speeches. Because the truth is he has responded to almost every question posed at him then and there in his campaign marathon but not about the corrupt candidates in their own party no until recently. This looks more like he has been instructed that way rather than doing on his own.

    Now i wish some one come back with one speech except the 21st April speech. And I hope every modi fan wishes the same. They could never see the cloud(BJP team) surrounding him and they will never see the bubble(BJP team) surrounding him as well.

    Moreover, not all his ideas are good as you all say. Like his recent idea of creating special courts for solving cases against corrupt leaders. Rather than giving the corrupt politicians a special status or adding another complexity to the judicial system, he should talk about making the current system efficient and bring back trust on the system to the people. Doesn’t he know that every one is escaping of delay the punishments in any one of the courts like High court, supreme court, Apex court etc etc.,

    This doesnt mean I am an congress agent of aap agent or bjp agent.

    I am an Indian citizen.

  26. Would not agree with farmer’s part. Due to more Industries the workers who used to do a farming jobs are now switching to Industrial work. And a land owner can not farm all his land with on his own. He needs men. Now there are few of them. I am from Farmer’s family. I know how difficult to carry on our leaving on farming.

    There should be some motivation for agriculture also. You know you can get only 8 hour electricity for borewell motor. You have only 8 hours for watering crops. And that is not enough for sure.

    I am not criticizing the industrial development, SEZ and all these things. You are right that a farmer can migrate to a city & live better life. But think about that if most of the farmers will slowly migrate to cities then who will take a charge for production of crops, vegetables, milk etc.?

    1. Agriculture as a percentage of GDP has been declining drastically. That means food prices should go up (they have, for whatever reasons and I’m undecided as to whether inflation is a cause or an effect!). How much of that extra money reaches the farmer, depends on the health of the market, and how free it is. In theory, the farmer would get more money and that would stop or reverse the net flow of rural to urban migration. But it is not as simple as that because the markets are not free. Who sets onion prices ? It would be interesting if you were to find out.

      Since most farmers own some resources like land, they are not ‘labor’ in the leftist sense, they tend to be “classed” differently and are unlikely to receive leftist sympathy. However, as they migrate to cities and become part of ‘labor’ they are more likely to buy into leftist thinking. So rural to urban migration is also helping the emergence of the “new left” parties like the AAP. How these “new left” forces will be harvested, only someone like Amartya Sen can answer… but yes, what you have noted is one of the major changes in the landscape.

  27. Could have been funnier. I think you let anger get the better of you. I can relate. Happens to me all the time. I usually let it cool on my desktop and look at it again the next day, by which time the heat has dissipated a bit.

    On the other hand, you’ve got a lot of reactions, so maybe I’m wrong.

  28. You have beautifully sculpted the article with the mallet and chisel of satire / sarcasm.

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