Happy Constitution Day. Yet, India is where some are forced to eat cow dung

(First published in http://www.catchnews.com)


Mujadpur, a village in Haryana’s Hisar district,  which has been in the news recently for what the government  lexicon calls ‘dalit atrocities’, involving murders and ‘suicides’.

Recently, it was hit by another such incident, albeit of a less fatal nature: Members of the Jat community thrashed a dalit man called Ramdhari and his family members and stuffed cow dung in his mouth. Reportedly, Ramdhari installed a statue of BR Ambedkar in his house and that provoked the upper caste Jats.

The irony of this cannot be emphasised enough.

One does not know whether in an area dominated by the Jats, Ramdhari’s perpetrators have been arrested under provisions of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Prevention of Atrocities Act (1989) or not.

Or has the incident been explained away in the light of some vague personal animosity, which is what happened when two children in Sunped were recently killed by throwing of inflammable material in their house by dominant castes.

As the nation begins another series of grand celebrations, this time to celebrate the contributions of BR Ambedkar, the plight of a dalit family for merely installing his statue stares at us in our eyes. It is symptomatic of the gap between the principles and values on which the Constitution is based and the situation on the ground.

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One thought on “Happy Constitution Day. Yet, India is where some are forced to eat cow dung”

  1. The upper castes, specially brahmins, eat ‘cow dung’ alongwith milk products on some auspicious occasions in some parts of the country and the mixture is called ‘Panchaamruta’ (the nector of five) and many of them invite cows into their newly-built houses on the occasion of ‘gruh pravesh’ and let the cow -dung fall on their floor.
    The person made to eat cow-dung should have repulsed and made the upper-caste person eat heaps of the same material! Shameless people are denigrading their ‘cow-worship’ to the point of insanity and farce! From the CM of Haryana, who wanted not to be left out of the ambit of cow-fanatics, the ordinary jats are taking a leaf out of his incapacitated cow-pious statements.
    When Dr. Ambedkar is systematically ‘Manu-ised’ by the fundementalists, he becomes ‘untouchable’ to dalits. Hence, Ramdhari cannot instal or even think of Ambedkar! This is the fate of our social order. Even if Ramdhari fights, he should fight for a ‘buddhist Ambedkar’ and not the Centre or State govrnment’s. Will ever a case be registered? Even if registered, will justice prevail? Will atrocities act be implemented at all?
    HAPPY ‘constitution’day! Remember Narayanan, our ex-president, “constitution did not fail us, we failed our constitution’! Ambedkar would have burnt the constitution (as he himself said a few months before his death) had he been alive to-day…!


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