Solidarity Statement from Writers and Activists in Nepal

We stand with JNU From Nepal

We are deeply concerned by recent developments in one of India’s premier academic institutions, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The fact that Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, JNUSU president, has been arrested and accused of sedition for a speech meant to promote more meaningful dialogue on civil liberties and freedom to dissent is an attack on the freedom of expression,a universal value which ought to be at the heart of any center of learning.

The Indian state apparatus has come out aggressively to demean and dismiss an institution’s independent practice of scholarship. This should be a cause of concern, not only to the citizens of India, but to each individual who envisions a more equal and just society. Because the impulse to stifle dissent begins incrementally, but then it becomes a barrage, a torrent, and an avalanche until it smothers every differing voice. Such attempts at stifling any voice at all should be condemned unequivocally.

We, the signatories from Nepal as listed below, unequivocally condemn the oppression of dissent at Jawaharlal Nehru University. We condemn in the clearest terms the actions of the Indian state and non-state mechanisms that have shown alarming vigor towards silencing dissent and curbing free speech.

Manjushree Thapa, Writer

Khagendra Sangraula, Writer

CK Lal, Writer

Kishore Nepal, Writer

Hari Roka, Writer/JNU Alumni

Rabi Thapa, Writer

Anbika Giri, Writer

Praween Adhikari, Writer

Subin Mulmi, Activist

Anshu Gurung, Activist

Aditya Adhikari, Writer

Anubhav Ajit, Activist

Shradha Ghale, Writer

Rajendra Maharjan, Writer

Diwas KC, Activist

Shiva Ram Yadav, Political Activist

Monica Jha, Activist

Bhogi Raj Chamling, Writer

Dipti Sherchan, Writer

Chiran Manandhar, Researcher

Puru Shah, Writer

Bhogiraj Chamling, Writer

Roshan Raj Baral, Lecturer/JNU Alumni

Tara Chamling, Writer

Supriya Manandhar, Activist

Niroj Kattel, Activist

Ujjwal Prasai, Writer

Ujjwala Maharjan, Poet

Yukta Bajracharya, Poet

Sudip Pokharel, Writer

Amanda Manandhar Gurung, Researcher

Sagar Shiwakoti, Activist

Smita Magar, Writer

Deepti Gurung, Researcher

Nayan Sindhuliya, Writer

Haushala Zimba, Social Worker​

Prabhat Jha, Filmmaker

Shekhar Parajulee, Writer

Brabim Kumar, Youth Activist

Pradip Pariyar, Youth Activist

Bimal Aryal, Activist

Ranzan Jha, Artist

Apoorva Khatiwada, Lawyer

Navin Shrestha, Lawyer

Gyanu Adhikari, Writer

Erisha Suwal, Writer

Keshav Bashyal, Lecturer/JNU Alumni

Bhawana Oli, Researcher

Shikha Kiran, Researcher

Anita Dulal, Activist

Govind Chhantyal, Activist

Kanchan Jha, Activist

Janak Sapkota, Journalist

Ishwari Bhattarai, Researcher

Jagadish Adhikari, Publisher

Tanka Gurung, Researcher

Rishi Jha, JNU Alumni

Prashant Jha, Journalist and JNU Alumni


3 thoughts on “Solidarity Statement from Writers and Activists in Nepal”

  1. Many Nepali students come to India for good education, especially national institute of technology. They face discrimination at every step from the forward-class students as well as faculty. Eminent Nepali writers and academicians joing the struggle helps fight the discrimination to which they are subjected to.


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