JNU Hunger Strike Day 12 : Game On – Students 1, Media, Authorities 0

The JNU Students’ Hunger Strike Enters Day 12. Ketone counts go up, Weight goes down, Morale stays miles high. Media fatigue shows that crusading news anchors are no match to hunger striking students when it comes to stamina, and, may we say, courage. The university authorities, the JNU VC and his gang, the government, the RSS-ABVP, remain what they are – losers.

(Images taken, with thanks, from the ‘We are JNU‘ Facebook Page, and the ‘Mothers Stand with JNU‘ Facebook Page.)

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8 thoughts on “JNU Hunger Strike Day 12 : Game On – Students 1, Media, Authorities 0”

  1. yes. wonderful morale..commitment… I have to take my hats off with respect and admiration for these young boys and girls….How can such wonderful young persons be punished..It beats me completely..

    .Of all people , teachers, some of whom might have even taught these young minds, instead of feeling proud , can think of punishing them , is beyond my comprehension. They got to be anything but teachers.

    I still find tears in my eyes when I think of my instructor who after giving me F grade (Fail) came to my hostel room and agreed to offer the course again during summer vacation so that he can spare some personal attention on me so that I may pass the course with better grade ( which I actually got !). Such compassion …!!


  2. Perseverance wins!! Continue undeterred as slanders and rumours pour in…!! Many hearts and souls are with the ‘ just’ struggle…!!!


  3. You folks should stop this drama. Whole country knows that you folks binge on Beer and Biriyani in the sly and fake the hunger strike.


  4. okay so called hunger strike has flopped. The next best option to gain publicity would be to get one or two if these moronic students to commit suicide a la Rohit Vemula. THis time they can choose to jump from Qutub Minar to protest brahminical oppression.


    1. These two disgusting comments by the individual who hides behind the monicker ‘Hungry Buddha’ (insulting the Buddha by doing so) have been passed so that the whole world can see how pathetic and small minded right wing people in India are. I do not even have the adequate amount of rage in my self to bring down the kind of curses that will be commensurate to him and his kind. And so, out of compassion, I invoke an eternity of nightmares on to him. May he never, ever sleep well.


      1. And how can that be a curse??? He will sit up all night and troll the net.. and in the day too… nah… need to be a little more imaginative … No Sukhara maddhavya for him until he gets enlightenment.. or maybe just more of it…


  5. Personally my opinion is that the students have to rewrite the strategy.Such struggles are never short-termed.They are always long-termed.That is more so keeping in view the attitude of the present authorities.Much has been written in Kafila about that.No need to repeat. .Because the aim is far ahead and not so near.


  6. Now it’s time to declare that this is not our country. This is a country of commissioned agents of Imperialist powers, who create the hype of nationalism in order to keep the war atmosphere alive so that they can buy costly war machines with the taxpayers’ money, earn cut-money and deposit it in foreign banks. We want our country, our dear motherland back.


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