Statement of Jadavpur University Alumni Against University Decision to Scrap Entrance Examinations

Following is a statement of Jadavpur University alumni on the current controversy around the scrapping of the entrance examination by the university authorities. 

There is also a petition that has been put up for those wanting to sign. Over 5075 people have signed the petition at last count.

Thos who who wish to sign in solidarity with Jadavpur University teachers, students and staff can do so here.

We, the alumni of Jadavpur University, unequivocally condemn the decision of the authorities to not conduct entrance examinations for admission to the university’s Bachelor of Arts programme.

Several departments of the Jadavpur Arts Faculty annually conduct their own entrance examinations. For the last forty years, teachers have carefully prepared question papers and rigorously evaluated the answers in order to admit the candidates that they deem fit. The tradition of the entrance examination, in which thousands of students participate every year, has ensured that the Faculty of Arts continues its legacy of academic excellence. No weightage is given to Board examination marks because the Boards’ prescribed methods of arts education and evaluation simply do not match those of tertiary education in the humanities. The entrance examinations test students for their interest in literature, history, philosophy and arts, their ability to think independently about texts, and their commitment to understanding the world around them using the skills of reasoning and speculation, the theoretical and methodological capital furnished by the humanities.

The entrance examination has enabled these departments to gain talented students year after year. Many of us would have never made it to the top-ranked Arts departments in the country had we been judged solely on the basis of our marks in school-leaving examinations. Admissions based on Board exam scores would have never enabled students from varied cultural, class and economic backgrounds to be trained in the humanities by the best minds in the country. The rich and diverse professional accomplishments of Jadavpur University alumni – in art, academia, film, entrepreneurship, publishing, writing, advertising and many other fields – constitute a further testament to the success of these departments in scouting and honing talent. First-person accounts of how the erstwhile admissions process created equality of opportunity and access for students from across a range of social and educational backgrounds have poured in from Jadavpur alumni since yesterday (3/7/2018). (To read personal testimonials and opinion pieces from faculty, alumni, staff and current students regarding the significance of the admission process, visit

The admission test is a time-tested process which has ensured academic excellence in the Faculty of Arts and brought glory to the university. To tamper with this process is to threaten the very core of the humanities – to attack free thinking, liberty, and equality of opportunity. It directly undermines the dreams and hopes of the 17,000-odd students who have applied to Jadavpur University this year. Among these 17,000, there must be brilliant young minds that couldn’t obtain 90% or more in the Board examinations. Their merit cannot be reliably boxed into multiple-choice questions. There must be, in those 17,000, young people who do not seek conventional careers, or if they do, wish to combine them with independent thinking, exploring and lifelong learning.

To stop the admission test is to kill the dreams of anyone who does not participate in the mad rat race of public examinations. It is an attack on the community of scholars, researchers, teachers, alumni, students, and staff who have carefully built up the university and its reputation over the years. To stop the admission test is to tear into the very fabric of the university – its tradition and its history. We must recall that Jadavpur University was set up as an alternative to the education imparted by the erstwhile rulers of India, the British. It has always been home to those who dare to defy norms.

The larger implications of this administrative decision concern the scope and function of higher education in this country. Do we, as a nation, wish to create a more homogenised and technocratic culture that rewards learning by rote, or do we wish to invest in greater autonomy for centres of excellence? Difference and dissent are what all democracies should aspire to; they are the touchstones of any free and open society, and any administration that encourages these tendencies signals its confidence in itself and hope for the future. What we are seeing here is, accidentally or not, congruent with a larger attempt to fundamentally redefine the idea of higher education, to increase administrative interference in universities large and small, more and less prominent (similar conflicts are playing out in JNU, to cite just one example) and to condemn generations of young people to the backwaters of real learning, thought and creativity.

As concerned alumni, we strongly condemn the decision of the authorities to take away independent admission tests from the Faculty of Arts. We demand an immediate revocation of this order, which irrationally, pointlessly, and appallingly undertakes to disrupt a fair and successful admission process. This disruption will impact the futures of countless students, and reduce the entry-point of tertiary education in the humanities to a lottery.

We stand in solidarity with the protesting teachers, students and staff of Jadavpur University.Nandita Roy, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, (JUDE: BA, 2006; MA, 2009; PhD 2017)

Poushali Bhadury, Assistant Professor of English, Middle Tennessee State University, (JUDE: B.A. 2006; M.A. 2008)

Arundhati Ghosh, Editor

Insiya Poonawala, Freelance editor

Gautam Basu Thakur, Associate Professor of English,
Boise State University, USA. (JUDE: B.A. 1998; M.A. 2000; M.Phil 2003)

Bimbabati Sen, Portfolio Manager, Humanities and Social Sciences,
Pearson Education, Jadavpur University, Department of English: B.A. 2008, M.A. 2010

Aparna Chaudhuri, PhD candidate, Harvard University Dept of English, JUDE: BA 2011

Somnath Basu, Doctoral Candidate, Freie Universität Berlin / University of Kent

Ishani Dasgupta, Senior Consultant, Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting

Subhasree Basu Assistant Professor, Department of English, Loreto College, Kolkata

Ragini Ghosh, Associate Advocate, S. Rana & Co., New Delhi.

Arnab Banerjee, Senior Editor, ELT and Schools, Orient Blackswan

Rita Ray, Independent scholar and translator

Devshikha Bose, Instructional Design Consultant, Boise State University, USA

Apratim Mukhopadhyay

Padmini Ray Murray, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Anchita Ghatak, Advisor, Parichiti

Arunava Sinha, Class of 1985, Jadavpur University English Department

Saswati Chatterjee, Senior Coordinator, Breakthrough India

Saikat Majumdar,Professor of English and Creative Writing, Ashoka University

Anupam Basu, Assistant Professor of English, Washington University in Saint Louis

Binita Roy, Senior Editor, Oxford University Press

Upasana Dutta, PhD candidate, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Chicago

Ritesh Khandelwal, Class of 2018, Department of English, Jadavpur University

Sarbajaya Bhattacharya

Anomitra Biswas, PhD candidate, Cultural Studies, EFLU Hyderabad,
Jadavpur University, Department of English: B.A. 2010

Sohini Bhattacharya, Class of 2007, Corporate communications professional

Sandeep Banerjee, Assistant Professor of English, McGill University
Jadavpur University, Department of English: B.A. 1998, M.A. 2000

Anustup Basu, Associate Professor of English, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne

Amava Bhattacharya, Class of 2008-2013, The Times of India

Barnita Bagchi, Faculty, Comparative Literature, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Sohini Dey, Sub-Editor, Curejoy HealthcareNeelakantan K.K., Senior Project Editor, Global Editions, Pearson Education

Tanushree Bhattacharya, A. 2009

Sayam Bandopadhyay, A. 2009, Desh, ABP

Ushasi Sen Basu, Class of 1998 – 2003, Writer & Editor.

Padmini Khan, Assistant Professor of English, University of Engineering and Management; A. (English) 2016, M.Phil (CL) 2018.

Rimi Nandy, Assistant Professor of English, Adamas University, A. 2011

Debanjan Mitra, Faculty, Department of English, Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith, Phil. Batch, 2015-2018

Sukanya Chakrabarti, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies, Florida State University, B.A. 2005, M.A. 2007

Gargi Banerjee , Managing Editor, Global Editions Pearson Education, A. 2008

Aniruddha Dutta, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, A. 2007

Amrita Bandopadhyay, PhD candidate, Department of English, University of Florida

Chandrani Datta, Journalist, Firstpost, BA-2011, MA-2013

Mrittika Sen, MA (2000), BA (1998)

Pritam Bhaumik, Class of 2008-2013, Department of English, South Calcutta Girls’ College

Arnab Banerji , Assistant Professor, Dept. of Theatre, , Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, (B.A. 2007, M.A. 2009)

Lopamudra Chatterjee, Class of 2012, Department of English, Jadavpur University

Kalyan Kumar Das, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Presidency University, Kolkata, India, (MA Batch of 2010, PhD reg. 2014)

Priyanka Gupta , Journalist, Al Jazeera English, (B.A. 2005, M.A. 2007)

Suvendu Ghatak, Assistant Professor of English under WBCSC K. College, Purulia (M.A. 2015, M.Phil 2018 )

Amrapali Chatterjee, PhD candidate, University of Western Ontario.

Soumashree Sarkar, Journalist, Times of India, (B.A. 2012, M.A. 2014)

Priyanka Kumar, Class of 2011

Madhura Chakraborty, (Class of 2007, 2009)

Sammohinee Ghosh , Journalist, DNA, (B.A. 2014, M.A. 2016)

Disha Raychaudhuri, A. 2014, M.A. 2016, Data and Investigative Reporter, NJ Advance Media, New Jersey, USA

Prayag Ray, PhD candidate, Queen’s University, Belfast

Durjoy Choudhury, Musician, Music Producer, Friday Night Originals, (B.A. 2011; M.A. 2013)

Aparajita Dutta, PhD Student, Louisiana State University

Dipanjan Maitra, PhD Candidate, Department of English, State University of New York at Buffalo. (JUDE BA ‘08, MA ‘10, MPhil ‘12)

Vidula Chakravarti Plante, BA ‘94 and MA ’96, English Teacher KiMassachusetts, USA

Shiladitya Sen, Instructional Specialist, Montclair State University, USA, (BA 1996; MA 1998)

Subir Datta, A 1966, M.A. 1968

Rini Tarafder
PhD student, Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Shinjini Chattopadhyay, PhD student, University of Notre Dame, Indiana
A. 2012, M.A. 2014, MPhil 2016

Rudrani Gangopadhyay, PhD student, Rutgers University; (JUDE B.A. 2012, M.A. 2014, MPhil 2016)

Kinkini Banerjee, A. 2014 (Comparative Literature)

Mahitosh Mandal, Assistant Professor of English, Presidency University
JUDE: BA ‘08, MA ‘10, MPhil ‘12, PhD (Sub. July ‘18)

Sourya Chowdhury, Officer, All India Radio, JUDE: M.A. 2011, MPhil 2015.

Samimitra Das, Independent Film Writer Director Producer, JUDE:BA 2005, MA 2007

Rrivu Banerjee, Assistant Professor of German, Amity University Kolkata, JUBAENG 2016, JUMAENG 2018

Anwesha Rana, Associate Commissioning Editor, Cambridge University Press

Oishani Sengupta, PhD Candidate, Department of English, University of Rochester, USA, (JUDE: B.A. 2013, M.A. 2015)

Rajrupa Das, (JUDE, B.A. 2009; M.A. 2011)

Smita Mathur, MA 2016, Assistant Editor, Oxford University Press

Abhijit Dutta, JUDE, B.A. 2012; M.A. 2014


Sayantani Adhikary, Assistant Professor,, Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya.

Amrita Dutta, Assistant Commissioning Editor, Sage Publications India

Sreyashi Ray, PhD Student, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures,
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MA 2015

Surojoy Gupta, Editor (ELT Schools), Orient Blackswan Pvt Ltd, JUDE B.A. 2009, JUDE M.A. 2011

Sriparna Barman Bhattacharya, A 2005

Debina Chattopadhyay, Editor, ELT, Orient Blackswan, Director, Support Elders

Rudrani Mukherjee, A. 2011, Senior Production Editor, SAGE Publications

Rohan Islam, Department of Bangla, BA 2008, MA 2010, Assistant Professor, Department of Bengali, Sadhan Chandra Mahavidyalaya, South 24 Parganas

Barnali Mitra, A 2001, OS, Eastern Railway

Sourav Chatterjee, PhD student, Columbia University, NY., JUDE M.A. 2015; Comp. Lit. M.Phil. 2017.

Ashmita Mukherjee, A. 2015, M.Phil. 2017

Tanya Choudhury , 2003-2006, JU Department of English

Sarban Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of English, SMSG College, Sherghati (Gaya), JUDE M. A. 2014

Pranjali Das, Erasmus Mundus Gender Studies, 2017-2019. (BA in Comparative Literature, 2013)

Saptarshi Dutta, Senior Sub-Editor, NDTV, JUDE B.A. 2011, JUDE M.A. 2013

Dr Rangan Chakravarty, Creative Consultant, Reliance Industries, JUDE 1978

Sunandan Chakravorty, Professor, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College, CU
JUDE 1979

Shaswata Basu, Editor, Oxford University Press, JU BA 2009, MA 2011

Sion Choudhury, Editor, Madhubun Educational Books, BA: 2009/MA: 2011

Kay Sohini Kumar, 2011-2016, D Scholar, Stony Brook University, New York

Diya Gupta, PhD researcher, Department of English, King’s College London, UK
JUDE BA: 2002; MA: 2004

Tanaya Bose, Technical Writer, Keysight Technologies, (JUDE, B.A. 2009; M.A. 2011).

Arpan Kumar Saha, Associate Editor, PwC-SDC, JUDE MA 2016-18

Anwita Ghosh, JUDE, M.A. 2015; M.Phil 2017, PhD candidate, Fordham University.

Kalpan Mitra, JUDE, B.A. 2012; M.A. 2014

Mayurakshi Dev, Assistant Professor of English, IEM, JUDE B.A. 2013; JUDE M.A. 2015; CSSS M.Phil 2017

Yash Bhattacharya, Writer/Editor Netscribes Inc., Comparative Literature
A. 2015, M.A. 2017

Bisakha Ghosh, Writer/Editor, Netscribes Inc., Sociology, M.A. 2017

Tridipta Mukherjee, JU Philosophy, B.A. 2012

Poorvi Ghosh, Writer/Editor, Netscribes Inc., Comparative Literature (2012-’17)

Swetasree Mal, International Relations (B.A. 2015, M.A. 2017)

Laboni Chatterjee, Writer/Editor, Netscribes Inc., English, Film Studies (B.A 2015, M.A 2017)

Jataveda Bhattacharya, English Literature (B.A., M.A., 2002 – 2007)

Sritama Ray, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, JNU, Jadavpur University, Department of Economics (2013-2016)

Dibyajyoti Lahiri, Jadavpur University, Department of English.

Adrija Ghosh, Graphic designer and illustrator, English, (BA 2015. MA 2017)

Saswati Saha, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Sikkim University.
JU English (BA 2008, MA 2010)

Rindon Kundu, UGC SRF, of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. (MA 2012, PhD registered 2014)

Dyuti Mukherjee, Writer and Translator, Comparative Literature (BA 2010, MA 2012)

Anurima Sen, Editor, OUP (India), Department of English (BA 2009, MA 2011)

Poulami Aich Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, BA History 2004, MA History 2006, PhD 2010

Shalmi Barman, PhD student, University of Virginia, JU English (BA 2014, MA 2016)

Aritra Chakraborti, Desk Editor, Cambridge University Press, India

Karishma Siddique Roy, Designer and Founder, KSR
RJ, All India Radio, Manager, bluegrass band, NSA, (JUDE, B.A. 2004, M.A. 2006)

Shilpa Das, Department of History (2009-2014)

Sanchita Majumder, Manager, State Bank of India, (UG English 2006, PG English 2008)

Mayurakshi Sen, PhD Student, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Bachelors in English, 2013, Masters in English, 2015

Shramana Purkayastha, A. English 2012, M.Phil English 2015, Editor, OUP India

Aditya Das, Oil & Gas Transactions Advisory, Ernst & Young UK, London
BA English (2009)

Srinwanti Das, Chief Copy Editor, The Times of India, (JUDE, B.A. 2004; M.A. 2006; MPhil. 2008)

SaraJit Ankura, Assistant Professor, Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College  (MA, Economics, 2010)

Sahana Bose, BA English 2008, MA English 2010, Assistant Manager, Netscribes, Kolkata

Kaushik Mukherjee, A. (Film Studies, 2012), M.Phil. (Women’s Studies, 2014, RESEARCH ASSISTANT, SWS, JU

Ritwika Misra, Research Assistant, Max Weber Stiftung, ICAS:MP, History, B.A. 2007, M.A. 2012

Mouli Bardhan, JUDE, MA 2009

Bibek Bhattacharya, Journalist, Mint. Department of English, 1999-2004

Sumana Dey, Vice-principal, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, A. 1994, M.A. 1996, International Relations

Deeptanil Ray, Assistant Professor, Sree Chaitanya College, A. 2001, M.A. 2006, PhD 2013. Department of English, JU

Anushka Sen, PhD Student, Indiana University, Bloomington, JUDE, B.A. 2012, M.A. 2014

Amrita Chakraborty, JUDE BA. 2009 MA. 2011 PhD student(2014-) JU SWS Mphil. 2013, Assistant Professor Jamalpur Mahavidyalaya, Jamalpur, Burdwan

Ronit Ghosh, PhD Student, The University of Chicago, JU English BA (2014)

Soumanetra Basu, Editor (prev. CUP, Deloitte, OUP)

Malini Bhattacharya, BA (2010)

Shahana Chatterjee, BA (2000), Actor, Communicator, Copy-editor

Arunava Banerjee, BA 2008, MA 2010, MPhil 2012, Consulting Psychoanalyst
Doctoral Fellow, Départment de Psychanalyse, Université Paris 8

Reep Pandi Lepcha, BA(2007), MA(2009), PhD registered candidate (2013)
DoRA Plus Fellow, University of Tartu(2017-2018),

Pushpal Ganguly, BA History (2004), MA History (2006), Group Manager, Entertainment Network India Limited.

Amrita Kar, Assistant Manager, Content Marketing, Netscribes, Kolkata

Sumedha Mukherjee, National Lead – Communications, Reliance Jio Infocomm, MA – English (2008)

Sudakshina Majumdar, JUDE BA 2007 and MA 2009, Assistant Teacher (Modern High School for Girls)

Suchetana Mukhopadhyay, Features Editor, Gafencu Hong Kong, JUDE BA and MA (2009)

Yajnaseni Das, Managing Editor and Manager of Publishing Operations, Global Editions, Pearson

Sibaji Bandyopadhyay, Formerly, Professor of Comparative Literature , Jadavpur University

Arnab Chakraborty, Class of 2012-2017, PhD candidate at University of Southern California (Department of Sociology).

Anwesha Banerjee, BA History 2004, MA History 2006,   Assistant Editor, Ei Samay, Times Group

Lokeshwari Dasgupta, Class of 2006-2014, UG, PG and M.Phil.
(History & Women Studies), Classical Dancer. Currently posted in Beijing

Manali Chakravarty, History Hons.(2004), M.A (2006), [PGDMC] Mass Communication (2007), Actor,Creative Writer, Marketing Professional, Student of Human Rights

Dr Nawazish Azim, Assistant Professor of English, WBPSC

Sayantanee Ghosh, Senior Sub-Editor, IIPL,  Department of English
B.A. 2009, M.A. 201

Sunayani Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, English, Saint Mary’s College of California

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Desk Editor, Cambridge University Press, Comp. Lit. BA 2012, MA 2014

Dr Hrileena Ghosh, A. 2006; M.A. 2008; M.Phil 2010

Sumit Singha, Assistant Professor, English, D.S. College, Katihar
P.G. 2006, M. Phil 2009, B.Ed. 2013, PhD 2015 (Registered and continuing).

Nandini Datta Roy, Marketing Professional, JUCL (BA: 2004, MA: 2006)

Sumana Chowdhury, JUCL (U.G. – 2004. P.G. – 2006), Senior Learning Specialist, IBM.

Rai Bagchi, JUCL (U.G. – 2004. P.G. – 2006)

Arindam Bakshi, JU ECO U.G.1993

Saswati Bakshi, J.U. Philosophy, U.G. 1993 P.G. 1995

Neelini Sarkar, Editor, JU English BA 2006

Ranjamrittika Bhowmik, JUCL (BA 2014, MA 2016), DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

Souradeep Ghosh, JUCL (2008-11)

Dr. Reshmi Mukherjee, Assistant Professor of English
Boise State University, Idaho- USA,  (BA-95-98, MA-98-2000, MPhil-2001-2003)

Shrestha Das, Dept of Comparative Literature , JUCL (BA 2008-2011, MA 2011-2013)

Uttaran Das Gupta, Deputy News Editor, Business Standard, New Delhi
(BA, 2008; MA, 2010; Department of English)

Ani Maitra, Assistant Professor of Film and Media, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
(BA 2003; MA 2005; Department of English)

Debarati Sarkar, Textile Artist, (BA 2013; MA 2015; Department of Comparative Literature)

Debjani Bhattacharyya, Assistant Professor, Drexel University, (BA 2001, MA 2003, Department of English)

Diya Sinha, Class of 2008-2013, The Times of India

Dr. Payoshni Mitra, Athletes’ Rights Activist, Independent Research Consultant Gender Issues in Sports, London, UK, (BA 2001 & MA 2003, Department of English & PhD 2009)

Nabanita Karanjai, JUDE MA 2013-2015, Ph.D Candidate, Bankura University

Dr Sudipto Sanyal, Assistant Professor of English and Culture Studies, Techno India University, JU Dept of English, BA 2006, MA 2008

Rohini Chaki, Ph.D., Journalist, Dept. of English: B.A. 2005, M.A. 2007

Brinda Roy, Department of English, B.A 2005, M.A 2007

Suchismita Bose, Dept. of English: B.A. 2008, M.A. 2010

Jhelum Roy, PhD student, Department of English

Indrasena Mukhopadhyay, JUDE, Class of 2010-2015

Saptak Choudhury, Sub-Editor, Youth Ki Awaaz, JU English (B.A. – 2014/M.A. – 2016)

Soma Banerjee, (JU English (1998-2003), Knowledge Management specialist, EY

Abir Mitra, Doctoral Candidate (Religious Studies), University of Louvain/Leuven
Belgium, M.A. (JU English) 2008

Sanchita Sen, Corporate Communications Manager, ITC Ltd, BA 1998, MA 2000

Ahona Panda, PhD Candidate, Department of South Asian Languages and Civilisations, University of Chicago, (BA 2009 MA 2011)

Dr ​Arijit Bhattacharya​​ , ​​New Delhi M.A. 2011il 2017.00)Senior Lecturer in Operations & Supply Chain Management University of East Anglia, Norwich (BME 1996, ME 1999, PhD 2006 — from Jadavpur University)

Abhrapratim Nag, (JUCL, 2006 – 2011)

Sunayana Roy, JUDE 2000-2005

Mohona Bhadra, Independent artist and illustrator, (B.A. 2011-14, M.A. 2014-16; Department of English)

Rianka Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Surendranath College for Women, JUDE (BA 2006, MA 2008, MPHIL 2011)

Anindya Hajra , Pratyay Gender Trust, B.A. 2000 (Dept of English) and Masters Student (2000-2002)

Arati Banerjee, Contractual Lecturer, Panihati Mahavidyalaya, JUDE B.A. 2004, M.A. 2006.

Tayana Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata, JUDEAN (2003-2008 Academically)

Debopama Das Gupta Sen, Teacher, Lodha World School, Thane, (2006-2011)

Dr. Srijani Ghosh, Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, JUDE B.A. 2006, JUDE M.A. 2008

Shaoli Datta , Class of 2005.

Kabir Chattopadhyay, Pyle Postgraduate PhD Scholar, School of English  Trinity College Dublin,  Ireland, (JUDE B.A. 2013, M.A. 2015)

Lav Kanoi, Department of English , BA 2010, MA 2012

Avirup Ghosh, Department of English, MA 2008, MPhil 2010

Archita Sengupta, JU Comparative Literature, BA 2013, MA 2015

Nilanjana Deb, Department of English, BA 1997, MA 1999

Rajrupa Ghosh, Department of English, BA 2001, MA 2003

Shiladitya Banerjee, Department of English, MA 2013

Debjani Dutta, PhD Candidate, EFLU, (JU Department of English: BA – 2014, MA – 2016)

Shabnam Surita, PhD Candidate and Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, Department of South Asian Studies, University of Bonn, Germany, (BA 2013, MA 2015, Department of International Relations)

Sudhanya Pal, M.A. student, Jawaharlal Nehru University, (JU, Dept of Philosophy, B.A. 2012-15)

Dr Paulomi Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay, (JU Department of English BA 1999, MA 2001)

Angana Moitra, Erasmus Mundus TEEME (Text and Event in Early Modern Europe) PhD fellow, University of Kent, Canterbury / Freie Universitaet Berlin, (Jadavpur University Department of English, M.A. 2012-2014)

Shourjya Deb, Doctoral Candidate – Department of Public Policy and Administration, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, (Comparative Literature, BA, 2009-12)

Pritha Banerjee Assistant Professor, Department of English, Sundarban Mahavidyalaya, Kakdwip, (Jadavpur University Department of English, B.A. 2007, M.A. 2009, Ph.D. 2016–)

Anirban Lahiri, Filmmaker and Film Teacher, Rama Naidu Film School, Hyderabad, (Comparative Literature, BA 1998, MA 2000, Film Studies MA 2003)

Sandeep K. Shukla, Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur, B.E. ( Computer Science and Engineering), 1991

Dr Sahana Ghosh, Harvard University, Dept of English, MA 2008

Sayani Biswas, Department of English, MA 2013

Sohini Ghosh, Cambridge University Press, JUCL 2009-2014

Esha Talukdar, JUFS 2005-2007

Sohini Sengupta, JUDE, B.A 2005, M.A 2007, J.U. Women’s Studies, M.Phil (2008- 2010)

Sourav Ghosh, Department of History, B.A 2010, M.A 2012, M. Phil 2014, Graduate Student (2016- ), University of California, Berkeley

Uddalak Dutta , PhD student, JUDE, MA JUDE 2013; Assistant Professor, Dept of English, B.B. College, Asansol.

Saon (Gupta) Bhattachary, Business Editor & Writer, BA, Dept. of English (Batch of 1995)

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